How To Troubleshoot Air Fryer Problems And Save Your Meal

Author: Chester P. Rector
December 14, 2023

To reflect your latest upgrade, you decide to acquire a new kitchen tool as the cooking geek you are. You purchase a quality air fryer with a chic look. Things couldn’t look better.

This look gets a flaw the moment the air fryer gets faulty. That is certainly not what you would wish for your highly-priced gadget, but it just happens that way.

Here, we will see how to troubleshoot air fryer problems and avoid a bad experience with an air fryer.

Stop getting all worked out whenever these faults come up with your air fryer. We hope you find a solution to your air fryer problems in this article.

What Is An Air Fryer?

What Is An Air Fryer?
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An air fryer is an electronic gadget for kitchen use that cooks with a convection mechanism. The convection mechanism is a cooking technique through the distribution of hot air around the food.

Air fryers are kitchen tools that serve as advanced options to traditional fryers. This fantastic tool is compact and fits perfectly within your kitchen space.

What Is The Use Of An Air Fryer?

What Is The Use Of An Air Fryer?
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Air fryers are the new versions of the old traditional oil fryers. They deliver fantastic frying results with minimal oil usage and no greasy mess at all.

Air fryers do not fry only, but they are also good cooking, grilling, and baking tools as well. You can trust air fryers to handle the cooking of your:

  • Cheeseburgers
  • French Fries
  • Sausage
  • Chicken Breast
  • Bacon
  • Steak
  • Quiche
  • Chiko Rolls
  • Fish
  • Tandoori chicken
  • Toasted Bread
  • Muffins, cakes, doughnuts, and pies.

Air Fryer Problems and Solutions – Practical

Air Fryer Problems And Solutions - Practical
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Problem-1: Air Fryer Power Problems


This problem can appear in two different ways.

Your air fryer does not come on at all.

Your fryer suddenly goes off while you are still cooking.

First, check out the wall cord outlet. Check if the cord is well connected. If the cable isn’t, then reinsert it. That way, it would get back on again.

If the fryer still goes off in between cooking, probe the outlet’s circuit breaker. And check other options around it before you check the panel itself.

You can also solve this problem by going through your air fryer to know if there is a faulty component. Sometimes, the problem could be a result of a defective power cable or plug. At this stage, a repair shop will come in handy.

The final course is to get a new air fryer. The price is not too high. You can just see the stress and cash you spend in repair shops by getting a new one.

Problem 2: Black Smoke Coming Out Of The Air Fryer.

Black Smoke Coming Out Of The Air Fryer
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In a case where you discover black smoke coming out of your air fryer during use, it is undoubtedly electrical. And to solve the problem, disconnect the air fryer from the plug connection point. It should remain disconnected until the problem gets a solution.

This problem occurs when you cook foods that contain a lot of fats. When the oil content of the fats begins to burn, the black smoke emission follows.

Popping in water in little quantity to the tray’s bottom will get the thing back to a calm state.

Problem-3: Blue Smoke Coming Out Of The Air Fryer


Safety first! Disconnect the air fryer plug to keep yourself safe. This problem is due to an electrical problem.

If this issue comes up within your warranty period, reach out to the manufacturer for inspection. If not, your best option would be a brand new purchase.

Problem-4: Lingering Food Smells

Lingering Food Smells
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Do air fryers smell? Well, they will if your cleaning hygiene is not sound enough.

Always give your air fryer components a deep and thorough wash. That way, whatever smell there lingers on new foods and leaves.

There is always a cleaning guide that comes with that air fryer. Follow the guidelines in the cleaning manual. Some parts are washable using a dishwasher. Some others need a deep, soapy, hot wash.

Do the washing over and over again. And in no time, your dishwasher will get back to that original odorless feel.

Problem-5: Food Not Getting Crispy And Tasty As Expected

Food Not Getting Crispy And Tasty As Expected
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It is an air fryer. The cooking for air fryers is through hot air distribution. This style of cooking leaves a probability of getting a result that is not as crispy or tasty.

The solution is quite easy. Only that, most of you do not take note of it. Every air fryer needs something to help the hot air work better on your food. And that is what you will give to it.

Apply an oil mister or sprayer on your food before you cook them in your air fryer. As long as you want a crispy texture for your food, apply this spray to help your air fryer.

Problem-6: Smoking Air Fryer


Amongst all air fryer problems, this problem is one of the worst. It can make you altogether dislike the air frying method.

But it is as well easy to solve. The problem is due to excess oil residue at the bottom of your air fryer. To solve it, insert anything capable of sucking up the excess oil at the bottom of the air fryer. A slice of bread will come in handy.

You can also try another, straightforward solution. You will rid the excess oil by adding water to the bottom of that fryer’s cooking compartment.

If these do not work, place the fryer carefully below the extractor fan hood of your stove. This option should only be your last resort.

Problem-7: Overcooked or Burned Food

Overcooked or Burned Food
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This problem is always a resultant effect of trying out an oven recipe with an air fryer. The intensiveness of an air fryer will leave you with nothing but a burned or overcooked meal.

