11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer

Author: Chester P. Rector
July 7, 2022

Air fryers have revolutionized the way we cook, offering a healthier alternative to traditional frying. This innovative kitchen appliance uses hot air circulation to cook food, resulting in a crispy exterior and juicy interior with minimal oil usage. But what are the best foods to cook in an air fryer? While you can certainly experiment with fresh ingredients, there are also plenty of frozen foods that work exceptionally well in an air fryer.

From appetizers and main courses to desserts, these convenient options can save you time while still delivering delicious results. In this article, we will explore 11 of the best-frozen foods for your air fryer that will not only satisfy your taste buds but also make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a busy professional or a parent on the go, these recommendations will surely come in handy.

Top 11 Frozen Foods to Try on the Air Fryer

There are several frozen food items that you can cook. Still, you should select those that are convenient and taste better. It should also fit in the air fryer basket easily.

We made a list just for you to lessen the burden of finding the items. You can put them in the fryer and cook without the hassle and enjoy the meal.

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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 13

1. Stouffers French Bread Pepperoni Pizza

Stouffer’s is a well-known name in the USA for frozen foods. The French bread pepperoni pizza is one of the many products they produce.

You can easily prepare it in the air fryer. When ordered, they deliver 10 cases together. In each case, there are two pieces of pizza available. You can have it for a meal or snack as per your wish.

Cooking Process

First, you need to preheat your air fryer. After that, place the pizza (2 pieces from one case) in the basket. Turn the temperature to 400° F and set the timer to five minutes. Finally, your pizza is ready to enjoy.


  • You will easily find this in the market.
  • It’s cooked food that is ready to eat.


  • It is high in calories and contains preservatives.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 14

2. Vienna Beef Corn Dogs

The second on the list of best-frozen foods for air fryers is corn dogs. They are delicious ones to have as snacks or meals. From kids to adults- all love this food.

Each box contains 24 pieces of corn dogs that weigh 3.25 lbs. This is a classic recipe from Vienna. To make it in the air fryer, follow the cooking process.

Cooking Process

First, decide how many you want to cook. If the number is more, you may need to prepare it in batches. Determining the amount sometimes becomes hard for this delicious item.

Once decided, place the corn dogs in the basket. Make sure to leave some space between each and not overcrowd.

Then set the temperature to 390° F and the timer to 8 minutes. Start the cooking. After it’s over, check them. If needed, add an extra 2 minutes to make it crisper. Delicious corn dogs are ready.


  • Corn dogs are simple to prepare.
  • Both children and adults like them.
  • The food is ready and only needs frying.


  • Frozen corn dogs are not considered nutritious food.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 15

3. Jose Ole Frozen Chicken Taquito Filled

Taquito is a snack item. The Jose Ole ones have a chicken filling that is rolled in corn tortillas. In each box, you will find 20 pieces of them. It is a good source of fiber, protein, and calcium. So you can easily have them.

Cooking Process

To make the taquito, take eight pieces out of the package. It can be more or less, depending on the size of the air fryer. Next, spray a little oil on them. There should be some free spaces among the pieces.

Now let the temperature be at 380°F and the timer to eight minutes. After the timer goes off, check for crispiness. If you want, again cook for two minutes. And it’s done.

If you are making in batches, remember that cooking time will become less. It is because of the preheat.


  • It is a crunchy and delicious snack.
  • A good combination of carbs and protein.


  • The sodium level is high.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 16

4. Annie’s Three Cheese Mini Frozen Pizza Bagels

These pizza bagels are irresistible. For cheese lovers, this feels like heaven. It has nine pieces in one package. All the ingredients are organic. There is no artificial flavor added that makes it so tasty.

Cooking Process

The first thing to do is decide the number to cook. Then, remove them from the package. Put the bagels evenly on the fryer basket. Remember to leave some space and not overcrowd them.

Set the timer to 5 minutes with the temperature at 360° F. When it is on for 4 minutes, see if it’s cooked. When finished, serve them on the plate and enjoy.


  • All the ingredients are organic.
  • Per serving contains 10g of protein.
  • The cheese is also fresh.


  • Consuming excess cheese might not be healthier.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 17

5. Tyson Naturals 100% Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Breast Chunks

It is hard to find people who do not like chicken. Nuggetsfries, or any other form- this food is always something to be excited about.

Tyson has come up with chicken breast chunks that are boneless. They use healthy ingredients to make it better for your health. It weighs 1.25 pounds.

Cooking Process

Preheat the machine first. By this time, take out the pieces from the packet. Put them inside the air fryer basket. There is no need to add oil during cooking. If you are making a lot, do it in batches.

When preheating is done, set the temperature at 400° F. Also, fix the cooking time to eight minutes. Now you can start cooking the chicken. After four minutes, give the basket a shake. Finally, the timer being off, serve them on a plate. Eat with sauces if you like.


