Gourmia GTA-2500 Air Fryer Review! Digital Air Fryer with Griller and Roaster

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 4, 2024

You can prepare French fries, chicken, egg rolls, etc. with the Gourmia GTA-2500 air fryer. You can remove the additional fat from the food also. It circulates air in all the parts equally, and you will get very good food with the air fryer. The food will be very healthy and tasty. There are eleven heat settings with the air fryer.

The tool is very simple to wash as the internal liner is nonstick and can remove to clean. The article on Best Oil Fewer Fryers would be helpful to choose the best one for you.

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Gourmia GTA-2500 Air Fryer Review


  • You can prepare fried chicken, egg rolls, French fries, and onion rings. You can make wonderful food with air frying technology and remove fat from the foods.
  • The tool continuously circulates air, crisping exteriors, and tenderizing interiors. It produces oil-free food which is healthy and tasty.
  • It has eleven versatile attachments by which you can easily make fry, bake, roast, steam, grill, and more.
  • Easy to clean the internal part and it can remove easily.
  • It is made in China


  • Can the fryer certainly stand into your cooker and stove when you don’t need to utilize both
  • Simplifies cooking into just a couple of button presses
  • Highly versatile
  • Cannot warm up your home
  • A Great Deal of advice and opinions relating to this Item can be obtained
  • Can Assist in weight loss or management attempts
  • Made to cook quicker than other air fryers from the market now
  • Guarantees to provide fantastic results all of the time
  • Simple to wash
  • No extra purchases required


  • No recipe book contained
  • Bulky but with an area that is cooking
  • You cannot store all of the accessories in the device If not in use since they don’t fit.
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How does Gourmia GTA-2500 air fryer work?

Gourmia has the power reduction method which prepares food with a big difference from the conventional fryers. You need not heat up the fryer like an oven. The air fryer is 60% faster. A halogen bulb is used here to heat up the air and the food inside the cooking storage.

To prepare food you need no extra oil. The additional oil will remove, and there will remain no fat in your food.

The tool circulates hot air 360 degrees around the food and the food will be a crispy exterior and moist interior. The food will contain fewer calories. You can enjoy your favorite food, and there will be fewer calories in your food.

Multicooker with 4 Preset Cooking Modes

Being a cooker is something

it is not a surprise if you get all from the GTA-2500. It may also bake, roast, steam, broil, grill, and sauté, and Stir-fry besides airfry. Why is it a suitable option,? But is that it’s four presets which you could make the most of. Pizza. So if you are likely to make a Great Deal of some of the Four, then you are going to be able to perform them all easily with this attribute.

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How to use Gourmia GTA-2500

  • Holding the handle you can lift the designated angel. You will hear a sound when it is in the correct position.
  • To prepare food connect the cooking pot and other necessary accessories.
  • If you see the rotation, then be sure that the fork is connected well.
  • Let’s not stack the food very close to the heating element or the food will be getting charred.
  • Shut down the lid correctly.
  • Add the device to the power supply system.
  • Press the start key first, and the device will reach the standby mode.
  • Press the beginning key to choose the right mode, the time and temperature will be shown on the LED monitor or screen.
  • The temperature and time need to be set according to the personal need.
  • You need to set the temperature and time according to your need. If it has no mode option, the device will work only after setting the temperature and time.
  • Press the start keys, and the device begins to work.
  • At a certain level of temperature, the heating element may stop. When the temperature is dropped, the element will work again. The process will do again and again until the time come.
  • If you like to prepare other food release the lid and lift the lid, the product will absorb no heat. Shut the lid after the food is kept inside and the function will do its job automatically.
  • When the setting time is finished, the device will indicate sound. Remove from the outlet and bring out the food. Handle it well to avoid scalding. You can place the hot lid or pot over an insulated pad to escape damage from the top of the table.

How to clean Gourmia GTA-2500

Make it completely cook before washing for preventing scalding.

  • Be sure the plug is out of an outlet.
  • You can use a damp cloth to clean the house of the machine.
  • You can use detergent or water to wash some accessories like the basket, dual rack, and top lid.
  • Do not plunge the machine into the water. Before using is sure the device is completely dry.


