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Air Fryer Problems And Solutions

Trouble Shoot


This implies that from time to time you’ll have to purge air fryer issues. Generally, you’ll have the ability to solve all of the common difficulties with your appliance. You can do it with the assistance of the instruction booklet or this page even if you have already recycled it.

Air fryer smells like plastic

“White smoke”: This could alarm anybody as any smoke coming out of a machine ought to. In the event of air fryers, the most probable cause is too much oil or fat in the device.

Attempt to decide whether the smoke is steam or determine how it smells. Does it feel like even a burning clutch or food or an electric fire? Proceed out of your observations and take the smoke.

To put temporarily what was explained at length elsewhere Air fryers do need just a little oil but it is not applied directly into the air fryer. The oil needs to be sprayed for browning and crispness.

Additionally some foods like celery possess an extremely high natural content. There’s a hint, frequently used by professional Chefs of placing the bacon apartment on parchment paper to consume some of that grease it releases. But if one should use an air fryer to cook bacon whatever is questionable.

A beginner air fryer cook cannot be blamed for believing that air-fried bacon won’t be as greasy and giving it a go. But white smoke is going to teach them. Additionally, people new to air skillet frequently feel that if it cooks so well with no pan of warm oil. Adding little additional fat or oil will cause better outcomes. It does not.

No appliance ventilates smoke. An air fryer signals that fat is burning. We did find a person who claimed the smoke is shameful.

Oil smoke usually smells like a dirt fire not an electrical one. If the smoke is black the cause probably is not over oiling.

White Smoke From My Air Fryer


  • From the air fryer, white smoke will come out


The smoke looks like steam. It happens when there is water in food or fat in the food. It happens as water vapors when the fryer circulates hot air.

The color of the smoke is white. You can smell it. If you see there is no odor, it is surely steam. If you feel smell like the fire, quickly unplug the unit.

Otherwise, it may cause a serious accident. Do not try to taste it by plugging the unit again. Take it to the repair shop, or you can buy a new one for your use. Buy a new one with small price is wise enough then to repair the old one.

If you see your food inside fryer is moist, and there are a lot of fats in the food, be sure your fryer is faulty. In such case, the water in the food is vaporizing. It circulates water out of the air fryer.

The problem of the power of the air fryer


  • The fryer does not turn on
  • In the middle of cooking, the air fryer turns off


The problem of power of the air fryer Solution

If the cord connection at the wall is loose, it will be easy to select the problem. You need to reinsert the plug to connect it.

If you air fryer still stops, you need to check the circuit breaker of the outlet. Before you go to the panel, you need to check the other options.

You should be sure what other things are not working. Sometimes you get the fryer, and the power cord may be faulty.

Some models have cord entered the unit. In this case, you need to take it to the repair shop to solve the problem.

The price of the new fryer is not very high. So you can think to buy a new one for saving your time spending in the repair shop.

Black Smoke From My Air Fryer


  • At the time of cooking black smoke come out.


If you found your fryer is very hot, be sure there is an electrical problem in your fryer. Quickly unplug the fryer from the electric outlet. Do not plug it again until your repair the problem.

If you have not sufficient time to waste in the repair shop, you can thing for buying a new one.

There are lots of fryers in the market, and you can find a replacement. You are not only one who is facing this problem.

Many others are also facing the same problems. They are reliably built and fulfill the demand of the registration for UL listed in the USA.

Lingering Food Odor In The Air Fryer


  • At the time of cooking, smell comes out like other food
  • Smell like the food previously cooked with the air fryer


It is a cleaning problem. If you get the troubleshoot problems, it is common to them. In such case take apart the racks, trays and the like.

Clean everything with warm or soapy water or with the dishwasher suggested by the manufacturer.

You need to clean the inside of the fryer where the tray is kept. Clean all the external surfaces.

At the time of cooking, some oils enter into the corners or surfaces. You will find that the lingering smell will go away. You must clean the air fryer regularly to avoid any odor or buildup.

Lack of Crispy Finishes From Air Fryer

  • Finishing the cooking, you will get chewy, Soggy and soft foods
  • At the end of cooking food get dry

Lack of Crispy Finishes From Air Fryer

Solutions of How to Troubleshoot Air Fryer Problems

The texture is the most common problem that faces most of the users. The texture is a significant factor for foods such as fries, steaks, and battered meals.

