Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer Review! A Top Rated Halogen Air Fryer

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 4, 2024

What’s your pleasure? Mostly Enjoyed? Isn’t healthy and delicious food? There are many pleasures in our lives: spending time with beloved ones, meditation, traveling, sports and food are a few of them.

Today, everyone needs to eat very fairly, which is very straightforward. Healthy eating is the best option, no doubt. But you have to know that cooking better and eating better are the two essential things.

It’s understandable; who does not like an ice cream cone on a hot day? Or who does not like a slice of cake or a serving of fries with a burger after a long time of work?

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300 watt
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Is there any way to have all these delicious things in a healthier form? It does not sound good; well, rest sure, it is not. With the help of an oil-less fryer review 1300W 16 quarts, you may have cake and eat it also.

The Big Boss 9063 1300-watt Oil-Less Fryer is a good product for food lovers who like to eat the same quality and taste. You need not consume fat in the cooking mood. You can make your favorite food, which is oil-free and no oil at all.

The food will contain no calories. If the calories remain in your food, you will be the victim of extra calories when cooking food.

You will get an amazing experience by cooking without oil. The article on Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer Review could help choose the best air fryer.

There are three technologies applied to this cookware. The benefits of these three technologies are that you will get oil-free food, moist inside and crispy and browned inside without using any oil.

These technologies work uniformly. The halogen technology emits heat for the food directly from the food surface to make it roast, brown, or tasty.

The second technology circulates hot air to all parts of the foods. The last technology is infrared soft to prepare food from the interior side and removes juices.

To prepare broil steaks, roast turkey, grill meats, bake fish or air fry chicken, steam vegetable, toast bread, you can use the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. It does not require any pre-heater defrosting.

Features of Big Boss 9063 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer
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Features of Big Boss 9063 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer

  • Functions: You can prepare broil steaks, roast turkey, grill meats, bake fish or air fry chicken, steam vegetables, and toast bread.
  • Tour technologies equipped; The three halogen, infrared, and convection will help you to make oil-less food.
  • The halogen technology emits heat to make it browning favor or roasting.
  • Conventional technology circulates air for food from all sides for cooking.
  • The infrared technology removes the juice from the food and seal juice.
  • It does not require any defrosting or preheating.
  • You can prepare different food at the same time for two trays cooking system.
  • It is three times quicker than the deep frying appliances.
  • More energy was saving; it requires a short time to prepare food.
  • The lids are kept fixed to keep the hot environment fixed for quicker cooking.
  • Weight of the Product: 14.7 Pounds.
  • Product measurement: 12.5 Width x 16 Length x 13.5 Height inches.


  • It will save you from spending more electricity and save your current bills.
  • The fryer has three cooking powers for faster cooking.
  • It needs no oil, less oil, less grease, less cholesterol, or less cholesterol.
  • It can cook very rapidly from frozen except for the need of thawing.
  • You may get healthy food with the fryer.
  • The equipment is nice to look at.
  • Simple to set up from the box.


  • The air fryer is very heavy, making.
  • The timer stops of some options except for any reason.
  • You should not immerse the halogen light, convection, and the infrared heating element in water, as it creates stained or greasy.

Triple Way of Cooking

It’s among the most significant air fryer features that made it different from other fryers on the marketplace. The majority of the air fryers possess rapid airflow technology, which quickly blows warm air around the food out of all management to be sure cooking.

This attribute enables the food to cook from within while sealing all of the tasty ingredients. There were halogens to warm food, convection for cooking, and inferred to ensure the food’s interior is thoroughly cooked.

Once the food comes out of the fryer, it’s perfectly cooked from outside and inside, precisely like oven-baked food. This unusual feature makes your meals three times sooner than a toaster.


Big Boss 9063 is a rather big air fryer. The weight is almost 15 lbs. This air fryer includes a top capacity that allows you to cook a 6 pounds. Turkey also. It is 16 quarts of air fryers that may cook more meals in one batch than several air fryers.

That is means that today at events, you’ll be able to prepare all of your tasty food items in a much healthier way by just using this air fryer.


Not just the performance of this Big Boss 9063 is impressive. But it’s an exceptional layout too. Even though most air fryers have a comparable kind of metallic framework in their layout, the Big Boss wanted to provide something more for their clients. This air fryer has comprised a glass dome in their design, which helps to see your cooking advancement.

It comes in two colors, likely white and red. Both these colors, particularly the red one, provides this air fryer a beautiful appearance.

