Aigerek Air Fryer Review! Best Gadget for Your Kitchen

Author: Chester P. Rector
December 30, 2023

Who would not like to get a healthier way to cook food? The Aigerek Air Fryer is a new model in the world of air fryer. Its popularity is increasing day by day. This is an electric oven that is designed, with a fast ventilation system.

Its temperature reaches up 400 degrees F. If you have this air fryer in your home, you would feel no tension at all. You may easily cook your desired food.

This is an air fryer by which you can prepare quiches, cakes and other things with it. The design of the fryer is very simple. It has intuitive touch control screen.

The screen helps you to adjust the desired temperature very easily. With the help of the outer box, you can cook 6 different kinds of foods.

One can prepare meat strings, wings, even shrimps, ribs, French fries and potato chicken with this fryer.

Aigerek Air Fryer Review


  • You can cook onion rings, French fries, vegetables with this fryer. Moreover, it helps you more to roast potatoes and cooks a steak. There will be no splatters, no oil smell, and no mess. The air fryer is helpful for baking, frying, roasting and grilling with little oil or without oil.
  • Aigerek Air Fryer is a leading air fryer technology that circulates hot air to cook foods. It ensures uniform cooking. Instant heat circulation system adds precise and fast airflow for your French Fries. The fries are wonderful to look at.
  • The fryer has 30 minutes auto-timer option. You can prepare favorite dishes by setting up to 400 degrees F temperature. One may feed 4 members of your family as it has the 3.2-liter capacity.
  • The fryer is made with cool in touch housing as well as the handle. You feel no problem to clean basket holder base and food fry basket. All the parts are removable and dishwasher safe. The interior parts of the fryer are FDA certificated safe as well as free of PFOAs.


  • Has pre-programmable setting
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Comes with frying pot, handle and operating instruction
  • Smart touch screen as well as a digital display
  • Adjustable time and temperature setting for precise cooking
  • To ensure safety, it has auto shut off feature


  • The barrel of the fryer is little
  • Not truly versatile since it gives a few accessories

Why You Choose Aigerek Air Fryer

3.2L cooking capacity

The Aigerek Air fryer is very popular fryer. It has the generous cooking capability. People like this air fryer as it has rapid air circulation technology. The size of the cooking pot is 3.2 liter or 3QT.

There is more space for the users to cook foods for a family having 3 or four members. It also depends on the ingredients of the food and what type of dishes you like to prepare.

Why You Choose Aigerek Air Fryer
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Smart touchscreen for intuitive use

The air fryer is now near your head with smart touchscreen technology. With the press of fingertips, you can set temperature and cooking time.  One may handle starting with stopping unit and other options.

You will forget the traditional controlling knobs if you possess this smart-touch-screen fryer.

Digital temperature and time control

The most important feature of the Aigerek Air Fryer is that it has digital temperature and time setting.

The range of temperature is from 160 to 400 degree F. You can control the fryer easily. It has some predefined values which opposed other units.

Automatic shutdown for safe use

The Aigerek air fryer comes with some safety features. It automatically shuts down if you don’t use the button for the next five minutes. This is designed with automatic shut down option.

Surely you may apply the power on and off button to shut it manually. There is no risk of the air fryer.

Easy clean with removable drawer

The Aigerek Air Fryer has detachable parts and all parts are dishwasher safe. These parts of the air fryer are wrapped with a non-stick covering.

The cover protects the frying basket from the frying pan. You may use a nonabrasive sponge or some water to clean the unit very easily.

Safety Features

Their other safety features are cool-touch exterior, on indicator light, built in time, nonslip base, cool touch exterior, auto turn off, non-stick interior,  and temperature controls etc.

How to Use Aigerek Air Fryer

You may fill up the basket of the Aigerek fryer with 3qt of food. This may be from frozen pizza rolls to French fries. The procedure of using the fryer is very simple. Keep food in the basket after seasoning it well.

You only need to fasten the lid and use digital controls to set temperature and time. Some few forward steps will help you to enjoy tasty fried foods.

How to Use Aigerek Air Fryer
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We aren’t speaking about the preparation but we are only speaking about the cooking system.

Place all the elements in the basket of the air fryer. Then you must be confirmed of the following things:

  • The food is all dry –It is better to touch food before keeping it to remove extra moisture. If you do it for French fries it may be crunchier. When you remove more starch the meat would not splatter or make excessive smoke.
  • The food is gently sprayed –We have mentioned earlier that the air fryer removes about 80% of fat from the food. If you spray a little quantity of oil over the ingredients, it ensures appetizing crust and special flavor etc.
  • The ingredients aren’t overcrowded: See the cooking manual very closely to know the exact temperature for the particular type of foods. As a rule, you should not overlap meat, let the air pass through quickly to ensure evenly and faster cooking.
Aigerek Air Fryer
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What Others Say About Aigerek Air Fryer

I have used this air fryer for the first time in my life and have got a very wonderful result. This air fryer is a very little convection oven.

I have used a conventional deep fryer. It was very difficult to clean and was a mess. The customer service of the fryer is very good.

If you ask any question, you will get a very quick response. When you cook French fries or mozzarella with this fryer, you will get it very even.

Air Fryer - Comes with Recipes CookBook
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Aigerek Air Fryer (FAQs)

1. What type of oil is perfect for this air fryer?

This is up to you. You can use any time of oil for this fryer. Even you can prepare food without oil. This is up to your choice. Spend a very good time with the Aigerek Healthy fry.

2. Is it necessary to take out the basket and shake it during the cooking process?

At the time of cooking, it is not a must to take out the basket and shake it. You can do it for some foods to get a better result. You may put back but the unit will do its work continually.

Aigerek fryer final thoughts
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Final Thoughts

The air fryer is very nice. I have compared it with other expensive fryers in the market. The result is that it is very much better than the others.

I decided to use it. There is no reason to spend much money to get the best air fryer. The price of the Aigerek air fryer is reasonable. I am happy with the service of the air fryer.

The food I get from this air fryer is crunchy on the outside and tender on the external side. I have cooked chicken by this fryer.

At the same time, I have done my homework. The result is mentionable. Still today I haven’t prepared a bad food yet with this air fryer.

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