How to Clean a Deep Fryer Basket (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 1, 2021

In the modern cooking appliance, there is a basket to clean oil from foods.

There is an audible alarm, a ventilation system to less frying odors, automatic devices to lift up, the capacity too low the basket, oil filter to expand the life of oil, the temperature controlling system, save food crumbs, etc. in the modern fryer.

Deep fryers are now being used to cook fast food and making crisp. You must learn how to clean a deep fryer basket properly.

Parts of the Deep Fryer
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Baskets of the Fryer

If you desire to cook French fries, taco salad basket, round fry baskets, culinary basket, you should buy the right things.

Filters of Fryer

We are ready to offer the frying filters and the grease filters. They help greatly at holding filters cones for oil cleaning.

Fryer Screens

By the help of fryer screen grate, you can deep fry well. The fryer screen prevents food from going down. As a result, the oil will stay to the cleaner, and there will be no damage to the product.

How to clean a deep fryer basket

When you see the dirt in the basket of the fryer, you should clean it. You can easily remove the dirt from the deep fryer easily. If you have experience with it, you can do it only in one try.

How To Clean A Deep Fryer Basket
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You do not spend much effort to clean the device. The below instructions will help you to show the way of cleaning the unit. You can use it for the better cooking result.

Step 1: To set up

Before clean the fryer, you need to unplug the deep fryer. You can make it cool down after recent use. If the unit is cool enough, you can touch it to remove the frying basket. Keep all things by the side and set them properly.

Step 2: The way to clean the Basket

If you do the below steps, you can cook food well. You can prepare a solution by mixing 9/10 vinegar and 1/10 water. Dip the cloth into the mixture and clean the basket.

If you wipe several times, you can completely clean the device. Do not think about the particles of grime off. You did a great job, clean the basket well.

If you possess a large tub or a sink, you can easily use it and wash it. Otherwise, you need to receive it outside. You can use a solution with elements on hands. If you finish the cooking take the basket outside, it is better to clean the device well.

Step 3: Make a Degreaser

If you can, purchase a commercial degreasing unit. The reality is that most of the customers do not do this. The good story is that you have all the ingredients at your home.

Make a Degreaser
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At first, you want a bowl. Then you need baking soda. Keep the soda in a bowl. Size is not a factor here. Gradually mix soda with water.

Stop to do so if you see the consistency of baking soda is like toothpaste. Stir it well so that there is no snack of water and baking soda.

Step 4: Applying the Degreaser

You can use the grease remove mixture to clean it with a cloth. Indeed, scrubbing is okay, but make the mixture be placed or do it for you. So, cover the whole basket with the mixture.

Keep it for sometimes, then wipe it. Let the basket give a good scrubbing. Clean the basket again to remove the grease mixture.

You need to clean the deep fryer separately if you get it is dirty. However, if you get the fryer dries, you may keep it back and use it again and again.

More Tips As Well As Ideas
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More Tips as well as Ideas

  • If you see heavy dirt to the fryers, you can use oven cleaner to wash it. Be careful to use the strong chemicals. Then wash well to be sure that there are no chemicals in the cooking oil.
  • If you get the oil stains are very hard to clean, you can use a spray of WD-40. Take some excess care to remove the residues before using it again
  • You can use vinegar with water to remove the sticky residue. Use a scrubber with hot water as well as moisten to clean the surface of the appliance. Rinse well the appliance.
  • Do not keep the electric component wet as it may cause an accident. To avoid any damage, make the unit completely dry before using it to an electric outlet. If there is no water, the unit works very well.

Maintaining a Commercial Deep Fryer

Maintaining a Commercial Deep Fryer
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  • Clean the deep fryer every day. You should follow the cleaning instruction very clearly of the Deep Fryer to offer commercial fryer the necessary cleaning.
  • It is up to the use of the deep fryer, and to what aim you are using it. The best option is to clean the residue or cake of food regularly.
  • As the commercial fryer is deep and large, you can apply a long-handled brush to scrub a pot instead of a sponge. Replace the oil or filter the fryer regularly, especially if you like to cook meat or fish. For use in the restaurant, you can filter oil one or twice a day. You can use a filter of coffee to filter oil or use cheesecloth, for restaurant use you may use specialize machine for penetrating oil with the highest temperature. If you see the dark color of the oil or smoke by using a lower temperature, or emit a strong smell, you should replace the oil.
  • The oil can endure temperature up to 375 degrees F or below; you can add salt to the oil. When you drain oil, brush the heating coils. You may use long-handled fryer scrubbing brush to eliminate bits of food from the coil, before adding new oil to the fryer. This will save the heating elements and limits the particle of burned foods.
  • Keep clean the outside of the fryer. Cleaning outside surface cleaning the rim would not help the fryer to function for a long time.
  • It may stop to collect grime or may limit spillovers which make the surface slippery or makes the floor slippery.
  • Clean at the end of the fryer every day, and use a degreasing product to clean grease from the outer part of the fryer.
  • Let degreasing product keep for ten minutes and wash with the damp cloth. Make it dry with a different cloth.
Commercial deep fryer
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  • Use the boil clean every three to six months. To clean your commercial fryer, you need to fill with hot water and slow boil or heat to the simmer.
  • Use a specialized boil out system to the instructions of the manufacturer and handle the simmer for twenty minutes.
  • To save from the burning, use a rubber glove or take much care, or use a long handle soft bristle to dislodge the stuck food. Drain your fryer, then scrub and after that wash, as you like regular clean.
  • To wash well, use one part vinegar for each ten parts water for neutralizing and removing to clean the product.
  • Follow the owner’s manual carefully to conduct an annual inspection. You will be able to know that all the parts are functioning well and tightly if you follow the manufacturers’ instruction carefully.
  • If the manual fails to provide you the necessary guidance, then you should better call a maintenance specialist or electrician for a better solution.

How to Clean Your Deep Fryer Baskets and BBQ Racks - Video


In conclusion, keeping your deep fryer basket clean is an essential part of ensuring the longevity of your appliance and the quality of your fried food. With our step-by-step guide, you now have all the information you need to clean your deep fryer basket effectively.

The steps involved include unplugging the fryer, draining the oil, washing the basket with soap and water, drying it thoroughly, and reassembling it before using it again. With a little care and attention, your deep fryer basket will be as good as new, and you can continue to enjoy delicious fried food without any worries.

Now, it's time to put your newly acquired knowledge to the test. Can you clean your deep fryer basket using the steps outlined in this guide?

Let us know in the comments below!

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