  • A great choice for snacks or meals.
  • Ingredients are not artificial.
  • It has a higher rating for tasting good.


  • The price is comparatively high.

6. El Monterey, Extra Crunchy Beef & Cheese Taquitos

For people who like beef and spice, these taquitos are the best. The combination of taco-seasoned beef and cheese fills your mouth with flavors. In the packet, you will get a total of 21 of them.

Cooking Process

Take out the taquitos you want to cook out of the package. Then place them in the basket. Keep some empty spaces so that they are not attached. You should spray some oil.

Set the temperature to 380°F and the timer to seven to eight minutes. Check if it’s cooked after the timer goes off. Continue for another two minutes till prepared.

If you preheat the fryer, the cooking time will be reduced.


  • Great value for money.
  • It is a quick snack to have at any time.
  • The crispy seasoning shell makes it better.


  • The combination of beef and cheese contains high calories.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 18

7. Orca Bay, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Skin On

Salmon is one of the familiar and favorite dishes. Orca Bay is a seafood producer. The salmon fillets taste yummy when cooked in an air fryer. They come out moist and juicy.

Cooking Process

At first, check the pieces. You would want the same size pieces for even cooking. For six of them, you will need-

  • Olive Oil – 2 Tbsp
  • Garlic-Salt – 1 Tsp
  • Black Pepper – 1 Teaspoon
  • Lemon juice

Place them inside the fryer basket. Add garlic, salt, and pepper for seasoning. Next, spray the olive oil. Start the cooking with the temperature at 400°F and the timer at 15 minutes.

After you finish, squeeze some lemon juice into it. And your salmon is ready.


  • Frozen salmon without any harmful ingredients.
  • It provides a complete meal.
  • Good for your health.


  • You have to cook it, not ready to eat food.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 19

8. Jose Ole Chimichanga, Beef & Cheese

The chimichanga gives a nice crunch from the outside when you cook them in the air fryer. Beef and cheese make a great combination, and Jose Ole is aware of it.

Cooking Process

Preheat the machine to 400°F for five minutes. According to the size, place them inside while not overcrowding. Then, cook for 15 minutes. Flip them every 5 minutes for even cooking.

Serve with your favorite dipping, and enjoy.


  • It takes less time to cook.
  • The tortillas are oven-baked.


  • The price is increasing, but the quality is reducing.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 20

9. Hot Pockets Hickory Ham & Cheddar Frozen Sandwiches

Hot pockets are perfect for breakfast or snacks. This Nestle product comes with five pieces in one packet. Each of them contains 270 calories.

Cooking Process

Place one or more hot pockets in the fryer basket. Then set the temperature at 380°F for 12 minutes. Cook them properly and flip them if needed. After the timer goes off, check the pieces.

If you are satisfied, get them out and serve them hot.


  • It is an easy and convenient snack item.
  • They use real cheese.
  • People of all ages like this product.


  • It is not among the healthiest foods.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 21

10. Ajinomoto Pork and Chicken Gyoza Dumplings

Gyoza dumplings are familiar in Asian countries. Still, you can enjoy them here and cook them in the air fryer. They are good snacks or quick bites when in need. Preparing them is also easy.

Cooking Process

First, you need to preheat the machine to 370°F for 4 minutes. Then, place the dumplings in one even layer in the fryer basket. Be careful not to stack them. Next, spray some oil on them.

After cooking for five minutes, shake them well and spray some more oil. This will help to prevent the dumplings from drying.

Finally, cook for another four to six minutes. Serve and eat them with dipping.


  • The family pack is good for serving more people.
  • You can have both pork and chicken.


  • The sodium and fat levels are high.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 22

11. Bagel Bites Pizza Snacks Three Cheese Mini Bagels

For the last item for the best-frozen foods for an air fryer, we have mini bagel bites from Kraft Heinz. If you love cheese, it will be hard to resist. As no artificial ingredients are in it, this ensures healthy food.

Cooking Process

After deciding how many you want to cook, could you place them in an even layer? Do not overcrowd the basket. Make in batches if necessary. Next, set the temperature at 360°F and the timer to six minutes.

Make sure to have a look at them in the fourth or fifth minutes. If you think they are cooking accurately, wait for the timer to go off. Continue the timer for undercooked bagels.


  • You can enjoy three types of cheese.
  • Mini bagels are ideal for a quick bite.


  • Having too many can be unhealthy.
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11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer 23

Best Frozen Food Brand Items to Air Fry

Frozen foods are easily available for consumption. With the immense market demand, many brands have come forward to do business. The best brands are those with higher customer ratings.

Best Frozen Food Brand Items to Air Fry
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In our review list, we mentioned the best brands for us. Still, there are other brands and food items. Tastebud varies from person to person.

