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Aigerek Air Fryer Review A Healthy Air Fryer

Who would not like to get a healthier way to cook food? The Aigerek Air Fryer is a new model in the world of air fryer. Its popularity is increasing day by day. This is an electric oven that is designed, with a fast ventilation system.

Its temperature reaches up 400 degrees F. If you have this air fryer in your home, you would feel no tension at all. You may easily cook your desired food.

Aigerek Air Fryer - Comes with Recipes CookBook - Easy-to-clean

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This is an air fryer by which you can prepare quiches, cakes and other things with it. The design of the fryer is very simple. It has intuitive touch control screen.

The screen helps you to adjust the desired temperature very easily. With the help of the outer box, you can cook 6 different kinds of foods.

One can prepare meat strings, wings, even shrimps, ribs, French fries and potato chicken with this fryer.


  • You can cook onion rings, French fries, vegetables with this fryer. Moreover, it helps you more to roast potatoes and cooks a steak. There will be no splatters, no oil smell, and no mess. The air fryer is helpful for baking, frying, roasting and grilling with little oil or without oil.
  • Aigerek Air Fryer is a leading air fryer technology that circulates hot air to cook foods. It ensures uniform cooking. Instant heat circulation system adds precise and fast airflow for your French Fries. The fries are wonderful to look at.
  • The fryer has 30 minutes auto-timer option. You can prepare favorite dishes by setting up to 400 degrees F temperature. One may feed 4 members of your family as it has the 3.2-liter capacity.
  • The fryer is made with cool in touch housing as well as the handle. You feel no problem to clean basket holder base and food fry basket. All the parts are removable and dishwasher safe. The interior parts of the fryer are FDA certificated safe as well as free of PFOAs.


  • Has pre-programmable setting
  • Simple to use and clean
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Comes with frying pot, handle and operating instruction
  • Smart touch screen as well as a digital display
  • Adjustable time and temperature setting for precise cooking
  • To ensure safety, it has auto shut off feature


  • The barrel of the fryer is little
  • Not truly versatile since it gives a few accessories

Why You Choose Aigerek Air Fryer

3.2L cooking capacity

The Aigerek Air fryer is very popular fryer. It has the generous cooking capability. People like this air fryer as it has rapid air circulation technology. The size of the cooking pot is 3.2 liter or 3QT.

There is more space for the users to cook foods for a family having 3 or four members. It also depends on the ingredients of the food and what type of dishes you like to prepare.

What Others Say About Aigerek Air Fryer

Smart touchscreen for intuitive use

The air fryer is now near your head with smart touchscreen technology. With the press of fingertips, you can set temperature and cooking time.  One may handle starting with stopping unit and other options.

You will forget the traditional controlling knobs if you possess this smart-touch-screen fryer.

Digital temperature and time control

The most important feature of the Aigerek Air Fryer is that it has digital temperature and time setting.

The range of temperature is from 160 to 400 degree F. You can control the fryer easily. It has some predefined values which opposed other units.

Automatic shutdown for safe use

The Aigerek air fryer comes with some safety features. It automatically shuts down if you don’t use the button for the next five minutes. This is designed with automatic shut down option.

Surely you may apply the power on and off button to shut it manually. There is no risk of the air fryer.

Easy clean with removable drawer

The Aigerek Air Fryer has detachable parts and all parts are dishwasher safe. These parts of the air fryer are wrapped with a non-stick covering.

The cover protects the frying basket from the frying pan. You may use a nonabrasive sponge or some water to clean the unit very easily.

Safety Features

Their other safety features are cool-touch exterior, on indicator light, built in time, nonslip base, cool touch exterior, auto turn off, non-stick interior,  and temperature controls etc.

How to Use Aigerek Air Fryer

You may fill up the basket of the Aigerek fryer with 3qt of food. This may be from frozen pizza rolls to French fries. The procedure of using the fryer is very simple. Keep food in the basket after seasoning it well.

You only need to fasten the lid and use digital controls to set temperature and time. Some few forward steps will help you to enjoy tasty fried foods.

How to Use Aigerek Air Fryer

We aren’t speaking about the preparation but we are only speaking about the cooking system.

Place all the elements in the basket of the air fryer. Then you must be confirmed of the following things:

  • The food is all dry –It is better to touch food before keeping it to remove extra moisture. If you do it for French fries it may be crunchier. When you remove more starch the meat would not splatter or make excessive smoke.
  • The food is gently sprayed –We have mentioned earlier that the air fryer removes about 80% of fat from the food. If you spray a little quantity of oil over the ingredients, it ensures appetizing crust and special flavor etc.
  • The ingredients aren’t overcrowded: See the cooking manual very closely to know the exact temperature for the particular type of foods. As a rule, you should not overlap meat, let the air pass through quickly to ensure evenly and faster cooking.

What Others Say About Aigerek Air Fryer

I have used this air fryer for the first time in my life and have got a very wonderful result. This air fryer is a very little convection oven.

I have used a conventional deep fryer. It was very difficult to clean and was a mess. The customer service of the fryer is very good.

If you ask any question, you will get a very quick response. When you cook French fries or mozzarella with this fryer, you will get it very even.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Aigerek Air Fryer

Question: What type of oil is perfect for this air fryer?

Answer: This is up to you. You can use any time of oil for this fryer. Even you can prepare food without oil. This is up to your choice. Spend a very good time with the Aigerek Healthy fry.

Question: Is it necessary to take out the basket and shake it during the cooking process?

Answer: At the time of cooking, it is not a must to take out the basket and shake it. You can do it for some foods to get a better result. You may put back but the unit will do its work continually.


The air fryer is very nice. I have compared it with other expensive fryers in the market. The result is that it is very much better than the others.

I decided to use it. There is no reason to spend much money to get the best air fryer. The price of the Aigerek air fryer is reasonable. I am happy with the service of the air fryer.

The food I get from this air fryer is crunchy on the outside and tender on the external side. I have cooked chicken by this fryer.

At the same time, I have done my homework. The result is mentionable. Still today I haven’t prepared a bad food yet with this air fryer.

Nuwave Brio Fryer Review

The Brio Air Fryer by NuWave can prepare foods without crunch and taste. The most important advantage of the fryer is that it needs no oil. You can see add-on online or television of this air fryer.

The fryer takes only a little time to cook food. You can set the fryer in a small place of your kitchen. Besides, it is very light. You can carry it where you like.

Brio Digital Air Fryer (6 qt. Air Fryer w/ Gourmet Accessory Kit, Black)

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The NuWave fryer allows you to cook food from all angles. It means that you have to rotate at the time of cooking. It is possible via an interior basket that is added to an outer basket.

When foods cook, fat and grease may drip to the outer reservoir. Enter these baskets into the unit same as a drawer and pull them out by the handle.

The most important thing about the fryer is that you can cook food with it without using oil. Sometimes you can use a little amount of oil for preventing drying out. The cooking process is very simple.

You can see the whole cooking process. There are a digital timer and temperature setting in the fryer. You may adjust temperature and time according to your need. The basket of the fryer dishwasher safe and you can clean it very easily.

Some customers said that the basket of the fryer is very small. So you have to fill several times to cook a big amount of food. The food you take from the fryer is water coming mouth taste. Some say that this little piece is fragile and snaps off.

In the manual, there is a chart for cooking times. You need to adjust it accurately to cook your desired food. You will get very crispy food within relatively short time.


  • The temperature setting of the fryer is from 100 to 400 degree with 5-degree increments
  • Comes with nuggets, frozen fries, fries, fish, poultry, steaks
  • Digital program is pregnant with 100 hours
  • Pre-heat button confirms expected result every time.
  • Re-heat button sets to 360 E. E for four minutes.


  • Possible to toast or broil, roast, grill and bake
  • Very large with 6-quart ability.
  • Super for fried chicken, French fries, Mozzarella stick and more


  • None

Easy & Convenient – Extra Large 6-Quart Capacity

The NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer has the 6-quart capacity. You can prepare your favorite food by this fryer. The fry pan basket has a non-stick coating without PFOA. It gives perfect result all times.

