3qt Aria Air Fryer Review: The Nonstick Coating Is Amazing!

Author: Chester P. Rector
July 14, 2022

Suppose you are working late at the office. Why not having takeout? So, you buy takeout and reach home. Of course, the food will not be hot. But while putting the fried chicken in the oven, the crispiness turns into a Soggy and soft texture.

Then how will you get hot food without damaging the surface? A new technology named Aria air fryer is here. Aria air fryer is also an oven. It will not only keep your fries crunchy, and also will make them taste the same as the fresh ones. It is a small oven with a high concentrated heat source. In this article we will discuss about the Aria Air Fryer Reviews.


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Current home Aria10 Qtr. An air fryer oven is the all in one solution for baking, frying, reheating, toasting, and making grill. It comes with eight cooking presets and an LED touchscreen for different items.

It is designed with three cooking sections that ensure your large space for preparing three types of foods at a time. This Aria air fryer can prepare food quicker than a general oven. It lets you cook uniformly by 360 degrees.


My whole family loves to use modern aria air fryers. Now we cook vegetables, crispy chicken, perfect French fries in its home. The fryer oven has impressive features that will give you a perfect recipe. The cleaning process of the accessories is very simple. You can easily clean the appliance by using hot water and soap. Highly recommended.


  • It can reduce fat from your food.
  • It helps to reduce the extra oil and saves cooking time.
  • The modern home Aria air fryer has three mesh trays that will allow the user to cook different items at a time.
  • The air fryer can spin 360°. So, you can make your whole juicy chicken into a crispy one in one snap.
  • The accessories of the modern home aria air fryer oven are dish-wash friendly. So, you can easily clean the parts after using the fryer.
  • The LED touchscreen allows you to adjust cooking time and temperature.
  • You can see the meal cooking with an expansive steam-resistant window.
  • It features auto-shutoff sensors that help to close the door safely.


  • Unplug the cords for switching off the device.

The all-in-1 Aria Air Fryers ATO-898 oven air fryer can decrease the excess amount of oil and fat from your cooked foods. You can easily replace your traditional fryer with this.

This appliance comes with a lifetime warranty. So, don’t worry about the repair cost. Make your favorite snacks without any hassles and preserve them.


I cooked up some vegetables with the Aria air fryer and loved its fast performance.  You can remove and clean the crumb tray. It has a large basket. So, with the help of the ATO-898 Toaster Oven Air Fryer you can prepare a huge amount of food without any effort.


  • The ATO-898 toaster oven air fryer has two grills. So, you can make your favourite items as much as you want.
  • It dehydrates fruits. Thus it allows the user to preserve fruits or vegetables.
  • The device is designed with an LED screen that helps you to see the ingredients clearly from outside.
  • The Aria air fryer boosts immunity by reducing fat and makes the meal healthy.


  • Put off the device by unplugging from the socket.

The AAO-890 oven 10 Qt Aria air fryer can fit to decrease the amount of excess oil from your food. It has different cooking sections that allow you to cook as you wish.

The steam resistant window option helps you to check the whole cooking process.

Review: I love the AAO-890 Oven Aria air fryer. It has the dehydration mode that I like most. It can do everything you need, such as a grill to bake. Price worthy!


  • AAO-890 Air fryer will preserve your food efficiently.
  • This Aria air fryer has a lifetime warranty from manufacturer.
  • It has rotating features that help to cook uniformly.
  • A cookbook will be provided with the package. From this book can try new dishes and give surprise to your near one.


  • It requires large space to accommodate.

The Aria 7 qt air fryer is all one fryer that will work as a deep fryer, microwave, toaster, or a convection oven. It makes crispier food in just a few seconds and meet our hunger.

It has a vast capacity like 5.0lb chicken, 4lb fries or wings can be cooked in the device. This fryer can make any item such as steak, vegetables, rolls, or meatballs in half time than a conventional oven.


The Aria air fryer requires less cooking time than any conventional oven. The cleaning process is very simple, and anyone can do it. You can do French fries, grill, or cook vegetables in less time. Air Fryer makes my daily life easy.

