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A Complete Guide On How To Use Electric Smoker



The electric smoker is a new addition to cooking than the old cooking system. It helps people to smoke meat except thinking much about tending to cooking equipment.

Smoking is an ordinary matter, and people enjoy the flavor, texture, and tenderness which add the meat.

If you have experience of a barbeque, then you may know good meat may taste after it completed smoke for all the days.

The problem you face with the smoking meat is that living in the present day is not compatible with the cooking procedure. Wood smokers and the charcoal does not need practical for the most home chefs.

Luckily, the electric smokers come forward to solve the problem and the ensure people much authentic flavor without tending to the equipment all the day.

Plug in the electric smoker with the outlet, adjust the temperature and quietly smoke the meat to perfection.

The electric smoker is a great option for the people who forget about the food until they get is done. The flame of the smoker will not go out of the middle at the time of the cooking system.

How To Use Electric Smoker

Step by Step

How To Use Electric Smoker Step 1

Step 1

The first thing you should be sure that the electric smoker is in a safe and sound place. Meaning that it is in your garage or indoors. You need to keep it in a fireproof place or well-ventilated place.

Besides being sure that the smoker is kept on the flat surface and can sustain the weight of the smoker. The best place for smoke is a flat place made of concrete. This may allow secure and safe smoke for all the time.

Step 2

The next thing you have to add water to the water pan. The water pan is not necessary to smoke and you may get it about 50/50 split among the people that is used and the people don’t.

This is just up to the personal choice at the time of cooking, and I would like to suggest it as the water pan aids to keep the temperature stable and be sure the grease dripping off the meat does not begin any fires.

Step 3

The subsequent thing you need to use wood chips to the smoker. The process is very simple, and you have Masterbuilt Smokehouse Electric Smoker as it has simple slide doors which permit you to make more chips except opening the smoker doors.

Some people like wood chunks and some people like wood chips. You need to taste the both to see which one will do great work for you. So fill up the trays with your favorite foods, and you have to add more wood chips to fill the smoker for the first batch.

Step 4

Switch on the electric smoker to get your desired temperature without keeping meats and wait up to the level you want.

You may use a thermometer on the smoker or separate part that you have bought, either it will help you to know the temperature inside. The temperature reaches the desired level but does not think that this is the time to add meat.

How To Use Electric Smoker Step 4

You have to wait until you see the smoke. The smoke you must see would have no chemicals.

You can say you have a good smoke when you see the blue smoke and not puffy or white. The wood chips start to reach to the nice coal; this is the best time to add the meat.

Step 5

After completing all the steps, this is the time to get the part of what we are waiting for, adding the meat. Open the door of the smokers, add meat inside the rack. Do it as quick as possible and retain as much heat as you can.

Then close the doors and sit back, now you have to wait to feel the smell of aroma of the smoked meat as long as the cooking is finished.

Step 6

When the meal is fully smoked, you may take out the meat, you will have Smokehouse Products Big Chief Front Load Smoker, you can be simply able to slide the meat on its simple slide racks that make the meat out of the smoker effortless.

Step 7

The final step is to enjoy the smoked meats with your friends and family.

Important caveats

They have very little vents to aid maintain temps. They are ideal for cooking purpose where the retaining moisture is the important thing.

But if you desire to have turkey or chicken or a crusty bark for your pulled pork, this is not simple on an electric.

Keep in mind the pellet, heat in gas; charcoal cookers may come from combustion that mixed with produces gases and wood and gives distinct flavor.

Important caveats To Use Electric Smoker

The temperature of the electric comes from the glowing metal rod. The smoke comes from wood over the heating element and lets it smolder.

Electric does not produce combustion gases, so the taste is different and the smoke ring, the outside layer is the pink view of the Southern barbeque. The ring has no flavor but makes or add visual authenticity expectation.

The science advisor Dr. Greg Blonder expresses where there is no smoke, Electrics have less airflow as there is none needed for combustion.

The shortage of oxygen aims to lower the smoldering temperature of the wood, which has dozens of chemical reactions in a different direction that the other fuels.

Carbon monoxide, combustion gases, wrong levels of gases, he gets more details here. To obtain a smoke ring, use one or two charcoal briquets to the wood box of the electric. The creates gas to make pink smoke. Sometimes they fail to do so.


