3 Toastmaster Air Fryer Reviews in 2023: Know Before Buying

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 27, 2021

Are you thinking of buying an air fryer? Is it becoming more confusing to choose the brand? Well, you are in luck. Toastmaster air fryer reviews can save you from this dilemma. They have a range of products offering different sizes.

Bella lives on her own and is a working woman. To reduce the cooking time and ensure healthy food, she bought an air fryer. The appliance is from Toastmaster. The 2.5L size is perfect for her cooking.

Air fryers save you from using lots of oil. Deep-fried foods are not good for health. It is sometimes time-consuming as well. Using this product can ease your lifestyle. You can use your time more effectively when you're not cooking.


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1. Toastmaster 2.5L Air Fryer

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The first product for Toastmaster air fryer reviews is the 2.5L one. This brand also makes other home appliances for making life easy. From the name, you can already guess the capacity. That is 2.5 liters.

The product has a rapid heat convection technology. You will also have a temperature control and timer feature for a comfortable cooking experience. Fried chicken, chicken wings, tasty French fries, top frozen foods, and many other dishes can be prepared using temperature control.

You can also make vegetables and shrimps with this product. The removable frying basket is good for placing foods and cleaning. Without compromising the nutrition, it will cook your food without oil.

According to the manufacturer, users can cook meals for any family size with the capacity. The heat distributes evenly to provide an evenly and crispy food every time.

There is also a safety lock. When you pull the basket out, the machine automatically turns off. Also, As you can separate the basket, cleaning it has become easier. A healthy meal is guaranteed for the user when they are using this air fryer.


  • There is a built-in timer.
  • The fryer basket is non-stick.
  • A safety lock is available.
  • It has a cool-touch handle.
  • Easy cleaning.


  • This product takes a lot of space for placing.

2. Toastmaster TM-904AF Digital Air Fryer, 11.6 Quart, Black

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The next one from the Toastmaster is the TM-904AF. You can use this product who wants to cook multiple dishes at the same time. The extra-large 11.6 quarts are eligible for multiple cooking.

This one also uses rapid heat convection technology. The touch screen control panel is on the top. Its functionality is not limited to air fryingThe machine is capable of baking, roasting, rotisserie, reheating, and dehydrate. Not all appliances provide this many functions.

The package is quite huge. In the accessory package, there are rotisserie spit, skewers and racks, crisping racks, and a removable drip tray. It cooks everything lightly due to the adjusting heat.

There is eight preset temperature available. With this, you just have to select the menu. The rest is on the air fryer. It has safety programs like- switching off if or when the door is open.

Cleaning is also easy from a traditional fryer. As the trays are removable, you can take them out. Then wipe them and they are clean.

Preparing meals have become easier with this product. You will not need any oil for cooking delicious foods. From snacks to complete meals, cook anything you want.


  • It has a large capacity.
  • There is a cook-book in the package.
  • The product does not make noises. 
  • On the manufacturer's website, there is a full recipe book.


  • he product price might be high for some customers.

3. Toastmaster TM-500AF Air Fryer, 5 quarts, Black

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The final item is a large air fryer with a five-quart capacity. This is also from Toastmaster. In this machine, the technology for rapid heat convection is installed.

With that feature, when you cook, the heat will dissipate evenly. An even cooked food is tastier. The temperature control allows preparing different food items. All you need is to set the right temperature.

It also comes with a digital timer. The control panel is a touch screen. Everything is a lot easier with this product. A timer is useful as it stops food from the air fryer. The automatic turn off feature saves from sudden accidents.

The fryer also has a wire baking rack. And, the baskets release quickly for and after use. Price is affordable considering the market. If you are thinking of getting a mid-range air fryer, this can be a better idea. If you are involved in making different foods, then at times switching the rack is necessary.

This product is perfect for a small family for snacks and meals. Even new users can cook in it easily. From the touch screen, you can choose the item you are cooking. So, cooking time is not a hassle anymore.


  • Operating the machine comfortably.
  • The cleaning process is easy.
  • Elegant design.


  • The overall rating is not satisfactory.

What You Need to Know Before Buying the Air Fryer

It is not only for an air fryer that you need to consider few factors. Knowing these things will make the decision-making process easier. You will be capable of choosing the appropriate product for you. Below we have focused on few factors that will help you while buying.

Learn the difference

There is a taste difference between the traditional and air fryer cooked food. You must be aware that they will not taste the same. This contrast happens because of the no or less oil and using fewer ingredients. A deep-fried food at home or restaurant will feel tastier. So, you should expect a healthy and crispy dish, nothing else.


This is a vital factor. Look for the capacity of the air fryer. This feature will determine the model you are going to buy. If you live alone, a small to medium size is enough. But with a big family, you will need a bigger one having multiple air fryer baskets.

Temperature Control

This feature is the key to healthy cooking. The product must contain a temperature control facility to make food. With it, you can customize the cooking process.


Safety is always number one. Afterward comes the comfortable grip. There should be a non-slip foot to prevent any slipping accidents. A feature of automating power off for voltage or wattage change is also appreciable.