It's beyond my expectation. It is highly recommended!


  • The Aria air fryer can reduce fat from your food and also removes the extra oil.
  • The fryer comes with a 2-Tier Rack that allows you to cook different food items at a time.
  • The stainless steel rack increases the cooking space, and thus you can prepare many dishes at a time.
  • The Aria air fryer has a Baking Pan that is suitable for making cakes, omelets, cookies, or many more items.
  • It has a vast capacity like 5.0lb chicken, 4lb fries or wings can be cooked in the device.
  • This fryer can make any item such as steak, vegetables, rolls, or meatballs in half time than a conventional oven recipes.


  • After several uses, plastic may come out from the device.

Aria air fryer 30qt provides a different cooking mode. It reduces cooking time by up to 30%. The fryer is designed with six heating options that provide heat evenly.

The LED touchscreen comes with ten cooking presets for different items. The dehydration mode of the Aria 30qt air fryer allows you to store the vegetables or fruits as you need more time as you want.


Aria 30 qtr. Air fryer fits my counter beautifully. It doesn't need much space. So, you can place it anywhere. I can say undoubtedly that the appliance can replace a large oven. You can cook any sized item in this fryer oven. I like to make French fries, chicken wings, and vegetables in the Aria air fryer. The Aria air fryer comes with different cooking modes that will allow you to cook different items in one snap.


  • Aria 30qt air fryer features a removable drip and crumb tray. They collect excess oil and chunks of food.
  • The fryer has automatic shutdown technology that assures the security of using the appliance.
  • It has stainless steel accessories that are dishwasher-friendly. You can easily clean the parts with hot water and soap.
  • It reduces extra fat and oil from the food.


  • You have to unplug to turn off the appliance.

Aria air fryer toaster oven

Aria's Air Fryer Toaster Oven uses air heating technology to cook in less time than a large oven. It has two cooking modes for baking, frying, rotisserie, reheating, and grilling. It works by reducing the fat up to 90% and eliminating the oil of food in just seconds.

Dehydration mode helps to preserve fruits, vegetables, and meat also. It has a cool handle with an easy to open gripper. The removable charcoal filter helps to get a smoky flavour. You can adjust the temperature and cooking time, and your food will be ready—no need to give extra effort.

How Does Aria Air Fryer Work?

Aria air fryer provides faster cooking performance. This device works by circulating hot air with a fan. It uses hot air techniques in a fryer basket. The rapid hot air circulation makes food crispy.

Its working process is straightforward. You need to add a half tablespoon oil, and the appliance will make the food brown and crispy. If you put more oil, the perfect crunchiness will be gone.

Aria air fryer requires low maintenance. You never get any odours, after finishing your cooking.

How to use Aria Air Fryer?

You should use the Aria air fryer by maintaining some steps. The basic techniques of using the machine given below-

Power: At first, press on the control of the appliance

Before starting the Aria air fryer, plug the appliance into a wall socket by placing it on a straight, and smooth surface.

Setting the presets: Press the On/Off button for setting up a preset. After presetting, press on to start the fryer

Setting Cooking TimePress the On/Off button of the air fryer. Adjust the cooking temperature along the cooking time and relax.

Product Details

Aria Air Fryer comes with many that help to improve cooking. The accessories are-

1. Rotisserie:

Rotisserie helps to roast a whole chicken at a time by rotating it at a 360° angle. This rotation provides you with cooked meat a few times.

2. Basket and Mesh Trays:

The air fryer comes with a rotating air fryer basket. Thus, your food will get even heat on both sides. Three mesh trays of this appliance will split your food into different sections. So, you can cook fish, vegetables, and meat at a time.

3. Dehydrator:

The mesh tray allows you to preserve your foods in dehydration mode. So, you can preserve your meat, fruits, and vegetables by using this technique.

Safe Accessories

All the accessories of the Aria air fryer are stainless steel made. They are FDA approved and Teflon free. It adds no effect on the smell or taste of the food.