Non-slip Ft (suction grips) ensures Equilibrium and Prevents the device from slipping off the countertop. The security lock feature ensures the fryer remains locked through cooking. You need to press on the security knob located on the face of the fryer until you are able to shut the lid. The Rotisserie basket has a hinge lock that keeps foods inside the basket whilst cooking.


When working with this electrical appliance, basic safety Instructions should be followed. Refer to the next for all these directions.

  1. Read all Security & use instructions before using turbo, free fry cook center.
  2. Use extreme care when going Removable Cooking Pot Into or from this Cooking Base. Be foods or fluids don’t spill to the Base. Spills can cause electric shock or acute harm.
  3. Before using, ALWAYS set the Turbo XP Free Fry Cook Center Base on a heat-resistant glass, timber, or rock surface. Don’t put on any counter or dining table which could possibly be impacted by heat.
  4. AVOID ELECTRICAL SHOCK. DO NOT immerse the cord, plugs, or the Turbo XP Free Fry Cook Center Base in water or other liquid.
  5. When in use, the outside of this Turbo XP Free Fry Cook Center can become hot. Use caution when touching the equipment while in operation.
  6. Center for good airflow and the opening of the lien after cooking.
  7. UNPLUG Turbo XP Free Fry Cook Center from the outlet when not in use or before cleaning. Make sure that the cord is not hanging over the edge of the table or counter. This cable is also made from plastic material. So you have to more consume to keep the cable away from the hot surface.
  8. DO NOT remove or add parts or accessories while HOT.
  9. Close supervision is needed if the appliance is used near children.
  10. Never touch, pay, or block the heat-release vents about the easy-view lid throughout the surgery. Hot steam will loosen while cooking. This may be the cause of severe burns.
  11. Surface well away from any hot gas or electric burner as a heat supply and combustible spray cans pressurize products.
  12. Do not operate the Turbo XP Free Fry Cook Center outdoors.
  13. Never try to use the damaged cord or plug or malfunction from the beginning. Further, make sure that the cord is well enough to use and not damaged in any way. Instantly contact Customer Support for any help.14. DO NOT add unauthorized attachments. Such usage May lead to electric shock, fire, or injury.
  14. Use only the factory cable provided. NEVER add expansion cords. Once done using it, change the controller to OFF then pull the plug from the outlet.
  15. DO NOT operate the Turbo XP Free Fry Cook Center when empty.
  16. Use other than planned. Don’t try to deep fry from the Removable Cooking Pot. Besides, that don’t use a Removable Cooking Pot on a stovetop or alternative heat source.

Gourmia gta2500 recipes- Perfect Vegetable Barley Soup


  • Two tablespoons of unsalted butter or vegetable oil
  • One medium onion, sliced & 2 medium carrots, peeled and sliced
  • Two ribs of celery, sliced
  • Russet potato one peeled and cut into 1/4-inch cubes
  • One cup of frozen corn & 1 cup of frozen cut green beans
  • One (14-ounce) can of low-sodium diced tomatoes, undrained
  • One tsp vegetable broth & One-pint water
  • Half cup pearl barley & half teaspoon salt
  • Half teaspoon dry thyme & half teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper


  • First, in medium heat, a heavy skillet prepares the oil. After the Oil is sexy and begins to shimmer add the lettuce, onion, and celery.
  • Cooking and stirring frequently for five minutes until the vegetable is tender. Transfer the onion mix to the cooking pot. Then add the remaining ingredients.
  • Finally, plug the machine and set the lid on the smoker and slip the locking lever into the Left to lock it in position.
  • When the timer goes on, turn the pressure knob to STEAM and permit the machine to port until the Slide the Serve is hot.

What’s The Uniqueness Of the Gourmia GTA-2500 Fryer

For cooking, the fires need a halogen bulb. It circulates hot air around the food. The Gourmia cooks sixty percent faster than the normal oven and requires no preheating.

In the box, it is stated that it can cook pizza, grilled fish, grilled steak, steamed rice, stir-fried vegetables, oil-free French fries, grilled vegetables, focaccia rolls, roast chicken, beef kabobs, roast rib-eye steak, rotisserie sausage fish kabobs.

