Top 27 The Best Chicken Wings – Crispy and Crunchy Recipes

Author: Jenny J Brown
January 30, 2021

Chicken wings are a universally loved delicacy, perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a game night, looking for the perfect appetizer, or simply craving something savory and satisfying, chicken wings can be your go-to dish. They are versatile and can be prepared in numerous ways to suit every palate. From spicy buffalo wings to sweet honey-glazed ones, there’s a wing recipe out there for everyone. In this compilation of the top 27 best chicken wing recipes, we bring you an array of flavors from around the world that will make your taste buds dance with delight. Each recipe guarantees crispy and crunchy wings that are packed full of flavor. So get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into these mouthwatering recipes.

1. Sweet Chili and Orange Marmalade Glazed Chicken Wings

If you are a restaurant-go type person, you probably have heard about buffalo wings. Don’t get carried away with the conception that the restaurants will provide you with a whole buffalo leg or wings. This American cuisine is actually chicken wings. 

So, you get a pretty good amount of calories without any carbs, which is beneficial for the keto diet.

Chicken wings are indeed one of the most popular recipe items around the world. From the simple wings fry to spicy wings, all people love it. 

Also, chicken wings are high in protein and low in fat. Thus, it is healthy too. According to Healthline, every 21 grams of chicken wings has-

  • 42.6 calories 
  • 6.4 grams of protein 
  • 1.7 grams fat
  • 0 grams carbs
Sweet Chili and Orange Marmalade Glazed Chicken Wings
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Chicken wings are already a finger-licking item in all homes. When you add the tanginess of orange marmalade and sweet chili flavor to it, these chicken wings become an addiction. Thus, a lot of people heat out their inboxes for the secret recipe of sweet chili and orange marmalade glazed chicken wings.

This time, we will show the recipe with an oven instead of the conventional air fryer. So, don’t miss this smart and clever chicken wings baking and glazing recipe. 

2. Indian Masala Chicken Wings Recipe

Indian Masala Chicken Wings Recipe
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The explosion of spices in your mouth with the Indian masala chicken wings is so delightful and tempting that one can hardly ignore it. The best part of these Indian spices is their easy marinating procedure with the chicken wings. 

Here, we present you with the most straightforward recipe for the masala chicken wings. You will certainly entertain the guests with its mouthwatering yumminess and be the center of attraction. 

So, don’t blame us if we all gather at your home to eat these masala wings again the next Sunday evening. 

3. Air Fryer Balsamic-Glazed Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Balsamic-Glazed Chicken Wings
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The air fryer balsamic-glazed chicken wings can be a great deal if you want something flavorful and tasty on a budget. The chicken wings are gettable for less than 90 cents and offer a great main dish with tortillas and vegetables. 

Also, the crispness and sweetness of these chicken wings will work like magic in the taste buds. So, have some napkins ready when you start eating these sticky and glazed chicken pieces. The recipe is easy to prepare and can be eaten as a main meal or side dish, on your preference.

4. Air-fried Korean Chicken Wings

Air-Fried Korean Chicken Wings
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When you want to please the guests at home or have a quick appetizer, nothing beats the yumminess of air-fried Korean chicken wings. It is cooked with spices and Korean sauces that taste WOW in the taste buds. 

It only takes 30 minutes to cook and prepare and can be eaten as part of your main meal with vegetables and sticky rice. So, let’s see the recipe for the Korean-style chicken wings cooked in the air fryer. 

5. Sweet And Spicy Baked Keto Chicken Wings Recipe

Baked Keto Chicken Wings Recipe
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Chicken wings are favorites to all, thanks to their crispy and crunchy delight. However, you might want to know the best chicken wings recipe when you are on a diet. We would definitely recommend you taste the baked keto chicken wings if you want the low-carb vitality while still enjoying the spicy feel of chicken wings. 

6. Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings

Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings
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Smoked chickens are the new obsession in the town. The BBQ flavor coming out of the chicken wings, with the tenderness inside and crispness outside, make these wings an absolute favorite to all. Today, we will show you the Hickory smoked chicken wings recipe

You will love the smoky and spicy aroma of these wings. You can use a smoker, air fryer, oven, or grill for cooking the Hickory chicken wings. But we recommend you use the smoker for the best effect. 

7. Japanese Chicken Wings Recipe

Japanese Chicken Wings Recipe
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Japanese cuisine is popular for its aromatic preparation and healthy ingredients. The Japanese chicken wings are no exception. It is made with egg and deep-fried for dipping in soy sauce to get the tangy flavor.

It is also a great source of calories without consuming too much protein and fat. It is also a guest entertainer and easy to make. Do you know how to make the Japanese Chicken Wings Recipe? Check out here-

8. Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings

Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings
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The honey-glazed chicken wings dripped in Sriracha sauce create magic in your taste buds. It is relatively easy to prepare and cook but leaves a tangy taste in your mouth that would last for several hours. The key is to coat the wings in less-spiced rub baking powder.

As you bake them and cover them with the warm sriracha sauce, their flavorsome yumminess is ready to entertain the guests and family with different side dishes, including fried rice, sweet potatoes, and whatnot.

9. Caramelized Chicken Wings Recipe

Caramelized Chicken Wings Recipe
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Caramelized chicken wings are so yummy that no one can resist the temptation to taste them during their sweet moments. These yummy wings are easy to prepare and take only beginners’ cooking skills. It can be a great side dish with your favorite fried rice or cornbread. Read the full recipe here.

10. Shantung chicken wings Recipe

Shantung chicken wings Recipe
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Chinese cuisine has become popular worldwide because of its unique spices and easy cooking steps for almost every menu. Plus, their recipes are healthy and delicious. One such famous Chinese dish is the Shantung chicken wings recipe.

11. Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings Recipe

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings Recipe
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Many families spend a tremendous amount of money purchasing ready-made chicken wings from stores to meet their appetites. If you don’t want to run your bank account empty, here’s a secret chicken wings recipe that you can prepare at home. 

The lemon pepper chicken wings, unlike other wing recipes, are baked and not fried. Yet, it has the crispness of deep-fried chicken wings.

12. Smoked Chicken Hot Wings

Smoked Chicken Hot Wings
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Who doesn’t like biting those delicious and flavorful chicken wings? Yet, many people willingly avoid them due to the high calories and fat and the oil used to fry them. You can quickly bypass all these issues with the smoked chicken hot wings filled with spices. The recipe takes about 1 hour to cook and can be eaten with rice or vegetables as a side dish.

13. Stuffed Chicken Wings

Stuffed Chicken Wings
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If you want to prepare something healthy and delicious with chicken wings, then our stuffed chicken wings recipe ( is here to help you. Everybody wants such delicious dishes that help to maintain a balanced diet.

You will find the following recipe according to your choice. It can be served with different ingredients. The glaze adds additional taste to it. You must try out this dinner recipe.

14. Boneless Chicken Wings

Boneless Chicken Wings
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Are you searching for the simplest and most delicious chicken wing recipe? Getting confused about how to prepare a dish with boneless wings? Then we are here to give solutions to you. You will get the easiest and most tasty Boneless Chicken Wings recipe below (

This dish is so easy to prepare, and all the used ingredients are easy to get. You will be delighted with this beautiful recipe even if you are not an expert cook.

15. Brine Chicken Wings Recipe

best Brine Chicken Wings Recipe
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If you wish elevated tenderness of the chicken wings without much marinating, one solution is to bring them. The brined chicken wings aren’t a particular recipe. Instead, bringing the wings will always result in more flavorsome, juicy, and tender wings if done the right way.

The brine concentration of salt will depend on you, but technically it should not be more than 6.5%. Check out here (

16. Jerk Chicken Wings Recipes

best Jerk Chicken Wings Recipes
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The jerk chicken wings ( are a perfect blend of Jamaican jerk sauce and overnight marinated chicken wings. It also has jalapenos, spice, and green onions mixture and is baked in the oven.

