Chefman Oil Free Air Fryer Review! Best Air Fryer to Buy

Author: Chester P. Rector
October 21, 2022

With so many people dying of health complicated issues, one cannot but be too careful about what goes down their throats. That is why you need to pay more attention to your health than ever before.

Eating right, healthy foods is essential to the body. If you want to keep looking younger than your age, lively, live longer, and more beautiful, then you need to ditch excessive oils. They can put your health at risk, especially the heart.

What you need at this point is a good air fryer like the Chefman. This is what we shall discuss in this Chefman Oil Free Air Fryer Review.

Chefman Oil Free Air Fryer Review

Chefman Express Air Fryer

The chefman is one equipment that you can trust in the kitchen. Making crispy foods with no oil has been a dream come true for many, and it’s because of tools like the Chefman oil air fryer that this is happening.

With this air fryer, you can perform cooking tasks like roasting, grilling, baking, frying, etc. The Chefman Express air fryer has a temperature range of 90 - 400 degrees to suit your cooking needs. Also, there are eight preset options available for cooking.

With the rapid air technology, your food gets done in no time. This air fryer can make foods, snacks taste real good, without clogging your arteries. The Chefman Express air fryer is 2.5 liters capacity, which is reasonably large enough to make food for a small household.

This powerful air fryer cooks anything from vegetables to snacks, fries pizzas, and roasts chickens. One fantastic thing about this equipment is the timer button and the auto-schedule feature. So even if you forget to turn off your equipment, once this device reaches its set time, it turns off.

The timer button allows you to set the time you need to prepare the food. In case the food is not properly done after the set time he elapsed, you can reset the timer, temperature, and allow to continue cooking.

Sharpen your cooking skills with the recipe book that comes free of charge with this air fryer—no more experimenting with your cooking.


  • Easy to clean - The Chefman air fryer is one of the easiest fryers to clean when compared to other fryers. It is dishwasher safe, and the stains can be removed easily.
  • Cooks fast - The Chefman incorporates rapid air technology to make cooking fast. This replaces the oil you use in your everyday cooking while keeping the food delicious.
  • Prepares healthy foods - Chefman cares about your health; hence, the making of the air fryer. Eating healthy foods is not an option with this excellent air fryer.
  • Compact design - The Chefman air fryers have a simple, compact design with easy controls. They are the perfect fit for your kitchen countertop. Its round, shiny design makes it easy to store.


  • The product may not be suitable for a large household, due to its small size.

The Technology Used in Chefman Air Fryer

The Chefman oil-free air fryer comes with all the features that you need to ensure your foods are prepared with little or no oil. It has a rapid technology feature that not only makes your meal healthy but delicious at the same time. In essence, the food prepared in the air fryer tastes precisely like that of your regular fried foods, with less oil, which is good for the heart.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Chefman Air Fryer

Air fryers are made with different components and features. All Chefman air fryers differ in certain functions. So it is only natural that you consider certain factors before choosing an air fryer.

Know Your Needs

As you know, Chefman offers a variety of air fryers from the oil-free ones to high-end ones. They also come in different sizes with different functionalities. So you should consider Chefman air fryer based on the quantity of food that you want to prepare.

Modes of an Air Fryer

There are two modes of an air fryer available in the market - single and combo types. The single model is designed to do just an only job like frying. Combo air fryers are versatile as they can fry, roast, bake, and do other cooking.

Easy to Clean

How easy it is to clean an air fryer depends on the material used in making such an air fryer. Most Chefman air fryers are easy to clean as they are dishwasher-safe. Hygiene is essential when using an air fryer. It prolongs the lifespan of the fryer.

Removable or Non-removable Basket

Removable and non-removable basket have their benefits. For example, non-removable baskets help cleaning easier, whereas removable baskets don't. Most Chefman air fryers come with flat baskets that enhance space-saving.

Check the Extra Functionalities

Some exclusive features can come with Chefman fryers. For example, some models have manual temperature control, timer, etc. All these are additional features that can make the air fryer efficient in cooking.

How Do You Use it?

The Chefman is easy to use. However, you need to take some steps before you can start using it.

  1. Make sure you place the air fryer on a non-conducting surface.
  2. Ensure the air fryer is cleaned. Place the ingredients in the basket and the dish that you want to cook according to the fryer’s capacity.
  3. Adjust the temperature and times. If your dish needs preheating, there is an option for that.
  4. Once the cooking process commences, you can shake the fryer to give it a toss.
  5. Remove the tank and basket after the timer goes off. Check your food by pressing the eject button. You have to be careful while removing the basket to avoid oil spilling on your skin.

How Do You Clean It? Is It Easy to Clean?

Chefman Express Air Fryer, Rapid Hot-Air Technology, Ultra quiet, Includes Recipe Book, Minimum Temperature 180°F to Maximum 390°F, Black - RJ38
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The Chefman air fryer is dishwasher-free, which makes it easy to clean. Ensure you properly disconnect the air fryer before cleaning.

