Step by Step Guide To Use An Air Fryer

By using an air fryer, you will get healthy food. The plus side is that it can cook delicious food without negative effects for having high calories and fat.

So, one can enjoy the most delicious food without harmful effect.

There are some tips here to cook food well with the air fryer. They are Tips About Using an Air Fryer as follow:

Toss food frequently

To toss the food into the fire every 5 minutes will ensure good food. There is no indication in the manuals of the fryer. As air blows from every corner, people do not think tossing is a must.

There are some parts of food which do not get the enough hot air. This part of the food will be uncooked. Tossing of the foods only can ensure good cooking of food by the air fryer.

Apply a small amount of oil

The manufacturers say that you can prepare food without using any oil in your food or without a drop of oil. In this case, using a thin coating or some other cooking spray will ensure the best result. One can think that he is guilty about the fat or cholesterol. As the amount is minuscule and you can neglect it while you are cooking with the intense heat.

It is very important to make the food completely dry to avoid excess smoke or splattering of food items. There are some items which contain excess liquid, more fat or any other types of liquid. One needs to make the food dry before putting it in the basket of the air fryer.

Never overload

Every air fryer has a capacity. So users should be serious to keep foods inside it. They should not fill it with the huge amount of foods. To cook properly, you need to keep food inside it accurately.

You should keep enough room for food within it. You should never overload the tray with huge foods. If you overload it, the food will remain uncooked or undercooked. The hot air will not reach to all parts of the food with the fryer. So you should keep exact amount of food.

Clean your drip basket

Clean your drip basket

If you like to cook food which has excess fat, you need to clean the drip basket now and then. The meat type of food or chicken marinated and contained excess fat. So the best thing is to remove the excess oil from the tray underneath in between cooking.

How to use air fryer for chicken

How’s it taken me so long to let you know about a few of my favorite Christmas presents I received? It is my air fryer. Well, allow me to count the ways. I have made in the air fryer.

These days, however, we are roasting a whole grain This  allows me to tell you everything. It is completely yummy.

I never roasted a whole chicken ever until I received my air fryer. Josh has always been the one to create them in our large easy oil-less deep fryer. Once we use this. We are generally cooking two hens at one time and also serving a bunch.

I like that it is effortless to generate a little chicken in the air fryer. I utilized a 4.25 pound bird and it was the ideal size for our family. If you are cooking for less, get creative with all the leftovers and produce something similar to that Chicken & Potato Chip Casserole.

For seasoning, I utilize my favorite dry rub recipe. For an air fryer, dry leaves, breadcrumbs and Panko function best. Liquid marinades may be used But they are messier. They have the possibility of inducing some smoke from the home when they trickle through the base of the fryer.

This specific brand also creates a 3.4 quart version. I was not convinced the basket was likely to be large enough for us. I must say, I am pleased. I went with the more significant dimensions.

The best way to utilize air fryer for chips

How to use air fryer for fries

Crispy French chips are made in the air-fryer, with only a little quantity of oil! Making them from the oven shaves calories and fat without sacrificing flavor.


  • Nonstick spray
  • One medium potato (6 ounces), Yukon gold or russet, washed and dried
  • One tsp olive oil
  • 1/8 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/8 tsp garlic powder
  • Fresh cracked black pepper to flavor


  • Preheat the Air fryer to 380°F. Spray on the basket with oil.
  • Cut the potato lengthwise into 1/4 inch thin pieces then cut each slice into 1/4 inch chips. (A mandolin is helpful here).
  • In a medium bowl toss the oil and potatoes. Season with salt, garlic powder and black pepper to taste lastly stir to coat.
  • Place the potatoes in the basket at an even layer without overlapping or crowding cook the potatoes 15 minutes, turning halfway until crisp.

Attempt various recipe – Tips About Using an Air Fryer

The air fryer is to fry different kinds of foods. You can use it for different purposes also. The fryer is used to make baking, roasting, and grilling. It is said earlier that you can not cook meat with the air fryer. Some other items you can cook with this fryer like the chicken wings and some other small food items.

You need to consider one thing that air is the main medium of cooking. So you can cook well the smaller items not large chunks of foods. The air fryer reviews will help you to get the best idea foods that are easy to cook well.

Therefore, One can enjoy oil less food with great taste and flavor. He also can enjoy baked, fried, grilled as well as roasted items without cholesterol and fat. The air fryer is a modern item to cook healthy food. So everyone should have an air fryer in the kitchen.