The wings serve as the perfect appetizer and guest-welcoming recipe. It is different from the regular buffalo wings and fills our taste buds with flavorful outbursts. Also, the recipe is ideal for beginners and intermediate cooks and chefs.

17. Publix Chicken Wings

best Publix Chicken Wings
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Entertain your taste buds with the delight of Publix chicken wings ( These chicken wings go well with all palate virtually. You can both prepare the sweeter or spicier version of Publix made chicken wings and serve them as snacks or side dishes anytime.

The recipe is easy to follow and doesn’t require much cooking skill either. Also, it can be prepared at home within a few minutes. So, you will love biting the chicken wings while gossiping or reading your favorite article.

18. Chinese Chicken Wings Recipe

Chinese Chicken Wings Recipe
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When the weekend arrives, and you invite friends at home for a blasting time, there’s only one way to entertain them. Yes, the crispy chicken wings from Chinese cuisine are your ultimate option to entertain the appetite of all.

Its marinade brings the perfect harmony of spice and sweetness to give the tongues one of the best savory experiences. The recipe is easy to prepare and can be a game-changer during party time to change everyone’s mood. See the details here (

19. Ninja Foodi Chicken Wings

Ninja Foodi Chicken Wings
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Is there anyone who doesn’t like chicken wings of different types? Some may prefer the plain ginger and butter mixed and air-fried wings, while others may have cravings for honey-glazed marmalade chicken wings.

If you love wings, the 9-in-1 Ninja Foodi ( air fryer plus slow-cooker will make your life easy. You can quickly use it to prepare parmesan chicken wings. Its finger-licking taste is surely going to blow everyone’s mind away with yumminess.

20. Tender Traeger Chicken Wings Recipe

best Tender Traeger Chicken Wings Recipe
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Traeger is one of the leading kitchens and grill accessories and ingredients manufacturers at present. Similarly, they bring some of the best chicken wings recipes ( for you, one of which is the chicken wings smoked dry rub.

If you are tired of saucy wings, this dry version of chicken is going to come as a big surprise for you during the big Gameday. It has the flavor and aroma you want but without the presence of the sauce. Also, it is a beginner-level preparation and handy to kick off your cooking passion.

21. Costco Chicken Wings

Costco Chicken Wings best
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The Costco signature chicken wings recipe  ( is loaded with crisp batter, saucy flavor, and garlic feel to give you a perfect taste. It is served with hot sauce and seasoned with Italian seasoning to burst into our mouths.

The recipe has become popular across the US, and many people try to prepare it at home. Luckily, you can get the wings ready from the Costco store, and they provide meaty wings to savor our appetite. 

You need to prepare the sauce and batter and deep fry the wings for serving. The chicken wings recipe was never so simple.

22. Marinated Chicken Wings

Marinated Chicken Wings best
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Any marinated recipe has something in it that boosts our appetites. The tenderness and juiciness they bring with the meats are simply unbeatable. And when it comes to chicken wings with hours of marinating before the main cooking, it is unstoppable.

At one end, you get the perfect tenderness of the wings, and on the other end, you get to taste every flavor with its full range. Thus, the marinated wings are a favorite of mine. I like to entertain people with this easy recipe, and for the first time, I am revealing the recipe ( for you.

23. Tyson Frozen Chicken Wings

best Tyson Frozen Chicken Wings
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Tyson has become a popular household name thanks to its crisp and tender chicken wings recipe. So many people are obsessed with Tyson chicken wings, and I am not an exception. But I was elated when I heard Tyson is ready to take its legacy one step further.

They introduced the frozen chicken wings recipe for air frying, and I loved it. I went through several trial and error steps to finally get the secret recipe perfect. If you are chicken wings ( lovers, you have to read and try the recipe- hand’s down, right now!

