Philips XL Airfryer Review with Digital Touch Interface

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 5, 2021

If you think about kitchen appliance, there come lots of fryers before you. Maybe you have used many fryers.

Now you can use Avance Airfryer for your kitchen as it is a worthy addition. To know how just read the detail on Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer Review.

The fryer has a large egg-shaped device and a pull basket tray for food. All parts are dishwasher safe and can clean easily.

The Philips Avance Air Fryer is a very big appliance, and you can cook a large amount of food.

It reduces eighty percent fats from the foods. So we can say that a fryer is a good appliance for your kitchen.

The important features of the Philips Avance Airfryer XL are that it has ‘Plug-and-Play’ user-friendliness.

I can circumnavigate the appliance before seeing the manuals. Set the fryer with an electric outlet, the pull out the basket tray, after that pop the food and finally set time and temperature.


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1. Philips HD9240/94 Airfryer Avance

  • With the Philips air fryer, you can cook delicious and favorite foods.
  • The hot air circulation of the fryer emits hot air all around the foods.
  • So you will quickly get very tasty and texture food.
  • There is a digital temperature setting with the fryer so you can set temperature according to your needs.
  • It has sixty minutes’ timer settings. There is a big baking basket with the air fryer.
  • So you can bake, grill and fry your desired food very easily and quickly.


  • Quick air technology emits hot air with precision and speed
  • Well present button which memorizes the adjustment for your dear food
  • Remove food basket, and nonstick drawer are all dishwasher safe
  • Big enough 2.65 pounds. Cooking ability is great to feed four people
  • Has digital temperature setting will permit you to know easily what range of temperature would you like to get


  • Basket is 2.65-pound
  • Large area for keeping the Cord
  • Has a digital display to set temperature and time and pause/ start time?
  • By pressing star button, you can set program for your desired foods.


  • White color will be somewhat fade after some time later.

2. Philips HD9240/34 Avance AirFryer XL

The Philips Airfryer is now in your kitchen to offer you healthier and tasty food. It has rapid heat air technology that ensures bakes, fries, roasts, and grills.

You can make perfect food without using oil or no oil at all. Only one tablespoon of oil or no oil is enough to make healthy food.

There is digital touchscreen in the fryer by which you can set your desired temperature for cooking foods.

The Philips allows you to a preset temperature up to sixty minutes and has an auto turn off the system and a ready indicator.

The preset temperature setting lets you set temperature up to 390 degrees. You may cook golden fries, chicken, snacks, and crispy with the Philips air fryer.


  • The Certified Refurbished product is certified and tested to do work just like new. The product has all real accessories and is backed by a ninety days warranty.
  • The cooking capacity is 2.65 pounds which are enough for four people
  • Rapid Air Technology emits hot air with great speed and prepares food without oil or less of oil
  • The wonderful button which memorizes the adjustment for your dear food
  • Has digital touchscreen settings


  • You can take out the basket from the Airfyer at the time of cooking food without any fear of burning. Along with there is a pause button to maintain the cooking cycle.
  • You can prepare the grill, sandwiches and breaded chicken with the air fryer. The cooking system is very simple.
  • If you like to cook anything with the oven or with the air fryer, you need to be serious. It needs a learning curve.
  • The design of the fryer is good and lightweight. There is the place to keep cord into the fryer.
  • The pan and the basket have a non-stick coating. So you should clean it with a soft brush or in the dishwasher.


  • It has a learning curve. The unit can cook food against all plans for the design of it.

3. Philips HD9240/92 Avance Airfryer XL

Philips Airfryer is big, quicker and easier to use than a traditional oven.

It helps to circulate air around the foods, and the foods become very golden brown, crispy without oil or a little oil. The fryer is best for cooking French fries, doughnuts, and fried chicken.

It is also great for roasting, grilling, and baking. The purpose of using the product on in Canada and the USA.

So the product is made with the United States electrical standard. As hot air circulates the foods, the foods become very tasty and crispy.

The fryer is perfect in the sense that it circulates hot air. Bring out the basket of the fryer to enter food into the fryer.

It has a stainless steel rack to fry more foods. You can also cook two kinds of foods at the same time.