The basket of the fryer is very simple to remover from the unit. This fryer ensures wholesome food for all the members of your family. You shouldn’t compromise with the space to set up The NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer in your kitchen.

Temperature Control

The NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer helps to prepare food by keeping the temperature from 100 degrees F to 400 degrees F. It has company leading temperature controlling system.

So at the time of cooking, you should not worry about temperature. You can set temperature according to your need. Temperature increases by 5 degrees.

Moreover, it distributes temperature all parts of the food equally. As a result, the food becomes very tasty. To save food from drying up, you can add little oil.

Accurate & Consistent – Digital Touch Screen

The NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer is designed with digital touchscreen system. It has a digital timer along with automatic turn off function. Moreover, the air fryer comes with LCD.

You can see the whole dish process. At the same time, you may see the condition of food inside the fryer.

You shouldn’t worry to guess cooking temperature. It removes all tensions of the user by featuring with easy one-touch digital control.


All the parts of the NuWave Brio Digital air fryer are dishwasher safe. So you can clean it without facing any problem. This fryer helps you more with cooking onion rings to mozzarella stick in without oil.


You are able to grill, bake, roast, toast with this fryer. Moreover, it helps you to prepare some other food items very easily. The taste of the food is excellent. There is no presence of grease in your prepared foods.

Fry Without Oil – Healthy Delicious Food Made With Air

You may get very tasty food without extra fat by this NuWave Brio air fryer. It is a good method to enjoy fried food without oil by the NuWave Brio air fryer. This fryer not only saves money but also protects you from consuming calories.

You should better not to spend more money for fast foods outside homes. Surely you may air fry most wanted foods with fewer calories or fat with keeping the great taste.

The Safe Way To Cook Fried Foods

The NuWaveBrio is very safe and secure to prepare oil less food very easily. If you remover the basket from the unit, the NuWave automatically shuts off. It wouldn’t start the cooking process again until you enter the basket securely into the unit again.

The Safe Way To Cook Fried Foods

The internal cooking chamber of the fryer keeps heat inside it. So the fryer is safe and sound for the whole family.

You can get better cooking experience by using the safety features of the NuWave Brio air fryer. It will ensure you healthier and tasty food no doubt.

So Finally The Nuwave Brio Fryer

Finally, the NuWave Brio circulates hot air all the parts of the air fryer. Therefore you may enjoy your favorite food very efficiently and quickly with this fryer. It can cook food within 100-390 degree F, set up with 5-degree increments.

The touchscreen digital control helps more to cook food easily, quickly and safely. It can cook foods by circulating accurate hot air on foods. It also comes with a unique pre-heat function.

The air fryer aids crispy results without spending more time. One can separate all the parts of the air fryer easily. These parts are dishwasher safe and very simple to clean.

Blusmart Power Air Fryer Review

The Blusmart air fryer 3.4 is an air fryer intends to feed few members in a family. But this one is smaller in the sense that it can quickly heat up to prepare foods.

The fryer can cook 3 potatoes at a time. It is more convenient fryer than other competitors in the market. It will give you a new experience at the time of cooking food.

The temperature status is from 170 F – 400 degree F. The fryer has precise control of heat. It means that you can hold temperature anyplace you like.

Electric Air Fryer, Blusmart Power Air Frying Technology with Temperature

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The fryer is mostly made of plastic which is a bit negative point for some users. It is also a bit difficult to clean the appliance compared to some other fryers in the market.

If you have little space in your cooking room, this fryer is the best fryer for you. You can bring the Blusmart power air fryer in your home without any hesitation.


  • Capacity 3.4 quarts and 1400 watts.
  • There is a cookbook with the fryer
  • The range of temperature from 170-400 degree F.
  • Auto shut of timer
  • Non-stick inner surface


  • It has a fully detachable basket
  • A cookbook is available
  • Precise temperature control
  • Doesn’t demand more space in the cooking room


  • Has non-stick coating which fails to work well
  • Construction is very cheap
  • Made of plastic

Reason to Choose Blusmart Power Air Fryer

The most important features of the fryer are that it circulates hot air around the foods. Therefore you will get a fast result very quickly. It has more power to create delicious food.

The outer part of the food is very crispy, and the interior remains most without oil or little oil. The food you get from the fryer contains up to eighty percent less fat.

You can use temperature from 170 degrees F to 400 degrees F. It is enough for frying, grilling, baking, and roasting. Moreover, it allows you to prepare food anytime. It comes with an auto shut off features. After 2 hours the fryer automatically shuts down.

The fryer is mostly secured in the sense that it works only if you enter the basket in its place. You can remove the basket to add something. Or you can see the cooking process. This does not matter at all. The fryer works continue after entering the basket properly once again.

The fryer is made for the whole family. Its capacity is 3.4 quart which is a great size for a medium house. You can set it up anywhere in your kitchen.

The fryer wouldn’t take much space in your cooking room. One can prepare a roast chicken for some special occasion. The non-sticky outer surface of the fryer is very simple to clean with soapy water.

Moreover, you can keep the fryer in the dishwasher for the making the cleaning process simple.

What Others Say About Blusmart Power Air Fryer

The fryer looks very cool but its performance is excellent. So people like it very much. It can cook food very quickly. I have heard more things about this fryer. Finally, I have decided to buy it.

What Others Say About Blusmart Power Air Fryer

The fryer takes only 15 minutes to cook chicken wings. I used the temperature around 350 degrees. Next time I would try to use 300 degrees for cooking it. The taste of the food is very awesome. Without all oil frying, the food is appetizing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Blusmart Power Air Fryer

Question: Is it possible to make sweet potato vegetables very rapidly?

Answer: The temperature range of the air fryer is from 170 F to 400 degrees F. You can use this temperature for grilling, baking, roasting, and frying. So one may prepare sweet potatoes with the fryer.

Question: Is it perfect to cook sausages?

Answer: This is perfect for cooking sausages.

Question: Is it essential to stir the food at the time of cooking?

Answer: No, it isn’t a must. But there are some foods which need to shake, turn or restart to get a wonderful result.

Question: Is the fryer simple to clean? Is the part of the fryer dishwasher safe? Do you need to turn the food in the middle of the cooking process?

Answer: The fryer is very simple to clean no doubt. I have used both dishwasher and hand wash. I have got a nice result without stirring it more. But you may stir the foods at the time of cooking to get more taste. The timer setting of the fryer is great to stop the fryer. You shouldn’t worry more. Tender meats and crispy fries.

Finally The Blusmart Power Air Fryer

The Blusmart Electric Air Fryer is both efficient cooking and safe to use. The first thing is that it wouldn’t start unless you set the drawer well. Moreover, after 2 hours the fryer will shut off automatically.

If someone likes to warm up the homes with this air fryer, this is not possible. This is the drawback of the fryer. The only drawback of the fryer is that the cookbook lists are set up with Celsius. This is an American system.

Sometimes instructions are hard and it is difficult to understand. But we can say the air fryer is very excellent. Those who have used it never go another way to prepare foods.

Simpletaste 1400w Electric Air Fryer Reviews

This is the top highlights review of the best air fryer. The fryer comes with timer modes and preset temperature setting. It means that you can simply keep the food inside the drawer, select the mode and hit starts.

You needn’t spend the time to see the cooking procedures. Moreover, you don’t look up times and cooking temperature.

SimpleTaste 1400W Multi-function Electric Air Fryer

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The digital controlling system of the fryer is very simple and makes a clean finish. The knobs and dials of the air fryer invite dirt easily. It is very difficult to remove them. Cleaning this unit is a waft through. Normally wipe it down after every use and keep the food container in the dishwasher.

There are lots of small size fryers on the market. If you prepare food with it, you have to spend more time. Moreover, food may get cold. With this fryer, you can cook food for a family of 4 to 5 members. Cooking food in different batches is difficult to work.