So whenever you try out a new recipe on your air fryer, ensure to pay regular checks on the food. Do that often to make sure you do not have overcooked or burned food.

With time, you will get familiar with the appropriate time for your different food on the air fryer. The model of your air fryer also affects the timing for getting your food well cooked.

Problem-8: Air Flow Can Make Things Fly


Ovens do not get this kind of. It is unique to air fryers due to the hot air they use. You discover that the food you cook in there keeps flying around.

This problem occurs with light foods mostly. You stop this problem from happening every time you use your air fryer is essential. There are two ways to solve this problem.

First, lay a rack of second wire over your food. That will keep the food firm through the cooking time. You can also make use of wooden toothpicks to help your food stay on the air fryer while you cook.

Problem-9: Dry Or Not Crispy Food

Dry Or Not Crispy Food
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The solution to this problem is straightforward. Only allow the food to marinate in oil before you pass it on to the air dryer.

That way, the moisture missing out on your food sticks in. Chicken tenderloins work well with this technique, as well as other skinless food or meat.

How to Troubleshoot Air Fryer Problems

How to Troubleshoot Air Fryer Problems
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Before buying the product, it is very very important to know about the product. You must have a complete idea of the safety measure of the fryer at the time of using it.

Using appliances in an improper way increases the risk of disaster, and at the same time, it is a threat to the people around you and yourself. So important to know the way of proper use before occurring any incident.

You should be aware of the safety and health hazard before purchasing an air fryer. The technology is innovative to make the air fryer, so it does not require any oil to cook or to fry food that you keep inside.

It cuts down the fat intake and is safe enough at the same time. At first, it may seem difficult, but gradually you will see that all are very simple and you may be able to cook delicious food with the help of an air fryer.

As the appliance consumes heat, the outer part of the fryer may be hot, it is natural. You need to escape from the heat. The Proper amount of heat is a must for cooking food but do not use overheating which will pose a hazard.

At the same time, you are advised to take necessary safety precautions while handling the appliance. It will keep you safe from accidents.

You should never place anything on top of the appliance.

You are entirely forbidden to use the air fryer with wet hands. It is considered self-explanatory.

In case you need to repair the air fryer, you should better send it to the customer service center.

Do not call in unauthorized personnel to repair it.

You should take the advantage of warranty or ask your manufacturer to replace or repair it.

If the warranty period is over, you may take it to the authorized service center for repairing it. In an emergency situation, you can go to a reliable repair service solution.

Keeping the appliance on a stable surface is forbidden as it may save the appliance from any leak or fall.

Air fryer – Must Be At The Top

The air fryer applies a Rapid air system to cook all types of food that are prepared before or by dunking in the deep-frying fat. Rapid air means hot air.

The new technology circulates high air with more temperature. Fish, pastries, chips, chicken, and some other kinds of food need 200 degrees C.

Rapid air technology leads the young generation to a new path in the cooking system. This is called the new era of the cooking appliance.

The air fryer can cook brown food nicely and hold less fat up to 80 percent compared to the traditional cooking system.

Safety – At the Bottom

Another factor that needs to consider well is the real danger of deep fat frying. Inside the deep fat frying hot oil burns and for this many persons get admission into the hospital in the UK. The estimated number is 2600 in a year for deep fat frying in the UK. It causes 1230 non-fatal casualties and twelve fatalities.

In the US from the year 2008 to 2010 about 164500 household fires a year and 51% of them were caused by oil or grease or fat cooking.

Hot air frying lessens the danger of preparing fried food. The young teenagers handle the air fryer very safely because they can handle micro ovens or toaster ovens.

They can set the time well and can put the pan into the hot oil. At night they come back with a bag of having frozen chops.

How To Troubleshoot Air Fryer Problems? Quick fix – Video

How to Troubleshoot Air Fryer Problems [FAQs]

What Can Be The Reason For My Food Not Cooking Evenly?

This problem can be a result of the airflow not appreciating since hot air circulation is how it works. The air circulation also blocks when you have your food clustered together.

What Do I Do When My Power XL Air Fryer Not Going Off?

This situation is one of Power Air Fryer XL’s problems. The switch is just below the tray. You press it down when you push in the dish. When it fails to work that way, clean it thoroughly, and try it on again.

Is It Safe For Me To Work On My Air Fryer On My Own?

It is safe once you do not mind getting down to electrical workings. You must only follow instructions to the latter.


The truth of the matter is that the air fryer will always be a chic kitchen tool. For someone like me, who is an ardent lover of cooking, I understand the value of this product. It provides you with faster cooking timing as well as easy usage.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back is the issue that might come from time to time.

However, with the list of problems and solutions we liked, we hope to help you out with these issues. Comb through the list of problems and solutions we have here to rid yourself of these needless worries.

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  1. My Power XL airfryer Grill drips small spots of grease out of the bottom onto the countertop. Wipe it off of course and wonder how much grease is built up inside. Unit works perfectly. Just a bothersome problem. Is it possible for me to take the bottom off and be able to reach inside to wipe down every once in a while?

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