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Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer Reviews

Fryer Reviews


Editor's scores: 272 people analyzed the Hamilton Beach 35034 Deep Fryer and from their reviews it got 4.5 scores out of 5

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Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer has a great capacity to cook an enormous amount of food such as mutton chops, chicken, big chunks of turkey and so on.

Is a good kind of deep fryer? You can cook restaurant like food by sitting at your home. The outside of the food will be crispy, and the inside of the food is moist.

The fryer has 12 cup food capacity. Along with it has three frying baskets that can be immersed in the hot oil to speed up the cooking process. You have the chance to fry two different types of food at the same time.

Thanks for having two different sizes baskets lying side by side into the hot oil. The basket automatically hooks up on the unit itself to drainage excess oil. At last, you will get very drier and crisper food.

Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer

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  • Two baskets to cook two Distinct foods at the Exact Same time
  • Splatter-free
  • Easy and quick to clean constantly
  • Extra-large 12 cup capability for households
  • Breakaway cable for security
  • Flexible temperature for complete control on how your food cooks


  • Really Big and hard to store anywhere
  • Does not include a filter
  • Lid isn’t attached to the body of this fryer
  • Heating element Can’t Be washed


Features of Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

  • Include three baskets– 1 large and two small – has easy hooks to hang up.
  • Double basket allows you to cook two types of foods simultaneously.
  • Big enough capacity about 12 cup food to serve enough people
  • Engrossed heating component to cooking and heat quickly
  • The changeable timer having an audible tone
  • Adaptable temperature

Figure 1: Hamilton and Bella deep fryer demand during 2014-16

hamilton beach deep fryer reviews


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Extra-Large 12-Cup Capacity

If you’re planning on cooking for your whole household with this deep fryer, then you are likely to love knowing you will have an additional large capacity to hold almost any food you want to cook.

Though a number of those deep fryers you are likely to discover are more significant, this one is going to make it effortless to prepare for your whole household without needing to put in several distinct heaps of meals.

When it is going to use more oil, the ease of being able to cook the whole meal at the same time is well worthwhile.

Double Baskets

When you are cooking for your loved ones, the chances are good that not everyone will agree on precisely the same thing to eat for supper. This usually means that you’d generally have to cook two distinct occasions with two different meals to make everyone happy.

With this deep fryer, it is possible to utilize two distinct baskets to cook two meals at precisely the same time, which can help save a lot of time in regard to cooking your meal.

Temperatures Adjustable

There are a various of different temperatures that food can be cooked properly. Some need to be cooked at a higher temperature while others need to be cooked at a lower temperature. With this fryer, you’re going to have the ability to quickly, quickly and this can also control the temperature of oil accurately to cook whatever food you like.

Adjustable Timer With Audible Tones

Life is active, and even if you’re cooking, it is rather easy to become distracted and has lost now. Sadly, this contributes to foods being burnt and destroyed generally. With this specific fryer, it is simple to set the timer to coincide with the quantity of time that the food has to be cooked and as soon as it’s completed, a loud alart will sound to alert you to find out the food.

How  to use Hamilton Beach deep fryer

Before you start to use-

  • Keep the appliance on the level, stable, and heat resistant stands out of the reach of the children. To open lift up the lid.
  • Eliminate basket(s) from the fryer
  • Make full it with ten cups, and not more than twelve cups oil on the top indicates removable pot of the oil.
  • Be sure the fire sis on the MIN position. Connect the magnetic end of the cable assembly to the fire socket. The cord will go on one way. Do not disturb the cord connection if the plug is on the electric outlet. Note: The low force of the magnet breaks away the cord that saves the unit from pulled off a countertop

How do you fry

hamilton beach deep fryer reviews

Change the lid. Then plug the unit. Adjust thermostat to set temperature. Wait until the preheat light lit up.

To know details about the temperature you can check frying chart or food package. The light will be lit up if the fryer reaches to the preset level. Take away lid before frying.

The way to fry unbuttered food: keep food in the basket. Lower the basket to the oil. After that carefully keep food into the oil.

Note: Do not use more food in the oil in one batch. You can see chart for more information.

Keep a basket on a basket of the fire. Set the lid again. Note: Do not start the unit with oil or set temperature again if the temperature is out of your desired setting.

If you complete cooking, take up the lid and raise basket. The hook over the removable pot to drain oil. Note: never put condensation to the drain of oil at the time of removing the lid or the unit is off.

Make the basket empty then put in a colander, bowl, tray lined added with a paper towel. Make the basket full and do it again if necessary. Set the thermostat and unplug the appliance from the outlet after use

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Why You Choose The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

Why You Choose The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

If you like to cook jalapeno or game for a good number of people, you can cook with more per batches. It has the 12-pound capacity, so the professional style deep fryer is the largest deep fryer.

It has double baskets. So you can cook more food with one attempt. Besides, you can cook more batches of foods. All baskets have hooks, and you can drain additional oil from the fryer.

