Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer Review in 2024

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 9, 2024

Deep fat fryer gives emphasis on producing healthy and low carb foods. Using airflow technology, it lowers the total amount of required oil to cook foods. And yes, it’s possible without diminishing its efficacy at cooking. When it comes to skillet, you to get even cooking and to seal in moisture. But this creates the dilemma of likely oil absorption for foods that are salty.

The crispy food contains its havoc to the outer part. Because of this reduced fat fryer’s layout, it may grill, roast and bake your own food. This creates more choices for cooking meals. It also creates delicious dishes on the move. Moreover, the unit can bake a small cake.

The Philips fryer accomplishes this multi-faceted performance through the addition of customized settings. The tiny deep fryer provides an integrated timer for cooking upto 60 minutes.

Additionally, the temperature controller guarantees you the perfect benefits.

It isn’t matter whether you are cooking chips, roasts or poultry.

If your food is well prepared, there will be a crispy golden brown ring outside the foods. Read the article on Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer review to know the details on the air fryer.

The built-in Rapid Air Technology does function very well.

The main target is to circulate hot air with great speed, and precision which helps to cook food very rapidly and ensures an excellent result.

The HD9230/26 has uncommon design at the nadir that makes it easier to circulate air around the unit. We use the little oil and found that the food is well fried, and the taste is very nice.

Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer Review in 2023
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Philips HD9230 Air Fryer

Philips Digital Airfryer, The Original Airfryer, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, Black HD9230/26
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  • Prepares grills, Fries, roasts, and bakes, using only one tablespoon of oil
  • Having Double Layer Rack to lessen cooking surface
  • Digital Touchscreen boundary
  • Sixty Minute Timer
  • Setting temperature to 390 degrees
  • Easily clean dishwasher
  • Has an instruction book with more than 25 recipes


  • Has no oil or minimal oil
  • Simple to handle digital control
  • Auto turns off the system to avoid an accident
  • You can cook different foods
  • Cooks very fast
  • Easy to clean


  • Cooking basket is very small – large amount needs to be cooked in batch
  • Extra accessories (mesh variety basket, grill, and non-stick baking tray) need to buy separately

More Benefits of Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer

There are lots of merits of using the air fryers. The cleaning of the fryer is very simple. There is no possibility of splattering oil from the fryer.

There is no smoke, no smell or no steam. Go to your past and think of smoke in your kitchen by cooking with oven.

You can save oil from 80% to 100%

The air fryer requires no oil at all. If you like to cut fresh potato chips or wedges, use only one tablespoon of oil. You will get the most guilt-free chips.

This will save your time. You can clean it easily. There is an automatic shut-off system, and so it is safe enough. If you forget to shut it off, there is no possibility of burning. It is completely free from fire risk.

Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer Review in 2023
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What can the Viva Digital Air fryer HD9230/26 do?

The included recipe book is a great starting point with an assortment of foods, for instance chicken wings, chips as well as a few desserts.

Again, this is a toaster so that it can manage an assortment of foods. You should keep the things within its own limitations. It may nourish, yes but do not anticipate the very same results like an immersion fryer.

Anticipate similarly

The outcome isn’t identical.

Cooking is an art and as you begin to learn the apparatus you’ll be more exact in your own cooking. I state this because at first, you’ll need to require the recipes. Many people today report smoke coming from the back of those devices.

As a result, they mad at the maker when they say it is normal.

Well, you have not read the guide, have not you?

It is a closed apparatus that runs as large as 390F. So the cooked food contains high-fat that creates smoke from the port.

No need toto be serious by knowing it. Plus it is not something specifically associated with the air fryers. It is something that is happening with them all.

The basket is big enough for a couple of individuals but not for,many. You may repeat the procedure to get food for more individuals.

Yes, I agree for a bigger sized fryer may be more suited for those who have more mouths to feed.

How to Use Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer?

There are many advantages of using the air fryer. It is simple to use. First, turn on the device the press or play and pause or start or stop the oven.

Set the timer of the air fryer. The basket is simple to wash. It has the great power to cook food quickly.

Within ten minutes you can prepare onion rings to the crunchy deliciousness.

French fries will take only twelve to eighteen minutes, depending on the crunchy you like.

It will take only fourteen minutes to prepare chicken tenders.

You will find the basket is hot when you retrieve the food, to keep the burning countertops you need a hot plate. It is very huge. I can use it only for my family. And it has two batches cooking features.

If you desire to have substance like chicken carvings, you must need two batches.

Added thoughts: By setting accurate time and temperature you may get wonderful food at your home. There are good instructions for the unit.

But only a few minutes are enough to make a great difference to the crunchiness and texture. If you desire spirits on your food, you can use a pump sprayer.

A small spritz of oil will lead you a long way to cook.

Cleaning the Digital Air fryer 

Cleaning the Digital Air fryer
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Among the greatest deterrents to classic oil skillet would be your cleanup after. Fat of hot oil is hot. The Philips HD9230/26 electronic air fryer is free from this problem.When any oil is even used, it’s traditionally less than a tablespoon.

The cooking basket is a mix of non-toxic metal and stainless steel.

In case you have problems cleaning it, then it is possible to check out ‘hints for cleaning’ on the cell program.