You will be amazed by the different modes. With the advancing technology, a person can cook not only deep-fried foods.

Nowadays baking cakes or grilling food is also possible because of the different modes. So, be sure of the modes that you need.

Price and Warranty

The price range is from cheap to expensive. Most of the time, the brand name, features, and size decide the price. Buy the one that is within your budget.

Warranty is necessary to ensure quality. When the brand offers a long-time warranty, that indicates the product is good. So, look for longer warranty products.

Toastmaster Air Fryer Instruction Manual

Toastmaster Air Fryer Instruction Manual
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Instruction manuals are an essential part of any product. Toastmaster air fryer is no different.

They provide this handbook with the package. Inside you will find the necessary information to assemble, operate and take care of the machine.

The first part contains the safeguarding message. You will find the operating instructions in the second part. Here, you will get a proper introduction to all the components and their functionality.

The last part discusses the warranty of the product in detail. So, from the manual, you will get a complete guideline for your air fryer.

Customer Reviews for Toastmaster Hot Air Fryer

Customer Reviews for Toastmaster Hot Air Fryer
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Customers rate and give their honest opinion after using a product. Toastmaster users also shared their experiences. When we did our research, it came to light.

Most of the users are satisfied with the product. There are some negative reviews, but the number is not enough to say Toastmaster products are not worth it. The features are not less than other manufacturers.

Overall, customer reviews are positive for the brand and its products.

How does Toastmaster Air Fryer work?

Air fryers are machines that use hot air for cooking food. As it uses little or no oil, you can't say it fries the food.

When you put food items in the basket, setting the temperature and timer is necessary. Then the attached fan circulates and produces hot air inside according to the temperature.

The whole process gives a crispy texture to the food. In this way, Toastmaster air fryer works to deliver the food to you.

How to Use Toastmaster Air Fryer?

Using a Toastmaster air fryer is very easy. From the manual, you already know about the components and their works. So, cooking will not be hard. While doing so, keep in mind the following-

  • You should never overcrowd the air fryer basket. Keep some space between foods for the hot air circulation and even cooking.
  • Shake the basket well to ensure the food does not have clumps.
  • Pat dry the item before putting them inside the fryer to avoid smoke and splattering.

Be careful not to damage your countertop. The surface where you will keep the product should not be laminating or similar things to avoid melting.

How to Clean Toastmaster Air Fryer?

How to Clean Toastmaster Air Fryer?
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Cleaning the air fryer is very easy. You do not have to face any hurdle. All the models that we discussed have removable basket or rack. If you did not use any oil, wiping the basket with tissue is enough. In the case of oil, take the tray out and give it a thorough wash.

The air fryer is now clean for next use.

Toastmaster air fryer (FAQs)

1. Is Toastmaster a good air fryer?

Toastmaster air fryers do not have a lot of reviews. But it does not mean there are fewer users. The Toastmaster air fryer reviews  are good enough to buy the product. The specifications of the product will give you clear ideas.

It has similar features as other brands of the same size. The price is also reasonable. As it is not a high-end brand, you should not have higher expectations. But overall, it is a good one to have at home.

2. Is it healthier to use an air fryer?

For this question, let see the common conception about the product. People view the product as something that-

  • Can encourage weight loss journey.
  • Are safer than a deep fryer.
  • Aid on reducing the risk of getting diseases and others.

If using it healthier depends on what you cook. You cannot say the food is healthy by not using oil. It can still be unhealthy, for example- French fries. With or without oil, this food is not upright for the body. The calories do not differ that much.

The same goes for the oil. Among different types of oil, the healthy one does not increase the calories. So, an air fryer can be a healthier alternative if you cook nutritious food.

3. How big is a 2.5 L air fryer?

The 2.5L may sound like a big one, but it is not. Generally, you will find the product indicating family size. However, this size is not capable of serving a big family. Again, this is perfect for small family’s food.

4. Is it worth buying an air fryer?

Before answering this question, ask yourself why you want one. Often, we hear from peers or significant others about different products and how good they are. That influences you to create the need for it.

An air fryer can be the same, depending on the situation. When you cook in this product, it gives you certain benefits. Some of them are- less cooking time, less or no oil, baking dishes, and so on. The main favor you get is the oil-less cooking.

Another thing is the usage. If you eat deep-fried and oven-baked foods frequently, then an air fryer is a good substitute. It is worth it. However, the product is not necessary if you do not have them on a regular diet.

Final Thoughts

Toastmaster air fryer reviews will help you decide the model you want. It will be convenient for cooking. The various sizes are ideal for different serving sizes. Either a new customer or an old one waiting to switch- for all, this product is applicable.

Air fryer allows you to cook different dishes that are even possible in an oven. So, there are lots of recipes to try. Moreover, you get to eat food with little or no oil.

Some may debate about the usefulness of this appliance. Still, it is one of the best choices. The required time and hassle-free process are worth buying it. Following the guideline and with some research, you will find the appropriate one. 

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