The Avalon Bay Air Fryer [A Comprehensive Review]

Author: Chester P. Rector
July 14, 2022

Do you enjoy eating fried food? Or are you looking for a way to do away with the extra fat and calories? Plus, trying to avoid the stress of cleaning after cooking, then Avalon bay air fryer is your best option.

Air fryers have become a lifesaver when it comes to cooking. In addition to other cooking appliances, it is safe and easier to cook with. Its usage has increased over the years, which is a result of its easier and more convenient cooking method. They also offer guiltless fried meals.

If you need a quality and affordable air fryer for cooking your meals, then you must read Avalon bay air fryer review. Avalon bay air fryer offers high quality, cost-effective products that will enable you to get the best out of your cooking and frying experience without stress. There are one of the most popular air fryers in the market due to their advanced cooking technology.

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review

Avalon Bay Air Fryer, For Healthy Fried Food, 3.7 Quart Capacity, Includes Airfryer Baking Set and Recipe Book, AB-Airfryer100B

If you love to have delicious fries without the fat content, then you have more reasons to love Avalon bay air fryer. This air fryer will help you reduce your fatty food intake to as little as 80 percent.

The fryer comes with a high-speed fan technology that fries meals by circulating hot air to give a perfectly cooked, crispy, delicious meal. Also, to reduce oil usage and help you save more, the air fryer cooks the meal from its fat.

Its temperature of 180-400 degrees F makes it easy for you to cook various meals of your choice. Also, it comes with a thirty minutes timer to give you cooking accuracy and a 1400 watts/ 120 volts power that makes your cooking faster.

Get ready for more thrills while using this fryer as it will give you an exceptional and quality food with its 3.7-liter capacity just enough to cook for you and your family on a go. Plus, a removable basket for easy food transfer.

This fryer stands as a better and healthy alternative to deep fryers as it comes with a non-stick baking pan, free recipe book, and a multi-use rack. Additionally, if you are not content with your purchase, the company has a 90-day return policy and a one year guarantee.


  • Healthy cooking- The air fryer will give you a healthy, low-calorie meal with the same effect as that of the deep fryer with its fast air distribution technology.
  • Fast cooking- The adjustable temperature and wattage of the fryer make it cook your meals faster. It also makes it suitable for cooking at your desired temperature, leaving your meals juicy and crispy.
  • Zero meal burn- When your meal finishes cooking, the air fryer has an automatic shut-off feature that turns off when your meals finish cooking.
  • Large cooking capacity- The 3-7 liter cooking bowl makes it large enough to cook for the whole family at once.


  • Adjusting to the usage of the air fryer can be a little challenging. However, with frequent usage and following the user manual, you will soon gain mastery of it.

Design features of Avalon Bay Hot Air Fryer

Design Features Of Avalon Bay Hot Air Fryer
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Healthier Frying option

The Avalon Bay air fryer offers a great cooking option through its fat technology by using the fat and oil produced from your meat. So, you don't have to worry about additional oil, thus, producing a low caloric meal.

Ease of Use

Operating the Avalon Bay air fryer is easy as it involves two dials. One for adjusting the temperature and the other for setting the time. It also has a non-slip, removable basket for secure food transfer with an easy to clean stainless finish.

Safety Features

The total makeup and design of the Avalon bay air fryer are safe. The air fryer comes with a built-in timer, non-BPA plastic interiors, and a non-slip removable basket. Also, it's low-fat meal option makes it an even more safe and healthy cooking choice.


The device has an easy release button that divides the switch from the drip tray. It also comes with a dual rack for cooking multiple foods at the same time and a frying pan. These devices are also dishwasher safe.

Rapid Air Circulation Technology

The Avalon Air fryer concept comes with some very creative technology, which makes it stand-out from other air fryers out there. Its unique heating and circulatory technology is what takes out the oil from the food and drains it through the basket. Thus, giving the meal a crispy look on the outside and a juicy taste on the inside. Just like what you get from using the conventional deep fryer.

Digital Displaying Screen

The digital cooking interface just above the two-dial temperature and time settings give you a preset temperature for cooking various meals.

Large Capacity

The air fryer contains 3.7 quarts circular mesh basket, which is sufficient to cook about 4-6 chicken drumsticks. The device is approximately 3.5" deep and 8" wide.

How does the Avalon Bay fryer work?

The Avalon Bay fryer has powerful heating and fan technology situated on the upper region of the device. When it heats up, the circulating fans carry the heat evenly to every area of the food and ensure it is well cooked.

Afterward, it dries out the fat and from the meat and allows it to drop into the pan below the circulating fan. The hot air then takes these hot oil droplets and cooks the food with them.

This whole process occurs in a short time. So, instead of cooking with extra oil, the Avalon Bay air fryer cooks from with that of the food, leaving less grease and smelling your food.

However, food with less oil like vegetables will require some number of vegetables, and fresh potatoes will require some amount of oil to commence the cooking process to have a better taste.

How To Use this Avalon Bay Air Fryer To Bake A Cake?

Baking with the Avalon Bay air fryer is quite easy as frying with it. All you require. After preparing your batter, pour it into the baking pan and insert it into the cooker.