Becoming top-of-the-line ensures that you’re expected to be loaded with attributes. When cooking with maximum temperatures of 390°F, it’s very important your security features outdo other people!

The HD9230/26 functions were hard to do exactly that. It’s a pre-programmable timer which can initiate automatic shutoff ifcooking time is over. moreoverer a zippy little ‘prepared!’ sound informs you that your meal is prepared.

The hand-grip in the basket utilizes heat-insulated technology. the grip prevents you from burning off once you eliminate the basket.

The toes of this appliance are none. So it won’t be moving when cooking.

It is readily portable if you desire it.

An extremely effective feature we feel is fine when coping with appliances. It uses such high heat technology like cord storage that’s part of this appliance.

No more fretting about tipping it because of gangly strings being pulled unintentionally.

And, when not being used, the wires aren’t yelling at you in the counter!


Oh, yeah there are accessories too! (For different buy, naturally!) Many air fryers will lure you for having the capacity to bake cakes or muffins with them.

However Philips delivers a nonstick baking dish along with nonstick skillet so you can.

We really love this capability because most customers we surveyed were disappointed. They could not find ideal accessories for their rival air fryers.

Even contested as to whether the Philips models might be utilized in theirs.

Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer Review in 2023
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The reasons – Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer

It can quickly cook food. The pre-made package will take the lower temperature up to 70 degrees than the traditional foods. It also reduces half.

I have bought a French fryer which will take only eight minutes to cook food, and packaged foods will take only 15 to 24 minutes shown in the videos.

The food I get from this fryer comes with a little crunchy exterior which surpasses the similar food cooked in a usual oven.

I sometimes use the regular oven to cook shrimp for everyone as I think the basket has not enough space. The shrimp is cooked enough by the Philips Rapid Air Fryer.

What does the buyer think?

The fryer is very easy to clean. The removable components can go very easily to the dishwasher. You can use hand washer to wash the fryer.

There is a digital screen to control the temperature by touching it easily. The construction of the appliance is very good. The air fryer does its function well. On the paper, it sounds sweet.

I can easily get veggies, marinades, boneless chicken or some other foods without using oils.

You can keep lots of things on this appliance. I can toss some string beans or broccoli with only little oil. I also have got some siracha or soya sauce with the air fryer. They are very delicious and crispy.

Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer Review in 2023
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Cannot Live Without Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer

I bought an air fryer just one month ago. And after using it for a month, I have fallen in love with it. The user is very easy and simple. You can also clean it easily. The size is very attractive.

The food that you get from the air fryer is very tasty. The wings are very juicy into the inside; vegetables are nicely caramelized, breaded items are crispy even without flipping them and crispy inside.

It helps me a great for my holidays. As on my holiday, I spend a lot of time to make veggies.

I use an oven and even after 20 minutes the device is not still ready to do the job. I then transfer it to the air fryer, and within 15 minutes I get roasted vegetables.

There are some demerits of the air fryer. I think the basket is bigger enough. Each time I can make food for two people. I can use a cleaning brush to fight with the issues.

What you have to do exactly while making foods

Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer is that is the best air fryer. You can keep the taste and texture of the food same with the Philip air fryer.

The Air Fryer has Rapid air technology that circulates hot air from all the parts of the foods.

The food becomes crispy inside and inside is very soft. The using way of the fryer is very simple.

To start it you need to connect to the socket then press the switch button on. You simply can maintain temperature by pressing the up and down arrow of the appliance.

Watch Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer Review

Philips HD9230-26 Digital Air Fryer Review (FAQs)

What’s the Temperature Assortment of the Digital Air fryer?

The temperature selection is around 390°F. You could also adjust the temperature depending on this dish that you need to cook. For this reason there is no need to add extra oil when you like to cook.

What’s the Cooking Ability of this Air fryer?

The cooking ability of this air fryer is 0.8kg. You might also add the Dual Layer Rack to cook many dishes in 1 go.

Is Preheating Needed for Cooking Dishes?

When any dish mentions preheating from the recipe, then just add three minutes to the total cooking time.

What oil can I use with all the dishes which require oil?

It is possible to use some of the standard oils together with the air fryer. Jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil are ideal to be used together with the air fryer. Including a moderate helping of petroleum into fresh ingredients may add a coating of crispiness to the meals and make them taste better.

Why you decide Philips HD9230-26

You need only one tablespoon of oil to prepare some foods like grills, roasts, fries or bakes. The double rack can maximize the cooking surface. It is a new device and makes the system easier.

After sixty minutes the device will automatically turn off. It saves the food from overcooking. The washing is very easy as parts are dishwasher safe.

The only negative option is that it has a very small capacity for food that can prepare food anytime. The price is much higher than this.

Wrap Up

considering from the reviews of Philips hot air fryer HD9230/26, I’d state that the hot air stove or fryer does a fantastic job. Here frying at minimal oil is worried. This is particularly true when using the suspended varieties. If you’re constantly cooking in tiny parts, then it’s precisely what you want. If you’re always in a hurry, then you’d love the Philips air fryer. You don’t need to stand beside the cooker to watch over the cooking. In case you’ve got a little kitchen in which storage is an issue, then the house hot air fryer will fit you just fine. You’re able to grill, roast and bake within the air flying machine.

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