Frenchman Air Fryer Reviews! Make Fried Food Easily

Author: Chester P. Rector
May 29, 2022

Farberware is a famous manufacturer. It has name and fame for making small size kitchen appliances. The company isn’t making air fryer. French may air fryer is one of the best fryers in the market. Its company has been producing trustworthy goods from the year 1899.

The Farberware Multifunctional air fryer applies hot air flow method.  So one can fry, grill, roast and bake food with this fryer.

You need very little or no oil to prepare foods. Moreover, you can make French fries, onion rings, egg rolls, roasted potatoes, steak and chicken wings with this air fryer.

Frenchman Air Fryer Reviews


  • 30 minute time is added to the unit. The unit turns off after this period when food is completely prepared.
  • One needs little or no oil to prepare food with this fryer.
  • You may temperature set up to 400 degrees F which is perfect for all types of foods
  • The non-slip material is used to make this air fryer. It doesn’t slip out at the time of cooking food.
  • The capacity of the air fryer is 1400 watts. The food capacity of it is 900 grams.
  • You can consider it as a not stick food basket. Foods don’t get stick after being cooked.
  • This appliance is free from BPA. It has a cool touch covering to save the users at the time of cooking.
  • All parts of the air fryer are dishwasher safe. One can clean it very easily.
  • The weight of the fryer is 11.8 pounds and total dimension of it is (26.6 * 14 * 13.2) inches


  • The Frenchay fryer is quite well. It has a sleek design. The fryer is lightweight, painless to clean, big cooking basket and compact design.
  • Use little or no oil. Versatile, simple to operate and all parts are dishwasher safe.


  • No obvious yet will add on in the future if any.
  • So far there is no con. If anything is found, will include later on.

What Comes in the Box

There are lots of thing in the box. The name of the things is:

  • Cooking book or recipes
  • Instruction manual
  • Airfryer
Frenchman fryer
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You mustn’t buy anything with the fryer to prepare food. You can make different types of foods with this air fryer. A complete recipe book is added to it. You can take help from it. There is a photo of the instruction. You can grill, fry, roast and bake anything for your need. There is a way to prepare French fries, steaks, cakes and onion rings.

Weight, Size & Appearance

The Frenchay fryer ensures a 3.7-quart capacity that is on the higher end of the worth point. The fryer can normally prepare food for a family having 4 members. A 5 quart or bigger model is nice for feeding large families.

The height of the fryer is only 14.38 inches. So, one can easily set it up in most of the counters. The weight of the unit is 131.4 pounds. It comes in a sizeable pack.

The color of the fryer is black when all set up is completed. There are few stainless steel features here and there.

cooking capacity basket
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Cooking Capacity & Basket

The basket gives handle and cool touch housing. One may easily pull out the handle without an oven mitt or towel. The basket design of the fryer is very standard like other fryers in the market. The fryer slides straightly to the base.

As a result, there is no issue to support heavier foods. All the parts of the fryer are dishwasher safe. One feels very comfortable to clean the fryer.

Why You Consider Frenchman Air Fryer For Your Home Use

The build quality is comparable to higher-end models. The fryer isn’t made of a plastic material rather it is made of stainless steel or metal. All materials have got the approval of FDA and free from PROAs.

dynamic airflow technology
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The intuitive TouchScreen control and sixty-minute timer permit you to maintain temperature up to 400 degrees F. It comes with an auto shut off the system for the convenience of the users.

The control has 7 presets setting to cook shrimp, meat, chips or fries, cake, fish, chicken, steak and so on.

The fryer covers only 90% of anything which you may cook inside the fryer. It has a 1500 watt range. This range is the usual range for most of the fryers found in the market.

The basket of the fryer is large enough. You can get enough room to cook a basket of 9 chicken wings or T bone steak.

One can cook anything with this air fryer for having separate accessories. He can expand the food which may be cooked inside of the AirFryer on a regular basis.

Frenchman Air Fryer - 3.7qt Video Reviews

Frenchman Air Fryer Reviews (FAQs)

1. Does it create any noise?

Really no, the fryer is very quiet.

2. Is it possible to cook things such as Chicken strips and Premade frozen French fries?

Yes, There is a recipe or notebook for the fryer. You can adjust time and temperature setting for frozen.

3. Does anyone try to prepare frying fish? If yes, how is it?

You can use some cod filets. Dip in egg and bread crumbs mixed with some olive oil. Dole out with hot sauce and lemon. It is a big hit.

4. Would the fryer need oil to cook food?


Final Thoughts

One may get lots of positive reviews on online about the French May AirFryer. The brand is very new. But the technology and quality are more common.

cool touch housing and handle
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You get such features in high models chair. If you buy this chair very soon, you will get a real and hand on remove of its working ways.

There are many attractive features with the fryer. The price of the unit is reasonable. You will get hundred percent cash back warranty.

Just try the airfryer and you will see the wonder. We suggest you buy a fryer. Normally you will get the benefit of it. When you are in the fryer market, do not forget to buy a fryer just give a try.

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