How To Deep Fry Hot Dogs! Perfectly Crispy Homemade Hot Dogs

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 9, 2024

Most of us are lovers of sandwiches and snacks for different reasons. Some for relaxation, and others for the irresistible taste they get. Do you love to unwind your stress with a couple of crunchy bites? Is your reason for grabbing that hot dog sandwich, the taste it gives? Do you love your hot dogs because they are a source of earning for you?

Deep-fried hot dogs are simply the best! You can bank on that statement. Whatever are your reason(s) for grabbing a crunch of that hotdog, you surely, are not alone. It is yet, a fantastic thing to note that there are different ways to make hot dogs. This article will expose you deep fryer recipe on how to deep fry hot dogs.

What Is A Deep-Fried Hot Dog Called?
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From place to place, different people love to call these different snack names. The meals also have a host of recipes. There is also a different name for the deep-fried hot dog. Ripper is a fond name for deep-fried hot dogs. The slang is a name given to this recipe for this famous snack. The name is from the casings “rip” or burst the hot dog recipe has.

The Difference Between Sausages And Hot Dogs

The Difference Between Sausages And Hot Dogs
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  • The geographical name differences hot dogs have over time spread wide. In New York, some call it sexy hot dogs, while others call it Michigans.
  • Other places have different names for this snack, themselves. Some people even call sexy hot dogs, sausages at times.
  • This interchange in names confuses many of the differences between these two snacks.
  • What then is the difference between both of them?
  • Sausage is simply the name for fast foods that come with spices, ground meat, herbs, and fat, all in a shell cover. Hot dogs, on the other hand, are a kind of smoked, fried, or cooked sausage.
  • Hot dogs also come in various sizes, just like sausages. Some are as small in size as cocktails while there are the large frankfurters also.

What Equipment To Use To Deep Fry Hot Dogs?

What Equipment To Use To Deep Fry Hot Dogs?
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  • You will earn a lot from a well-run hotdog making business. In a single year, you can make an earning running into hundreds of thousands or even a million.
  • All you need to make a successful living from frying hot dogs is an excellent location for your business and the best equipment.
  • Note that your choice of equipment will be a consequence of the amount of space you have in the offering. Another factor that affects your selection of material is the amount of product you plan to make.
  • Depending on the state you reside in, you must also consider how your customers will get their fried hot dogs. Will it be on self-service or requires the service of a cook? Certain states strictly prohibit the self-serve option.
  • You have three different options to select from when choosing equipment to deep fry hot dogs. You can either go for the Rotisserie, the Hot Dog Steamer of the Hot Dog Roller Grill.
  • The Hot Dog Roller Grill is the best option for frying hot dogs. This equipment offers hot dogs vendors an excellent viewing display, even in crowded places like a stadium.
  • The kind of heat the Hot Dog Roller Grill emits when frying hot dogs is another fantastic part. The heat comes out even, on every piece of hot dog on the grill.
  • The equal heat distribution delivers a mouth-watering taste through its aroma, and that is enough to get your stand customers.
  • This equipment comes with slant design rollers. This design makes the presentation of hot dogs even better. That for you, as a vendor, is increased sales.
  • Hot Dog Roller Grills, like other equipment, comes with accessories also. You have a sneeze guard and bun warmers. These accessories make self-service even easier for your customers.
  • This equipment is very efficient. It can help deep-fry hot dogs in less than ten (10) minutes. And this grill can have up to seventy-five (75) deep-fried hot dogs on display.
  • Trust a hot dog roller grill to deliver fantastic space management, excellent display, and an enticing profound frying result. This input is undoubted more sales for you.

How Long Do You Deep Fry Hot Dogs?

How Long Do You Deep Fry Hot Dogs?
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Get your oil heated up to about 360 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 180 degrees in Celsius. Then you can deep fry your hot dogs between two to three minutes. Frying hot dogs on a clean grill or steamer with your preferred toppings is the best way to deep fry hot dogs.

If you desire your deep-fried hot dogs looking browner or with more crisp, a few more minutes won’t hurt. More so, how long you deep fry hot dogs depends on the ingredients, casings, and the hot dog used also

The Best Deep-Fried Hot Dog Recipes- How To Deep Fry Hot Dogs

Best Deep-Fried Hot Dog Recipes
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This section is the crux of this article. This section unveils the rudiments of deep frying hot dogs. To get a full grasp of frying hot dogs, we will kick off with the necessary ingredients needed for a tasty fried hot dog recipe.