24. Vietnamese Chicken Wings

Vietnamese Chicken Wings
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Everyone loves to prepare a delicious dish that contain different flavors. There is no doubt that you are among them. If you want to try something new with the chicken wings, check out our Vietnamese chicken wings recipe  (

This recipe includes nutrition and various healthy ingredients. Fish sauce, sugar, and garlic make this dish sticky and moist. You should try out this easy recipe. 

25. Ranch Chicken Wings

Ranch Chicken Wings
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Are you trying to find a perfect recipe for your dinner? Then our following recipe can help you to solve your problem. These ranch chicken wings are a great flavored dish with homemade ranch seasoning.

It adds additional taste to this recipe. Most importantly, you will find some helpful tips and suggestions below. So, follow the cooking procedure given here (

26. Curry Chicken Wings

Curry Chicken Wings
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Do you love cooking and trying to find out a proper recipe for you? Try something new and tasty with our curry chicken wings recipe ( This is a quick recipe and you can add some more flavors to this.

The crisp and juicy, as well as spicy taste, is a great combination of different flavors. You should prepare this delicious dish for dinner or snacks.

27. Thai Chicken Wings

Thai Chicken Wings
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We, in general, serve the chicken wings as a starter or appetizer. But it also works as a perfect side dish or individual snack item. When you prepare it with the Thai recipe and sauce, it unfolds the perfect blend of Thai spice, sweetness, and salty feel.  The sauce is often sticky, which leaves you with a finger-licking and irresistible feel. You also won’t need to prepare an additional sauce for serving since the Thai flavor will already show its magic.

Type of Chicken Wings

However, chicken wings are trendy among people of all ages, and they can be used in a wide range of recipes.

1. Crispy and Crunchy BakedChicken Wings 

2. Spicy Crispy ChickenWings 

3. Fried ChickenWings 

4. Grilled ChickenWings 

5. Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Spicy Crispy Chicken Wings

Everyone loves chicken wings, but it can be a little underwhelming when you first bite into one. They can be messy and take a little work to get all the meat off the bone. But one thing that will make you love chicken wings even more is if you turn them into spicy crispy chicken wings.

Chicken wings are one of America’s great finger food traditions. They’re also a favorite party snack and a must-have game-day food. No matter where they’re eaten, wings are always a delicious way to eat chicken. They’re also a wonderful spicy treat, coated in a spicy-sweet sauce and then baked to crispy perfection.

Fried Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings are tasty and finger-licking good, but the process of frying chicken wings can be messy and require a lot of oil. However, this doesn’t mean you need to give up on fried chicken wings. Some recipes allow you to use a much smaller amount of oil while still making fried chicken wings.

Grilled Chicken Wings

There are a few different ways to serve grilled chicken wings, but no matter how prepared, they are sure to be an impressive addition to any party. If you plan a party and want to serve something different and delicious, consider grilled chicken wings. There are many special ways to prepare them, and there are also many ways to serve them as part of an appetizer buffet.

BakedChicken Wings

Whether you prefer your wings honey-soaked and crispy, beer-battered and fried, or hot, spicy, and saucy, there’s a recipe out there for you. But what if you don’t like chicken wings? What do you do then? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out these recipes for baked chicken wings that taste great and are low in fat and calories. If you’ve ever wanted to make your baked chicken wings, this collection of recipes is the next greatest thing to having a professional chef whirl you up a batch.

The Difference Between Buffalo Wings And Chicken Wings: Which One Is Better?

Many people wonder what the difference is between buffalo wings and chicken wings. The answer is that they are the same thing. There is a common misconception that the chicken wings sold in bars differ from chicken wings sold in grocery stores. This is not true.

Chicken wings contain additional ingredients, such as whole wings, tenders, drumsticks, and drumettes. There are three major differences between chicken wings and buffalo wings: Meat – Chicken wings contain whole-wing meat, whereas buffalo wings contain the bones, skin, and tendons of the wings. Nuts – The chicken wings contain peanuts, while the buffalo wings contain cashews. Sauce – it coats the chicken wings in peanut butter, whereas it coats the buffalo wings in corn syrup and soy sauce mixture.

