Prestige Air Fryer Reviews! Has a Specially Designed Basket

Prestige Air Fryer is a good air fryer for fried foods. You will enjoy snacks, chips, meat, etc. without oil.

The taste of the foods is like the oil fried foods. The Prestige Air Fryer will help you to make grill, fry, roast and bake without using oil.

There are lots of features like digital display, touch control panel, easy cleanup system, preset cooking menu, etc. The Prestige air fryer is a good alternative for your kitchen.

Prestige Air Fryer Reviews

Prestige Paf 20 1400Watt Air Fryer Black


  • The capacity of the fryer is two liters. So it is a good fryer for a small family.
  • It has auto turn off the system. Therefore, set the time and after cooking automatically, it will turn off
  • It has a sound alert to you will know the food is going to be ready for ten seconds
  • Ther fryer has a handle to carry it easily from one place to another
  • It has an inbuilt air filter that will absorb smoke. So the kitchen remains smoke-free. There is no odor in your kitchen also.


  • It can filter odor coming from back grill
  • It has a handle to carry easily
  • If you start the lid, it will shut off. You will start it again from the cooking and restart time as you insert the tray back as well as lock the device.


  • Not at all

How to use prestige air fryer

The fryer has radio dialer to set time for cooking. This is very easy and simple matter. You can set temperature according to the need of the foods. When the time is finished, it will auto turn off. After the adjusted time, you will hear a sound.

If you like to check food, it will automatically turn off and start again from the used times. It starts again from the same place. It is a great advantage for the users.

Advantages of using an Air Fryer

The top benefit of the Air fryer is that you can use it for frying. Within a short time, you can cook your desired foods.

You should not stand on the fryer to see the cooking progress. When the food is kept in the hot oil, a gas burner breathes oil fumes, burns the gasses.

Advantages of using an Air Fryer

After keeping food in the fryer, you can do other work. Or you may take a seat on the sofa to feel relax.

The automatic timer and the automatic temperature control will fry food within a fixed time. After setting time, the fryer will turn off automatically.

Though you keep food inside the fryer for a huge time, the food would not burn. The reason is that the fryer has less heat to transfer food as the electric power is off.

The electric air fryer part does not save electricity as the body of the fryer is lightweight. If the heating coil is off in the external part of the body, it has no heat for burning the food inside.

What could you cook in an Air Fryer?

What could you cook in an Air Fryer?

Here you will get the summary of using an Air Fryer. By the side, you know more about the benefits of using an air fryer:

  • You will get a grill, air fries, bakes and other food using the only little amount of oil
  • Air fryer gives great tasty food without oil like deep frying food
  • Adjusted time and temperature setting will cook food automatically
  • After setting time, the air fryer will turn off automatically and gives an alarm to know you the time is over
  • A safe way of cooking food, no way to burn oil, hot oil splatters over if you keep food in hot oil
  • Air fryer is healthier as you do not breath the fume of burnt oil
  • All parts are safe and dishwasher safe to clean it well
  • You will get a recipe book having plenty of recipes

What do others say about prestige air fryer

The prestige Air Fryer is a great fire and uses less oil than the traditional fryers. The fire comes to you with a timer, temperature controlling system, and a digital panel where it has the cooking menu.

What do the others say about prestige air fryer

It has a crumb basket as well as a pullout basket for the safety switch. The switch ensures you that the fryer is shut off when you take out the basket. If you enter the basket, the fryer will resume again from the point you stopped.

The power requirement of the fryer is 1400 watts. So it makes the food brown and crispy on the outer part and moist inside. It also distributes heat evenly for all the parts of the foods.

User Review of prestige air fryer


At first, I was not impressed in buying the product. I have been using the product for two months, and I am happy with it. I choose the Philips most, but it does not have a digital interface. My sister has Philip air fryer, and I am boastful for having such fryer.

The best in the market

The fryer is better than the Philips as it has a digital screen that is much useful. The quality of the produce is very good, and all accessories are great.

Along with the fryer, you will get food preparation and menu book. You are spending money on a good thing than other fryers.

 Prestige Paf 20 1400Watt Air Fryer Black

Prestige air fryer recipes- Golden Fried chicken

This is normally indicated as Southern Fried Chicken. The dish contains chicken pieces that are floured and fried.


  • Salt/pepper – to taste
  • Boneless chicken breast – 225gm
  • Vinegar – 20ml
  • Refined flour – to dust
  • Thyme – 5gm
  • Bread crumbs – to coat
  • Egg beat – 1no.

Step By Step Method

  • Step 1. Neat the fat from the sides of the chicken breast. Bathe and pat dry.
  • Step 2. Split the chicken breasts into two pieces of smooth thickness. Squash the chicken along with steak hammer or by the rear of the knife.
  • Step 3. Marinate the chicken with pepper, salt, vinegar, thyme for at least 1 hour.
  • Step 4. Dust the chicken along with flour and dip in the beaten egg. Then coat it with breadcrumbs.
  • Step 5. Preheat the fryer to 180 degrees C for 4 minutes. Slightly coat the fryer basket along with oil.
  • Step 6. Put the chicken in the basket and lightly brush with oil. Use 180 degrees C from ten to twelve minutes or up to get golden brown color.

Prestige Airfryer 3.0 Unboxing

Wrap Up

The most attractive feature of the fryer is that you may cook food without oil. We have attempted most of them. We have seen the larger devices are much noisy and cook food with air. The size of the container is a deal breaker.

The features and built technology will influence to buy the product. You can buy the fryer for your kitchen.


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