Air Fryer Vs. Microwave [Which One Should You Choose?]

Air fryer vs Microwave ovens, these two appliances are essential for cooking food in every kitchen. Both devices have several differences in function, capacity, and energy efficiency.

An air fryer has the feature to cook some fried food. Like chicken fry, French fry, and fish fry are very easy and have less oil to cook within a short time.

On the other hand, a microwave oven has different cooking features. A microwave oven can not fulfill the fried requirements as an air fryer does.

According to the capacity and features, both kitchen appliances are different. Air Fryer Vs. Microwave is all about telling you the differences between these two devices.

How do Microwave Ovens Work?

How Do Microwave Ovens Work?

Microwave Ovens are designed to cook by generating some electromagnetic radiation. The radiation combines with the food and water inside of the oven and generates a hot wave to cook.

How do Air Fryers Work?

How Do Air Fryers Work?

Air fryers produce hot water with a built-in fan on it to cook food. A convectional heat is capable of making some fried food without using any oil. The temperature knob is adjustable to set the heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Advantages of Using Microwaves

Advantages Of Using Microwaves

The most important advantage of using a microwave oven is to heat the food takes less time. With high power efficiency, a microwave oven can cook for a short time. The warm waves do not burn the food, and it is beneficial to make some liquid food-friendly.

Advantages of Using Air Fryer

Advantages Of Using Air Fryer

The air fryers are capable of cooking with less oil and low fat. You may fry your chicken, potatoes, and fish without any oil, reducing 70 – 80 percent calories from the food.

Disadvantages of Using Microwaves

Disadvantages Of Using Microwaves

The device uses some radiation to make the food hot. This electromagnetic radiation is very harmful to cooking baby food. The microwaves also reduce the flavors of the food, and they may dry the food so much.

Disadvantages of Using Air Fryer

Disadvantages of Using Air Fryer

The air fryer is a more efficient cooker than any other device; it has some disadvantages too. The air fryers deliver significantly less space to cook for many people, and it takes more time to cook than the other devices.

Air Fryer Vs. Microwave Oven – which is better for cooking?

Air Fryer Vs. Microwave Oven - which is better for cooking?

Cooking is always enjoyable, and everyone loves to eat some homemade crispy, fried, and delicious food. Some people like to cook with an air fryer for its less oil and less time cooking features. On the other hand, some are big fond of microwave ovens for the cooking taste. To know which is better to cook, you have to go deep inside these two devices.

Heating Method

The core difference between the two ovens is the procedure of generating heat. The air fryer produces some hot air to cook and fry delicious food. On the other hand, a microwave device uses some electromagnetic frequency to cook food. The built-in fan of the air fryer produces hot air. The electric wave generates some hot conditions to cook.

Role of Temperature

The air fryer temperature-controlling procedure is different from the microwaves. The air fryer generates the temperature to fry the foods with the surrounding process. The air fryer basket helps heat the food from all sides. You find difficulties cooking in a microwave because the microwave’s temperature is not more comfortable to control than the air fryer.

Power Consumption

The process of generating temperature on the air fryer is quite appreciable than others. These devices are available at 1200 – 1500 watts, and the temperature goes to the food slowly. In short words, the microwave oven takes less time to cook than the air fryer.

Health and Hygiene

When it comes to an issue of health, no one wants to compromise it. But, you may say both devices can cook healthy and hygienic foods. If you want to know one specific point, an air fryer can cook much more than traditional microwaves. An air fryer can cook with no oil and knows that low-oil food is always good for health.

Energy Efficiency

An air fryer needs to cook for around 20 minutes, and this air fryer uses 0.3 kWh of energy. On the other hand, a traditional microwave oven uses 0.95 kWh of energy to cook simultaneously. So, it is clear that an air fryer is far better than microwave in saving energy.

Cooking Capacity

The capacity of cooking depends on the size of the devices. The air fryers are more solid with light-weight than the microwave oven. But the power of the microwaves is larger than the air fryer. Before buying, you must first fix that you want to cook for many or a few people.

Air Fryer Vs. Microwave video:

Air Fryer Vs. Microwave FAQs

What can a microwave do that an air fryer can’t?

A microwave can cook faster and more food than an air fryer. The wave can warm the liquid food better than the air fryer.

Is an air fryer safer than a microwave oven?

The air fryer and the microwave oven both are safer for cooking food. But, microwaves use electromagnetic waves for cooking food that is not good for baby food.

Are air fryers healthier than microwaves?

Both are safer, and both can cook healthy food. An air fryer can cook much more beneficial than a microwave due to its hot air cooking technology and less oil use.

What is radiation, and how can you detect it?

Radiation is a kind of warm wave that produces heat in a microwave oven. The human sense is unreachable to detect radiation power.

What kind of radiation does a microwave oven use?

The electromagnetic wave is the core radiation source that microwaves use to cook.


In conclusion, we must agree that both devices are excellent for cooking. But, some prefer microwaves due to their less time to cook. On the other hand, some like to buy air fryers because they use less oil than others.

However, the Air Fryer Vs. The microwave article is all about the details of both devices. Probably it will help to purchase a better appliance.


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