GoWISE USA GW22621 Review [Best Way to Enjoy Healthy Eating]

Author: Chester P. Rector
January 4, 2021

You know what they say about gulping loads of oils in your food, it can increase your cholesterol levels, and invite diseases that can affect your precious heart.

Well, if you don’t want to be a victim of cardiovascular diseases, then you should regulate the amount of oil in your food.

By our understanding, many people find it difficult to cook some food recipes without putting so much oil. However, what if we say you can still enjoy your crispy food and delicious dishes without taking in so much oil? This is what we are about to find out in this Gowise USA GW22621 air fryer review.

One of the methods you can employ to regulate oil in your food is by using an air fryer for cooking. Air fryers like GoWise GW22621 will make you eat more of those crispy, delicious fries without inviting a series of health-related issues that could shorten your lifespan.

Gowise USA GW22621 Air Fryer Review

GoWise USA GW22621 3.7-Quarts Air Fryer

The GoWise USA GW22621 air fryer might look compact and simple, yet it is one of the most versatile air fryers you can find around.

This incredible fryer can cook many dishes and has an intuitive digital screen with several buttons to make your cooking easy.  GoWise GW22621 makes you love cooking even more.

GoWise GW22621 has seven cooking presets that can fry and cook your meals up to 400 degrees. The body is plastic but still retains a shiny surface. So if you take good care of it, it could last many years for you. This fryer only consumes 1400 watts, which is reasonably okay when you compare it to some high-ends air fryers. GoWise GW22611 air fryer also good in quality  considering all aspect mentioned.

For those looking to escape cooking with vast amounts of oil, purchasing this fryer is an excellent option for you.


  • It's Affordable - While there are several good air fryers out there, they come at exorbitant prices. The GoWise is an affordable fryer that comes with all the features that are only found in expensive air fryers.
  • Easy to use - There are no complex controls in this fryer. The touch screen technology even simplified its use, making it a user-friendly air fryer. If you are not the tech or type, this fryer can be a good option for you.
  • Safe for use - This air fryer has a locking mechanism that ensures users don’t get hurt while cooking.
  • Cooks Healthier Meals - That is one of the reasons why you should get an air fryer like this one. If you don’t want to be putting your life in danger with high cholesterol levels, you should get this great tool.
  • Cooks Fast - In no time, your food gets done with this air fryer—no more delays in getting your snack fried.


  • There is no on/off button in this fryer, which is somewhat disappointing considering the features that are incorporated in this tool.

Design features of Aero Fryer

What Are the Main Features of the Gowise USA GW22621 Air Fryer

What Are the Main Features of the Gowise USA GW22621 Air Fryer
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The GoWise air fryer is one of those air fryers in the market that you can’t beat in terms of functionality, versatility, and price. It can be a great asset in your kitchen, not forgetting that it would make healthier meals for you without so much oil.

3.2-Quart Capacity

This fryer is 3.2-quarts capacity fryer, which means that it can fry, cook, bake, and roast food up to that capacity. For an average-sized family, this fryer is enough to fry and cook crispy snacks and full meals.

Seven cooking programs

Adjusting and setting different temperatures for different meals can be hectic. Instead of that, this fryer comes with seven cooking presets that you can choose from, based on what you are preparing. There is temperature control for meat, chips, fish, shrimp, etc. This is a time saver and ensures there are no errors as regards cooking temperatures, which means you prepare the best food. These wide temperatures give you control to cook different dishes.

Touch Screen Technology

This is one feature that sets this fryer apart from its counterparts. The GoWise has touchscreen controls that allow you to set the temperature quickly, time for your cooking, amongst others. With this cutting-edge feature, there is no doubt that this fryer will be easy to use.

Rapid Air Technology

With what this beautiful air fryer has got so far, it's no surprise that it has rapid air technology. This feature means the heat will cook your food fast, and there will be no need for the use of oil. The hot air will penetrate the ingredients to ensure the food is crispy and delicious.

Button Guard

Button guard ensures that you are safe in the kitchen while you are cooking. This safety feature will minimize any accidents in the kitchen.


Usually, small air fryers do not come with any accessory, but the GoWise GW22621 comes with a recipe book to aid your cooking. This means that you don't have to experiment with your food, except if you want to. The cookbook will guide you every step of the way till you become a pro.

How Does Gowise USA Air Fryer GW22621 Work?

The air fryer uses instant heat technology to cook your food. The heat is generated inside and penetrates your ingredients, making sure it's cooked. Since it doesn't use so much oil, the instant heat ensures that it cooks it well, so you don't feel the absence.

To use the air fryer, just plug, choose the cooking preset, and press some buttons. It’s a pretty straightforward process that most newbies will learn in one day.

Does it take up a lot of space?

Does It Take Up A Lot Of Space?
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While it does not possess a small footprint, it is not that large.

Should you use it regularly, you should not have any problem with it remaining on your countertops. As a single person has said, it is maybe much like a countertop keurig. It should not be an eyesore, possibly, with a single person stating that it seems fine on the counter.

In case you discover that it’s large, storage should not be a problem. It is essentially an appliance. One man said she reserves a place on her pantry’s flooring to keep this air fryer when not being used.

Table 1: In hand troubleshooting of gowise usa gw22621

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The way of dealing with it

  • Keep the air fryer in an even place. Never keep the fryer on a surface, which is not hot protectant.
  • Put the basket to the pan. Never fill the pan with liquid or water.
  • Keep the ingredients to the basket and keep the pan and the basket in the appliance. The light is seen in the LED. Note: there is a button guard to the basket to ensure safe detachment. Then the button out to disconnect the basket out of the pan.
  • You could set your desired heat among the seven options or set it by pressing ‘+’ or ‘–‘icons.
  • At first set, the temperature and timer then switch on the button. A red dot will indicate you that the fryer started the work. If you do not see the red dot, you can use the standby mode.
  • At the time of cooking, you need to share some ingredients. To do it, you can pull the pan out of the fryer with the help of the handle, the shake the elements carefully. If it is done, slide the pan, basket back to the air fryer.
  • After sliding the pan back, it will generally go back from frying; the timer is set the original time. Please keep this mind, sliding back to the shaking.

