How to Clean a Deep Fryer with Vinegar! Step by Step process

Cooking with deep fryers is fun because it prepares on time and gives you crispy, mouth-watering dishes at all times. Also, the fryer allows us to cook meals while watching our favorite TV show without the fear of getting it burnt.

Moreover, the challenge that comes with cleaning the appliance after use can be very discouraging. Just when you are done with your meal and having a chat, you still have to deal with cleaning a deep fryer and basket.

Never mind, the next time you encounter any challenge with cleaning a deep fryeryou will know precisely how to go about it. So, today we will be sharing some tips on how to clean a deep fryer with vinegar. We will also share some vital information to help you have a lasting usage with your deep fryer.

What Is Vinegar Exactly?

What Is Vinegar Exactly?

Vinegar is a solution that is formed by fermentation of sugar or ethanol; the outcome of the fermentation is usually acetic acid. It is the sour taste associated with your wine.

However, acetic acid is not the only formula in vinegar as it has about 5 to 8 percent of acetic acid.

Which Type of Vinegar for Cleaning?

There are various types of vinegar in the market today; they include different fermenting blends of the balsamic stem with southern Italy grapes, rice vinegar from rice; wine vinegar from red or white wine; apple cider vinegar from apple cider, and many others.

Which Type Of Vinegar For Cleaning?

Amongst these types of vinegar, white vinegar is the most acidic. It is made in the laboratory to form acetic acid and water.

This makes this group of vinegar very useful for cleaning. However, it may be too intense for cleaning some kind of thing. So, it is better to dilute it with water or use some milder vinegar versions like apple cider vinegar.

How Does Vinegar Work?

How Does Vinegar Work?

The acidic nature of vinegar is what makes it very active to fight stubborn icky gunk. It also makes it strong enough to dissolve soaps, hard water brines, and even the sticks left when you remove decals.

It is also beneficial for removing armpit stains from cloth, giving mirrors a glow as well as no-waxing floor, cupboards and other furniture.

The function of vinegar is much as it can also be used to wipe out dogs or cat urine from the carpet thoroughly, and more.

How to Clean a Deep Fryer with Vinegar

How To Clean A Deep Fryer With Vinegar

Step One: Put Your Safety First

Before you start cleaning a deep fryer, there are some safety measures you have to ensure. In the first place, unplug the fryer from the socket then wrap it with a dry cloth. This will protect the wire from any dirt or water that may splash as you clean.

Step Two: Oil Inspection and Removal

Checking the state of your cooking oil is essential to avoid reusing the old, smelling oil. Also, using such oil can affect your cleaning as it makes the fryer grimy quickly. This sort of oil is usually dark-colored with a fishy, musty smell.

Also, when cleaning deep fryer oil, ensure not to remove oil when it is hot, allow it to cool to about 150 degrees F to avoid being scalded or burnt. When it is cold, pour it into a container or plastic bag for storage or disposal.

Step Three: Wipe the Deep Fryer

After pouring out the oil, take out the fryer's basket or filter and wipe the interior of the fryer. Then, the next thing you need to do is absorb the excess oil on the basket with a paper towel. It is essential because the excess oil in the basket may reduce the effectiveness of most cleaning products.

Step Four: Clean the Deep Fryer's Filter

Ensure to clean the deep fryer filter differently with pressurized water. However, the pressure of the water should not be too high as it could result in damaging the filter beyond repair. While exerting the pressurized water through the filter, brush with a soft brush and cleaning fluid to take out the oil and sticky grime.

Step Five: Use Cleaning Solution to Clean the Inside Area of the Fryer

While cleaning the inside of the deep fryer, use a sponge and a cleaning solution or a warm soap and water mixture. Ensure not spill soap solution from the sponges around the electrical areas and the exterior surface of the fryer as it may stand as it may result in shock when plugged back to the socket.

So, after cleaning the inside of the fryer, ensure to thoroughly rinse and clean to take out all soap or cleaning liquid.

Step Six: Clean the Deep Fryer's Outer Surface

As observed, the outer surface of the fryer tends to get a thin layer of oil and dirt on it as time goes by. So, to keep the surface of the fryer looking aesthetic and shiny, it is preferred to use a non-abrasive sponge or cleaning agent to avoid permanently damaging the surface. Then, you can rinse and dry the surface using a paper towel.