  • Multi-functional: Comes with 8 preset smart programs. Therefore one can easily prepare chips, warm-up, steak, chicken, fish, cake, meat, and shrimp. In addition, you can cook food from crisp fries to juicy steak with little or no oil.
  • Save Time & Labor: Rapid air circulation system of the fryer makes the cooking system fast and easy. One can finish cooking within 30 minutes. It has manual, automatic temperature and timer settings that allow various ranges of ingredients.
  • Healthy & Environmental: Traditional air fryers create more smoke. But the great news is that this fryer emits no smoke. It is environment-friendly. There need little or no oils to prepare food with this fryer. You can prepare healthy foods without smoke and oils. Needless to say, this fryer is environment-friendly.
  • Easy Operation & Cleaning: One mustn’t be expert more to operate the appliance. You can prepare your desired food by pressing only one button. Moreover, you can clean the basket and shelf with the hot water or dish soap by using a non-abrasive sponge.
  • High Capacity: The fryer has high quality. Its capacity is 3.2 qt which allows food for a family of 4 members. Interior cooking basket and shell can keep lots of ingredients.


  • Prepare various food without many efforts
  • There is no report of overcooking smell
  • Calm
  • Wonderful smart cooking setting
  • More capacity is appealing to everybody


  • Heavy and large
  • Has some issues with delicate parts


3 QT capacity

The Simple Taste multi-function air fryer is designed with a frying basket. It overlies a cooking pot. The maximum capacity of the fryer is 3.2 qt. It allows one to cook food for two to four persons. Size differs from a family to other but a batch of twelve chicken wings may nestle in completely.

Easy operation and cleaning

You need not be a master to cook with the Simple Taste air fryer. One can easily cook tasty and healthy food. What you have to do is just to set the cooking option from 8 preset modes. You have sensitive controls of start, temperature, time, cooking programs, cancel.

Easy operation and cleaning

When you finish your cooking, wash the basket and the cooking ledge with hot water. You could also wash it with dish soap and a nonabrasive sponge.

Timer of up to 30 minutes

The simple taste multi-function air fryer has rapid air circulation system. For this, one can cook food within 30 minutes.

Therefore the timer may be adjusted with this value. If one needs more than thirty minutes to cook food, she can set it according to her desire. Same as the timer, the temperature supports manual and automatic adjustments.

Temperature control 170 °F – 400 °F

It can heat up anything from 170 to 400 degree F. The fryer comes with 8 preset smart programs and own temperature values. You can also adjust the setting manually. One may easily modify the temperature of the fryer by the help of + and – icons. Finally, begin with the warm-up mode to preheat the fryer.

8 preset smart programs

The simple taste multi-function air fryer comes with activated buttons for 8 elegant programs. You can prepare Meat and steak, French Fries and Chicken, Cake and Warm-up and Shrimp and Fish by this fryer.

Choose one of them. The required temperature and time cooking value will put by default. Otherwise, you can physically adjust them according to your need.

Automatic switch-off

You can set the cooking time up to 30 minutes or less than that. When the time is over, the fryer will stop automatically. When something comes up, the cooking program stops prior the time is over. The fryer has a CANCEL button just near the START button. 1 tap may turn off the air fryer in twenty seconds.

Rapid air circulation

The cooking chamber of the air fryer is made of stainless steel. It becomes warm very quickly. Then the warm air circulates throughout the whole chamber very rapidly. The fryer can cook any ingredients within very short time.

The reason is that it has a precise circulation pattern and a combination of the best temperature of the hot air. Therefore the efficiency of the fryer lies in its individual working procedures.

Always-On LED Screen

The air fryer is designed with an LED display. If you turn on the fryer, the display will light up and show the reading. There is a special indicator for temperature and time. You can set the preset timer for your cooking program. The LED display will show you the present method is active and set. You can work with your desired settings.

How The Simpletaste 1400w Electric Air Fryer Works

When you closely look at this fryer you will get a sleek 12.6 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches oval case; a shiny LED display and an opaque lid. The pan and the basket of the fryer are Teflon coated. The outer part of it is made from plastic.

Moreover, it has a cool touch handle auctioned for push and pulls. The cooking shelf is set under the basket and the cooking pan. Its cooking shelf is made of stainless steel. The fryer gets extremely hot if the temperature rises to 200 degrees C.

How The Simpletaste 1400w Electric Air Fryer Works

It circulates hot air all through the chambers. Tenderness remains inside the food and the exterior of the food turns into a brown crust. Everyone is fighting to get a piece of it.

Safety Precautions of Simpletaste 1400w Electric Air Fryer

  1. It has lots of heating components and multi- electrical components. So don’t immerse it under water
  2. Using oil for the cooking shelf can be the cause of fire hazard
  3. At the time of working the appliance, it is wise not to cover the air inlet and air outlet
  4. Let not enter any liquid inside the fryer to resist short circuit and electric shock.
  5. Keep all the ingredients inside the basket. This saves to avoid contact with the heating elements.
  6. At the time of operating, it is better not to touch the inside of the appliance. It can become the cause of fire burnt.

How to use the SimpleTaste air fryer

The simple taste multi-functional air fryer is very straightforward and intuitive. The name is appropriate according to the design of the fryer. One needs to keep the air fryer on a flat surface. Be sure that the air outlet and inlet surfaces are completely free.

How to use the SimpleTaste air fryer

There is no cover over it. Start your cooking process by preheating the unit. Don’t overload the frying pan in the fryer. Keep more rooms between the parts of food so that air can cook the ingredients very evenly.

Put all the ingredients into the fryer and slide the basket before preheating the unit. Add a program to set a different time, programs and temperature values and cook it. At the time of operating the unit, don’t touch the inside of the Simple Taste Multi-function air fryer.

When you have completed the process, you should wash the detachable parts of the appliance. Be careful about the liquid.  You should not permit oil to enter inside the fryer. This can be the cause of electric shocks and short circuits. Lastly, keep it in a waterless place when all parts are clean and dry.


The simple taste Air Fryer 1400w is a very wonderful air fryer for having many pre-set options. What you need to do is just enter food inside the fryer and add little oil.

Then, press the button of the fryer. This is a very useful appliance for the busy families. The fryer has lots of function for to grill, warm plates and bake. What a nice fryer this is!

Customers don’t get many issues in this air fryer. You will be pleased to know that the appliance lasts for a longer time. If you have any complaint, the manufacturer is ready to respond anytime.

There are many reports that some manufacturers don’t like to replace the product. But Simple Taste offers replacement when customers are eligible for it. Everyone is happy with the offer.

Before you take the decision to buy this air fryer, you demand to clean off little counter space. The capacity of the fire is 3.2 quart that is enough for a family having 3 to 4 members.

The size is wonderful if you get a bunch of people to feed. People who have lost space in the smaller kitchen can use this fryer for their need.

Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer Review

Thank you for buying the Gourmet GAF355 Hot Air fryer for your use. This fryer is completely designed well for healthier cooking. It will help you to prepare from fried chicken to onion rings.

Moreover, you can grill, bake toast, broil and lots of foods without using oil or little oil. The final result is very delicious food lacking any grease.

Gourmia GAF355 Compact Hot Air Fryer

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Gourma has very rapid hot air technology. This technology helps you to prepare food efficiently and quickly. You will get your desired with the help of this air fryer easily. Making food is just fun with this fryer. One may enjoy great tasty and healthy food again and again with Gourmet air fryer.

You will get the complete instruction, features, and function of the Gourmia Digital Air Fryer inside the manual. You will get necessary information of the modes of operation. Total step by step instruction, cleaning, assembly and maintenance of the fryer are also added there.

Read these instructions very carefully and follow these completely to use it all the times. Thank you for buying this air fryer. You will enjoy the air fryer more. Many innovative products are brought to you by Gourmia.