For small cakes, about ten ounces, you can set your temperature and timer at 320 degrees and 20 minutes, respectively. However, if you are making muffins, you will require a lower time and temperature. Say, 15 to 18 minutes, and 392 degrees.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Avalon Bay Hot Air Fryer

Cleaning Avalon Bay Air Fryer
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  • After using the Avalon bay hot air, ensure to clean it after use. First, allow it to cool down. You can take out the pan to make its cooling rate faster.
  • Then, clean the surface of the fryer using a non-abrasive to prevent damaging the surface.
  • Wash the pan and basket using hot, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge. You can use a degreaser to remove oil and grease if they persist. However, if food residue is stuck to the bottom of the pan or basket, fill the pan with hot and mild soapy water, then soak the basket in it for about ten minutes.
  • Also, wipe the interior of the air fryer using hot water and a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Wipe the heating element with a soft brush to take out any food residue.
  • Do not immerse fryers into water or allow liquid from entering it to avoid electric shock or short-circuit.
  • Ensure the device is well dried from any liquid before using it.

Before Cook

  • Be sure the unit is set to the flat, stable or even place.
  • Notice the voltage of the appliance is same to the main voltage.
  • If you see any damage to the plug or main cord or some other parts, do not use it.
  • Let not plug the appliance into the earthed wall socket. Be sure the plug is inserted into the wall socket quietly.
  • Do not connect it to the external timer switch.
  • Should not keep the unit very close to the combustible materials like curtain or tablecloth.
  • Do not keep the appliance against other appliances or the wall. Keep four inches’ free space on the back and four inches’ space over the appliance.
  • Do not keep anything on the top of the appliance.
  • Keep the cord and unit out of the reach of the children.
  • Do not take it to unauthorized person for repairing damaged cord

At the time of Cooking

  • Keep all foods in the basket to resist any contact with the heating materials.
  • At the time of working do not cover the air inlet or outlet.
  • Do not fill the pan with the oil; it may cause a fire.
  • At the time of working do not touch the inside of the appliance.
  • Do not operate the appliance unmindfully. At the time of hot air frying, there comes the hot steam through the air outlet opening. So keep your face and hand far from the hot air outlet opening to avoid burning.
  • Keep the foremost cable far from the hot surface.
  • Be cautious of the air and stream to remove the pan from the appliance.

Accessory Pack for Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer100

There is a frying pan, a dual rack and a baking dish with it. The rack helps to increase the space so that you can keep more foods.

The size of the pan is 6.5 in diameter. The surface will aid you to cook well such as pancakes. The baking pan had good depth and made to make cakes as well as bread.

The surface is nonstick to clean easily. Use silicone utensils to avoid damage is the suggestion of the manufacturer.

Troubleshooting of Avalon Bay


  • The air fryer does not start

Conceivable Cause and Solution

  • Never plug the unit into the electric outlets.
  • Connect the cord to a good electric outlet.
  • You do not require to set the timer.
  • To get the desired time switch on the timer button.


The pan does not adjust into the unit well.

Reason and Solution

  • You have kept a huge amount of food in the basket.
  • Do not fill beyond maximum indicator.
  • You have not put the basket over the pan accurately.
  • Push the basket into the pan until you hear clicks.


  • White smoke may come from the unit.

Possible cause and solution

You can cook greasy food

  • If you cook greasy food, a lot of oil will be stored in the pan. This excess oil will create white smoke, and the pan becomes overheat than usual. This has no effect on the appliance.
  • Still, you will find grease residue from the previous use.
  • Grease burns up, and white smoke comes out from the pan. Clean the pan properly from every and each use.


  • The food does not fry well.

Possible cause and solution

  • Some foods need to be shaken on the half at the time of cooking.
  • Food that is on the top of or crossing each other requires shaking halfway at the time of preparing it.

Watch Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review! Best Choice for Your Kitchen

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Review (FAQs)

1. How do you preheat the Avalon Bay Air Fryer?

The Avalon bay air fryer heats fast and does not require preheating. However, if you need to preheat your device, just set your timer for three minutes and press the start button. You can then start cooking your meal when the preheating is complete.

2. What are the benefits of using an Avalon bay air fryer?

The air fryer offers a lot of outstanding qualities, which made it well as one of the well-known air fryers. Some of its benefits include cooking healthy, low-calorie meals, multiple usages, and numerous cooking options.

3. Is the air fryer dishwashable?

Some parts of the air fryer are dishwasher safes like the basket and pan.

4. Can I cook multiple foods with the air fryer?

The air fryer is capable of cooking a variety of meals at the same time with its dual rack compartment.

5. Is the fryer repairable?

Yes. However, it should be given to an expert technician repairer or sent. Do not try to fix the air fryer on your own.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have gotten to the end of Avalon bay air fryer reviews, it is evident that Avalon bay air fryer 100b is a superb product to have in your kitchen.

It is perfect for cooking various types of meals and for other daily usages. Also, the air fryer is easy to use, clean, and maintain as well as conservative.

This device is an excellent choice if you desire to get an air fryer and with a low budget.

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