Best Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer Review! Advanced Temperature Control Included

You can use the Breville Deep Fryer for spur-of-the-moment snacks, or classic meals. The outside of the food is flash frying seals as it absorbs oil from the foods. Breville Deep Fryer review is an expert opinion so that you may be benefited from it.

You may get egg rolls, French fried, potato chips, fried chicken, fish filets, donuts, tofu, fruit, shrimp or jazz up for the kids.

The innovative flat Cool Plate TM allows you to cook less than a traditional deep fryer. The coil heats gentle and manages temperature, offer clean flavor. You have the chance of using it many times.

Breville  Deep Fryer Review

Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer


  • Has a cool plate and heating element procedure.
  • The range of temperature is 320 to 425 degree.
  • Has a lid and a viewing window as well as vessel which can remove pouring spout.
  • Appears having 1800 watts


  • Accept temperature very rapidly- the Breville BDF receives heat rapidly and remain the same place at the time of cooking. You may set the temperature as you need.
  • The price is good- if you consider the features and price, the Breville Deep Fryer is not highly valuable. There are lots of features with the deep fryer. You do not get these kinds of features with the other fryer having many features.
  • It can reserve a lot of oil- the deep fryer is bigger. So you can keep a lot of oils here for future use.
  • The looking window- one review stated that only for the see through the window they like to buy the Breville.
  • The good size basket- if you have three or more members of your family, you will enjoy the big size basket. Some people are very satisfied with the big basket. They are happy to see that it can reserve a good amount of foods.
  • Normal to use- The Breville Deep Fryer comes with the new deep fryer and experience deep fryer. You can cook snap with the fryer. And the chicken is moist and cooked.
  • Manuals are very easy- the manual of the fryer is very simple, and you can cook fish perfectly at the first time of using it.
  • Wonderful design- the design of the Breville BDF Deep Fryer is very slim. So you can place it any place in your kitchen. You can keep it in a small place or leave it out. It remains to keep in a congested place.
  • The oil of the fryer you can use many times and the food become very tasty every time.
  • You need not splatter all the kitchen and oil will be trapped to the vent, so the air does not fill the foods.


  • Using consistently, the machine fails to hold temperature enough. It may happen for two causes. One is for using the machine in a row for five times, and the other is for using oil more than twice. You need to use fresh oil in the machine. You need to clean the unit well and dry the unit completely to use high temperature.

Why Do You Like This: Breville Deep Fryer

Breville is now the Smart Fryer. The goal of a deep fryer is to make deep frying friendly. How much temperature do you need to cook calamari? How long will you cook chicken wings?

The smart fryer has various temperatures and time settings to cook various kinds of foods. Moreover, the Smart Fryer have certain settings for twice-fried French Fries having various times and temperatures. Breville has sent me the Smart Fryer to test out. I am waiting eagerly to put different kinds of foods to cook in this deep fryer.

  • Safely discard and remove packing materials as well as promotional labels from the fryer.
  • Wash the oil vessels, frying basket and oil lid with warm soapy water then make it dry. Wipe the cool plate and the outer housing with a damp, soft cloth and dry it. Place it in the housing and the position the Cool Plate TM element accurately to the removable vessels. Be sure the oil vessel is comp

How to Clean Up – Breville Deep Fryer

  • Initially, you need to be sure that the switch is off position and disconnected from the electric outlet.
  • Be sure the oil inside it is cool enough. Oil will take a long time to retain its temperature. Do not carry or move any part of the deep fryer when it is hot.
  • Lift out the basket for frying then remove the lid
  • Remove the electricity from the cool plate TM or control panel. Keep all things on the paper towel to absorb excess oil. Never keep the Control Panel or some other parts into water or other liquids at the time of cleaning. Clean the heating element or another surface with mild soap or a damp cloth or plain water.
  • After cleaning oil, hold each sides vessels and lift them upwards. Pour the oil from the vessel into a container. Strain oil for reuse again.
  • The lid, the frying basket, and the oil vessel wash with warm soapy water or with a soft sponge and wash then dry completely.
  • The stainless steel housing is submersible and washes by hand with warm soapy water or with a soft sponge and wash then dry completely.
  • After cleaning, keep the deep fryer for storage. Do not keep anything to the top of the deep fryer.

The uniqueness of Breville Deep Fryer

The remarkable feature of the Smart Fryer is that it comes with the unique feature to prepare twice-fried French fries. The feature is great to cook French fries. At first, you need to add temperature to the lower level such as 265-degrees F at which temperature you will get good potato chips.

The fryer cooks well, and there is no brown or crisp outside of the food. At first, take out potatoes out of the oil and helps to raise the temperature up to 355F. The second fry would contribute to making crispy the outside of the fries, but the inside remains light and fluffy. It is great delicious.

