Deep Frying Basic 2.0: How Long Can You Keep Oil In A Deep Fryer?

Author: Chester P. Rector
May 29, 2022

Deep frying food, Ahhh...

The Unhealthiest Guilty Pleasure Foods on the Planet, maybe! A deep fryer is one of the most useful frying tools, even though it requires a lot of oil. But guess what, you can store the oil in the deep fryer and reuse it. But how long can you keep oil in a deep fryer?

Oil is an essential element of a kitchen, and it is needed for almost every type of cooking. Feeling curious? Let's scroll down with me.

So How Long Can You Keep Oil in Deep Fryer exactly?

You can keep the oil in the deep fryer for almost a month, but there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

But let me say this straight...

  • If you have used the oil at least 3-4 times, its quality and nutrition values are lost. You better not reuse it. Besides, the oil will get a burnt smell.
  • It's necessary to cover and seal the deep fryer to store the used oil for at least a month. Otherwise, the oil will start losing its flavor, and you will find them bad after two weeks.

How to store used frying oil?

Moisture and air oxidize the oil and ruin its flavor in no time unless they are adequately sealed. You have to keep the deep fryer in a cool and light-free space to maintain the oil's highest quality for a longer time. It will slow down the oxidation and will increase the longevity of the flavor.

But, keep in mind...

If you have reused the oil several times and still want to store it, it will not be in the same condition and quality no matter how ample the storage was.

Now, you can ask what if you reuse the oil and want to store it again. I also have the answer for you. Up to 5 times is the threshold of any oil for reuse. I will recommend not to reuse or keep the oil after using it 4-5 times.

And another thing...

What type of food you are frying in an oil; also makes a significant difference in its freshness. Raw foods, fish, and seafood make it difficult to reuse the oil even after one use. It's the pungent smell that causes the issue. Moreover, high-quality oil can be used more rather than any regular type.

So How Long Can You Leave The Oil In A Deep Fryer?

Any high-quality oil will give you the liberty to use it at least 2-3 times. I have learned from pro chefs that long cooking times ruin the smell and flavor of the oil. So if you have used the oil for some deep and long frying, it's better not to drip another item next time.

Can you keep oil in deep fryer?

If you are a fried food lover, then a deep fryer can be your best friend in the kitchen. A deep fryer saves a lot of oil despite frying larger batches. Moreover, it cooks and fries everything faster than a regular pan.

You can fry big batches of foods in a deep fryer, and the result will be the same as in restaurants. One great thing about a deep fryer is that you can store the oil in it for reusing. It saves you from searching for a separate container to store the oil. Deep fryers are widely used in every fast food restaurant, and nowadays, you have them in your kitchen.

Here are some Advantages of using a deep fryer

  • The deep fryer may seem like a risky tool, but it is very safe and easy to use.
  • You can easily control the temperature, and there will be no oil splatters like an open fryer.
  • Anytime you can make crispy and delicious food like a restaurant in your home with a deep fryer.

How can you tell if deep fryer oil is bad? Things that can ruin the oil

There are many reasons why oil can get ruined after deep frying, including using the oil in high heat, loose food seasonings, frying without coating, storing without filtering the food particles, etc. Let's get to know about these matters in detail.

Using oil in high heat

Using oil in high heat for a long time in a deep fryer can ruin the flavor. Once the oil gets hot, you have to decrease the temperature. Otherwise, the food can also get burned and can make the oil dark. And believe me, you will never love it.

Food seasonings and frying without any coating

Food seasonings like salt, chili powder, etc., make oil darker because they don't stick to the food after dipping into the oil. These also soak a lot of oil and become thicker, which ruins the oil slowly. Also, frying something without any coating will soak a lot of oil and take a lot more time to get cooked. This also ruins the oil quality and absorbs a lot more fat than required.

Storing without filtering

If you don't filter the oil and take out the food particles left behind, it gradually ruins the oil quality. Even if you store the oil in the deep fryer with an airtight cover, it will not maintain its quality. This is why filtering the oil is essential before storing it.

How to know the oil needs to be changed?

If you have used the oil 4-5 times already, I would recommend changing it. The liquid already lost its quality, so it is better not to use it anymore.

So, when should you throw out frying oil?

If you see the oil has turned dark and has a bad smell, you should not use it anymore and change it immediately. Sometimes, if you fry something for so long or fry things in a significant amount, the oil gets dark and loses the quality even after one use.

How often should you change deep fryer oil?

No matter if you used the best storage method, you can't prevent that smell.

Bad oil will take a longer time than usual. If you found it taking forever to turn the fries golden, there must be something wrong with the oil. This is another way you can understand the oil is no longer suitable to store and reuse.

Ways that help to keep the oil in good condition

There are several ways to keep the oil in good condition.

After finishing the frying job, filters the oil before storing it. Use any filter or a piece of the cotton cloth for filtering. In this way, all the burnt and fried food particles will be separated from the oil. These particles are one of the main factors of a burnt-smelling oil.

The next thing is to keep the oil sealed in the deep fryer with an appropriate cover. Nowadays, most of the models of deep fryers come with airtight lids. Also, try not to fry anything without any coating as it absorbs too much oil and lowers down the oil quality.

How many times can you use oil for deep frying?

Do not fry something with only seasonings. Yes, the herbs are great for taste, but they do not stick to the food. And they will gradually decrease the oil quality. If you can maintain these dos' and don'ts' you can easily maintain the oil's quality and store it for at least one month in the deep fryer.

Bonus Tips - Some of the best oils for deep frying

Yep, you got numerous options while searching for the perfect oil for the deep fryer.

Most modern-day deep fryers can deal with almost any oil type. Now it's all up to you which one to pick for the crispiest food.

Some of the best oil options for the fryer are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Peanut oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Canola oil
  • Lard
  • Corn Oil
  • Cottonseed Oil

Final Words

Now that we are at the end, I hope you have the answer to how long you can keep oil in a deep fryer. If you follow the recommended steps and you don't have to waste oil anymore. And you can store it for a longer time to reuse.

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