The recipe does not explain the way of grilling fish and the prior difference between stir-frying vegetables and grilling. You need not explain it with steaming vegetables or cooking rice. You may do it with the fish from the first time of cooking.

The list of the foods is very long but the time will not take more. To make the vegetable rolls recipe, you need a frying pan or wok.

What does Media say About Gourmia GTA-2500 Fryer?

The food becomes crisp inside and outside and is very juicy. The difference is that it does not need air to prepare food or requires less oil. The food becomes very tasty and healthier. The programs are loaded well and very simple to cook foods.

You will just push the button and set your desired temperature for particular food. You will select the temperature according to the demand for the food. There are lots of useful cooking apparatuses with the fryer.

What is the reason to add oil to food? The reason is to make food tastier. Is there any way to remove oil from food by keeping the taste right?

What Users Say about Gourmia GTA-2500

Love this product

I can say the product is splendid. I love the product. I give more priority to the Philips Air Fryer, and I was in confusion to use the other product as I had paid much for this one. I was not happy with the Philips. I am happy now.

The product is superior to the other product. The French fires made by the fires I different from the other products. It has lots of accessories. The flavor of the food is very good. I paid more hundred dollars for the product.

I would like to use the product in the near future. I have one complaint about the product that is the manual of the product.

If you like to present a gift for Christmas gift to someone, it would be the best gift. This is an amazing gift. This is the top air fryer in the market. There is nothing nice in the store like this. My husband says it is good, nice, durable, and has lots of options.

You may cook, bake and fry what you like with this. The food is healthier. It can make grilled fish, pizza, steak, steamed vegetables, stir-fried, oil-free french fries, rotisserie chicken, beef kabobs and so much more.

I was very much amazed when first Gourmia came to my home. I opened the box and felt like Christmas. There are lots of opportunities and lots of attachments.

We like to eat very healthy food for our babies and would like to get it very quickly. I have to wait for a long time to cook food on the stove to heat up quickly. I selected the test drive today and prepared French fires in the rotisserie basket.

I have fallen into a little bit of love, and this is very easy. I used the rod within the basket and filled it with the fries after that I add it to the fryer. Then, I shut the lid and turned the roll button, and pressed it to start the fryer.

I easily get healthy French fries. I then tried to make the chicken and would like to update the review. This thing is very necessary for my house. I like it very much. We are very much happy with the fryer and would like to use it for years. I have got the fryer with the discount amount and unbiased review.

Why do you like Gourmia GTA-2500 air fryer?

There are some instructions for which you can easily use the cooking tool. It will help you with all types of food that a digital air fryer can do. The food will be oil-free, and there will be no grease or excess fat in the food.

The system is digital, so anyone can handle the device very well. You can easily set the time and temperature to operate the device. The device has a turbo option to cook different kinds of food. You can cook food within ten minutes.

Gourmia GTA2500 Electric Digital Air Fryer Griller and Roaster with Calorie Reduction Review

Gourmia GTA-2500 Air Fryer FAQs

How does the Gourmia GTA 2500 Air Fryer compare to other air fryers on the market?

Address safety concerns and describe the built-in safety features that make this air fryer a reliable kitchen appliance.

Can the Gourmia GTA-2500 Air Fryer accommodate larger food items for grilling and roasting?

Provide information on the capacity and design that allows for cooking larger food items, making it suitable for various meal sizes.

How energy-efficient is the Gourmia GTA-2500 Air Fryer compared to traditional cooking methods?

Discuss the energy-saving aspects of using an air fryer and how it compares in terms of efficiency with conventional cooking appliances.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Gourmia GTA-2500 Air Fryer, and how easy is it to clean?

Outline the cleaning and maintenance procedures, emphasizing any design features that make the cleaning process user-friendly.

Is there a recipe guide or cooking presets available with the Gourmia GTA-2500 Air Fryer?

Explore any pre-programmed settings or recipe guides that come with the air fryer, providing users with a convenient cooking experience.

Final Thoughts

A Gourmia fryer is a very useful air fryer to prepare various kinds of food at your home. It has highly versatile. Of its good attachment and accessories, you can prepare various types of foods. There are eleven accessories with the air fryer. So you need not buy the accessories separately like the Philips air fryer. There are about 360 features in this FreeFry to make juicy meat and crispy skin.

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