Hot water and soap can wash the accessories correctly. Thus it saves valuable time that you need to give for any other cooking appliance.

Is Aria a Good Air Fryer?

Aria air fryer is an excellent air fryer for daily use. Before cooking, add a teaspoon or two of oil in the basket that will enhance the flavour of fries. The little amount of fat helps to make brown and breakable items.

The Aria air fryer uses a heating mechanism, and a fan circulates the hot air around the food. The extra-hot cooking chamber provides crispy texture food in a short time. Thus, an aria air fryer saves your time.

Considering all the facts, we can say the Aria air fryer is good.

Is Aria Air Fryer Really Worth It?

Of course, the Air fryer has some benefits. They are-

1. Healthy Meals:

You need to use a little number of oils in this appliance. The hot air technology eliminates excess fat from the food.

2. Low cooking time:

Aria air fryer can cook faster. So, you will get a healthy meal in a few moments.

3. Easy to Use:

Aria air fryers are easy to operate. Adjust the cooking temperature, and get your food ready.

4. Space-Saving:

Aria air fryers are compact.

How Do I Clean My Aria Air Fryer?

When we do deep-frying, our whole kitchen will become a mess. Everything near the fryer will seem dirty. Air fryers may keep your kitchen clean.

The cooking basket of the air fryers helps to eliminate fat, grease, and oil from the oil pan. You should clean the air fryer after daily use.


A. Before First Use:

Before first time use, you should clean your Aria air fryer. Remove all the packaging materials such as labels, tape, and plastic.

First, you should clean racks, baskets, and other accessories of the air fryer by using warm water. Use a non-abrasive sponge to remove the coating of the grill rack, frying basket, stirring arm. Abrasive sponges may cause scratches. So, do not do these for cleaning the air fryer's accessories.

B. After Use:

You should clean the whole fryer immediately after use. After use, let the appliance cool for 30 minutes. By removing the frying basket and other frying accessories may help to fasten the cooling process. Clean the grill rack, frying basket, and stirring arm with hot water and soap.

Clean the internal parts with hot water and an abrasive sponge but clean the outer body with a damp cloth. Remove the stacked food by using an abrasive brush.

Finally, dry the accessories and install them in their place.

Aria Air Fryer Manual

Aria air fryers are easy to operate. But you should use it in the recommended way and do proper cleaning and maintenance. For following the manufacturer's guidelines, you can use the Aria air fryer for a long time.

Storing the Air Fryer

After cleaning, store the Aria air fryer in a safe place. Let the appliance cool for thirty minutes. While holding, place the air fryer in an upright position. Keep the cords in the storage compartment.

Aria Air Fryer Maintenance

After regular cleaning, the air fryer needs some maintenance too.

Before use, you should check the cords. Don't plug a damaged cable into the socket. It may cause you injury or death. So, make sure it is damage free.

The food area should be kept clean. If the parts of the device will be dirty, bacterial growth may happen. Place the air fryer on a level surface near the socket.

Place the foods in two batches that will help to cook evenly.

Carefully inspect the basket, pan before and after using. If you find any fault, call the manufacturer (if you have a warranty period) or a repairing service centre.

Aria Air Fryer Problems

Air fryers may have some problems from several uses. If you find any issues, call the repair service centre for repair. Or you can learn air fryer troubleshooting.

Air fryer won't start:

If your air fryer stops working, call the manufacturer or repair service.

Aria Air Fryers AAO-890 Oven Air Fryer, 10Qt, Premium Black review

Final Thoughts

These are all about Aria Air Fryer Reviews. An Aria air fryer can do a lot more different things than a typical oven. Though their structure is the same, an air fryer is a lot more preferable. Because it doesn't decrease the level of food taste, it also increases the taste and appearance.

Plus, an air fryer requires only a small portion of oil to make foods crispy with low calories and keep away from the fat of traditional cooking methods. Theses Aria Air Fryer reviews shows you the details pros and cons the fryer. So, buy an Aria air fryer and lead life tension free.

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