Aroma Deep Fryer Reviews! Perfect Digital Deep Fryer

If you have the desire to purchase a larger deep fryer, I think the product is just for you. This is longer than most other fryers in the market.

It has a four-quart capacity larger appliance. There are ten program functions with the appliance.

The technology is upgraded so it can cook food very rapidly. The three fry baskets will help to cook different types of foods.

It has a large basket and two regular size baskets. So there is more space within it. Maintaining and cleaning are very simple.

Aroma deep fryer reviews

Aroma Smart Fry XL ADF-232 4-Quart Digital Deep Fryer


  • Pot is enameled and simple to clean.
  • Big and four-quart capacity
  • Digital control has ten programmed functions.
  • Heating element becomes hot quickly and gives consistent heat
  • Has three fry baskets. Dual regular size and one extra large.


  • Simple to handle the unit and simple to use
  • Temperature setting is simple and quickly heats up
  • Hold digital temperature settings with built-in timer
  • Using the same temperature, you can cook various types of foods.
  • There are three baskets: 2 are of half size, and 1 is full size
  • There is a lid to keep oil from splattering; you may keep food inside it. It emits steam so be careful.
  • When cooking is finished, rest the baskets on the clips on edge to drain oil. This is great I like it. Feel a real fry cook. LOL.
  • The BIGGEST pro: The basket holds food from going to the resting on the bottom and prevents sticking. The food becomes tasty fresh.


  • If the built-in timer stops the heating element, it is useless to cook multiple batches.
  • Fill the basket halfway so that the food items will be fully submerged in oil. Filling the half basket is enough to fry food for five people but only three to four tender at the same time.

How to clean aroma deep fryer

The unit is simple to clean. You can remove the enameled oil pot and the other all electrics are dishwasher safe. The accessories are two regular size baskets, dual filters, and one extra big size basket.

Why you choose aroma deep fryer

The unit has ten different temperature settings for cooking fried foods to frozen onions rings from fresh fish. The display will show you the accurate temperature of the oil as it has Intelli Temp to technology.

The heating element circulates hot air all around the food, and the food becomes crispy and delicious.

The basket is large so that you can cook food for a crowd. There are three baskets with the unit. One is big, and other two dishes are side by side.

The adjustable timer is setting help you to know the time of cooking something. After cooking is finished, all nonelectric parts and removable enameled oil pot are simple to clean up in the dishwasher.

What Users say on aroma deep fryer

Do not go to the restaurant. Make your delicious food with the sleek stainless steel Aroma SmartFry XL. The fryer has three fry baskets. You have the chance to cook a big batch of a single dish, or you can cook two separate dishes side by side.

Why aroma deep fryer is different

The digital temperature presets, and the gauge is very helpful and unique. The product is great. The three baskets offer users many choices.

If your fry French fries, it sticks to the basket. I can deep fry chicken and fish but you cannot for the basket is a stick. You are a great mess.

The user review on aroma deep fryer

So fun to use, Crispy crunchy yum, yum, yum

My husband likes to fry oysters alongside with the roasted. The unit has done it well. My daughter liked to have homemade corn dogs and potato tornados. She has got all well. She also got fresh fried well.

The fryer is great. It becomes heat very quickly. It is very simple to clean. When you keep food, the temperature drops lightly; this is natural to other fryers as well. The fryer is great no doubt.

Not great, but does the job

For having three baskets, the fryer is flexible. So it is very difficult to cook large batches or different foods at a time.

It is made with well-built and very simple to clean. The design well flaws to circulate hot steam directly to the touchpad.

I like to use oven glove, but it does not make sense. The electric timer setting is very amazing. The longest time you can set for five minutes, and after that time the heating element will turn off.

Temperature sometimes drops drastically when you keep food in it. The time to recovery time is not very fast compared to the other fryers.


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