On the top of the baking tray, oil pan, inside or fryer and frying basket there is a nonstick coating to clean easily and quickly.

Baskets, oil pan, pull out baking tray, metal racks and frying baskets are dishwasher safe. There is a recipe book with the fryer.


  • Home Chef, Philips Airfryer, and MasterChef permitted!
  • The capacity of the cooking basket is 2.6 pounds, and it has stainless frying basket great for a crowd
  • Digital touch controls system and the range of temperature setting is from 150°F – 390°F.
  • Smart presents preserve setting to use easily at last
  • The fryer is 30% faster and has 50% greater capacity, ensures unequaled efficiency


  • Master chef, Philips air fryer, home chief approved
  • Capacity 2.6 pounds. You can cook for a large number of people.
  • The fryer can cook 30% faster and has 50% greater capacity.
  • Smart preset helps you to set temperature for your desired food
  • Touch screen digital system helps to adjust the temperature from 150 to 390 f.


  • Nothing  worry about

Philips XL Air fryer Buttons Control

There is a digital display with the fryer. So you can see what is going on inside the fryer. There is a sixty-minute timer setting.

The other features are power off and on light, preset cooking function, or off switch and temperature as well as time setting.

The fryer has a digital touchscreen so you can set temperature and time easily. It takes only three minutes to reach your desired temperature.

There is an adjustable temperature setting from 150 to 390-degrees F.

Philips XL Air fryer Buttons Control
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Maximum timer setting is sixty minutes. After this time the fryer will produce a ready signal.

There is a smart presetting button to adjust temperature for your desired cooking. The body or sides of the fryer may get hot. The cause is the overheating of the air fryer. So at the time of overheat do not touch the air fryer as it may burn your hand.

Philips Avance XL Air Fryer Safety Features

The Philips air fryer has an auto turn off the system. There is no possibility of burning your food at all. It has non-slip feet.

So you should not worry about it that the fryer might slip on the floor. The handle remains cool at the time of cooking. You can store 2.8 inches’ cord inside the fryer if you do not use it.

Best noticeable feature- digital touchscreen interface

To reduce fat from your diet is not a wise decision. You should know a new cooking method; you must require some special technique of taste.

The digital touchscreen system will let you know the way to cook food. The Philips Airfryer’s will let you know the way to cook time up to sixty minutes and has an auto turn off the system and a ready indicator.

You may add up to 390 degrees according to the need of your food. Set the desired time for your food and enjoy snacks, fries, chicken and some other food for ensuring your health.

How does Philips Airfryer work?

There is a big fan with the Philips Airfryer. It can circulate hot air from all sides of the food. The food becomes very tasty and delicious.

How Does Philips Airfryer Work?
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Select your chosen temperature for right kinds of food. Set temperature up to 30 minutes to get the desired result. You will get food without less oil or no oil.

I like the deep fryer, but I am not happy as there are some problems with using the fryer. The way of cleaning is very difficult.

It splatters oil into the kitchen. You can use a deep fryer to cook food, but it takes an enormous amount of oil.

The disposal system of oil is very troublesome. If you consume a lot of foods, this will create health problem no doubt.

Philips got its popularity in 2011. In that year they have launch revolutionary Viva Airfryer.

The consumers said that they liked to have an air fryer that would require no oil. Now the Philips has come to the point.

They now invented a modern air fryer. This air fryer can cook food without using any oil. The oil inside the food helps to cook outside itself.

The Airfryer has Rapid Air technology which circulates hot air. It cooks food eighty percent faster, and the taste of the food is very good. And also reduces the cooking time.

It produces a crispier result as heat is lead to the cooking chamber forcefully. For its performance, versatility and capacity the AriFryer XL is the most popular air fryer to the people now.

So what could we cook with the air fryer?

So What Could We Cook With The Air Fryer?
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The Philips air fryer is the best air fryer to fry frozen foods. There is a recipe book with the fryer. So you can cook amazing types of foods with the fryer.

You have the option to grill, gratinate, bake and roast food with it. You can add your name to I love air fryer Facebook group which is initiated by Ms. Dibble Kwan.

