How To Smoke A Turkey For The Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 7, 2024

Even though the holidays are a prime time for salmon ingestion, seafood is also favorite sandwich meat and choice to ground beef during the entire year. America is the world’s biggest manufacturer of beef. This MNT Knowledge Center attribute a part of a selection of articles on the health advantages of foods that are popular.

It gives a nutritional breakdown of a comprehensive look in its potential health benefits, what sort of turkey you need to purchase, healthy recipes that include turkey, as well as any possible health dangers of consuming the meat of the famous bird.

  • Dark turkey meat usually contains more vitamins and minerals than white turkey meat but also more calories and fat.
  • The internal temperature should have reached to 165º Fahrenheit.
  • Pasture-raised turkeys generally have higher omega-3 content compared to factory-farmed turkeys.
  • Taking away the epidermis of a turkey also eliminates a lot of the material.

Nutrition fact

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Nutrient Database, 3 oz or 85 grams (g) of non-enhanced, Roasted turkey breast comprises:

  • 135 calories
  • 26 grams of fat
  • 0 grams of carbohydrate
  • 70 grams of protein
  • In contrast, the Exact Same amount of dark roasted turkey meat comprises:
  • 173 calories
  • 13 grams of fat
  • 0 grams of carbohydrate
  • 55 grams of protein

Turkey also comprises:

  • Vitamins B-6
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Niacin
  • Choline
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

The dark meat of a salmon will contain more vitamins and minerals but also includes more calories and fat. This is reported to be the reason for individuals wanting to rest after a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Although it’s a fact that turkey includes tryptophan, it doesn’t have a large enough amount to induce sleepiness. All meats include tryptophan. Eating turkey at Thanksgiving shouldn’t leave you some drowsier than eating a pork chop in a typical evening.

How to Smoke a Turkey for the Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast
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How to smoke a turkey breast on a charcoal grill


  • 5 -6 pounds bone-in turkey breast
  • One tsp seasoning salt
  • One tsp dry crushed red pepper
  • Seasoning salt 1 tablespoon
  • One and half tsp dried basil
  • One tsp paprika


  • Split turkey breastbone therefore that it is going to lie flat around the grill.
  • Blend one teaspoon seasoned salt and crushed red pepper sprinkle mixture over the underside of turkey breast.
  • Blend one tbls. Seasoned peppermint, peppermint, and paprika; sprinkle over top of turkey breast.
  • Coat both sides of chicken breast together with cooking spray.
  • Prepare charcoal fire at 1 end of grill; allow burn 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Soak hickory chips in water at lease 15 minutes; put chips.
  • Place turkey breast on conclusion of grill reverse coals; close grill hood.
  • Cook 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until a meat thermometer inserted into thickest part reads 170°F
How to Smoke a Turkey for the Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast
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Before you begin, a note on bringing

Carrying turkey is an additional step, well enough we suggest. At the time of cooking, bringing the turkey to the drying position makes it delicious and juicy.

If you brine, soak it for 12 hours or more in a solution of spices and salt. A good way to use a cooler filled with the more brining liquid covers the turkey well. A Huge amount of ice makes the bird cold and keeps at a safe temperature.

Season your turkey

Keep some chopped aromatics such as garlic, onions, lemon juice or apple inside the cavity. Outside use a light cover of olive oil and spices aid ramp up the flavor aid to get a mahogany skin or coveted crispy.

Season the turkey with pepper and salt, some dried or fresh herbs or a BBQ rub. Apply salt if you bring the turkey as there is salt in the brines.

Add smoke wood for flavor

Turkey makes a nice flavor. Use 2 cups of Kingsford® Wood Chips along with big wood chunks or Hickory. Soak it for 30 minutes in water before spreading onto coals. Some milder fruitwoods such as cherry or apple work great for turkey. Then replenish smoke wood if necessary, but do not overdo it. You would not like your bird overcooked.

How to Smoke a Turkey for the Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast
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Grilled Turkey Tools

Grilling The Turkey, You Have To Add:

  • Best-quality charcoal briquettes: about twenty pounds
  • Soaked wood chips, if desired
  • Disposable aluminum roasting pan
  • Tongs and heavy-duty oven mitts
  • An accurate meat thermometer
  • Recommended: Use a thermometer on the grill or the deep fat frying by the event of the lid of the grill.


