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Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review

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Frying without using oil is a new concept to the people. Does an air fryer truly work? Hot circulating air is applied to prepare food rather than the excess amount of oil.

When you read the reviews of the Avalon Bay hot air fryer, you will be happy to know that the air fryer is good. It will change your view about air fryer. Now the question is it easy for the users? Does it require a lot of effort to cook French fries?

The hot air fryer is a great appeal for us. It is very user-friendly with having two knobs to function it.

Does the taste of the food be nice? I like to say what is the issue of air deep fryer chicken wings which end up tasting limp and soft rather than being moist and crispy, right.

In fact, you will be happy to get wonderful texture and taste of cooked foods. The food is tasty as well as healthy which a must is for us.

Avalon Bay AirFryer with Rapid Air Circulation Technology

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Before Cook

  • Be sure the unit is set to the flat, stable or even place.
  • Notice the voltage of the appliance is same to the main voltage.
  • If you see any damage to the plug or main cord or some other parts, do not use it.
  • Let not plug the appliance into the earthed wall socket. Be sure the plug is inserted into the wall socket quietly.
  • Do not connect it to the external timer switch.
  • Should not keep the unit very close to the combustible materials like curtain or tablecloth.
  • Do not keep the appliance against other appliances or the wall. Keep four inches’ free space on the back and four inches’ space over the appliance.
  • Do not keep anything on the top of the appliance
  • Keep the cord and unit out of the reach of the children.
  • Do not take it to unauthorized person for repairing damaged cord

At the time of Cooking

  • Keep all foods in the basket to resist any contact with the heating materials.
  • At the time of working do not cover the air inlet or outlet
  • Do not fill the pan with the oil; it may cause a fire.
  • At the time of working do not touch the inside of the appliance
  • Do not operate the appliance unmindfully. At the time of hot air frying, there comes the hot steam through the air outlet opening. So keep your face and hand far from the hot air outlet opening to avoid burning.
  • Keep the foremost cable far from the hot surface
  • Be cautious of the air and stream to remove the pan from the appliance.

Top Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review

avalon bay air fryer review

Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer100B AirFryer offer you the best kind of food that you like. It helps you to bake, fry, roast or grill for your family.

You will get revolutionary experience with the fryer. The AirFryers mini convection works in a similar way as the traditional oven.

But be sure the taste is better in the AirFryer. The way of working of the AirFryer as follows:

The fan technology circulates oils and fat from the food.

AirFrys makes the airborne food making a coat with it. It can continuously all through the process.

You should not use oil for your cooking. Meaning that you use it to fewer calories or less waste or less guilt.

Rapid Air Circulation Technology, the Air Fryer, has a high-speed circulation of the air to cook food.


  • Less petroleum consumption: Collecting meals employing this air fryer involves using relatively less petroleum, unlike the massive skillet system which utilizes excessive amounts of oil.
  • Minimal focus: It comes with a 30-minute timer which automatically switches into standby mode if the cooking time is complete. This negates the need by the consumer to be independently physically present to run it.
  • long-lasting: Each of the components parts and components of the air fryer are made from sturdy materials which are extremely resistant to the elements of tear and wear.
  • Cheap: Although this appliance is made of quite large quality, it’s affordable and can be therefore within the easy reach of several prospective buyers/users.


  • Bulky: Together with measurements measuring 13.5 inches by 11 inches deep by 12.8 inches broad and weight of 14 lbs (6.35 kg), this air fryer is somewhat bulky. Perhaps it doesn’t give the convenience required for smooth relocations.
  • The machine does absorb 1400 watts/120 volts of electric energy as has Been said. However, this is way too high and consequently exerts higher Utility invoices on you, the consumer.

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Benefits Of Avalon Bay Air fryer 

Several the top Advantages of the air fryer are as follows:

Highly Versatile

This air fryer is so designed as to adapt many accessories, all who have the following impacts of raising its performance, i.e., the selection of applications to which it could be placed.

You, the potential consumer, are consequently granted the power and liberty to utilize the air fryer for many cooking related jobs in a single streamlined package.

Fantastic Results

The use of the appliance guarantees you of exceptional results as a result of its rapid air flow and the robust XL fan technology.

The fast airflow technology provides hot air to the burner for dispersing the oil into the meals whereas the strong XL enthusiast technology eliminates excess minerals and fats in the meals.

Besides, the timer additionally makes sure that the groundwork of the meals is reasoned in time and so removes burns.

Endless Cooking Choices

The machine is equipped with the capacity to perform several cooking jobs. Because of this, it frees you a significant advantage in the sense that it reduces the wastage of time which you would have been invested in switching from 1 appliance to another.

What’s more, besides, it provides you maximum value for the quantity of money spent because it gives you the advantages of various sorts of cooking gear in a streamlined package.


For many practical purposes, this air fryer is the surest method of preparing the most wholesome foods, particularly the ones which are either partially or entirely devoid of surplus fat.

Besides, this is made possible by the removal of the necessity to completely immerse the meals in petroleum as is true of heavy frying. Additionally, it gets rid of extra fat during the powerful XL enthusiast technology.

This is the appliance of choice in the event you’re a fan of fried foods but are eager to not predispose to the dangers of a heart attack as well as obesity.

Great product, certainly meets my needs

I was much skeptical to buy the fryer. It has important quality compare with the others two. I have tried to cook chicken three times and the result I got more than my expectation. The cleaning system is very simple.

I have tried two times to release button to improve the basket.

Stop the timer setting of the fryer then pulled out the contents and applied seasoning. I have tried to fry homemade fires, but the result is negative. It got burned.

You need to follow the instruction of the booklet very well. I do not like the fryers more; even I do not care about it.