Caution: at the time of shaking the handle do not use pressure on the button. Gowise usa gw22621 may detach the basket from pan. If shaking with ingredient is impossible, you can use a pot holder, after that remove the basket, then shake it.

  • When the fryer reaches to its last step of setting a timer, it will beep five times. The fryer will shortly turn off automatically.
  • Pull out the pan from the fryer and put it in the pot holder. Note: oil will store in the bottom of the pan, be cautious if you slide the pan from the fryer.
  • Slide the button guard-forward and then force the fire basket release button to remove the basket from the pan. It brings out the ingredients and put it on the table.
  • You can use nonabrasive or nonmetal tongs to escape scratching.

Cooking instructions

GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart
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  • Small ingredients will take a short time than the large ingredients
  • In the middle of the cooking, you can shake the ingredients which will make your food more evenly and will get the better result
  • Add the very small amount of oil to make the potato fresh, and you will get a crispier result
  • Never try to make very greasy ingredients like sausages in the air fryer
  • You can prepare snack by the air fryer such as the oven can do
  • The suggested amount of crispy fries is 17.5 oz
  • The homemade dough will take longer time than the pre-made dough
  • You can use the air fryer to heat ingredients, and then use temperature 150F for ten minutes
  • You can use an oven or backing in to make fill ingredients, quiche or cake

GoWise Air Fryer Recipes – Meatless using gowise usa gw22621


  • Leftover Pizza Dough (the recipe are here)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1Tbsp Greek Yoghurt
  • 50g Soft Cheese
  • 2Tsp Rosemary
  • 1Tsp Mustard


  • Take out the pizza dough from the fridge and keep it at room temperature for easy use. You may use little flour with the dough and then knead for sometimes so that it becomes soft. Keep it one side.
  • Keep all the elements into a mixing bowl and mixture well until you do not get the lovely creamy paste.
  • Break the dough up into eight same sizes. For every piece, flatten it out such as pancake and add about one-third teaspoon on it. Chase it with some square of feta and then seal it up as it is a secret component.
  • Do it for the eight and prepare good little balls.
  • Keep it to the air fryer after ten minutes and allowed temperature 180C up to five minutes at 160C.
Programmable Air Fryer
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Performance that you cannot be avoided

Available at 1500 watt and 120 volts. The fryer is a bit of blow. The fryer has touchscreen option, so someone faces many problems. The GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer fixes splattering oil.

The reason is they do not have to use oil. Users like the drawer which remains around the basket of the fryer as it holds something that drips out while cooking. The cleanup system is also simple.

The power of the fryer is great with 3.2 quarts. They are very small meaning that enough to set inside the dishwasher. The manufacturer of the drawer makes it perfectly sized. The heating coil is adjusted to the top and under the fryer, there is a cooling fan.

The fans circulate air around the fryer, and the foods get well-valued air in all parts. The users said that they could cook the food more quickly as well as thoroughly. So the food becomes tastier and great appetizing.

This is the reason for which the machine becomes hot. It can go to the room temperature up to 400 degrees F and time will take only three minutes.

The cooking basket size is 8 x 8 inches and non-stick and will aid to clean up. As the fryer for the first time, there are seven existing programs to cook steak, meat, chips, shrimps and chicken, fish and a manual option.

This will help you set the accurate temperature. If you want the fried food differently, there are some plus and minus icon to set the correct temperature.

GoWISE USA 3.7 Qt Programmable 7-in-1 Air Fryer - GW22621

Gowise USA GW22621 Air Fryer (FAQs)

1. Is GoWise a Good Air Fryer?

GoWise air fryer beats most air fryers in the market in terms of features and affordable price. It fries most foods and an excellent investment if you are looking for a portable and compact air fryer that won’t take up your countertop space.

2. Is GoWise a Good Brand?

When it comes to frying foods, GoWise is a reputable brand that you can count on. Many people all over the world have attested to the frying abilities of their air fryers. But do make sure you carry out your research before buying.

3. Is This Air Fryer Easy to Clean?

Yes, it is. It’s dishwasher-free, so it’s quite easy to clean.

4. Does This Have Fast-Heat Technology?

The GoWise GW 22621 cooks food rapidly. So it has fast-heat technology.

5. How Much Food Can You Put Into This Air Fryer?

The GoWise Fryer can hold up to 3-quarts of food, which equals 13 medium cups. Its fryer has a circular area that holds a lot of ingredients.

6. What is the Best GoWise Air Fryer?

GoWise GW22621 is one of the best air fryers you can gift for yourself, wife, or relative. It's easy to use, affordable, and cooks rapidly.

7. Do Air Fryers Consume a Lot of Electricity?

Actually, they don't. That's because most air fryers introduce large quantities of heat in a short time, unlike ovens, where you have to run it for a more extended period.

Final Thoughts

You can't find many air fryers in the market that are better than the GoWise Gw22621. It comes with cutting-edge features that will make your food crispy. If you want to tone down your oil consumption, this is the air fryer that you need.

This air fryer is one of the most affordable options around. It performs better than most high-end brands and compact. Above all, it ensures that you enjoy your meal.

Thanks to this Gowise USA GW22621 air fryer review, you have learned a lot about this incredible product from GoWise.

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