  • You would like to enjoy French Fries or a nice baked potato. It is sure that our air fryer prepares tasty oil-free foods for you.
  • We are aware of the risk of eating oily foods or deep fried. This air fryer gives you super tasting fried snacks without oil.
  • One can enjoy favorite foods for having incredible technology. The air fryer circulates hot air which fries food very quickly without or with oil.
  • Best performance for casual cooks and intense chefs out there. The fryer has very compact and sleek design. So it is fit for any kitchen to make tasty dishes.
  • To ensure well cleaning, just remove the basket pan from the fryer and wash it usually. No high maintenance or intense is needed to do it.


  • Be content with this product
  • Reasonable price
  • Simple to use as well as clean
  • enjoyably surprised


  • None

Using Your Air Fryer

This is the only air fryer which functions with hot air.

  • Don’t fill up the pan with frying fat or oil
  • Better not to fill it with oil or other liquid.
  • Don’t keep anything on the top of the machine.
  • Keep everything away from the air vent on the backside of the appliance.
  • Set up the appliance on a heat resistant, horizontal, stable and level surface.
  • Connect the machine to an electric outlet.
  • Take out the cooking compartment from the fryer. Set up crisping into the bottom of the cooking chamber.
  • Keep the ingredients inside the cooking chamber. To get crispier finish use spray of the cooking oil.
  • Glide the chamber back to the fryer
  • Start the appliance. Then turn on the timer knob clockwise. The red and green light will be visible.
  • Move the temperature knob to get the expected temperature to start the air fryer.
  • If the appliance meets the expected temperature the green light may go off. If the timer is elapsed the unit may turn off.
  • When you take out the basket in the middle of the cooking procedure, it may shut off. The timer will show its reading still then.
  • Enter the basket inside the appliance once again. It starts the cooking process continuously.
  • Some ingredients demand to shake in the middle of the cooking process. So you need to take out the cooking chamber from the air fryer by the handle and stir it. Again slide the cooking chamber to its previous position again.
  • When you get the set preparation time is over, you hear the timer bell. That time take out the cooking chamber from the appliance and set it on the heat defiant surface.
  • Notice attentive to be sure that the ingredients are ready. When you get the ingredients aren’t completely cooked, slide the cooking chamber back to the unit. Then set the timer for some extra time.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

  • It is better not to use abrasive cleaning material or utensils to clean the basket and pan. This can harm the non-stick coating.
  • Clean the unit after every use
  • Before cleaning the fryer, be sure it is completely cool.
  • Disconnect the unit from the electric outlet after every use. Make it completely cool.
  • Take out the pan from the air fryer to make it cool quickly.
  • You can use a cleaning brush or hot water to take away any food resides from the fryer
  • Use a moist cloth to clean the outer side of the air fryer.
  • Rinse crisping insert and cooking chamber with hot water. You can also use a non-abrasive sponge or dishwashing liquid to do it.
  • Clean the heating elements by the cleaning brush to eliminate food residue.

Warranty & Service of Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

The Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer comes with a limited time warranty for one year from the date of buying. This offer applies to the original purchaser. The third party is not pertinent to this offer. Replacement and repair solely depend on the will of the sellers.

When repair is not possible, the sellers replace the part or product. If replacement or repair isn’t sufficed, the seller can refund the cash of the component or return the product.

You will not get the warranty provision for some cases. If you damage the appliance by accidental negligence, by repair by unauthorized parties and for misuse of instruction given, you won’t get a warranty.

The manufacturers would not take the responsibility for consequential damage; incidental damages occurred under similar circumstances.

User Review Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

This is roughly maintained by UPS. When we open the box, we found the fryer has no damage. We are waiting for more to use the fryer. At first, we tried the tater tots. It comes out very quickly and we face no problem. It is very fast.

We adjusted 13 minutes timer and the food is crisped. We ate it a few days ago. Now we are excited to try fish and chicken that we like to do in the evening.

User Review Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

Gourmia has given wonderful service to the customers. It is attentive and outstanding. I face difficulties when I want to take out the basket from the pan. The pressing button is difficult enough to remove the basket and then normally it comes out. I hope it must be easier.

The fryer gets 5 stars from me though I faced removing basket from the pan. It seems to me it is a really great fryer. I wholeheartedly aspire that every homeowner should keep this air fryer. Keep this fryer in your home and enjoy healthier food without oil or little oil.

Air Frying Tips on Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

Air Frying Tips on Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer

  • Shaking or stirring during the halfway of preparing food may optimize the result. It also avoids unevenly fried ingredients.
  • Smaller ingredients will take a shorter time than bigger ingredients.
  • You can add a small amount of water in the cooking chamber for steaming foods. At the time of removing chamber, you must be careful. There remain hot steam, ingredients, water etc.
  • Do not overfill the air fryer as this can damage the fryer. At the time of removing cooking chamber from the unit be careful as it contents become very hot.
  • Keep a safe oven dish inside the cooking chamber of the fryer to prepare quiche or cake.
  • Follow the cooking charts. Then you can prepare chicken nuggets, fries and fish sticks.
  • Snacks what you can prepare in an oven is likely to prepare with the air fryer
  • For a crisp texture- Use a spray of oil on the ingredients of the cooking chamber.
  • You can use the air fryer to reheat the food by using temperature up to 300 degrees F for ten minutes.


The Gourmia GAF355 Hot Air Fryer requires no oil to cook food. The capacity of the fryer is 2.2 quarts. It has adjustable 30 minutes timer. The highest temperature setting is up to 400 F which is adequate to cook all types of foods.

The rapid hot circulation technology of the fryer reduces cooking time and effort. Normally this fryer is better than other fryers in the market.

The design of the fryer is very compact. So you should not worry more to deal with different components. Besides the fryer has removable trays which are very simple to clean. The weight of the fryer is 7.3 pounds. So we can say this is lighter models than other models in the market.

A bonus cooking book will help you to prepare an array of fried snacks without using oil. There are only a few instructions here. You may intimate knowledge of the way of working everything from this.

Frenchman Air Fryer Reviews Genuine You May Trust

Farberware is a famous manufacturer. It has name and fame for making small size kitchen appliances. The company isn’t making air fryer. French may air fryer is one of the best fryers in the market. Its company has been producing trustworthy goods from the year 1899.

FrenchMay Air Fryer - 3.7Qt, 1500W - Comes with Recipes & CookBook - Touch Screen Control - Dishwasher Safe - Auto Shut off & Timer

>>Check Price Now<<

The Farberware Multifunctional air fryer applies hot air flow method.  So one can fry, grill, roast and bake food with this fryer.

You need very little or no oil to prepare foods. Moreover, you can make French fries, onion rings, egg rolls, roasted potatoes, steak and chicken wings with this air fryer.


  • 30 minute time is added to the unit. The unit turns off after this period when food is completely prepared.
  • One needs little or no oil to prepare food with this fryer.
  • You may temperature set up to 400 degrees F which is perfect for all types of foods
  • The non-slip material is used to make this air fryer. It doesn’t slip out at the time of cooking food.
  • The capacity of the air fryer is 1400 watts. The food capacity of it is 900 grams.
  • You can consider it as a not stick food basket. Foods don’t get stick after being cooked.
  • This appliance is free from BPA. It has a cool touch covering to save the users at the time of cooking.
  • All parts of the air fryer are dishwasher safe. One can clean it very easily.
  • The weight of the fryer is 11.8 pounds and total dimension of it is (26.6 * 14 * 13.2) inches


  • The Frenchay fryer is quite well. It has a sleek design. The fryer is lightweight, painless to clean, big cooking basket and compact design.
  • Use little or no oil. Versatile, simple to operate and all parts are dishwasher safe.


  • No obvious yet will add on in the future if any.
  • So far there is no con. If anything is found, will include later on.

What Comes in the Box

There are lots of thing in the box. The name of the things is:

  • Cooking book or recipes
  • Instruction manual
  • Airfryer

You mustn’t buy anything with the fryer to prepare food. You can make different types of foods with this air fryer. A complete recipe book is added to it. You can take help from it. There is a photo of the instruction. You can grill, fry, roast and bake anything for your need. There is a way to prepare French fries, steaks, cakes and onion rings.