Steps to Clean  the Air Fryer

  • Keep the appliance clean every after use
  • At first, turn off the unit. Then unplug it from the outlet. After that allow time to cool completely.
  • TIP: After the unit turns off, remove the tank from the unit to make cool quickly.
  • Use a soggy cloth to clean the outside unit housing. Do not go through the unit into water or other liquid or never rinse under running water.
  • Remove the tank and the fryer basket. Then wash with hot water, soap or a nonabrasive sponge. You may use degreasing liquid to remove grease.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning sponges or materials to clean the tank and the basket. As this may leave scratching or damage the nonstick coating.
  • TIP: If you see dirt stuck at the bottom of the tank or to the basket, pours hot or soapy water into the tank. Soak the tank approximately ten minutes to remove the dirt or stuck.
  • Tank and the fryer basket are dishwashers safe. But the unit is not dishwasher safe.
  • Use a cleaning brush or cloth to clean the heating element.
  • Clean inside of the appliance with a nonabrasive sponge or with hot soapy water.
  • If you hear the timer bell ring, be sure the set time is finished. Take the tank out of the unit. Then put on a heat resistance surface and check the elements are ready or not. If you see the ingredients are not ready, normally slide the tank back in the appliance and again set the timer for some additional time.
  • If you like to remove ingredients, take away the fryer basket from the main unit and keep it on a solid or heat resistant surface like a countertop. Press the eject button to release the fryer from the tank. You can use a bend or tongs to remove made food, turn over the basket to keep food on a plate or utensil.
  • Handling at the time of hot food in the tank and basket, use ultimate caution. Excess oil may drip into the tank at the time of preparing greasy foods

How Does the Chefman Air Fryer Work?

The Chefman air fryer uses hot hair, generated from heating, to cook your food. The hot hair circulates the air fryer and around the food. So you don' have to turn the food on different sides to get it properly done. Just plug the air fryer to a power source and start using it.

How Does It Compare to Other Models?

Chefman Air Fryer vs. Power Air Fryer Oven

The Chefman air fryer and the power air fryer oven are both decent cookers that can help out a lot in the kitchen. The power air fryer cooks healthy meals with its fast heating technology. However, Chefman is a more affordable option.

Chefman Express
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Chefman Air Fryer vs. Philips XL

The Philips XL is another good air fryer out there in the market. It's more prominent than the Chefman. But If you consider affordability when purchasing, the Chefman is the winner here.

Safety Instruction of Chefman Oil Free Air Fryer

  • To save from electric shock, do not enter plug, appliance or cord in water or other liquids. Besides be sure do not enter any liquid into the appliance.
  • It is not good to overfill fryer basket with foods. Let not permit food to come in contact directly with heating coils.
  • At the time of operation of the appliance, do not cover the air outlet and the air inlet.
  • At the time of operation of the unit do not touch inside of the unit.
  • You must not fill the tank with oil as there is the possibility of a fire hazard.
  • The appliance is designed to use only for household, not for commercial utilize at all.
  • Be sure the power supply voltage corresponds to the setting of the appliance.
  • Try to avoid using an extension cord.
  • Better not to use the outdoor.
  • Please do not operate any unit with a plug-in or damaged cord or after the unit malfunctions or damaged or dropped in any way. Give back the appliance to the selling point. Don’t obtain the appliance except yourself.
  • Do not keep the cord hanging.
  • By pulling on the cord do not unplug the unit.

Chefman Oil Free Air Fryer Recipes-  Grilled Endive in Curried Yogurt Marinade


  • six heads Belgian endive
  • one teaspoon garlic powder (or 2 cloves minced garlic)
  • three tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Half teaspoon curry powder
  • half cup plains fat-free yogurt
  • Half teaspoon ground black pepper
  • Half teaspoon salt


Clean the halves endives slightly by the root end. After, mix all the elements. If you like thin with lemon juice. Or you may toss the endive halves in the marinade, or you may brush them well. Cover it and wait for thirty minutes.

Full video review and test of Chefman Air Fryer- Space Saving Flat Basket

Chefman Oil Free Air Fryer (FAQs)

1. Is Chefman a Good Air Fryer?

The Chefman Air Fryer is an excellent air fryer for its price. It uses rapid air technology to prepare healthy, crispy dishes using little or no oil. Above all, it cooks food faster than the average air fryer in the market.

2. Do You Put Oil In an Air Fryer?

There would be no need for adding oil when making food with your Chefman air fryer. However, you can add a little if you wish.

3. Can You Put Aluminum Foil In the Air Fryer?

Well, that depends on the food you are cooking. You can wrap most foods in aluminum foil and put them in the air fryer, and the air fryer does the cooking. However, you need to seal the wrap properly for the safety of the food.

4. Is Chefman’s Air Fryer Better Than the Oven?

They both have their uniqueness. However, the air fryer cooks faster, and that saves time, unlike the traditional oven.

5. What Type of Food Items Do Chefman’s Air Fryers Cook?

The Chefman air fryer can cook several foods such as vegetables, fries, pizzas, etc.

Final Thoughts

Eating crispy food without oil is the best thing that can ever happen to you. Chefman is one of the leading brands that is known for manufacturing excellent kitchen appliances like air fryers. Chefman oil-free air fryer is an excellent choice for those who want to live healthier and longer.

With its cutting-edge features, the Chefman air fryer is one kitchen equipment that will give you control over how much oil you need in your food. In this Chefman Oil Free Air Fryer Review, we highly recommend this product for your cooking needs.

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