gowise usa gw22621 review

The Best GoWise USA GW22621 Review

Editor's analysis: As per 188 customer reviews analysis on online, GoWise GW22621 got 4.6 out of 5 scores.

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The GoWISE 4th generation air fryer is a sign that it’s been received quite well amongst its clients. It also has led to the manufacturer to keep updating on it.

The usage of air fryer is gaining popularity with each passing day with an increasing number of people who want to test out this alternative. It includes several toggles which you prepare a vast selection of dishes such as fish, meat, French fries, etc.

It includes a large chamber in which you may save your preferred meal. You can cook food using the minimum quantity of oil too. The meals prepared from these air fryers comprise less percent of extra calories and fat.

The important thing you need is to cook fried food in an air fryer. It requires very little and no oil for food which is crunchy on the outside and juicy in inside. The food is superb without adding more calories.

The GoWISE 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer is the best model of hit electric air fryer which is great to cook varieties of dishes except for counting calories. The fryer has vigorous design and very simple to use. It is very good for your kitchen shelf also.

The touchscreen makes handling easy, and you can select a program from the set menu with one tap. What do you like from the air fryer? Now see a complete video of GoWISE Air Fryer.


GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

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Features GoWISE USA GW22621

  • The fourth generation new model Air fryer will help you to enjoy foods without adding any oil.
  • Touchscreen method is applied here to set the program. You can prepare meat, chips, steak, chicken, fish, and shrimp. There is a button guard option to avoid the accident.
  • You can prepare different foods from crispy fried to juicy wings with the temperature set from 175 to 400 with using oil at all.
  • The device has thirty minutes timer setting with standby mood. If the time is the tool, switch to the standby mood.
  • ETL Certified; it has a detachable basket to remove food from fryer to serving the dish.
  • You need to use save pan for baking cake and other food for your family.

Positive of gowise usa gw22621

  • The GoWISE USA requires a small amount of oil
  • The fryer is very useful and good for the kitchen purpose
  • The Go wise use air fryer can cook food very rapidly.
  • You may make fry, roast, grill, and bake. One fryer is all for all types of foods.
  • The food has low calorie and foods are healthy.
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe and simple to clean.

Negative of gowise usa gw22621

  • The device is large and needs a big room
  • Only a few colors options

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Significant benefits of gowise usa gw22621

The fryer allows you to cook food without using oil or excess fat and calories. This is the most important way to sell the point. If you like to have very healthy and tasty chips, chicken wings or baking diets, the unit will help you to do this without using oil.

The taste of the food remains the same. The cost of this mighty device is not more as you think. This is a mild range appliance that works very well. You need not cut a big budget to get the appliance.

It fryer has a touchscreen technology. The programs are very easy to handle. There is also a safety feature with the device.

It is very sensitive and caring. It can cook food within the exact cooking time. The fryer has the right moment setting for shrimps, fish, and four other recipes.

Performance that you cannot avoid

gowise usa gw22621 review

The fryer is a bit of punch, and the voltage is 1500 W and 120V. It comes with a touchscreen system. The new one has solved so many problems than the old one.

The GoWise has solved the problem of oil splattering. You need no oil to cook your foods. There is a drawer surrounding the basket as it holds anything drips out at the time of cooking foods. The cleaning system is very simple.

The capacity of the air fryer is much enough as with 3.2 quarts. They are fit enough to adjust your dishwasher. The construction of the drawer is good enough.

The heating coils are set to the top, and the beneath of the fryer is a fan. The function of the fan circulates air all the parts. It ensures heat for all the parts of the foods. The food cooks rapidly, and food becomes tasty and crispy.

For this, the machine becomes heat quickly. Within 3 minutes the air fryer can raise the heat up to 400 degrees. The cooking basket is nonstick, and size is 8×8 inches.

The cleaning is very simple.

It has seven preset systems which help to cook meat, chips, steak, shrimp, chicken, fishes, etc. users may get the temperature in a correct way. There is a plus and minus icon by which you can adjust more temperature for cooking your desired foods.

3.2-quart capacity

This is a wonderful medium size for your average-sized family and small parties’ fryer.

Adjustable temperature

You can place the temperature in almost any variety, from 175 — 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  This temperature can be much more than enough of flexibility to make just about any dish out there. The timer ensures that your food will not get burnt. But it is limited to only 30 minutes, which may prove tricky, particularly if you’re attempting to slow roast a dish. That is has been said, in case you do not mind being near the fryer then 30 second mark. Then this isn’t a big problem.

Seven cooking programs

Rather than experimenting with time and temperature for common foods such as poultry, legumes, and fish, then you may select in the cooking mentioned above presets with this fryer: chips, meat, chicken, steak, shrimp, and fish. This saves you time and anxiety in trying to work out how to best cook your foods.

Safety and build quality

Security is among the principal considerations when using an air fryer. This is precisely why GoWISE made sure to cover each base with this item. A number of the old versions were proven to possess the managed heat up a little, particularly when the fryer is used for over 30 minutes, that’s the limitation that the timer has. Another issue those old versions that is the paint gradually begins peeling off after some time. Seeing how this influenced the consumer remarks. The producer made certain not to make the exact same mistake twice. moreover  they have added a few safety measures, such as the button protector which functions to prevent unintentional detachment of this basket.