Weight, Size & Appearance

The Frenchay fryer ensures a 3.7-quart capacity that is on the higher end of the worth point. The fryer can normally prepare food for a family having 4 members. A 5 quart or bigger model is nice for feeding large families.

The height of the fryer is only 14.38 inches. So, one can easily set it up in most of the counters. The weight of the unit is 131.4 pounds. It comes in a sizeable pack.

The color of the fryer is black when all set up is completed. There are few stainless steel features here and there.

Cooking Capacity & Basket

Cooking Capacity & Basket

The basket gives handle and cool touch housing. One may easily pull out the handle without an oven mitt or towel. The basket design of the fryer is very standard like other fryers in the market. The fryer slides straightly to the base.

As a result, there is no issue to support heavier foods. All the parts of the fryer are dishwasher safe. One feels very comfortable to clean the fryer.

Why You Consider Frenchman Air Fryer For Your Home Use

The build quality is comparable to higher-end models. The fryer isn’t made of a plastic material rather it is made of stainless steel or metal. All materials have got the approval of FDA and free from PROAs.

The intuitive TouchScreen control and sixty-minute timer permit you to maintain temperature up to 400 degrees F. It comes with an auto shut off the system for the convenience of the users.

The control has 7 presets setting to cook shrimp, meat, chips or fries, cake, fish, chicken, steak and so on.

The fryer covers only 90% of anything which you may cook inside the fryer. It has a 1500 watt range. This range is the usual range for most of the fryers found in the market.

The basket of the fryer is large enough. You can get enough room to cook a basket of 9 chicken wings or T bone steak.

One can cook anything with this air fryer for having separate accessories. He can expand the food which may be cooked inside of the AirFryer on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Frenchman Air Fryer

Question: does it create any noise?

Answer: Really no, the fryer is very quiet.

Question: Is it possible to cook things such as Chicken strips and Premade frozen French fries?

Answer: Yes, There is a recipe or notebook for the fryer. You can adjust time and temperature setting for frozen.

Question: Does anyone try to prepare frying fish? If yes, how is it?

Answer: You can use some cod filets. Dip in egg and bread crumbs mixed with some olive oil. Dole out with hot sauce and lemon. It is a big hit.

Question: Would the fryer need oil to cook food?

Answer: No

Bottom Line

One may get lots of positive reviews on online about the French May AirFryer. The brand is very new. But the technology and quality are more common.

Bottom Line of Frenchman Air Fryer

You get such features in high models chair. If you buy this chair very soon, you will get a real and hand on remove of its working ways.

There are many attractive features with the fryer. The price of the unit is reasonable. You will get hundred percent cash back warranty.

Just try the airfryer and you will see the wonder. We suggest you buy a fryer. Normally you will get the benefit of it. When you are in the fryer market, do not forget to buy a fryer just give a try.

CUSIBOX Digital Touch-Activated Air Fryer Review

You are cordially welcome to our special blog. You might have heard more about led display CUSIBOX digital touch activated air fryer. The air fryer comes with one-touch setting, 7 in 1 pre-programmed setting, 3.6 liters 1400 watt blog post.

Air Fryer, CUSIBOX Digital Touch-Activated Air Fryer with LED Display and 7-in-1 Pre-programmed One-touch Cooking Settings

>>Check Price Now<<

You are now just to the right place for deep fryers items. I am just telling you about CUSIBOX digital touch activated air fryer. This fryer is a super accessory for your home. Here you will get the necessary information about CUSIBOX air fryer.


  • CUSIBOX Air Fryer applies all classical mechanical principles. The fastest and safest combination.
  • Green real Airfryer technology. Prepares more delicious and healthy tongue.
  • The fryer gives food service up to ten years. You can prepare meat, chips, seafood, and other delicious meals by this fryer. Give more attention to this fryer.
  • Touchscreen controlling system shows you the way to make delicious foods quickly. There is also an auto shut off and timer setting with it.
  • CUSIBOX is a good unit to ensure cooking experience. It has 1-year limited guaranty. The device also has a silicone pan, grill skewer, cooking channel, pizza dish and user manual. The product offers customer services also.


  • Superior to a deep fryer
  • Wonderful product
  • All fryer is free of mess and fat


  • None

Why CUSIBOX Digital Touch-Activated Air Fryer

The CUSIBOX air fryer is a nice fryer to cook food within very short time. It is designed with advanced air frying technology. It has easy to the LED touchscreen.

You can easily identify what type of foods you like to prepare for this fryer by pressing a button only. It reduces calories from food drastically. The fryer also lessens saturated fat more than the conventional deep frying systems.

Why CUSIBOX Digital Touch-Activated Air Fryer

The function of the fryer is very simple to maintain. The design is very nice. There are 7 cooking setting that is much helpful to cook food quickly. It prepares healthier and tastier food by using deep frying methods.

The fryer is made with 30 minutes cooking timer. It ensures cooking lots of foods. Get good results in problem-free fashion. When the setting time is over, the device turns off automatically. No possibility of vigilant cooking!

The air fryer comes with adjustable temperature setting function. One can set temperature from 176 to 392 degree. This range of temperature setting is enough to prepare different types of foods.

Adjust the desired temperature for your fryer to complete the total cooking procedure. From the start to the end there is no variation of the heating level. This is a confident way to get low calorie fried foods.

The air fryer is designed with adjustable temperature setting features. You are able to set temperature from 176 to 392 degree for completing the cooking process. One can get your desired temperature for your recipe.

He may get oil free food with this fryer. By following different cooking recopies it is not easy to cook healthy foods. You can prepare crispy fries to juicy wings with this air fryer with little or no oil.

The air fryer has adjustable temperature setting function. One can set temperature from 176 to 392 degree to prepare the desired recipe. It meets the required temperature for the whole cooking process.

The fryer is confident enough to get low calories fried foods. Healthy food cooking isn’t a very easy system. Exploring various recipes with the same device is tough. But this little fryer can do it.

Convenient and easy to use

The fryer is made with 7 common cooking presets to prepare food easier, faster and healthier. You can cook wide range food within 30 minutes. The system turns off automatically if the timer is up. Its adjustable temperature is from176 to 392 degrees F.

You can cook crispy fries to juicy wings with this unit. What you have to do is just to use little or no oil. It has a sturdy handle with detachable basket features and has a safety switch. The air fryer gives a firm grip if transferring or removing completed foods.

Advance Air Frying Technology

The fryer comes with advanced technology. Moreover, it has easy to read LED touchscreen. You can easily select your food only pressing a button.

Advance Air Frying Technology

Spend less time and prepare your desire foods without more calories, saturated fat etc. This type of food is normally found in the conventional type of deep frying.

What Do Others Say About CUSIBOX Digital Touch-Activated Air Fryer?

I don’t like to speak more about saturated fat. Rather I am talking about something that is delicious and crispy. The fryer is very simple to use. It is a great alternative. The fryer doesn’t take a long time to warm up.

Set the time first and the thing will come up automatically with no watching over. I can only say that the fryer is a little one. You can buy 2 fryers at a time for big family. You can also use the same fryer to cook foods in batches.

The tray of the air fryer is like a small plate. I use this fryer to make breakfast for this morning. I have prepared chickpea, potato cakes and harissa with this fryer. All turned out delicious.


You will be familiar with the fryer after using it for few days. This fryer is very helpful for anyone who likes to eat healthier food. People who like to save cooking time, CUSIBOX air fryer is a super fryer for them.

You can even bake food in this fryer. The setting and touch screen options are all very easy for the users. One faces no difficulties to prepare food for this fryer.

Russell Hobbs Air Fryer Reviews – Very Healthy Fryer You May Trust

Do you think about a fryer that will give you tastier, healthier meals? The Russell Hobbs air fryer is now near your hand. It emits fast circulating air that helps more to cook food very quickly.