How to Clean Fryer Baskets With Vinegar

How To Clean Fryer Baskets With Vinegar

Cleaning the fryer basket is essential as it is one of the components of the frier that gets dirtier and greasier than any other part. This is because it is built to emerge in oil while frying and tends to accumulate residue over time due to continuous usage. However, cleaning the fryer basket could be quite a task after cooking. Still, with the use of vinegar, you can successfully clean the basket without washing it with any harmful chemicals.

Step by Step Process

Step 1

Remove the oil and grease from both outsides and inside the frying basket using a paper towel. If the basket is coated with oil and sticky food particles from new cooking, push the paper towel harder to take out the food buildup.

Step 2

Put the basket in a sink and add some amount of water, enough to cover it, and pour about one cup of vinegar on it and allow it to soak for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 3

Using a scrubby nylon sponge and some dishwashing liquid, wash the basket until it is free from every food residue and grease.

Step 4

If the food particles are still difficult to remove, add a teaspoon of baking soda to the sponge and scrub.

Step 5

After washing, rinse the basket with clean water and allow it to air dry or clean with a paper towel if you want to make use of it immediately.

How often are you supposed to clean a deep fryer?

How Often Are You Supposed To Clean A Deep Fryer?

It is advised to clean your deep fryer immediately after use to avoid grimes and dirt buildup. Also, deep cleaning should be carried out once in every three to six months of usage.

Additional Tips and Ideas

It is best to use the right cleaning product for your deep fryer to avoid damaging your device permanently. And you can get these products in most departmental shops or supermarkets.


Also, ensure to get your deep fryer inspected by a professional technician at least once yearly.

Deep fryer cleaning solution

Deep Fryer Cleaning Solution

Increases Life of Oils

As Tempest removes the reason of rancidity, it will expand the life of your fryer oil. Applying this deep fat fryer cleaner may develop the taste of your fried treats; therefore you will constantly serve tasty chicken tenders, onion rings, and fries.

Noble Chemical Brand

Noble Chemical brand provides a wonderful cleaner in a hotel, restaurant, and healthcare facility. The task of the cleaner is to keep fryer clean and ensure great taste for your food.

Noble Chemical gives an extensive selection of industrial and institutional supplies like insect control solution, cleaning chemicals, disinfectants and other products all of which are found in reasonable price.

Moreover, the chemical comes with containers and jugs which are versatile more for nearly any job in a business.

Additional Tips and Advice

To clean the stainless steel appliances, there are lots of cleaning products in the market. You may get these things in the hardware or departmental stores or the improvement stores. Regular cleaning or maintenance will make the stainless steel surface brilliant. You should remove the grease building up on your appliance weekly or bi-weekly.

When Not to Use Vinegar 

When Not to Use Vinegar

Be cautious as vinegar  much concentrated may blot delicate fabrics. There are different surfaces where vinegar may do more damage than good.

Applying it on live rock such as marble or granite can scratch it. Though some People today use vinegar as a disinfectant Itis not (CDC) because there is no proof that vinegar may eliminate a few of the very harmful pathogens which lurk on surfaces such as salmonella.

How to Clean your Deep Fryer

How to Clean a Deep Fryer with Vinegar FAQs

1. How do I know my deep fryer needs cleaning?

A few ways to know your deep fryer needs cleaning is when you have an accumulation of grease or oil streaks by the side of the frier. Other ways include emission of smoke when it is turned on and the formation of foam on the surface of the oil.

2. How can I make my deep fryer last longer?

For a long-lasting, deep fryer, it is advised not to season your food in the fryer. In other words, add salt to your food while it is out of the fire as hot oil and salt produces radicals that can promote impurities. These impurities break down oil easily and lead to bad taste and smell.

3. What home remedy can I use to clean my deep fat fryer?

One effective way of cleaning your deep fryer at home is by using baking soda. Just make a thick baking soda paste and apply it to the fryer. The result is magical.

4. Can I clean my deep fryer heating element?

Depending on the kind of heating element, some of them cannot be cleaned as they are not removable. However, you have to take caution while handling it to avoid damage. 

5. Can I clean my deep fryer basket with a dishwasher?

It depends, but before cleaning, check your user manual to know if your deep fryer basket is dishwasher friendly.


Although cleaning your deep-frying could be quite a difficult task as it requires some patience and time. However, with the right kind of instruction and knowledge of how to clean a deep fryer with vinegar, it will become easier.

Cleaning a deep fryer with vinegar is not just useful, but it's also affordable and reduces the risk caused by using commercial deep fryer cleaning chemicals.

Deep fryer cleaning and taking good care of your deep fryer will make it easy to produce tastier food and also increase the lifespan of the deep fryer.

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