Additional Features and Accessories
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Additional Features and Accessories

From the air fryer marketplace, the features and accessories which different air fryers out very broadly. Some are full-blown luxury appliances and possess all of the bells and whistles and availability to other accessories. Others can perform more, with added accessories. But the accessories aren’t always simple to discover and are expensive to purchase.

For example, Big Boss will notify you that no oil is necessary for this particular model. They have included a sprayer in the event you, too, are considering using a little bit of oil.

Boost capacity, you inquire? Yes, the added extender ring will make it possible for you to cook a turkey around 15 lbs.

You read that right; no additional air fryer in the market maintains they could cook anything remotely that big. We believe that in and of itself is among the most distinctive and buy enticing attributes we have discovered.

How to Use Big Boss 9063

Take the unit out of the box and remove the packing materials. For the first time, wash the plastic base, glass bowl, mesh basket, cooking racks, sprayer, or tongs with hot soapy water. Then let it dry completely. Warning: do not plunge cord, knobs, or lid with the water or any other liquid. Do not keep the glass lid in the dishwater. Never try to use an abrasive cleanser.

How Does Big Boss 9063 Function?

At first, open the glass lid, then keeps the cooking rack inside; you can use one or both racks. It is up to the amount of food, keep the food on the rack or Mesh basket. This will permit the hot air to circulate all the parts of the food quickly.

You can keep the Mesh Basket on the top or lower cooking rack to prepare onion rings, French fries, chicken, or fish.

Note: As you need no oil to make food, you can use a sprayer. Fill it with oil. Spray oil over the food before cooking food. You can develop the Big Boss Oil-less Fryer capacity at the time of cooking large food like Turkey.

There is an extender ring in this Big Boss Oil-less Fryer. You can place the extender ring on the glass bowl’s lip. You can look at the diagram. Then shut down the lid. Never down the handle. Plug the cord into an electrical outlet.

You can set the temperature according to your need by turning the clockwise knob. You can take help from the reference.

Note: the timer needs to be set according to the size, thickness, and weight of the foods. It saves time than the traditional ovens. So you can save time cooking your food.

You can set the desired time by moving the knob clockwise.

IMPORTANT: If you turn on the time do not want to rotate the knob counterclockwise, it will harm the timer. If you desire a timer for a long time, you need to turn off the unit. Then wait for some time to countdown desired time.

Features of Big Boss 9063 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer
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Quick Assembly

  • Keep plastic base over a fixed heatproof surface. Never keep it on the edge of the table or countertop.
  • Keep the glass bowl on the base of plastic.
  • Place high and low cooking rags in the glass bowl.
  • Keep on the top of the rack for using mesh basket.
  • If using an extender ring, place it on top of the glass bowl. Then place the lid on.

The uniqueness of Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

Maximum oil fewer fryers use some oil to circulate hot air around the food. The Big Boss 9063 Oil-less Air Fryer applies three different types of powers with the same procedure. Convection heat emits hot air, same as the other air fryers. A halogen heat bulb directly acts on the food’s surface – but not similar to the other air fryer on the market.

The Big Boss 9063 incorporates an infrared heating option, permit the food to be cooked inside, and sealing it with yummy juices. The triple power combination allows to make delicious food, and the taste of the food is excellent.

The food’s external side is crispy and nice, and inside, the food is juicy and moist. The speed is three times faster, and it is without the necessity of oils and fats.

Media Reviews on Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

You can cut more than half of the calories or fat from the food using the little oil with the Big Boss air fryer. You can cook chicken with the Big Boss. Place the basket in the pan and set the time according to your food.

Media Reviews on Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer
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The fryer needs no preheat. It has inferred technology that can cook food very quickly. Set time and temperature then you will get your desired food. The foods are tasty and healthy. If you compare the food, you will find that the wings are crispier than the deep fryer.

Just it will take five minutes, and you need no calories. So you may buy it for your family and your near and dear ones.

What People Say About Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer


I have bought a Big Boss for my mother on her 59 birthday since she prepared lots of food with the fryer. I have prepared tater tots, French fries, chicken nuggets, and onion rings with the fryer. All are delicious and enjoyable.

The thing you need is to adjust the temperature according to the desired food you like to cook. Then turn the timer, and the light will automatically light up along with the fan. In the food, there will be no oil or grease-like substance.

The flavor of the food is excellent also. The fryer will save your time and money at the same time. You need not pay many bills for the cooking purpose. You will see the whole cooking process through the window. This is more useful than the traditional ovens.

I suggest everybody buy the fryer for their family. The fryer comes with a safety feature.