The health benefits

Buffalo wings are a healthier choice than chicken wings. They are less caloric and higher in fat and less sugar, too. They also have more protein, while chicken wings are more protein-rich. It is a myth that chicken wings are higher in carbs. Chicken wings are high in fat. They contain around 20 grams of fat per serving. Buffalo wings have less fat but have lower protein content and a lesser amount of nutritional value. Another myth about chicken wings: You may have heard that chicken wings are high in salt. This is not true. A three-quarter-cup serving of chicken wings contains anywhere from 150 to 220 milligrams of sodium, compared to around 400 mg for a typical three-quarter-cup serving of beef.

What is the difference between Fresh vs. Frozen Wings?

All chicken wings are not created equal. That’s because there is a difference between fresh and frozen. Fresh wings are cleaned, fully trimmed, deboned, and cut into sections or even split. Frozen wings are still in the chicken and must be deboned, trimmed, and cut into sections. While frozen wings are cheaper, fresh wings are more flavorful and have a better texture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are chicken wings healthy?

Yes, chicken wings are healthy for you. Also, these crispy wings are the powerhouse of fat and calories. It is better to eat baked wings than fried ones because baked chicken wings have the least fat and calories. Each serving of chicken wings provides you with 4.5 grams of fat and 162 calories. It also gives you 170 mg of sodium.

How long does it take to bake chicken wings at 400?

It would need about 40 minutes to bake chicken wings at 400°F for proper cooking. When you cook slowly for such a long time helps to get tasty baked chicken wings. You should also lower the temperature to 170°F for the crispy chicken wings idea and cook them for another 50 minutes.

3. How long to fry chicken wings?

It would take around 9 to 12 minutes to air fry or deep fry chicken wings at 375°F. Preheat the deep fryer to the desired temperature and fry the wings in hot oil. You have to cook them until it turns brown. You can also use a thermometer to read the oil temperature for the proper doneness of the best chicken wings. 

How long to smoke chicken wings?

The actual time to smoke chicken wings will depend on the temperature setting inside the smoker. For instance, at 225°F temperature, you have to smoke the chicken wings for at least 80 to 90 minutes. And you have to smoke them for 45 to 50 minutes at 375°F temperature.

How many chicken wings in a pound?

The United States Department of Agriculture calculated that an average chicken wing in uncooked condition weighs around 3.5 ounces or roughly 102 grams. It means you should get 4 to 5 chicken wings in 1 pound from the store. If the branches are smaller, you might even get up to 6 pieces of them.

How long to air fry chicken wings?

You have to cook the marinated chicken wings in the air fryer for 22 to 24 minutes at 360°F temperature. Firstly, keep the wings in the air fryer basket with a little olive oil spray on them to avoid dryness. Then cook them for 10 to 12 minutes and flip them over to cook for another 10 to 12 minutes until it turns brown and crisp.

What goes with chicken wings?

Chicken wings are so versatile that it goes literally well with everything you serve. You can opt for sweet potatoes, onion rings, fried rice, or cornbread to serve with the fried or baked chicken wings.


The culinary journey through “Top 27 The Best Chicken Wings – Crispy and Crunchy Recipes” is a celebration of the diverse and irresistible world of chicken wings. From classic flavors to inventive twists, these recipes have offered a delightful exploration of crispy and crunchy textures that make chicken wings a timeless favorite. The versatility showcased in this collection allows both novice and seasoned cooks to embrace their creativity, transforming humble wings into culinary masterpieces. Whether tossed in bold sauces, seasoned with unique spices, or cooked to perfection in various styles, these recipes prove that chicken wings are an art form in themselves. The crispy and crunchy allure of these dishes not only satisfies the palate but also serves as a testament to the endless possibilities the humble chicken wing holds. Elevate your wing game and indulge in the perfect balance of flavors and textures, making every bite a memorable experience.

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