  • Twenty pieces of wooden sticks.
  • A liter of oil.
  • Sixty grams of self-rising flour. That is half a cup.
  • A teaspoon measurement of baking powder or salt.
  • A full cup of plain flour.
  • A quarter cup of white sugar.
  • A beaten egg.
  • A quarter spoon of baking soda.
  • One and a quarter cups of buttermilk, which measures 315 ml.
  • 40 g lard of butter (that would be two tablespoons).
  • Twenty hotdogs will be enough.

Steps To Make It

Now that we have covered the list of ingredients you need for a complete fried hot dog recipe, what next? The next part will be a breakdown of how to deep fry a hot dog. Follow through!

Note: it will take you twenty minutes to completely deep fry hot dogs. Fifteen minutes to get prepared and five minutes deep fry.

  • Get your deep fryer heated up to about 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure the wooden sticks you got are in the water. That will prevent burning.
  • Get a massive dish. In this big dish, mix the plain and the self-rising flour with baking soda and powder, then salt.
  • After mixing them well, add butter, egg, and either lard or buttermilk.
  • Shake the mixture very well till it gets smooth.
  • Place this aside and leave it to restyle.
  • While it rests, insert a stick in between the hot dog. That insertion will serve as the handle.
  • Make use of a paper towel to pat the hot dog. That will help the batter stick.
  • Dip the hot dog separately in the batter.
  • Wipe off the more drip.
  • To help the batter stay even when you deep fry, add a little amount of flour around the hot dog.
  • Have the hot dog deep fry in the heated oil for about five minutes till it gets brown and crispy.

The Origin Of The Hot Dog

There’s also been disagreement about when the first hot dog has been created. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council date the hot return to 9th Century BC, since it was said in Homer’s Odyssey.

The Origin of the Hot Dog
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History mentions it may be traced back to the period of this Roman emperor Nero, whose cook called Gaius might have become the very first to connect sausages.

In any event, the sausage was finally brought to Europe, especially Germany. The Germans created the sausage their very own by producing different variations to be appreciated with beer and sauerkraut.

From the 1860s, when German immigrants immigrated to the United States, they introduced their sanity together with them selling them at pushcarts.

Surprisingly, the guy responsible for popularizing the hot dog in the USA was not German. Handwork worked in a hot dog stand on Coney Island, where he left living slicing buns.

He saved enough cash to begin a competing sexy dog stand. His competitor moved out of business because Nathan’s Famous climbed to the very best.

Deep Fried Hot Dog Rolls  - Recipes

Deep fried Hot dog Rolls
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It is our favorite type of food. Make it sure that there is no difference between hot dogs and sausages. Are they same? They are same in my country. I expect you will enjoy the recipe more.


  • 1 Egg
  • Three stick Hot-dogs
  • Six slice Bread
  • Four hundred fifty grams Breadcrumbs (or more – as needed)


  • Flatten white bread by applying the rolling pin
  • Slice hot dogs in half
  • Dip it in the egg
  • Wrap the slabbed up hotdogs in the flattened bread

Deep Fry

  • Cover with breadcrumbs
  • Serve it if you like to serve it. I sometimes use cheese sauce

Hotdog Bread Rolls

How To Deep Fry Hot Dogs (FAQs)

1. What Is The Best Oil Temperature To Deep Fry Hot Dogs?

I have my hot dogs on the grill with the oil temperature set to about 180 degrees Celsius (360 degrees Fahrenheit). At this temperature, I get my deep-fried hot dogs in less than six minutes.

2. Can I Air Fry Hot Dogs?

Yes, you can air fry hot dogs. Amazingly, air fried hot dogs taste just as great as grilled hot dogs.

3. Can I Deep Fry A Frozen Hot Dog?

You can deep fry a frozen hot dog as well. It will require extra time in the fryer, however.

4. How Do I Keep Hot Dogs From Splitting?

Make use of forks to create holes all around the hot dogs. Then get them deep-fried on indirect grill heat. The heat can escape through the holes you created.

5. What Are Other Means To Deep Fry My Hot Dogs?

Should there be no grill available, you can make use of a stove or a microwave. However, to use these means, you must take certain precautions.


Deep frying hot dogs to many is a trade. To some others, it is more than that. It is what they love to do. If you deep fry hot dogs as a business, it is best for you to do it just the best way. That is the only way you will give your customers more reasons to come back. Take advantage of this article as it is a complete guide on how to deep fry hot dogs. With the guide provided, you generate the best results with minimal efforts. And, most cost-effectively.

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