The electric smoker is better than the conventional smokers. The conventional Somers depends on fire and creates smoke.

They will take more time to lift on. If you knock over the conventional unit, fire may be spread. As you have kids and pets, you need to use the electric units. The electric smokers are fit for the areas where there is the flame.

The Hope

The Hope To Use Electric Smoker

There is no doubt that the electric fires need electricity to create heat. Until you switch off the unit, the smoker will be running and creating temperatures for the smoking system.

This is the most useful type of smoker. The only demerits are that you can not bring it to the beach as there is no electricity there to operate the smoker.

If you like to have sumptuous feasts of barbeque, smoked ribs, chicken or salmon very often, you can do it with the electric smoker. So you can try one just now.

How to use wood chips in an electric smoker

A lot of men and women wonder the way to use a cigarette smoker using wood chips. A good deal of them are designed for this, and they assist in achieving the fantastic smoky taste of your meals.

You can usually discover the place for the wood chips directly under the heat supply. Four cups of processors are generally great for approximately five hours of smoking.

There are lots of fashionable options for Wood chips including cedar, alder, hickory, walnut, cherry, and plum. Just do not forget that lots of times when you put in wood into your smoker it may cool down it unless you’ve got a counter smoker.

Though an optional method since a water bowl is only appropriate if you buy an Electric water smoker, water leaves steam when it is warmed up, so it is going to help tenderize your meats.

If you would like to add taste, you can place aromatic ingredients to the skillet. Learning how can you use a cigarette smoker also includes making sure the temperature you need has been attained before putting the meat.

Many Smokers have management setting buttons which are user-friendly. Meat will correctly smoke about three to eight hours, bringing out the sour taste you love and providing your meat the ideal texture.

It’s also advisable to have a beef thermometer that you can insert in the middle of their flesh to locate its inner temperature. This manner, you’re going to learn if the meat is completed or if it needs more time.

Electric smoker wood chips wet or dry

If you like plank cooking, you will want to soak the wood to get few hours before putting them on the heat. If you neglect to dip, you might end up facing a comparatively expensive mistake and calling for takeout.

In the end, you need to produce a clean-burning flame with a sweet-smelling smoke that is blue, thin, and nearly imperceptible. While the wet timber dry wood argument is very likely to rage if there is wood to burn off and meat to smoke, the truth is that soaking can be unnecessary and reveals hardly any advantage.

Wood must be dry for it to smoke instead of steam, and that means you are wasting time and H2O with bathing.

Are you really for grilling or contrary to it? Share this article and your view on the moist wood vs. dry wood discussion by clicking your favorite social sharing button today.

Electric smoker tips and tricks

Here are 10 tips and tricks for your Masterbuilt electric smoker. These are fab if you are new to smoking. As always, leave a comment below if you have any questions or observations.

  • Place your research in sure bottled water and check for accuracy. It ought to read about 32o Ensuring probe precision every now and will guarantee that your food is heated to the appropriate temperature.
  • Consider having more than one probe to examine accuracy. You will find plenty of distant probes, such as this one on Amazon which are cheap to purchase and help to guarantee perfect results.
  • Don’t use foil on the grill trays since this can inhibit heat. Frog mats are a helpful addition, however, and maintain your sanity out of falling through the grates.
  • Do not smoke your chips! Water does not smoke. It is steam that offers the look of new smoke and is a genuinely useless exercise.
  • It may make it yummy reasonably awful. Adding chips only once is frequently a fantastic strategy for this sort of meat. Smoking chicken onto a higher placing in 275oF may do the job nicely.
  • Store your electrical smoker inside and pay with a huge plastic bag. It keeps the moisture and dust away and will prolong the lifespan of your smoker.
  • Sterile grill grates after each use. I love to soak them into some hot water with detergent and then wash using a mild scouring cloth. It requires time and saves a whole lot of hard work trying to wash baked off and on fat and meat.
  • Clean the course once the smoker remains marginally warm although not hot. The condensation on the glass makes it effortless to wash the crud off using a moist towel or cloth.
  • Always contact the organization immediately if you have any issues with your smoker. They have got fantastic customer support and will care for you.

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