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T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer Review What You Expected

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Editor's scores: More than 1260 customers have given their recommendation on T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration  and it has got 4.6 scores out of 5

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T-fall fr8000 EZ clean deep fryer will help you to prepare all foods for the whole family. It has a unique oil filtration system that filters and drains oil for more use.

Oil will remain in a sealed and separate plastic container to use future. The unit has an advanced oil temperature heating way that absorbs oil from the food inside.

The food becomes healthier and tasty. It has 1700 watts which help to make the food crispy.

There is a good relationship between the oil and the food. You can enjoy tasty onion rings, crispy chicken wings and French fries with that air fryer.

T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy to clean 3.5-Liter

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Features of T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

  • Oil capacity 3.5 liters, food capacity 2.65 pounds, for cooking as well as draining food it has two position baskets
  • Enough heat to get the professional output. Adjustable thermostat
  • Automatic oil filtering system and automatic drainage system
  • Odor filter prevents odor, has a window lid, removable parts, and safe dishwasher, easy handle, storage, and transport is very easy
  • The power 1700 watts


  • The automatic filters oil save wastage and will keep your fingers free from grime
  • The oil remains odor free and clean if it is sealed tightly to save transfer of flavors
  • Made of durable brush was stainless
  • The fryer can produce 2.65-pound having large space
  • All will go into the dishwasher but not the heating element and main housing unit


  • It is not easy to replace or repair the parts
  • A little bit pricey compared to other competitors

About T-Fal fr8000 EZ

T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer Review

T-Fal’s mission is a good fryer that makes the cooking easier and rewarding. It also makes ironing faster and easier.

It fulfills the customers’ desire and brings innovative solutions. This is the word class innovations.

All T-FAL products are made in such a way that it makes the life easier without compromising result. The function and the design are very good.

T-FAL is a good fryer for the houses of the world. The European influences the development of the appliance and for award-winning cookware.

How to Use T-fall fr8000 EZ

All the parts of the units are put together in the box. Bring the parts out of the box. When you finish setting, you need to add oil to start the machine. The total procedure is very simple and easy.

The main benefit of T-Fall FR800 is the ability of automatic filter of oil between uses. This feature is not common to another air fryer. There is a control knob of the filtering system in front of the unit.

It has oil removing function and has the frying function. The instruction is very easy and simple, and you need not use the documentation along with the unit.

What Users Think About T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

Works great and saves money

Recently I have bought a deep fryer in our local stores. We like the fryer most. We love it more as it has different oil filtration system. The worst parts of the fryer are clean up and the mess system.

The cleaning system is very easy, and it saves money and time. You do not need to pour oil to filter up; you just flip a switch then the oil will be filtered automatically. If the oil goes through the filter, it fills a covered container and then be ready to use. If the oil is taken out the cleaning system is very simple.

The basket of the fryer is sturdy, and temperature spot on the setting picked. The fryer is doing work well. There is an indicator light to tell the right temperature. The fryers become heat up quickly. The fryer is great, and so I have bought it.

Love it

I like the T-Fal deep fryer. At the time of pouring oil, the oil will be filtered, and it will store in the container underneath. The minus heating element is maintenance free. It looks new and no grease marks or drips anywhere. The piece is very fantastic, and I wish I would buy the fryer sooner. Thanks to T-FAT.

Best user advantages

The best feature of the fryer is the ease use of the fryer. Take the fryer out of the box, and it is ready to use. Insert the basket and plug in the power cord; then you need oil to get started. It has two markets to see the minimum and maximum level of the oil level.

After filling the fryer with oil, keep the ingredients to the basket and shut off the lid. A transparent window of the fryer will help you to see what are your preparing inside the fryer. It may be turkey or fires or whatever it does not matter.

The fryer has a plastic handle to hold it, and it will save from burn accident if you forget to wear oven mitts.

In the front, there are locks and unlocks knob. It opens the filter to drain oil from the pan. At the back of the case, the unit has a thermostat dial which permits you to add temperature up to 374-degree F. If you turn on the fryer the indicator light will be visible, and the heat goes up when the oil becomes hot.

Media Says On T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

If you like to have fried food, you should but the T Fat ultimate easy clean deep fryer. You can prepare great fried treats with less effort with the fryer. The fryer has an automatic oil filtration system which permits automatic drainage system.

Media Says On T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

The fryer has a separate sealed container in which you can keep the oil. The oil heating system will remain in the right position to minimize the oil for making the food without soggy or grease.

The capacity of the oil basket is 3.5, and you can fry up to 2.6 pounds. It has a frying basket that is removable. The T Fat is the best fryer on the market and buys it to enjoy the great taste of food.