Along with the reviewed items, some of the others are-

  • Brazi Bites Empanadas
  • Super Pretzels
  • Farm Rich Mozzarella Sticks
  • Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets
  • P.F. Chang’s Chicken Egg Rolls
  • Whole Foods Market, Vegetable Egg Rolls
  • 365 Everyday Value, Wild-Caught Breaded Fish Fillets
  • Arby’s Seasoned Curly Fries

Best Frozen Food Buying Guide

Frozen foods are cooked food waiting to become your meal or snack. You will find a large number of them in the market. But before making the purchase, some things need consideration.

The ingredients, type of fats, or other nutrition factors need checking. Also, you should see if they are accurate items for the fryer.

Serving size

When you are buying frozen foodit is better to choose according to the serving size. Just because the food is there, you do not buy anything that you do not need. Abiding by this rule will save you from consuming extra calories and less waste.

Pick a balanced meal.

Even if you are buying it frozen, try to have one with balanced nutrition. The food should have all the necessary elements to fulfill your daily requirements. Selecting only protein or carbs is not a healthy choice.

Check for lumps

If possible, double-check your package. Containing lumps means the food melted before and was refrozen. We would recommend avoiding this kind of food.


While buying frozen food, have a good look at the ingredients. Some items contain nutrients more than normal ones. In the case of vegetables, frozen is better as they are intact. It should be the only ingredient.

Another thing to consider is checking the ingredients. See the package and confirm if it consists of something harmful to your health. Additionally, look for things that can cause an allergic reaction.

Healthy food

You should try purchasing something with a “Healthy” tag. Avoid items with lots of calories. Those will only harm your health. You will find several healthy food options once you start looking.

Spend a little more time getting them if necessary. For example- do not buy vegetables with sauce or cheese as they contain more calories. Foods that have 300 or fewer calories are healthy for you.

Check for low Sodium. 

Consuming more sodium than required is detrimental to health. From research, we know your frozen food should not have more than 200gm of it.

Air Fryer Frozen Food Cooking Chart

Air fryers are magic tools. They make cooking faster, crisper, cleaner, and better. You can prepare for a single person or a party. If you follow the chart and maintain it, food will be tastier.

The chart for frozen food contains the temperature and time for cooking. For convenience, you can print it out and keep the paper nearby.

Frozen Food Items


Preparation Time (minutes)

Chicken Breast (Small)350° F | 176° C10 minutes flip, then 10 minutes more rest, 5 minutes before cutting
Chicken Breast (Large)350° F | 176° CFifteen minutes, then flip 15 minutes more. Rest 5 minutes before cutting.
Chicken nuggets390° F | 199° C12
Chicken wings360° F | 176° C14
Fried chicken390° F | 199° C8
Corn Dogs390° F | 199° C8-10
Meatballs350° F | 176° C10-12
Pizza400° F | 204° C10-15
Salmon Filet400° F | 204° C10
Sausage400° F | 204° C5-10
Shrimp390° F | 199° C10
Mac and cheese bites360° F | 176° C8-10
Dumplings390° F | 199° C8
Hot Pockets390° F | 199° C13
Bagels360° F | 176° C4-5

Best Frozen Foods You Should And Shouldn’t Cook In Your Air Fryer Video:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put frozen food in an air fryer?

Of course, you can put frozen foods in an air fryer. Using a microwave oven is common. But with this appliance, you can cook faster. It makes little or no mess. Overall, air fryers are a convenient option for these types of foods.

Why is air frying so good for frozen foods?

When preparing food on a regular stove or oven takes more time. It also requires extra oil and ingredients. For example, French fries need deep frying, whether frozen or not. But with an air fryer, the case is different. You can cut down the fat by almost 70%. Moreover, there won’t be a need for a pan full of oil.

What are the best frozen foods to cook in an air fryer?

You can cook almost all frozen foods in an air fryer. There are quite a lot of options. Foods that can be baked or fried are eligible for cooking in it. You can make chicken nuggets, wings, fries, appetizers, or meals.

Do you add oil to the air fryer for frozen French fries?

Oil is not essential for preparing frozen foods. The purpose of using an air fryer is not to use oil. Even if you do put in some oil, the amount is little.

How do I prevent frozen foods from sticking to the air fryer basket?

Lightly coating frozen foods with cooking spray or oil can help prevent sticking to the air fryer basket, ensuring a crisp exterior without any adherence issues.


Discovering the “11 Best Frozen Foods for Your Air Fryer” opens a world of quick and convenient culinary delights. The air fryer’s ability to transform frozen foods into crispy, golden perfection in minutes is a game-changer for busy households. From crispy french fries to succulent chicken nuggets, this collection showcases the versatility and efficiency of the air fryer. Embracing these frozen treasures not only saves time but also allows for healthier alternatives with less oil. The air fryer proves to be a valuable kitchen companion, turning frozen favorites into satisfying, restaurant-quality meals. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cook, these frozen food options provide a hassle-free and delicious solution for any mealtime. Elevate your cooking experience with the simplicity and speed that the air fryer brings to these frozen delights, making every bite a crispy and satisfying experience.

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