Does it take up a lot of space? 

While it does not possess a small footprint, it is not that large.

Should you use it regularly, you should not have any problem with it remaining on your countertops. As a single person has said, it is maybe much like a countertop keurig. It should not be an eyesore, possibly, with a single person stating that it seems fine on the counter.

In case you discover that it’s large, storage should not be a problem. It is essentially an appliance. One man said she reserves a place on her pantry’s flooring to keep this air fryer when not being used.

Table 1: In hand troubleshooting of gowise usa gw22621

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
The fryer not turning onThe appliance is not plugged inPlug the appliance into a grounded wall socket
You have not set timerSet the timer using the knob for the correct time in the appliance
Ingredients for the fryer are not doneThe basket has been over filled with ingredientsPlace smaller amount of ingredients in the basket. Smaller batched are fried more evenly
The set temperature is too lowIncrease the temp. Control knob to the required temperature setting
The ingredients are fried unevenly in the fryerIngredient positioning or overfullIngredient that lay on the top or across from each other (e.g. fries) need to be shaken midway through cooking

From the store opinion

The most important fact is that it requires a very little amount of oil. The foods are very crispy and fried well. There is a black dishwasher with the device. It has a touchscreen device to control temperature for your desired food. The air fryer comes with a recipe book. The book will help you to cook your desired foods.

gowise usa gw22621 review

The way of dealing with it

  • Keep the ingredients to the basket and keep the pan and the basket in the appliance. The light is seen in the LED. Note: there is a button guard to the basket to ensure safe detachment. Then the button out to disconnect the basket out of the pan
  • You could set your desired heat among the seven options or set it by pressing ‘+’ or ‘–‘icons
  • At first set, the temperature and timer then switch on the button. A red dot will indicate you that the fryer started the work. If you do not see the red dot, you can use the standby mode
  • At the time of cooking, you need to share some ingredients. To do it, you can pull the pan out of the fryer with the help of the handle, the shake the elements carefully. If it is done, slide the pan, basket back to the air fryer
  • After sliding the pan back, it will generally go back from frying; the timer is set the original time. Please keep this mind, sliding back to the shaking

CAUTION: AT THE TIME OF SHAKING THE HANDLE DO NOT USE PRESSURE ON THE BUTTON. GoWise USA GW22621 MAY DETACH THE BASKET FROM PAN. If shaking with ingredient is impossible, you can use a pot holder, after that remove the basket, then shake it.

  • When the fryer reaches to its last step of setting a timer, it will beep five times. The fryer will shortly turn off automatically.
  • Pull out the pan from the fryer and put it in the pot holder. Note: oil will store in the bottom of the pan, be cautious if you slide the pan from the fryer.
  • Slide the button guard-forward and then force the fire basket release button to remove the basket from the pan. It brings out the ingredients and put it on the table.
  • You can use nonabrasive or nonmetal tongs to escape scratching.

Cooking instructions

  • Small ingredients will take a short time than the large ingredients
  • In the middle of the cooking, you can shake the ingredients which will make your food more evenly and will get the better result
  • Add the very small amount of oil to make the potato fresh, and you will get a crispier result
  • Never try to make very greasy ingredients like sausages in the air fryer
  • You can prepare snack by the air fryer such as the oven can do
  • The suggested amount of crispy fries is 17.5 oz
  • The homemade dough will take longer time than the pre-made dough
  • You can use the air fryer to heat ingredients, and then use temperature 150F for ten minutes
  • You can use an oven or backing in to make fill ingredients, quiche or cake

Why you like gowise usa gw22621

gowise usa gw22621 review

The GoWise is not a new air fryer on the market. The 4th generation air fryer has 1500 watt is an upgraded model now in the market. An example of the upgrade method is the touchscreen.

You can easily set the temperature for your need. You can cook food with seven different programs like chicken, chips, meat, shrimp, steak, and fish.

Each cooking requires an icon. You can adjust 30 minutes times setting to prevent your food from burning. There is also automatic standby feature.

It will save the device from overheating. The range of temperature is 175 to 400 degree. It will help you to fry different kinds of food.

Buying guide- IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?

We hope that our comprehensive guide will show you the hard facts which you desire. Our target is to empower you as a consumer by giving you factual information about the air fryer’s benefits, features, and disadvantages.

There are some other air fryers in the market. Surely this is one of the most high-rated and best-selling styles. It will help you to expand the horizon of your home kitchen. Experimenting is great fun, and the design aids you to change the things up. Besides, it creates low-fat versions of the dearest deep fried food.

What is here if you like, you can treat yourself with the model at present. The product is no doubt exceptional, and most people like it very much. It is very simple ordering the product on online. This is the exact way to treat you.

An item is a good option as a gift for who like to cook. Select the high tech option of this great air fryer and enjoy the food without the grease. The way is great to make snacks as well as delicious foods.