The essential feature of the fryer is that it uses no fat or oil. This is a great benefit for the obsessed people. Do not think more for the taste of the food. The ultimate result is very nice.

Like the traditional cooking fryers, this purify doesn’t use oil or heat to cook foods. Naturally, it will reduce the cooking time. Moreover, it uses less fat, odors, vapors. Finally, you enjoy good tasting and delicious food.

You can roast as well as bake with it too

The fryer is very useful to bake and roast food. Two in one technology is applied here. One can cook fish, meat and vegetable in the fryer. As stated earlier there is no paddle with the fryer; you need to stir the foods during cooking time.

This is not essential for all foods. What you need to do is just set time and temperature accurately and waits to get tasty food.

There remains no messy oil in your cooking pot. All parts are dishwasher safe and very simple to clean. Mealtimes of the families is a very important time of the day.

All want to enjoy this time by eating good tasting foods with the nearest one. A purify is a wonderful addition to prepare such type of tastier foods for you all.

Russell Hobbs Purify Health Fryer with Timer 20810, 2 L – White

Russell Hobbs Purify Health Fryer with Timer 20810

>>Check Price Now<<

There are many features of this air fryer. You can cook vegetables, prepare chips, scampi, and potatoes with the fryer. One thing we have mentioned that the fryer needs no oil to prepare foods.

So it cuts the cooking time. After every five minutes during cooking, you need to shake the foods to get the desired result. But this is not a must.

The capacity of the fryer is 2 liters. If the baskets are overloaded with ingredients you need much effort to finish the cooking process. This is not only a fryer but also an oven no doubt. You get two systems in a unit.


  • The capacity of the basket is 2 liters
  • Uses no oil to prepare food
  • Sixty minutes timer and auto shut off the system
  • Variable temperature up to 200 degrees C
  • Used for frozen and fresh


  • Very simple to clean all the parts of the fryer
  • Easy and problem free cleaning
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • Oil is not an essential ingredient
  • Easy way to set up the fryer


  • Price is somewhat higher
  • There is no cooking book with the fryer
  • 2-liter capacity is not enough for a big family

Russell Hobbs Purify Multi-Health Fryer 21840, 3 L – White

Russell Hobbs Purify Multi-Health Fryer 21840

>>Check Price Now<<

The fryer uses no oil to prepare foods. So the cooking time is reduced greatly here. The Russell Hobbs 21840 Purifoy Multi is made with great attention to convince the consumers.

One can cook, bake and roast food in the fryer. Moreover, it has roasting and grilling rack. The fryer is very useful to cook meat, fish, and vegetables. In separate racks, you can prepare different food items simultaneously.

There is no peddling with the fryer. So you have to shake the food in the middle of the cooking procedure to get the desired taste. The food is very crispy and tasty no doubt.

All the parts of the fryer are dishwasher saves and one can clean them very easily. After cooking there is no messy substance with the fryer. As you need little oil or no oil there is no odor in cooked food.

The flavor of the foods is appealing. The capacity of the fryer is 2 liters. Needless to say, it is great for a small family. But family having more members the unit is not perfect.


  • The fryer comes with a notebook
  • 3 years limited guarantee
  • Instant hot air circulation lessens the cooking time
  • One uses it for grilling, baking, roasting and air frying
  • Temperature setting is up to 220 degrees C
  • There is a big window to see the cooking procedures


  • Hassle-free use
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • One can use it for baking cakes also
  • Possible to cook various types of foods
  • Price is reasonable


  • Big unit same as the size of a bread maker
  • Has a very limited area to cook food
  • A little bit faster than a fan oven


Russell Hobbs Air Fryer Versatile

With this fryer, you can cook, bake and roast food by using different ingredients. This is a multi-purpose fryer for your home.

Fast-circulating hot air

The cooking time of the fryer is less than the conventional fryers. The fryer becomes warm up very rapidly. So it is very useful for making snacks and dinners.

Finally The Russell Hobbs Air Fryer

Plug in the fryer and wait for sometimes. Then use the ingredients to prepare food. Within a short time, you will get very tasty food. No reason to be worried about the taste of the food.

As the fryer uses no oil, there is no odor in your food. Even the fryer uses the very short time to prepare foods. You will get a new cooking experience with this fryer. Shaking is a factor for foods here. But this is not a must.

There is no peddles with the fryer to stir foods. So you have to shake food during the cooking time. What you need is to set the timer and temperature. Do these appropriately and get your food as you hope.

The Best Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer Review

Editor's scores: Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer has secured 4.7 scores out of 5 from the analysis of many customers review

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You can use the Breville Deep Fryer for spur-of-the-moment snacks, or classic meals. The outside of the food is flash frying seals as it absorbs oil from the foods. Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer review is an expert opinion so that you may be benefited from it.

You may get egg rolls, French fried, potato chips, fried chicken, fish filets, donuts, tofu, fruit, shrimp or jazz up for the kids.

The innovative flat Cool Plate TM allows you to cook less than a traditional deep fryer. The coil heats gentle and manages temperature, offer clean flavor. You have the chance of using it many times.

Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

>>Check Price Now<<

Features of Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

  • Has a cool plate and heating element procedure.
  • The range of temperature is 320 to 425 degree.
  • Has a lid and a viewing window as well as vessel which can remove pouring spout.
  • Appears having 1800 watts


  • Accept temperature very rapidly- the Breville BDF 600 receives heat rapidly and remain the same place at the time of cooking. You may set the temperature as you need.
  • The price is good- if you consider the features and price, the Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer is not highly valuable. There are lots of features with the deep fryer. You do not get these kinds of features with the other fryer having many features.
  • It can reserve a lot of oil- the deep fryer is bigger. So you can keep a lot of oils here for future use.
  • The looking window- one review stated that only for the see through the window they like to buy the Breville BDF600XL.
  • The good size basket- if you have three or more members of your family, you will enjoy the big size basket. Some people are very satisfied with the big basket. They are happy to see that it can reserve a good amount of foods.
  • Normal to use- The Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer comes with the new deep fryer and experience deep fryer. You can cook snap with the fryer. And the chicken is moist and cooked.
  • Manuals are very easy- the manual of the fryer is very simple, and you can cook fish perfectly at the first time of using it.
  • Wonderful design- the design of the Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer is very slim. So you can place it any place in your kitchen. You can keep it in a small place or leave it out. It remains to keep in a congested place.
  • The oil of the fryer you can use many times and the food become very tasty every time.
  • You need not splatter all the kitchen and oil will be trapped to the vent, so the air does not fill the foods.


  • Using consistently, the machine fails to hold temperature enough. It may happen for two causes. One is for using the machine in a row for five times, and the other is for using oil more than twice. You need to use fresh oil in the machine. You need to clean the unit well and dry the unit completely to use high temperature.

Why Do You Like This: Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer review

Breville is now the Smart Fryer. The goal of a deep fryer is to make deep frying friendly. How much temperature do you need to cook calamari? How long will you cook chicken wings?

The smart fryer has various temperatures and time settings to cook various kinds of foods. Moreover, the Smart Fryer have certain settings for twice-fried French Fries having various times and temperatures. Breville has sent me the Smart Fryer to test out. I am waiting eagerly to put different kinds of foods to cook in this deep fryer.

  • Safely discard and remove packing materials as well as promotional labels from the fryer.
  • Wash the oil vessels, frying basket and oil lid with warm soapy water then make it dry. Wipe the cool plate and the outer housing with a damp, soft cloth and dry it. Place it in the housing and the position the Cool Plate TM element accurately to the removable vessels. Be sure the oil vessel is comp

Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

How to Clean Up – Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

  • Initially, you need to be sure that the switch is off position and disconnected from the electric outlet.
  • Be sure the oil inside it is cool enough. Oil will take a long time to retain its temperature. Do not carry or move any part of the deep fryer when it is hot.
  • Lift out the basket for frying then remove the lid
  • Remove the electricity from the cool plate TM or control panel. Keep all things on the paper towel to absorb excess oil. Never keep the Control Panel or some other parts into water or other liquids at the time of cleaning. Clean the heating element or another surface with mild soap or a damp cloth or plain water.
  • After cleaning oil, hold each sides vessels and lift them upwards. Pour the oil from the vessel into a container. Strain oil for reuse again.
  • The lid, the frying basket, and the oil vessel wash with warm soapy water or with a soft sponge and wash then dry completely.
  • The stainless steel housing is submersible and washes by hand with warm soapy water or with a soft sponge and wash then dry completely.
  • After cleaning, keep the deep fryer for storage. Do not keep anything to the top of the deep fryer.