Most of the air fryer does not need oil to prepare food. But people use a little amount of oil to make the food tastier or for texture.

Because oil can cook food on the edge, but the hot air cannot do so. If you get your food is very soft to the outside, use oil outside of the food to see the result.

Still, you do not get the best result we will suggest you contact the customer care or authentic repair.

How to Troubleshoot Air Fryer Problems

Common Safety Concerns and Misconceptions

Common Safety Concerns and Misconceptions

  • Before buying the product, it is very very important to know about the product. You must have the complete idea of the safety measure of the fryer at the time of using it.
  • Using appliance in an improper way increases the risk of disaster, and at the same time, it is a threat to the people around you and yourself. So important to know the way of proper use before occurring any incident.
  • You should be aware of the safety and the health hazard before purchasing an air fryer.
  • The technology is innovative to make the air fryer, so it does not require any oil to cook or to fry food that you keep inside.
  • It cuts down the fat intake and is safe enough at the same time. At first, it may seem difficult, but gradually you will see that all are very simple and you may able to cook delicious food with the help of an air fryer.
  • As the appliance consumes heats, the outer part of the fryer may be hot, it is natural. You need to escape from the heat. The Proper amount of heat is a must for cooking food but do not use over heat that will pose a hazard.
  • At the same time, you are advised to take necessary safety precaution while handling the appliance. It will keep you safe from the accident.
  • You should never place anything on top of the appliance.
  • You are entirely forbidden to use the air fryer with wet hands. It is considered as self-explanatory.
  • In case you need to repair the air fryer, you should better send it to the customer service center. Do not call in unauthorized personnel to repair it.
  • You should take the advantages of warranty or ask your manufacturer to replace or repair.
  • If the warranty period is over, you may take it to the authorized service center for repairing it. In an emergency situation, you can go to a reliable repair service solution.
  • Keeping the appliance on a stable surface is forbidden as it may save the appliance from any leak or fall.

Air fryer – Must be at the top

Air fryer - Must be at the top

Air fryer applies Rapid air system to cook all types of food that are prepared before or by dunking in the deep frying fat. The rapid air means hot air.

The new technology circulates high air with more temperature. Fish, pastries, chips, chicken and some other kinds of food need 200 degrees C.

Rapid air technology leads the young generation to the new path of the cooking system. This is called the new era of the cooking appliance.

The air fryer can cook food brown nicely and hold less fat up to 80 percent in comparison with the traditional cooking system.

Safety- At the bottom

Another factor that needs to consider well that is the real danger of the deep fat frying. Inside the deep fat frying hot oil burns and for this many persons get admission into the hospital in the UK. The estimated number is 2600 in a year for the deep fat frying in the UK. It causes 1230 non-fatal casualties and twelve fatalities.

In the US from the year 2008 to 2010 about 164500 household fires a year and 51% of them caused by oil or grease or fat cooking.

Hot air frying lessens the danger of preparing fried food. The young teenagers handle the air fryer very safely because they can handle micro oven or toaster ovens.

They can set the time well and can put the pan into the hot oil. At night they come back with a bag of having frozen chops.

Let’s come to the conclusion

An air fryer is a good appliance for every house especially for food lovers who like to eat food with less oil or without oil. The fryer can reduce 80% of oil from foods. So there is no reason to think more about the fat from frying foods.

Someone may think that without oil or less oil food may seem tasteless. This is a wrong idea. You may obtain the taste of real fried food prepared by an air fryer. Therefore, there is no reason to think more about added fat from frying foods.

No more no less. Air fryer is a great thing for those who like to eat fried food in their meals. Cleaning is very simple. Besides the operating system is very easy. You do not have to gather more skill to operate this cooking appliance.

There is a portable version with the air fryer. As a result, you may carry it where you like to take. It fries foods. Not only that, it can cook, bake and grill foods. It is better not to think about the capability of the appliance.

The appliance is a wonderful thing for the food lover, particularly fried food lovers. It has various colors, functions, prices, companies, and capabilities. Therefore having an air fryer is a wise decision.

 How to Troubleshoot Air Fryer Problems

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