T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer Review

It becomes heat up quickly. The maintenance of temperature is very well. Add various frozen items to the oil and basket. It is a great benefit. The unit measures the temperature well for every section of the unit.

You need not worry about the uncooked or soggy food coming after completing your cooking. The unit cleans oil by itself and has a big reservoir. You will get your desired recipe from this air fryer.

The cleaning process of all parts is very simple if the question of cleaning comes. As the filtration system is in the unit, the half problem of oil is removed automatically.

You can clean the lid, the oil saving box, the basket and the main oil holder with the dishwasher. You can easily clean the control units are other parts of the unit. These parts are not dishwasher safe.

How is the deep fryer differing from the other?

The FR8000 T-fall deep fryer has silver design and sleek black. It attracts all the users. For the impressive design, it is dear to all. The housing and other components are made of the stainless steel and heavy duty plastic. The air fryer will remain for a long time in your kitchen to serve and maintain properly.



What is the way to clean T-fall FR8000?

t-fal fr8000 deep fryer review

The T-fall FR8000 has complicated the design, dials, and endless buttons. It is very simple to handle. If you fill the removable bowl with oil, turn the oil box dial to turn on the appliance, adjust temperature setting.

The temperature will rise to 374 degrees F. if the fryer is on, the temperature indicator light will turn on. It will turn off if the oil reaches the desired level.

The oil bowl and the basket have an indicator which takes away the guesswork. This help to measure how much oil you used at the time of frying food.

The side handle of the air fryer helps to move the unit easily. There is a coiling handle with the fryer.

So it saves your hand from burning, though you touch the basket. Moreover, you need not worry about the grease burn off your hands.

The way to solve troubleshoot

If the air fryer does not take the heat, what will you do?

  • Switch on the reset button at the back of the fryer. If you see, the problem remains in contact with the Customer Service Department
  • If the oil overflows from the fryer what should you do
  • Notice the level of oil and take away the excess oil
  • Notice the top level of frying basket and remove the more
  • Take away the ice and the dry food from the fryer
  • Down the basket lightly
  • Make the bowl empty and clean it. Then refill it with one kind of oil

If the food is soft and does not turn it golden what you need to do-

  • Extend the cooking time and make the food thinner
  • Fry food in a small amount (especially when frozen).
  • Set your desired temperature.

When the bowl fails to drain, what should you do-

  • Wait until the temperature goes down (approximately 3 hours)
  • Press the turn oil box control button to the Automatic Oil Filtration position.
  • Make the container empty and clean the grids with water and soap with the help of a metallic brush. Then press the red button to take away crumbs or water. Then the entire fryer to heat from 4 to 5 minutes


T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer Review



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

Question: Is it sound and saves to keep the plastic oil container at the time of frying?

There is a temp modulator to the drain if the switch does not work for draining. I got this problem last week, and I lost no oil. You can practice it.

Question: WHAT can I do with the used oil?

Keep the used oil in an airtight container and dispose of it. Do not empty it to the sink.

Question: when I need to add new oil to the fryer?

You need to change oil every ten uses. Groundnut oil, sunflower oil, and soya oil need to change after every five uses. If you clean the oil regularly, it will save aging. You need to change oil if you cook seafood, frying fish or battered foods.


All appliances have safety instruction added to the instruction book. You should read all the instructions well before using it. You need to do so for future saving also.


Final Verdict

The T-Fal EZ Clean deep fryer employs some handy accessories and characteristics which produce deep skillet so much simpler. The vented lid retains hot oil from the splattering around you, along with the window at the top allows you to track the improvement of the items that you’re cooking.

Most striking. However, this T-Fal deep fryer drains and drains oil into another compartment, which it shops till you are ready to inhale.

We discovered that the oil temperature fluctuated approximately five levels lower than the goal temp. This should barely alter the result, but our sense of taste testers discovered a gap between the chips from the T-Fal along with other fryers which came into the summit temperature.

The Breville Smart Fryer is a fryer which maintaining consistent temperatures through testing and regained its initial temperature immediately after every batch of meals.

This might be the most suitable house deep fryer you can purchase at a moderate budget. After we completed frying a lot of fries and chicken, we needed to wash up. It was not as much of a job as it is with different fryers though.

We hard-pressed the lever onto the front of the unit to right and watched as the oil emptied into the storage container in the base. The most beautiful part here is the petroleum mechanically filters through the net, which makes the fried pieces of breading from the vat rather than in the oil that is used.

What this signifies is that you do not need to pour out the oil, filter it yourself or find another container to oil. It saves time, money and energy.



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