Cooking tips

Cooking tips

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  • Preheat: Preheat for three minutes is a must to cook food with the Philip air fryer. If you have failed to do so, you may add three minutes for the preparing time.
  • Arrange all the ingredient in your fryer. Let the air circulates all the parts of the foods very well, and this may cook very evenly. Number one suggestion, do not overcrowd or overload it. You have the option to use the aluminum foil for your fryer. It will help to clean the fryer later easier.
  • Pick the right temperature: Selecting the best temperature is a good way to get the best kind of food. For pasty-based snacks 180-degree C, and for other snacks, you may use 200-degree C.
  • Cooking time: The maximum schedule time to cook food is thirty minutes. Snacks will take only six to ten minutes to cook well.
  • Crisp layer: Do not use more oil to cook anything. If you like to cook high-fat food, you need to clean the bottom fat very well.
  • Additional seasoning: If you open the lid the steam will come out from the fryer. So it is better for you to quick and escape the heat to avoid burning.
  • Multiple cooking: Use the divider to cook two different types of foods at the same time with the same basket.
  • Shake it: If you like to prepare potato chips or chicken wings, you need to be sure they cook ever or better. So takes the fryer several times to be sure they would not burn.


Cleaning Tips

The significant advantage of the Philip Airfryer is that the product needs little maintenance as well as cleaning. You need to keep in mind that you should clean the fryer after every use. There are some best ways to clean the fryer that are:

Cleaning Tips

The inside and outside: Let not immerse the Philips air fryer in water. The caution is for all the electric appliances as electricity and water make a dangerous combination. For the outer part use a moist cloth. Inside, you may use a soft sponge or hot water. Cleaning the heating element, you may use a soft bristle brush and remove all the food residues. You should better to leave the abrasive items as the may leave damage to the non-stick interior.

As they are dishwasher safe, you should not use hand to clean the dishwasher. If you have no, it will require more time. Just keep the appliance in the hot soapy water for ten minutes and then use a brush or not an abrasive sponge to clean it up.

Everyday tips

Stir it. Confirm the air fryer is open and stir food around because they may fry in the basket of the machine- chips and smaller foods may compress. To get the right result, rotate them every after four to ten minutes.

Please do not overload the fryer. Keep enough space for food to circulate air all around food, and you will get a crispy result. The test kitchen may cook swear by Air Fryer for small batch or snacks.

Use food spray. Use little bit oil or cooking spray before cooking to make it sure that there is no stick on the basket.

Always keep the fryer dry. Before cook pat foods dry to escape splattering and over smoke. If you like to cook high-fat foods such as wings make it fat-free from the underneath machine periodically.

What foods can I use in an air fryer

What foods can I use in an air fryer

The million dollar question many people ask before purchasing an air fryer is: What kind of foods are for an air fryer?

The question is not very surprising as people spend their hard earning money to buy the fryer. They would like to be sure that it will give them good result at the time of making an action. The air fryer will cook food well that would usually take forty minutes or less on a stovetop or an air fryer.

What types of foods is an air fryer suited for?

An air fryer is a perfect solution to grill, fry, roast or bake.

The foods that need light flour or breadcrumb can be prepared with the air fryer. You can prepare some veggies with the air fryer.

The two have different cooking procedures; you can prepare frozen foods or homemade meals with the air fryer.

What types of foods are air fryers not suited for?

You should not try to prepare some foods with the air fryer like beans or carrots. Some ingredients which may be fried with the help of batter should not try to prepare with the air fryer.

Very simple popular air fryer recipes



If you like to eat cake or like to offer cake for your relative or dear or near one, you may take help from the air fryer.

Preparing a cake with the air fryer is indeed a good idea. You may make cake simply, easily and fastly with the help of the air fryer.

Take all the ingredients like butter, flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla and essential oil depending on the size and amount of ingredients, then just follow some few steps, then you will get the cake ready.

There are some differences between various kinds of cakes, so you need to follow them strictly.



Bread is an important item people like to make with the help of the air fryer. At the first time, you must be serious and have the patient to prepare the bread.

Then, gradually you will see that making bread is not a difficult task. You can prepare it simply and easily and be happy with the self-made bread.

Take all the ingredients proportionately such as flour, milk, sugar, egg, butter, salt and other.

Mix all the ingredients suitably and then work with the air fryer. It will depend on the size and the type of air fryer. Remember, use the accurate temperature and time to prepare bread.



You have no experience to make the muffin with the air fryer so do not say sorry. You may not only make cake or bread with the air fryer, but you can also make the muffin with the air fryer.

This is an excellent idea. At first, you should take all kinds of ingredients to make a muffin. The ingredients are baking powder, raising flour, sugar, salt, milk, chocolate, yogurt and oil and so on.

You need to follow some few steps to make the muffin by the air fryer. For your taste, you may add time or ingredients proportionately.


Watch: Using an Air Fryer

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