The price of the fryer is very reasonable and buy this fryer for your family. You will do it very easily. The new fryer makes fish, meat, and chicken very well and enjoys healthy cooking.

Why you choose Avalon Bay air fryer

The Avalon Bay Airfryer has the compact and straightforward design. The fryer has a non-slip foot which can sit in any place. The nonstick basket of the fryer allows distributing heat all the parts equally.

Why you choose Avalon Bay air fryer

Therefore you will enjoy healthy cooking. The handle of the fryer is much comfortable to carry from one place to another or simply to store. The fryer has overheated protection which is a good thing. It is very trendy and sleek.

The size is 12.75″ h x 11.00″ w x 13.50″ and 14.00 pound. The Avalon Bay Air Fryer comes with a glossy finish, and the get up is better than any other air fryer on the market now.


Avalon Bay Hot Air Fryer Ease of Use

At the time of cooking, there is no flipping of food. There is no possibility of getting scalded by the hot oil. Almost all the works are done inside the Avalon Bay air fryers machine.

It has the right time and temperature setting, so no reason to be over the brunt of foods with the fryer.

It comes with two buttons one is for the timer, and the other is for cooking temperature. You can add time maximum thirty minutes and the range of temperature 200 to 400-degrees F.

The system of adding temperature is not as easy as you think. The temperature jumps from 176, 248, 320, 356 and 392 degrees. The number may seem same, but sometimes it is odd. Recipes have no number like 248-degree F.

Avalon Bay Hot Air Fryer Ease of Use

Suppose food needs 300 degrees. The adjustment is 248 degrees. As a result, cook for an extended period. Then jump to 320 degrees for a short time.

It has a heating indicator light and a power indicator light. When the heating element switches the heating light blinks and off and on option, maintain the temperature setting.

The fixing timer will turn off the system automatically when the time is over. This is an extra benefit of the fryer.

You do not need to stand before the fryer to see what is going on. You may spend this time on some other works. Standing before a cooking system is not very comfortable or appealing. There are some other points for which this is great.

You may just prepare food items then keep it in the cooking basket. You do not need to add more oils to the meat.

The oils with it will help to finish the cooking. Only one tablespoon of oil is enough to make grilling vegetables tastier and crunchy.

You have the option to change the time, or you may add a chance to cook if you’re like so. On the halfway to the cooking, you can cook it.

Some foods require shaking in the middle of cooking it. At the time of shaking food, do not press the release button as it can separate the drip tray from the basket.

Yes, By the help of the hot air fryer, you may able to make grill bake, roast, and fry by using one tablespoon of oil but not with any oil, the food is healthy as well.

Table 1: Avalon Bay Air Fryer features

 avalon bay air fryer review

Noncompulsory Accessories

Accessory Pack for Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer100

There is a frying pan, a dual rack and a baking dish with it. The rack helps to increase the space so that you can keep more foods.

The size of the pan is 6.5 in diameter. The surface will aid you to cook well such as pancakes. The baking pan had good depth and made to make cakes as well as bread.

The surface is nonstick to clean easily. Use silicone utensils to avoid damage is the suggestion of the manufacturer.

Other Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer

There are two types of air fryer in the market one is Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100W, and other is Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100R.

Other Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer

Most of them are similar in the size and quality. You can buy any one of them. I assume you will purchase one of them to use in your kitchen.

Troubleshooting of Avalon Bay


  • The air fryer does not start

Conceivable Cause and Solution

  • Never plug the unit into the electric outlets.
  • Connect the cord to a good electric outlet.
  • You do not require to set the timer.
  • To get the desired time switch on the timer button.


The pan does not adjust into the unit well.

Reason and Solution

  • You have kept a huge amount of food in the basket.
  • Do not fill beyond maximum indicator.
  • You have not put the basket over the pan accurately.
  • Push the basket into the pan until you hear clicks.


  • White smoke may come from the unit.

Possible cause and solution

You can cook greasy food

If you cook greasy food, a lot of oil will be stored in the pan. This excess oil will create white smoke, and the pan becomes overheat than usual. This has no effect on the appliance.

Still, you will find grease residue from the previous use.

Grease burns up, and white smoke comes out from the pan. Clean the pan properly from every and each use.


  • The food does not fry well.

Possible cause and solution

Some foods need to be shaken on the half at the time of cooking

Food that is on the top of or crossing each other requires shaking halfway at the time of preparing it


Avalon Bay Air fryer review


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Final Verdict

The Avalon Bay air fryer would seem a time saver as it can cook fast and you need not watch the food inside it while in the air fryer. The majority of the foods will take up to 30 minutes to cook well.

Air fryer is much faster than the oven if you compare closely. Take like some baking mini pies. This is the view of the customer’s review; her mini pies cook quicker in the air fryer for ten minutes and which is not measuring more time to preheat the oven. It means that extra twenty minutes will be needed for the fryer.

The metal mesh cooking basket as well as drip tray are dishwasher safe and make washing up hassle free.

The Avalon Bay fryer is cheaper than both Tefal and Philips models. There are many differences in price thinking that they are more or less having similar characteristics.

Think more about this modern home kitchen air fryer. It is very versatile. Moreover, it may cook various types of food hassle free and quick. The air fryer is a wonderful addition for busy women. Those who have limited counter space or small kitchen, it will fit easily. One can easily bake, grill, roast, and fry food by this air fryer.

Small children of the families like healthier Fish fingers and French fries than the foods child like to enjoy at home just now. If you see more oil at the bottom of the drip tray when cooking is over, you will be happy that you are giving air food rather than deep fried foods for your children.

Spending the money for Avalon Bay hot air fryer means investing for your health. Greaseless deep frying in the air fryer is a healthier option than deep frying in oil by the conventional way.

The air fryer is usually a healthy cooking method than high calories oil fried foods.

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