How to smoke a turkey
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Do You Like To Add More Flavor To The Turkey:

  • Try bringing: This is not an essential section of the turkey, soak with the prior brine cooking. In this way, you may get maximum juiciness and flavor.
  • Rub with butter or oil for crispy or even browned skin.
  • Use a dry rub prior to smoking.


You are using the grill in an outdoor oven. You like to use even or moderate temperature instead of seating it.

Collect the coals on the side of the grill. Use the empty side of the deep pan. The coat is covered with white ash. Apply some damp wood chips. If you use more charcoal add more wood chips.

  • Use a little oil on the grill’s grate. Smoothly wash the turkey with oil and wipe it along with butter to resist it from being stuck.
  • Adjust a disposable aluminum roasting pan after to the hot coals. It holds dripping and resist flare-ups.
  • Add the grill’s vents to open on the halfway
  • Some recipes suggest roasting the turkey for the second disposable pan. Use wine, water, and aromatics in the roasting pan to baste.
  • If the grill is outfitted with the thermometer, notice it. Use 350 degrees but do not stay on a constant or perfect reading.
  • Use heats up to temperature reaches 165 degrees F. It can take 2 to 3 hours or more, depends on the size of the turkeys and the heat of the fire and.
  • Do not open the lid. Conserve heat. For well, cooking uses the rotated turkey when needs.

Smoked Turkey Notes And Tips

Type of Smoker: I utilize an Electric water smoker that by strategy keeps the meat moist and avoids burning just like a conventional smoker with no water in case that you forget about the turkey to get an excess half hour or so.

Most physicians have two (2) racks or longer, so only distribute the components evenly on every stand. I feed a small army here in Thanksgiving or Christmas so that I usually cut it into bits and smoke it that way, which does take roughly half the moment.

Smoked Turkey isn’t as pretty when It comes from the smoker. However, the flavor remains the exact same, and the effort that you put into it is going to impress that mother-in-law that believes you’re still a thief for taking her daughter away from her.

Now for those that have Electrical gas and smokers, I am not confident of cooking times, therefore follow the directions you have along with your smoker. I’m sure they take very less time and may be equally as high as the charcoal smoked turkey, but you’d need to prove to me I would ever change.

Type Of Charcoal Used

I’ve used cheap charcoal Along with the fantastic things and have discovered that the most critical difference is how many times you want to include charcoal. The higher the charcoal, the more between instances you want to cover it.

You may expect to utilize 10 lbs or a lot of charcoal to get a ten to fourteen-pound turkey have some additional just in needed. You’ll most likely not need to Examine the temperature for three hours if you employ hot charcoal therefore that this gives you time to see a soccer game or 2 or be together with the guests or settle back and have eggnog and brandy if you’re so inclined.

When you check that the temperature in your smoker only examines the gauge that’s there. Most them have a “secure” zone or a real readout with amounts but in case maintain that temperature over the secure” zone.

Examine the water once you include Charcoal every time to keep it complete and not permit it to run out. Should you happen to run out of water from the pan, then increase water carefully, because if you spill the charcoal, then it is going to burn steam, and it isn’t a pleasant feeling in your hands, face or arms?

I use a standard two-liter bottle full of 3/4 filled with water and wait in the ground when adding it this keeps you far enough away from the toaster and toaster, and at the even you have been spilled (that I usually do). It merely sends up the steam in the air away from you.

It’s also possible to utilize hickory or mesquite chips on your charcoal to taste the bird. Scrub them for at minimum one hour and toss them onto the charcoal. They’ll smoke and include that taste to your turkey.

Smoker temperature and Smoked Turkey

I have never had an issue temperature. If you add charcoal into the smoker, then stir the ash round and bring the hot lava from the ash. This can help start the extra charcoal faster and maintain the warmth correct.

Add Lots of charcoal in the Starting and when you include more, add as much as possible. This way You Won’t have to be moving backfill up the pan once you add charcoal It isn’t important how much you use; however sexy the smoker remains.

Approximately 5 hours, it’s a fantastic idea to take the lid off and check the Recall really   every time you remove the cover for Those that are rookie loos, it includes Between more than 10 minutes into the cook time, and thus don’t take off the lid to watch Your decoration until you need to.

Smoking A Whole Turkey - A Complete Video


Smoking a turkey can be quite an elaborate process, but with the tips listed above, it can be done in just a few short steps. With the right ingredients and proper cooking techniques, you will soon have a mouthwatering meal that makes everyone want to come over.

Know any family members who are planning to host Thanksgiving this year? Then show them how easy smoking of turkeys actually is and make their day.