Big Boss oil-less fryer

I love the machine very much. When cooking, can you guess what temperature you need to cook food or how long it will take? If you like to cook a piece of meat, the outer part will be brown, and the inner part will remain without brown.

So you need to turn the food over if you like to get brown on both sides. I have bought brownies and tried to cook according to the direction. I had to stop it ten minutes earlier, and it does not burn.

They are cooked well, and I have never done it before. They have cooked well all the parts, even the center of the pan. These are chewy. You need to detect the temperature settings and the settings as well. If you can do it for the first time, you will be able to do it with the machine in the future.

Why Do You Like Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer?

It requires less oil or no oil to prepare food. If you ask a medical professional, he will say that oil is dangerous for the heart and the vascular system. Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is instrumental in making food with less oil or no oil, such as traditional fryers. It will cut cholesterol from your food, and for this, it will save you from cardiovascular disease.

Why Do You Like Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer
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Highly power-efficient

This triple power blend is the thing that enables food to come from this air fryer. The food is very tasty and delicious, crispy and nice on the outside as you would anticipate. I if deep-fried and succulent and moist on the inside like lovingly baked in the oven, just at three times the rate and without the requirement of additional oils or fats. Pretty nifty within our publication!


BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer, 16-QuartI is a fryer with which you can cook more than one item at a time. Thanks to it, as it can cook different foods at the same time. Without defrosting or preheating, you can cook roast turkeys; grill meats bake fish, broil steaks, air fry chicken, toast bread, steam vegetables, and even make dessert; I can see the cooking process through the glass dome, so thanks very much.

Cleaning of Big Boss 9063

Cleaning of Big Boss 9063
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Please turn off the device before like to clean it. Wait as long as it becomes cool completely. Wash well plastic base, glass bowl, cooking racks, extender ring, tongs, a mesh basket, a sprayer with hot soapy water, and let it dry well. You can keep the cooking rack and glass bowl in the dishwasher also.

At the time of washing rack, do now soak it for a long time. Do not use air dry to wash. Use cloth and paper towel to wipe it. This will save the surface, and the life of the cooking rack will be longer.

Cautions: Do not keep the cord, knobs, and plug in the water or any other liquid. Never try to use an abrasive cleanser. Never place the glass lid on the dishwasher.

At first, could you remove it from the current outlet? Then clean the glass lid with a damp cloth and sponge. You need to dry all the parts before the next use. Before storing, be sure all parts are well dry to preserve moisture on the lid.

Self-cleaning of the glass bowl

If you see the food particles are on the bottom or side of the glass bowl, you can clean it yourself.

  1. Keep water from one to two inches into the glass bowl, and then add some mild dishwashing liquid.
  2. Keep the lid on, and then plug it into an electrical outlet.
  3. For washing, you can set the temperature. Set the time for ten minutes.
  1. When the timer is off, open the lid cautiously and wait for the bowl to be cool before making it empty from the liquid.
  2. You can wash it with clean, warm water to wash the soap residue.

Where to Purchase Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer?

There are lots of fake products in the market. You need to know the details of a good fryer. Select the best fryer. You need to know the feature and benefits of the fryer. You may get some fake product for your use that has no warranty. Reading a review and watching videos will help you to know the details about the product. At the time of reading this article, you can buy the product from here also.

Guarantee of Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

The manufacturers will give you two years limited warranty. In some cases, you will not be eligible for the guarantee. The factors are from where you have bought the fryer, from whom you have bought it, or damaged by misuse of the product. If you have any questions, you can ask the manufacturers, and they are ready to answer all the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer

1. Q: I have some questions about the feature of the product?

A: We know details only about our product. We are the user, not the manufacturer. We have no idea about certain features and the functions of the product. If you like to know more about your product, we advise you to help the manufacturers.

2. Q: the title and photo are not correct? What is the correct one?

A: The description, the title, the first picture all is correct. Some errors may happen to the photos. Please remove the additional photos.

Watch: Big Boss 9063 Air Fryer Review

Final Verdict

Big Boss 9063 16 Quart Air Fryer is good, no doubt, for anyone who likes to buy it. The product has got fantastic feedback from the users. You will surely start your healthier way of cooking with this air fryer.

If you like to have a heart-healthy air fryer, this is a perfect appliance for you. It will give you food that has a minimal amount of oil. The design and the features of the Big Boss air fryer are distinct from the other fryer. You can buy the same air fryer with the same amount of price. But we suggest you only buy this one. If you consider the size and space, you can buy it. It is tremendous, so you need this one. Some other fryers have very little space. 

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