It has almost 12000 members who are ready to share cooking food with Philips Air fryer. In this air fryer, you need no oil to cook foods. It takes away excess oil from food, and the food becomes very crispy and even.

Philips Baking Dish

Philips XL has no baking dish with it so far

You can add a small basket on the XL model for baking dish. The size of the cooking basket is 2.6 pounds.

There is a good cool shoot handle with the Philips air fryer. It helps to move it easily through the fire is hot. This is a plus point for you.

You can replace some other ovenproof dishes such as Pyrex for additional cooking. It needs much caution as there is no handle on it like the Philips baking dish.

You may require tongs or mittens. You can use another basket to cook food when one batch is finished.

Troubleshooting of Philips XL fryer

Troubleshooting of Philips XL fryer
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Problem: The temperature and time button work automatically though I do not change it or press any button on the fryer.

Reason: It may say that there is moisture on the control panel of the fryer.

Solution: Use a clean cloth to clean the control panel then make it dry completely.

Problem: Sometimes I see white smoke comes out from the appliance.

Reason & Solution:

You are trying to prepare greasy ingredients.

If you fry the greasy ingredients of the unit, some oil will leak from the pan. The pan may be overheating, and the smoke will come out. This will not affect the app.

Problem: I fail to slide the drawer of the appliance correctly.

Reason and Solution:

On the basket, there are many ingredients

  • The basket and the pan are not set well.
  • Be sure the basket and the pan are placed well.

Philipsairfryer xl accessories

  • Philips AirFryer Baskets
  • Philips Double Layer Rack
  • Fry/Grill Pan
  • Philips AirFryer Baskets
  • Non-Stick Baking Dish
  • Philips Non-Stick Baking Dish
  • Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer

    Philips XL Airfryer FAQs

    Question: How can I get the serial number and type number?

    Answer: If you need servicing of the fryer contact with the customer care of Philips. You can ask them to get an answer to your question. We advise you to write down the correct serial number and correct type number of your Airfryer. You will get these number on the bottom of the appliance on the type label sticker.

    Question: Why do I stir food at the time of cooking or frying it?

    Answer: If you keep more than one layer in the basket, you shake halfway through the cooking process. The reason is that ingredients touch one another. For good cooking outcome, you can shake it.

    You should not air fried fragile foods as it may damage it. If you do not shake the hot air will not penetrate the areas where the ingredients touch one another.

    The food inside the basket was cooked well, but there will remain some areas will not get crispy. If you shake food, it will be crispier and colored. When you jiggle the basket, you can see the ingredients. If you like to shake the ingredients, take out the basket from the fryer then shake it.

    Question: How long time does an air fryer take before storing it?

    Answer: The first and foremost duty is to make the air fryer cool before keeping it to store. In this case, you can take out the pan from the fryer after using it. If you remove the pan, it will take 30 to 45 minutes to be cool down. Cold water can make the device clean.

    Final Thoughts

    The Philips XL hot air fryer is a good fryer for cooking a large amount of food for many people. This is the best fryer on the market now.

    The standard model can cook 1.8-pound food. With this small air fryer, the consumer has cooked lots of recipes.

    It has 50% more capacity, and it is 30% faster model. The XL model has the higher wattage to cook food for five to six members of the family.

    The appliance is a good one for your small apartment and if you have small space in your kitchen. From the air fryer, there will be no unpleasant smell.

    The air fryer circulates hot air which helps to cook food well. You can cook grill; roast also bakes with the fryer.

    Then need not many cooking appliances in your kitchen. You can cook a small number of food with the air fryer. The air fryer is perfect to make a snack.

    The black air fryer has glossy finishing and very simple to use. It cooks very good food, and people have a great appeal for it.

    I think you will enjoy cooking as it has a big basket. You can cook a big amount with the Philips air fryer XL. The appliance is very useful for the kitchen. Some people take it with them for camping.

    Philips air fryer is a great fryer for you if you like to make healthy foods. It is very simple to use. The foods are very crispy. The texture of the food is very well and fast.

    There is low fat in the foods. You have the chance to cook different types of foods in the air fryer. Besides this, you can cook grill, bake with the fryer. It circulates hot air for rapid cooking and even cooking.

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