The Smart Fryer has two fry setup along with preset option. I love to try it out. I throw the cut potatoes in the basket and make it lower as 265-degrees F.

Take it out, and when the temperature reaches to 355-degree F., I lowered the basket for three minutes. The fryers are very amazing, and with the help of the unit, I got my desired food.

What’s Media Says On Breville Deep Fryer

Breville will give you a good cooking option. It ensures better fry and little oil is needed here. The fryer requires less oil than the conventional deep fried. It has a large surface, and you can cook it very quickly than the other fryers.

What’s Media Says On Breville BDF600XL Deep Fryer

The oil you used here will remain about the same. You can reuse that oil for your fryer for the next time. The fryer good temperature maintenance and it cooks very well. The food is appetizing and fantastic.

There are a minimum and maximum point with the fryer. If you like to start it, use the power cord with the power outlet. Then set temperature according to the need of your foods. For French fries, you may adjust temperature 375-degree F and wait for the signal often.

If you add more food, you need more heat. So wait for some more times. You should slowly keep the food in the fryer to escape stickiness which will aid you to clean easily later on.

What people say about Breville Deep Fryer

Perfect for deep frying

I bought the smart fryer. I have used the Sunbeam Multicooker as a deep fryer. It will take a long time to heat or to reheat. I do not know how much Breville as the amount of the fryer according to the need of the thesis.

Breville Smart Fryer

The fryer heat and preheat setting. It can quickly prepare all types of foods. The fryer is programmed with so many things. You can get the desired food level during the flexible. At the time of the heating process, you can adjust time.

There is an LCD to see the temperature option for preparing various kinds of foods. The fryer pre-heat and heat quickly. You can use the lid at the time of cooking anything. If you like to cook frozen items, protect the surrounding areas from spitting.

Breville deep fryer recipes- Buffalo Wings


  • Four and a half pounds chicken wings, section tips removed
  • one teaspoon salt
  • Two teaspoons paprika half teaspoon cayenne pepper

Ingredients – Hot Sauce

  • one stick + one tablespoon butter
  • 3/4 cup buffalo warm sauce
  • Two teaspoons Tobasco sauce
  • one tsp white vinegar
  • One tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • one teaspoon salt
  • Two teaspoons garlic powder

Ingredients – Blue Cheese Sauce

  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • Three ounces coarsely chopped, blue cheese
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • One little minced, garlic clove
  • Squeeze lemon juice


  • To formulate blue cheese sauce, mix ingredients in a food processor or blender and process as long as it becomes smooth. Spool in a little serving ball.
  • Cut every wing in half and keep in a big bowl.
  • Mingle paprika, salt, and cayenne pepper and mix completely through the wings. Lightly toss to coat. Envelope with cling film and refrigerate for thirty minutes.
  • Keep oil in a 4-quart deep fryer. Use heat on the oil up to 355 degrees F. keep six to eight wings into the basket, plunge and cook six to seven minutes or as long as it holds golden color. Keep on a wire rack on a lined tray to drain. Do the same thing for the rest of the chicken; be sure to reheat the oil between batches.
  • As you like to prepare hot sauce, melt butter in a saucepan and mix remaining ingredients. Shake and bring to the boil. Eliminate and set by the side.
  • Put hot wigs in a bowl and sprinkle on the sauce; throw to coat

Breville - Tips and Tricks: the Deep Fryer BDF600XL Video

Breville Deep Fryer FAQs

What’s so good about this product?

Breville offers you the chance to cook different kinds of foods by the electric fryer. You can enjoy sweet potatoes, chicken, and turkey deep fried, potatoes, etc. with the fryer without feeling any soggy or oily. The design of the Breville fryer is very good. So you can keep it to the kitchen countertop.

Cleaning of the unit is very simple comparatively than the other fryers. The Breville deep fryer is the best fryer in the market today. It is a must for those who remain in the kitchen for a long time.

What’s not so good about this product?

The main concern of the users is the temperature of the Breville Deep Fryer. Most of the fryers can do the job well. Some need high heat; the heat is not high enough up to 375-degree F. others are not pleased as they do not fry the poultry items well with the deep turkey frying.

Some report that the fryer stops after using few months. However, the good news is that the customer service is available for any replacement or and repair.

Final Thoughts

The most important feature of the Breville Deep Fryer is the design of pouring spout. I know well that oil removing is the most important aspect of the fryers. People feel problem to remove oil. So they like to get rid of this problem. Pouring out of the fryers in the market is a messy task. There are some easy ways to remove oil from the fryers. The task is very simple.

The Breville  Deep Fryer bears some other good qualities. The price of the deep fryer is very reasonable. With this amount of money, you would not be able to buy such kind of fryer having so many qualities.

The Breville Deep Fryer has more capacity than the other fryers of the market. The capacity is not the main concern for you. If someone buys this deep fryer I think, he will not be disappointed.


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