The uniqueness of Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

The remarkable feature of the Smart Fryer is that it comes with the unique feature to prepare twice-fried French fries. The feature is great to cook French fries. At first, you need to add temperature to the lower level such as 265-degrees F at which temperature you will get good potato chips.

The fryer cooks well, and there is no brown or crisp outside of the food. At first, take out potatoes out of the oil and helps to raise the temperature up to 355F. The second fry would contribute to making crispy the outside of the fries, but the inside remains light and fluffy. It is great delicious.

The Smart Fryer has two fry setup along with preset option. I love to try it out. I throw the cut potatoes in the basket and make it lower as 265-degrees F.

Take it out, and when the temperature reaches to 355-degree F., I lowered the basket for three minutes. The fryers are very amazing, and with the help of the unit, I got my desired food.

What’s Media Says On Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

Breville will give you a good cooking option. It ensures better fry and little oil is needed here. The fryer requires less oil than the conventional deep fried. It has a large surface, and you can cook it very quickly than the other fryers.

What's Media Says On Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

The oil you used here will remain about the same. You can reuse that oil for your fryer for the next time. The fryer good temperature maintenance and it cooks very well. The food is appetizing and fantastic.

There are a minimum and maximum point with the fryer. If you like to start it, use the power cord with the power outlet. Then set temperature according to the need of your foods. For French fries, you may adjust temperature 375-degree F and wait for the signal often.

If you add more food, you need more heat. So wait for some more times. You should slowly keep the food in the fryer to escape stickiness which will aid you to clean easily later on.

What people say about Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

Perfect for deep frying

I bought the smart fryer. I have used the Sunbeam Multicooker as a deep fryer. It will take a long time to heat or to reheat. I do not know how much Breville as the amount of the fryer according to the need of the thesis.

The fryer heat and preheat setting. It can quickly prepare all types of foods. The fryer is programmed with so many things. You can get the desired food level during the flexible. At the time of the heating process, you can adjust time.

There is an LCD to see the temperature option for preparing various kinds of foods. The fryer pre-heat and heat quickly. You can use the lid at the time of cooking anything. If you like to cook frozen items, protect the surrounding areas from spitting.

Warranty of Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

You will get a one-year warranty on the product from the date of buying. You will not be eligible if you buy from the retailers or commercial purpose or distributors. If you get the replacement; you will get the same warranty of the main product.

For any repair or replacement contact with us by and call the number below. If any defects occur during one year, you will get the warranty.

Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer review


Breville deep fryer recipes- Buffalo Wings


  • Four and a half pounds chicken wings, section tips removed
  • one teaspoon salt
  • Two teaspoons paprika half teaspoon cayenne pepper

Ingredients – Hot Sauce

  • one stick + one tablespoon butter
  • 3/4 cup buffalo warm sauce
  • Two teaspoons Tobasco sauce
  • one tsp white vinegar
  • One tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • one teaspoon salt
  • Two teaspoons garlic powder

Ingredients – Blue Cheese Sauce

  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • Three ounces coarsely chopped, blue cheese
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • One little minced, garlic clove
  • Squeeze lemon juice


  • To formulate blue cheese sauce, mix ingredients in a food processor or blender and process as long as it becomes smooth. Spool in a little serving ball.
  • Cut every wing in half and keep in a big bowl.
  • Mingle paprika, salt, and cayenne pepper and mix completely through the wings. Lightly toss to coat. Envelope with cling film and refrigerate for thirty minutes.
  • Keep oil in a 4-quart deep fryer. Use heat on the oil up to 355 degrees F. keep six to eight wings into the basket, plunge and cook six to seven minutes or as long as it holds golden color. Keep on a wire rack on a lined tray to drain. Do the same thing for the rest of the chicken; be sure to reheat the oil between batches.
  • As you like to prepare hot sauce, melt butter in a saucepan and mix remaining ingredients. Shake and bring to the boil. Eliminate and set by the side.
  • Put hot wigs in a bowl and sprinkle on the sauce; throw to coat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

Question: What’s so good about this product?

Answer: Breville offers you the chance to cook different kinds of foods by the electric fryer. You can enjoy sweet potatoes, chicken, and turkey deep fried, potatoes, etc. with the fryer without feeling any soggy or oily. The design of the Breville fryer is very good. So you can keep it to the kitchen countertop.

Cleaning of the unit is very simple comparatively than the other fryers. The Breville deep fryer is the best fryer in the market today. It is a must for those who remain in the kitchen for a long time.

Question: What’s not so good about this product?

Answer: The main concern of the users is the temperature of the Breville Deep Fryer. Most of the fryers can do the job well. Some need high heat; the heat is not high enough up to 375-degree F. others are not pleased as they do not fry the poultry items well with the deep turkey frying.

Some report that the fryer stops after using few months. However, the good news is that the customer service is available for any replacement or and repair.

Final Verdict

The most important feature of the Breville Deep Fryer is the design of pouring spout. I know well that oil removing is the most important aspect of the fryers. People feel problem to remove oil. So they like to get rid of this problem. Pouring out of the fryers in the market is a messy task. There are some easy ways to remove oil from the fryers. The task is very simple.

The Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer bears some other good qualities. The price of the deep fryer is very reasonable. With this amount of money, you would not be able to buy such kind of fryer having so many qualities.

The Breville Deep Fryer has more capacity than the other fryers of the market. The capacity is not the main concern for you. If someone buys this deep fryer I think, he will not be disappointed.



Best Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer Review

Editor's scores: 520 people analyzed the Philips AirFryer HD9220/26 and from their reviews it got 4.5 scores out of 5

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The Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer prepares healthier food for using only one tablespoon of oil. The fryer removes all the excess oil from food.

There is a rapid air circulate technology which circulates hot air from all the parts of the food to 390 degrees.

Food becomes tender on the inside, and the outside is crispy. The Philips Air Fryer review article is for your clear understanding about Philips HD9220/26.

The AirFryer accomplishes its activity more than the desire. It can prepare roast, grill and bake food. You have some options to prepare food for yourself and your guests. With AirFryer you can make deliciously fried to cakes.

Philips Airfryer, The Original Airfryer, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat Black HD9220/26

>>Check Price Now<<

Features of Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

  • The Philips Airfryer helps you to cook exclusively Gordon Ramsay designed recipes
  • The fryer is number one air fryer and over 7 million units sold. Hundred percent taste satisfaction.
  • The Philips Airfryer will show you the path to prepare healthy meals may be both delicious and fast.
  • Cook healthy frying food up to 75% less fat
  • Most even and the fastest result so thanks to patented and unique starfish design


  • To distribute heat, it has a starfish design.
  • Can cook food quickly.
  • It appears with two connected dials one is for temperature, and other is for the timer.
  • You have the chance to customize the setting what you desire to cook
  • Has an auto turn off to resist overcooking.
  • The alert system alert you the food is prepared
  • The hand grips are cool to touch


  • The base of the fryer is very heavy.
  • Cook food for small batches but huge for 1 to 3 people.
  • The unit is not very big as it could be


If you forget to turn off the cooker, do not worry at all. It has an automatic shut-off option. The unit has a hand grip that remains cool. You do not think about the burning of your hand. It has no slip feet which help to keep the unit to its fix place.

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

The design of the Viva AirFryer is very compact. It is thin, tall and wide just like the rotary health fryers.

In the top section, there is a fan and a heating element, at the bottom, there is a drawer which helps to reveal the cooking basket.

