How To Fry Turkey Wings and Make Them Super-Hot & Spicy

Author: Chester P. Rector
July 4, 2022

Turkey wings are bigger than the typical hot wings around. They are enormous and delicious. If you want to make turkey wings into hot or buffalo wings, you'll have to cook them and cover in sauce. 

You can either cut the wings into smaller bits or leave them as a whole. But if you cut them into pieces, it is more comfortable to cook and sauce that way.

You can cook your Turkey wings with whatever sauce of your choice, whether pineapple sauce or any other one you desire. You can also enjoy your turkey wings alone on its own.

What Are Turkey Wings?
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Turkey wings are quite different from every other part of the turkey. They are known to be white meat, but they have a richer flavor than turkey legs or breasts. Turkey's wings have the taste of a whole roasted Turkey. Getting turkey wings in the market is not a difficult thing. 

You can find a whole Turkey wing or one that has been divided into wings and the top part of the wing (drumettes). Turkey wings come with a wingtip that comes with it, but you cut it away before cooking. 

What is a deep fryer? 

What Is A Deep Fryer?
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A deep fryer is a kitchen tool that is used for deep frying. The deep-frying method of cooking involves immersing the whole food into oil at a high temperature, between 350-375°F. A deep fryer is used in commercial kitchens, but it also comes in small sizes for household use.

How to select Turkey wings for deep fry

How To Select Turkey Wings For Deep Fry
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Deep frying Turkey is a fast way of cooking that is popular. The Turkey comes out very soft and delicious, with a crispy body. To deep-fry a whole Turkey, you'll need a deep fryer. Your household stovetop might be too small for it. 

When you go to the market to buy turkey wings, the first thing is the amount you want to buy. Turkeys will be different in sizes, and their prices will differ. Consider your budget and the number of people that will eat the chicken. 

To select your turkey wings, you must check the weight. The best weight is 10-20 pounds. Ensure to weigh your turkey wings before you purchase them. The weight of the wing also determines how long you have to freeze the wings.

Deep-fried turkey wings Recipes

Deep-Fried Turkey Wings Recipes
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  • Turkey wings (whole or cut into sections)
  • Ground clove
  • Ground allspice
  • Cornstarch
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Eggs 


Pick up the Turkey wings 

You can get fresh turkey wings from the butcher or go to a frozen foods store. If you get them fresh, you'll still have to thaw them before frying. So I guess getting it from the frozen food store saves time, especially if you need the Turkey immediately. The spices you'll use for your turkey should complement the one for your barbecue sauce.

Mix the wings with the egg and spices 

Break the eggs into a bowl, mix cornstarch and spices in it. Then coat the Turkey wings with it. At this stage, your deep fryer should be on already with oil in it. Heat the oil to about 350°F. To fully achieve this, you can make use of an oil thermometer to check the temperature of the oil.

Fry the Turkey wings 

Once you're sure the temperature is at 350°F, add the turkey wings into the oil. Make sure the oil is stable at 350°F. When the oil starts to boil, turn off the fryer, but leave the pot on it. After about 6-8 minutes, your turkey wings should be ready. You can check with a thermometer to be sure of this.
Make the barbecue sauce

If you're making your sauce yourself, you should start making it earlier to ensure that you get a well-prepared sauce. Pour all your ingredients, except vinegar into the pot and allow to simmer till all the parts break down. Then blend with a blender and cook again till the sauce is thick. Then add the vinegar. Add flavor to your taste. Cook still under low temperature till it is thickened.

How To Fry Turkey Wings with Hot & Spice BBQ Sauces
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Sauce the fried wings 

Add the sauce to the deep-fried turkey wings. Stir or coat the wings equally. Serve with extra sauce or pour it over the turkey.

Tips and tricks 

  • You can use chicken wings if you couldn't get Turkey wings. The cooking time will just reduce.
  • You do not have to fry the wings; you can broil, bake, or grill.
  • Barbecue sauce takes a long time to prepare. If you start early, you can use a slow heat cooker.
  • If you have a stick blender, you can blend your sauce directly in the pot.

Cajun Fried Turkey Wings Recipe! How To Fry Turkey Wings

How To Fry Turkey Wings FAQs

1. Can I deep fry turkey with vegetable oil? 

You can deep fry your turkey with vegetable oil or peanut oil. 

2. How long does it take to fry turkey wings? 

It takes about 6-8 minutes to fry Turkey completely. It is best to use a thermometer to check if thoroughly done.

3. Can I cut Turkey before frying? 

Cutting Turkey into half will mess up the whole working space. Leaving it whole also allows the oil to get into the body of Turkey and fries it both in and out. But if you cut it, you're only frying the outside. 

4. Can I reuse the oil used for frying Turkey? 

You can reuse the oil up to 3-5 times if you store it well. But you will have to top the oil with a fresh one every time you want to use it. It helps to level up to the right amount. 

5. Is it dangerous to deep fry Turkey wings? 

Deep fryers can be dangerous as they have a high probability of tipping over, spilling, or overheating. It can cause severe damage or lead to a fire.


Now you know how to fry turkey wings. Deep frying Turkey is quite easy. You can eat Turkey at the comfort of your home without having to spend much at the restaurant. You can enjoy your turkey alone or garnish it with barbeque sauce. 

Deep frying can be dangerous. You have to be extra careful while at it. With the 'how-to' above, you should be able to fry your turkey without stress.
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