Recipes – Meatless using gowise usa gw22621


  • Leftover Pizza Dough (the recipe are here)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1Tbsp Greek Yoghurt
  • 50g Soft Cheese
  • 2Tsp Rosemary
  • 1Tsp Mustard


  • Take out the pizza dough from the fridge and keep it at room temperature for easy use. You may use little flour with the dough and then knead for sometimes so that it becomes soft. Keep it one side.
  • Keep all the elements into a mixing bowl and mixture well until you do not get the lovely creamy paste.
  • Break the dough up into eight same sizes. For every piece, flatten it out such as pancake and add about one-third teaspoon on it. Chase it with some square of feta and then seal it up as it is a secret component.
  • Do it for the eight and prepare good little balls
  • Keep it to the air fryer after ten minutes and allowed temperature 180C up to five minutes at 160C.

Significant Benefits Of Gowise USA GW22621

Without using or adding oil, you will get flavor fried food, and this is the main point to sell the fryer. If you like to get chips, chicken wings or other goodies, but would not like to eat fat diet, the unit will help you to get the air fry and need not oil to make tasty food.

gowise usa gw22621 review

The cost of the unit is not very much as you are thinking. This is a mid-range small unit to work wonderfully without spending much money for this purpose.

The touchscreen technology is applied here. So this is simple to program. It has very safety features and very protective and sensitive. Select your desired time to cook something, and you may choose your setting for cooking shrimp, fish, and four other alternatives.

Performance that you cannot avoid

Available at 1500 watt and 120 volts. The fryer is a bit of blow. The fryer has touchscreen option, so someone faces many problems. The GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer fixes splattering oil.

The reason is they do not have to use oil. Users like the drawer which remains around the basket of the fryer as it holds something that drips out while cooking. The cleanup system is also simple.

gowise usa gw22621 review

The power of the fryer is great with 3.2 quarts. They are very small meaning that enough to set inside the dishwasher. The manufacturer of the drawer makes it perfectly sized. The heating coil is adjusted to the top and under the fryer, there is a cooling fan.

The fans circulate air around the fryer, and the foods get well-valued air in all parts. The users said that they could cook the food more quickly as well as thoroughly. So the food becomes tastier and great appetizing.

This is the reason for which the machine becomes hot. It can go to the room temperature up to 400 degrees F and time will take only three minutes.

The cooking basket size is 8 x 8 inches and non-stick and will aid to clean up. As the fryer for the first time, there are seven existing programs to cook steak, meat, chips, shrimps and chicken, fish and a manual option.

This will help you set the accurate temperature. If you want the fried food differently, there are some plus and minus icon to set the correct temperature.

From the store opinion on gowise usa gw22621

The most attractive thing is that you need the little oil to get very crispy fries. There is a dishwasher to remove the black. This has touch screen controlling temperature setting system for what type of food you like.

There is a small recipe book or user manual to cook various types of foods if you buy the product.

The place to purchase gowise usa gw22621

The fryer is explained well in the manual. I do not have to work hard to set anything. They give me a very accurate result. I cooked chicken, fries, and fish. I have got all the best. The control panel also well designed, the display of the fryer is very easy.

The demand of the air fryer is gradually increasing day by day. So you can have this air fryer without any hesitation. Before taking any decision, you need to know details about the product. You need to know about the fake products also. This will help you to buy the original product. You may get the product after reading this article.

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Gowise usa gw22621 review

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Gowise USA Gw22621 Review

Question: Where is it made?

Answer: it is made in China.

Question: Will the air fryer work with 220 volts?

Answer: No.  It will work on 110 to 120 volt.

Question: What is the difference do you find between the GW22621 model and GW22611 model?

Answer: They have the same functions. The primary variation is the size of the GW22621 and the GW22611. GW22621 is a 3.2 quart whereas GW22611 is a 2.5 quart. The GW 22621 has a digital screen, and the adjustable temperature is 175°F – 400°F.

Question: from what the basket made of?

Answer:  it is made of Stainless steel.

Question: is the basket made of Teflon coated?

Answer: no it is not.

Question: Can you apply oil in this air fryer?

Answer: You can coat your food with little olive oil or by using cooking spray.

Question: is it a noisy air fryer?

Answer: No it is not. The level of sound is like the microwave.

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The GoWise USA GW22621 is very good air fryer. It is a good device also for cooking different foods. Some food you will get from this air fryer is indistinguishable. The other foods you will get are just from the traditional. When you buy this air fryer, you will find that the foods are very healthier and upgraded.

Final Word

When you think preparing healthy food is a complicated task, you should better to select GoWISE GW 22621 Air Fryer.

The air fryer aids you to make the cooking process simple so that you may prepare delicious food and add ingredients.

The touchscreen control is an additional option of the air fryer. The modern, robust design of the air fryer is a good kit for any recent kitchen.

It is sure that the air fryer cooks all types of dishes by using a little amount of oil. For this reason, the device is a must for every home.

Besides cooking lots of dishes by the fryer, you can cook them by spending little time compared with cooking them by using oil. Pass your days very happily by cooking every day with the GoWISE GW22621 Air Fryer.

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