How long do you deep fry cornish hens

how long do you deep fry cornish hens

When the holiday comes, many people like to think about the turkey. This is an excellent idea if you like to feed a lot of individuals. But if you think about a small a group or reflect on a romantic for two- you require some things that will not leave you to eat leftovers for days.

For a holiday, you like to eat something special. I would like to eat small birds like Cornish hens and Poussins. The weight of the birds is different, therefore one person is a holiday appropriate, extravagant serving, but this is not much, so it is appetizing.

Deep frying a small bird is just like the making of a deep turkey. I do not like to try it as it is very risky and dangerous. If you have a large pot, you may deep or fry two birds at the same time. The meat, as well as the breast, will be moist.

If you like to prepare food for more than four people, the best to bake the hens on the oven as you do not like to save time by cooking with the fryer. I am sure that they are totally defrosted, the marinate the hens for the night.


  • Two cornish ready hens, 1.5 pounds
  • Kosher salt1/4 cup
  • Fresh crushed black pepper
  • Spices and additional herbs (optional)
  • One gallon of canola oil or peanut

Directions of How long do you deep fry cornish hens

If the meat is frozen keeps it in the refrigerator for the whole night.

Use four cups of water in the cooking pot and carry to the boil. Shake it with the kosher salt to make a brine. Take out from the heat and make it cook.

Directions of How long do you deep fry cornish hens

Keep the hens to the brine and be sure they are totally submerged. Use more water if you need to. Maintaining the pot with the hens and brine of the refrigerator for two hours.

Take out the hens from brine and pat them dry with the help of a towel. Keep them to the room with proper temperature for an hour.

Deep fried whole hen

Deep-fried turkey that is something I am never likely to try since it appears so harmful. In case you’ve got a pot that is broad and deep enough, then you can fry two birds at one time.

While cooking for four or more individuals, it is Ideal to bake the hens at the oven (directions for that are in the very end of the recipe), since you would not save much time by skillet. As soon as you’re confident they’re defrosted (assess the cavity for ice hockey), marinate the hens immediately.

Cornish Hens

Cornish chickens are a Big English breed with black, white or reddish feathers. They’re a heritage strain, meaning they have been bred for several years in a specific place with characteristics conducive to flourishing in that environment.

Sea fans and little farms presently increase them. A Cornish hen is feminine and may be any dimension.

Cornish Hen vs. Chicken: The Taste and Cooking Process 

Cornish Steak tastes such as Chicken since it’s still a poultry number, just smaller. Since Cornish hens are somewhat younger compared to hens, they may be tender when cooked. But they have a less assertive taste in comparison with cows.

Considering that Cornish hens generally are small, they’re appropriate to an individual serving. Cooking one entire Cornish hen for a single individual provides a high awareness of luxury. Grill or roast them in half. Let it sit at a lemony marinade or employ a spice rub. You can produce a stuffing recipe from them but be gentle since the skin may tear away.

Broiler-fryer hens are very tender, and they’re able to function 3-4 persons. Roasters are yummier than broiler-fryer chickens so that they are fantastic for roasting. Stewing cows possess a more demanding meat texture so that you have to cook them gradually to make stews and sauces.

Nutrition of Cornish Hen vs. Chicken

Considering that Cornish hens are Younger than hens, they include less fat and fewer calories. They are also Very lean as they made up of white meat than red meat. Full of niacin, whereas the dark meat is abundant in riboflavin.

All poultry are plentiful in protein that’s vital for the maturation of our muscles. Fantastic source of B vitamins which help prevent skin ailments, and Heart Ailments. Vitamin D aids strengthen the bone while vitamin A is important for good vision.

Wrap the hens with the black pepper from up to bottom

For the second cooking use one gallon of canola or peanut oil. Use heat up to 350-degree F. If you like to test the oil, drop a popcorn kernel into the oil. If the kernel pops, be sure the temperature has reached up to 350 degrees.

Keep one hen in the pot and cooks for ten minutes. Take out the hens from the hot oil and push a meat thermometer inside the deepest part, do not touch the bone of the meat. The inside is cooked well, and the temperature reached up to 18o degree.

Remove the excess oil, wrap hens with the aluminum foil and keep it inside the oven up to 200 F to make it warm and do the same thing for the second hen.

After cooking it let the second hen for five minutes.

Seasoning and Serving Suggestions

Seasoning and Serving Suggestions

Enhance to the saline a tablespoon of oregano that counterbalances the salt then pervade the meat by a somewhat bittersweet taste.

Use garlic power to brand a skin and mustard before frying informs a pungent, piquant savor which accompaniments black pepper well.

Serve hens cleave or whole them in half lengthwise. Keep them on a bed of steamed carrots or with the red onions soaked in butter and rice pilaf with dill and lemon juice.

Enhance a side of bottle green vegetables such as green beans, asparagus or Brussels sprouts to finish the meal.

Tips and Warnings

Tips and Warnings of how long do you deep fry cornish hens

Be sure the cooking pot is no more than full of oil and permit for the rapid and boils up when the hens are added. To reduce boil up, off the flame before keeping the hens and turn it on the back after.

It must melt with the high flame and heat up to 375 before the hens are added. Shorten is a passable extra for the oil.

Do not keep oil in the pot under if it is lit. Misuse of deep fryer the principal reason for kitchen fires. Do not maintain the hen in the pot at the time of burning as oil and water do not mix with it. Use a thick glove and the fire extinguisher on hand at the date of cooking with a deep fryer.

Final Verdict

You are cooking with a thick air fryer, and there is a thermometer to show the temperature setting in the fryer. You should check it to see the accurate temperature at the time of cooking.

The best system to check it is to boil a pot of water and catch it in that water, and you will get reading from 211 to 220-degrees F. You should take down the note of variation and again replace it with the accurate temperature reading.

As I said before, if you like to add something to the pot, you need to turn off the burner. Meaning that you like to add more oil to the food. Cool or cold oil may bubble up or may splash all over the fryer. Hot oil will fly away oil, and it will come out of the pot and get it if possible.

The last thing is that the Cornish hens are very amazing, they are tender and moist. We had it with a Brussels sprout salad and pounded potatoes. I will try to make it again.


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