What do people think about Hamilton Beach deep fryer?

Awesome fryer

One cooking is enough for making food for four persons. The fryers have three baskets. The adjustable timer will help you to cook food at the accurate time. The fryer needs a lot of oil. But you can save it for another time.

The cleanup system is simple. I may save my cooking time with the fryer. The fryer has one demerit. If I like to use another cord to connect the fryer with the electrical plug, then it does not match. The fryer does not work at all. You can easily disconnect the cord from the fryer.

Really helpful

I have bought a fryer for my mother in law. But I have never bought it for myself. She has made some meals. She is a really hard person. She said that it is amazing. She enjoys the machine. She says it has the large basket and good for making chips and fish.

It is simple to clean also. I am happy that I have given something that is very beneficial for her. She likes the fryer most. For this, I would like to give five stars.

What media says on Hamilton beach deep fryer

What media says on Hamilton beach deep fryer

If you like to prepare food at your home without using oil, you can buy the Hamilton Beach stainless steel 12 cup deep fryer for your kitchen. The fryer is safer than the other fryers in the market. It can minimize the mess.

Now let us try to find why it makes your life easy or simple. The fryer has twelve cup oil capacity and a sinkable heating unit. It can detach from the main fryer bowl. The fryer has digital temperature setting system along with time controller.

The Hamilton has a direct button to turn off the system and has a wired basket with it. In the deep fryer, there is a light indicator that can help you to know the oil is ready to cook or not.

You need not check the temperature. The price of the fryer is reasonable, and you can buy it for your kitchen if you like to have healthier foods.

Recipes- Fried Chicken Using Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer


  • 1 (4-pound) entire chicken cut into
  • eight pieces
  • one teaspoon paprika
  • one cup all-purpose flour
  • one teaspoon poultry seasoning
  • half teaspoon salt
  • one teaspoon ground black pepper

Recipes- Fried Chicken Using Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer


Within a big bag, combine flour, poultry seasoning, paprika, pepper, and salt. Clean the chicken and keep two or three pieces with the flour mixture. To coat chicken, gently shake it. Remove the bag and set time for ten minutes.

Ensure heat for up to 375-degrees F. Keep one layer of chicken to the fryer basket and cautiously lower the basket into the preheated oil.

Moreover, fry it up to the thermometer reach the temperature of 180-degrees F and the breading is golden brown. After drain on the paper towels.

Where to Buy Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

The product is a new and modern device. You will get the product on most of the online shops or markets. When you are reading this article, you can buy the product from here.

How to clean hamilton beach deep fryer

  • Unplug the device from the wall outlet. Make the oil cool; it will take a long time.
  • Remove basket and the lid from the fryer.
  • Take out oil pot carefully and pour oil in it. Clean all oils from the film of the pot.
  • Let the oil drain to the oil pot carefully.
  • If you like to clean the appliance, use hot water to clean lid, base, vent cover, etc. let it dry completely. Position the lid vertically to the drain and make it completely dry.

Troubleshooting of Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

How to reset

If the unit does not act properly, you need to reset it. You should do the following step to reset it.

Be sure the oil and fryer are cool enough. Minimize the temperature. Unplug the device from the electrical outlet. Remove heater element and control panel. To reset button, you can use a wooden skewer or screwdriver.

The unit does not heat

Add magnetic cable to the assembly accurately to the fryer socket. Be sure the cord is connected to the electric outlet. Be sure the heating element is installed well on the base. Use the reset button with the heating element by entering a pointed item. Put the exact amount of oil in the oil pot as suggested.

Warranty of Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

The warranty is for the people who bought and used the product only in Canada or the USA. This is the sole warranty of the product instead of any other conditions.

You will get a guarantee for five years for the defects of quality or material if you buy the product from Canada. If you buy a product from the USA, you will get a one-year warranty.

Within this period, you can replace or repair the product. You have to take the responsibility to bear the cost of returning or taking the product. If no replacement is possible, we will replace a similar product having equal value.


Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer Reviews


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

Question: How many pieces of chicken can it fry at the same time?

Answer: It depends on the size and thickness of the chicken. Also the technique of keeping it in the basket.

Question: Does it have any filter to reduce smell?

Answer: No, it is a basic fryer and functions very well in your kitchen.

Question: can it prepare the whole kitchen?

Answer: It cannot. You need to cut food into pieces.

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Final Verdict

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers are great in size for more versatility- though some may accommodate the whole kitchen. You can make fry crispy, mouth-watering food without mess you have desired for. Keep food into the hot oil and take out while the lid is shut off for splatter-free frying.

There are convenient timers and adjustable heat settings with the Hamilton Beach Consumer Deep Fryers. The fryer is very simple to clean, and most of the models come with a dishwasher-safe nonstick pot that is simple to rinse. It is simple to store the fryers as it has breakaway cords.

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