There is no window to see the progress of the cooking food. In the bottom, there is a metal mesh.

As a result, air passes straight through and moves to the drawer which is fixed to circulate air.

Simple Controls: There is a dial at the top helps you to see the temperature. The timer knob on the top of the handle controls cooking. There has a place to store the unusual cord.

It can prepare 800g of chips by a tablespoon of oil and make 3% fat chips. Cook faster here than a healthy fryer. It will take 22 minutes to make 800 g with 180 C. There is a recipe for it.

There is a recipe book with the Viva Airfryer, which is a small fan oven. It can cook spring rolls, baked potatoes, and drumsticks. Besides, you can cook crumbles, cakes, and quiches. Wishing you best of luck for having such small dish.

Figure 1: Philips AirFryer Demand in the USA

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer Review


Unique Benefits of Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

The Philip Airfryer has rapid heat technology. You can easily make the grill, roast and bake your recipe with the fryer. It has one stop solution at the time of cooking your food.

The Philips comes to the market with a recipe book in which you will get about 25 yummy recipes. The culinary experts do the design of the book for a variety of low-fat fried food. You may cook different food with the fryer. The food is healthier and more conveniently.

Figure 1: Philips AirFryer Demand WorldWide in 2015-16

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer Review

How does Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer work?

The Philips HD9220/26 hot air fryer has a grill and conventional fan to the top of the unit. The fan circulates hot air with high speed, and it goes on the food inside the fryer.

How does Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer work

Be sure the food does not contact with the heating element. The hot air will start to move from all sides. The food you get is crispy, cooked and brown on the outside and the inside is moist and juicy.

It circulates hot air forcefully from the inside and makes the food crispier. The food will be cooked well from inside. It is different from the conventional oven as there is no air movement in it. We will discuss this later, and this will help you to understand the way of using very well.

How to Use Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

The air frying machine has two dials. One is to set temperature, and the other is to set time. You may set time up to 30 minutes, and the highest temperature will reach to the 390 F.

When setting time is finished the timer set off beep sound. Then the fryer will automatically shut off to save the food from overcooking. You can cook fry, grill, bake or roast with the fryer.

Would you like to cook, roasted capsicum, Fancy roasted and minced meat? Keep them in the air fryer, and it will make the food crispy as well as delicious.

At the half of the way of cooking shake the basket for good cooking. Some customers buy the fryer for low-fat French fries. You can prepare snack or breakfast with the fryer. Not only that you can prepare sandwiches within five to ten minutes.

Within ten minutes you can make frozen nuggets. Will your hungry stomach wait for such time? You can cook delicious meat with the temperature controlling button except for fear of burning.

Why You Prefer Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer 

When the timer hits zero, the fryer automatically shuts off. It prevents the food from overcooking. You will hear a ready sound if your cooking is finished. The handgrip of the fryer is cool to touch.

Why You Prefer Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer 

So, there is no possibility of burning your hand. It has a non-slip food which can keep the fryer to a fixed place. There is a cord storage option in this fryer. You can keep cords when you finish cooking.

The Philips Airfryer app motivates supports and guides you to make delicious foods at your homemade dishes through via tablet and smartphone. You will get good kind of cooking experience with the air fryer. You can get the Philips Air Fryer on Apple app stores or Android stores.

What Media Says On Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer Review

Philips has come with a healthy revolutionary cooking. You can make very delicious food with the fryer using only one spoon of oil or without oil. You may prepare the grill, roast by setting time and temperature.

The outside of the food is very crispy, and the inside of the food is very delicious and juicy. It contains less than seventy percent fat. Now people like to eat food frankly with the fryer.

The Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer has got much popularity among the people as it is simple to use, simple to wash and gives excellent results. The fryer can cook consistently and regularly.

The food of the fryer is healthier and tasteful that are alternative to deep fried foods. Phillips HD9220/26 AirFryer makes the life comfortable, and cooking is very easier. At the time of buying this Airfryer, you will get a recipe book that is entirely free of cost.

What do People like to Say On Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer?

Philips HD922026 AirFryer Review

This is the best kitchen appliance I have bought for years.

I purchased an air fryer 18 months ago. I am happy with the result of the service. It cooks very well.

Anything that you can cook in an oven, you can cook it with the air fryer. You may prepare food without overheating the furnace. It saves electricity.

You can cook lamb chops, chicken, frozen chips and more food items with it. The cleaning system is very easy.

My lots of relatives now like to use the fryer. You will fall in love with the fryer if you buy it. There are lots of useful features with the fryer.

Works well despite the recipe book.

I confirm say that every meal will be the adventure as the recipe books are hopeless. If you need to get more information, you should go to online reviews. Each cook has the backup in case it may not work.

Your all attempt will work very well. I have no faith in a handle. So every time I carefully handle the situation. Sometimes I hold it, or sometimes I do not hold it. The cord of the fryer is very short, and you should not use an extension cord.

I have used it without using oil and got the good result. I am very pleased with the fryer as well assure the fryer will ensure me very healthier and happier foods.

Recipes Using Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

Recipes Using Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

For The Filing

  • Four intermediate russet potatoes cubed and peeled
  • two egg yolks
  • Granted two tablespoons all-purpose flour three tablespoons chives, 1 cup parmesan cheese, lastly chopped
  • one pinches salt
  • one pinches nutmeg
  • one pinch black pepper
  • two eggs, beaten
  • For the breading
  • Three tablespoons of vegetable oil ¾ cup all-purpose flour
  • ¾ cup breadcrumbs

Within the salted water, boil potato cubes for fifteen minutes. Then drain and mash well in a big bowl by using a ricer or potato masher.

Make it cool well. Then mix cheese, egg yolk, chives, and flour. Seasoned with the pepper, salt, and nutmeg. Make it shape by filling into the golf size balls and fixed aside.

Use preheat for the fryer up to 390-degree F. Mix breadcrumbs and the oil, then shake it until the mixture becomes loose and crumbly.

Use the potato balls within the flour, after that the eggs and finally breadcrumbs and roll it like a cylinder.

Make croquettes and keep it in the cooking basket up to seven to eight minutes or until they become brown.

Where to purchase Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

The item is best one to cook frozen foods and to cook frozen fries. It is doing its job well. The flavor of the dish is just similar to the food of the deep fryer and somewhat better than the traditional oven. So it is wise to buy the product from here while reading Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer Review.

Product information – Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer Review

Item Weight                        18.9 pounds

Shipping Weight                16.5 pounds

Size                                        15.3 x 15.3 x 14.9 inches

Manufacturer                     Phillips Saeco

ASIN                                    B00D7N43UA


Watch: Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer Review


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer

Question: Does the air fryer like a halogen oven?

Answer: No, or yes. They use the hot air circulation to cook food. But there is no broiler element in this air fryer. On the other hand, it has a heating element that circulates hot air around the food. Keep the food inside the basket and circulates hot air around the food. If you use a tablespoon of cooking spray on the food before cooking, you will get a very good result.

Question: Could I prepare bacon by the Philips hot air fryer?

Answer: It is not suggested to cook bacon. The reason is that the heat hits the heating element which may cause a fire.

Question: May I use preheat to cook buttermilk coated fried chicken?

Answer: Before putting the chicken into the fryer dip in the buttermilk, coat with breadcrumbs or your selected coating to put into the machine. If you do not do it, the fan would not be able to bowl liquid off from the meat.

Question: Could I use the oil-less fryer?

Answer: It works properly for reheating. You may reheat the food a couple of time. It is still good.

Final Words

What are the other benefits of using Philips Airfryer along with less oil? You should not be more worried to use the appliance. The cooking basket is simple to lift and slide out.

Moreover, the unit comes with a big dial timer along with graded temperature control. The unit has a plastic exterior which is simple to clean.

The other feature of the fryer is that it has a non-stick pan which lived up to the name as we tested it. You may check the stainless steel mesh basket and the pan separator into the dishwasher meaning that you may normally tidy up as fighting with fried food stupor also.



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