Ovente Electric Air Fryer Review: Great Way to Cook in 2023

Author: Chester P. Rector
November 30, 2022

Well, Philips has managed to keep its position as the bestseller in the entire industry.

In the current article, we’re going to check out why it is like this. We will compare both versions and determine which one is preferable. If you’re anticipating purchasing an Air Fryer, this guide is right for you.

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  • The sensor touch control panel uses an illuminated LED screen that easily makes chips, poultry, fish, and meat with a smooth touch.
  • It may quickly bake, grill, and roast meals.
  • This appliance has a safety switch. When pulling the weed from the fryer while working, the fryer will discontinue the timer and heating on the grip automatically until the kettle is placed back.


  • Affordable cost
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Automobile darkening safety
  • It comes with two cooking components to fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Enables different cooking dishes


  • It has no transparent lid

3.2 QT Capacity

The square form and size are about 6 x 6 x 6 inches and must readily take a minimum of 1.1 lbs of beef. This could lead to a perfect serving size for just two individuals. However, as a distinctive attribute, the fryer includes an excess cooking device.

There is a flat metal bowl that uses a vented bottom. You could use it for grilling all sorts of meats and veggies.

Classic and Intuitive Design

Combining utility and elegance, the Ovente atmosphere fryer shows two rotary controls and two LED indicator lights. That is all you will need to know about how to use it.

When it’s turned on as it’s in a busy heating system process, just how long you need to wait before the conclusion of the cooking program, and at what temperature you’re cooking.

The effortless eject button and the cool touch handle will allow you to quickly move it, while the vinyl anti-skid feet provide more security and stability quickly a timer of up to 30 minutes

The timer control features a layout that’s practically identical to all the temperature control. This one is put lower on the event of this Ovente atmosphere fryer beside both LED light signs. It works the same. There is a clockwise switch that can take you through almost any time worth up to a max of 30 minutes.

In between the maximum and minimum time frames, you’ve got 1-minute increment choices. Suppose you must cook something for over 30 minutes. Then you can begin the time counter around again when the initial 30 minutes are up.

Temperature control of up to 390°F

The rotary temperature control is set on the lid of this Ovente atmosphere fryer. It may be changed like an old-fashioned egg timer or even the knob of a toaster oven, establishing any temperature worth between 140° – 390° F (around 200° C).

1 clockwise change is all you must to reach the desired temperature. Therefore, you understand just what it requires for the components that you’re cooking. Otherwise, you can earn some temperature alterations on the move.

Dishwasher safe

Both removable things, the baskets, along with the pan, which includes this Ovente atmosphere fryer, are coated using a non-toxic substance. If you opt to wash it from the washing machine, you can do this with no issue, but just the removable components!

The outer instance and its electrical components must be unplugged and cleaned using a soft, moist cloth if needed. The same movable parts may be washed with warm water and dishwasher detergent from the sink.

Overheat protection

The Ovente atmosphere fryer functions with this fast airflow technology. However, the heating procedure is managed by a stainless-steel component. To create its use secure, the producer has implemented a car shut-off mechanism for security reasons.

How the Ovente air fryer works

A traditional design comes with a timeless working principle. When you receive the Ovente atmosphere fryer, you’re having this distinctive cooking room with a heater and a lover, shielded through an exhaust system.

The cooking chamber is where you add the removable basket or skillet, and under it, you’ve got that stainless-steel heating component.

How the Ovente air fryer works
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The component pops up. The fan begins creating an airflow that encircles the elements and subsequently. It looks like at the oven but quicker and with a crunchier outer coating.

Because pressure will develop inside the cooking room, the Ovente atmosphere fryer also includes an exhaust system. It takes the excess hot atmosphere during a set of filters while restricting the odor that would typically be released to your kitchen.

How to use the Ovente air fryer

As previously mentioned, this Ovente atmosphere fryer sits on a set of anti-skid shoes, which should give it stability on a broad assortment of surfaces.

Since selecting a foundation for this isn’t quite as significant, concentrate on ensuring it stays in an airy location.  Once the hot air has been discharged through its filters, it will have to proceed without constraints.

Add your experienced components with enough space between each other for the warm air to sneak in and make an even crust. And slip the removable basket back in. Prepare the temperature and the moment, allowing it to cook correctly.

If you put the ingredients somewhat crowded, check it out if it is halfway cooked and alter their place just a bit. Merely listen when tackling the hot meals; the handle along with the home will remain cold. However, the basket, the components, and the atmosphere that can come out could be rather hot!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Ovente Electric Air Fryer

What does the interior of the basket look like? Can it be sturdy coated metal, or does this resemble a fry basket?

Somewhat like a dispenser. Opening on the floor.

Why did mine stop working after a couple of applications? The power light will not come on, and I have tried it in various receptacles.

Answer: They did not tell me I needed to ship and got a brand new one

Difference between digital and manual?

Answer: Digital resembles a microwave – your kind in the temp and time. I’ve got the old-fashioned kind, and it’s effortless and accurate.


The fryer is simple to use and works excellently! No fatty and unhealthy fried foods. The air fryer does not require petroleum or unhealthy fats to earn food crispy and flavorful. Fryer is also simple to wash.

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