Delonghi Deep Fryer Reviews in 2023 [The Top 4 Models]

Author: Chester P. Rector
September 23, 2022

Before deciding to use the iron, clean the basket, cover, and bowl well with the detergent or hot water. Use a damp cloth to clean the power cord, the controlling unit, and the heating element.

Let not enter water into the controlling unit, and no water left to the bottom of the removal bowl. Make dry all parts well. Be confirm; the control unit is accurately fastened to the body of the deep fryer. The safety micro switch would not permit you to use the unit. Now the fryer is ready to use.

You must keep the oil or fat to the minimum level. You need to change the oil frequently. The lifespan of oil depends on what types of foods you are going to fry. Food covered with breadcrumbs dirtiest oil than traditional frying.

The condition of oil deteriorates for using again and again. If you use correctly, you need to change it on a regular basis.

1. DeLonghi D677UX 2-1/5-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer

Buy the De’Longhi 2.2 lb Roto Deep Fryer and enjoy tastier and crispier food. If messy, use clean-up scares or easy oil draining system to get rid of the problem.

Open the hose stored in front of the fryer and drain oil in a safe collecting container.

The dual filtration along with added replacement filters and the non-stick interior and you are lingering odor protection for easy cleanup.

You may observe the whole cooking process with the windowed lid. The fryer has outer cool touch handle.

The adjusted thermostat permits you to adjust the temperature from 300 to 370 degree.

For this, you can enjoy what type of food would you like to have. For ensuring safety, the fryer has non-slip feet, side handle, cool touch exterior, a magical cord for avoiding an accident.


  • The fryer has easy oil draining system. Open the oil hose stored and drain the oil into an oil collecting container.
  • Cleaning is simple and hassle free for non-stick interior.
  • The fryer includes adjustable thermostat along with indicator light to adjust the desired temperature from 300 to 370 degrees.
  • As the fryer has non-slip feet, do not worry for safety. Side handle helps to carry it well and stays cool exterior wall is safe to touch.
  • The capacity to cook food up to 2.2 pounds.


  • The filter of the fryer works well to resist the odor of food like grease


  • There are no cons at all.

2. DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer, Black/Silver

De’ Longhi Roto Deep Fryer is a good fryer ensures tastier and crispier food. The size of the fryer is 1.5 pounds.

You may save half of the old by using this fryer instead of the traditional fryers.

You can always get the crispier result. If you get the tool messy, the hot oil cleans up scares will remove your fear.

Besides, it has patented simple, clean oil draining process to fight against it.

Open the oil container then drain the oil. The dual filtration and non-stick filter will aid to easily clean up and odor protection.

The other features are a magnetic cord, the detachable cord, cool touch outer walls.

All these features will save from accident. The fryer has patented condensation shield that resists oil to drip into the connection of cord. With the help of cool touch handle, you may open the lid easily.

Moreover, you can see the whole cooking process without dodging splattering oil. The handle helps to raise the lower basket though the lid is closed. The additional features are digital timer setting and adjustable thermostat.


  • Use half of the oil and enjoy tastier and crispier food. The capacity of the fryer is one to one or two pounds.
  • Hot oil along with patented oil is good for cleaning.
  • You may see the whole cooking process, safe hot oil.
  • Indicator light and adjustable thermostat, temperature setting from 300 to 370 degree.
  • Set a digital removable timer, so no worry for over frying. The alarm will remind you to see the progress.


  • You need not flip the fryer upside down to remove oil
  • There is no odor while cooking. The odor will remove after 30 min when your cooking is done.
  • Simple to use control
  • Food comes out crispy and perfect
  • Basket is good enough to cook for two to four people
  • When you close the lid, the basket will drop into the oil that prevents random burns


  • The fryer is larger
  • The cord of the fryer is touchy as it is held with magnets. If you bump it, the fryer will shut off at mid-fry.

3. DeLonghi D14522DZ Dual Zone 4-Liter Deep Fryer

The De’Longhi Dual Zone 3.0 lb Deep Fryer is a good option for cooking tastier and crispier food for the people.

The fryer has the large basket to cook for the whole family.

You may escape lingering odors for having unique dual zone technology.

It gives a cool zone of oil to hold fallen pieces and saves from burning. The patented simple clean will help to messy oil clean-up.

Draw out the hose and drain the oil out of the fryer. The removable heating element, the permanent stainless steel filter, the dishwasher safe parts aid to easily clean up and odor protection.

The fryer has a magnetic cord detached from the fryer. So there is no risk of an accident. For more safety, the patented condensation will save oil from dripping into the connection of cord. The other features are outer cool touch handle and windowed lid.


  • The big capacity to cook for up to three pounds
  • Enjoy tasty fried food. It has a cool zone of oil added to the heating elements, it saves fallen food from burning, reduces the odor and keeps inside oil clean.
  • By the oil drain system, you can clean the oil very easily. Pull out the hose in front of the fryer and drain oil.
  • It has an indicator light and adjustable thermostat to cook food as you like. You may set temperature from 300 to 370 degree.
  • Moreover, it has a dishwasher safe bowl, lid, frying basket along with simple and quick cleaning up the system.


  • The attractive feature of the Delonghi is that you can drain oil when cooking is over.
  • The fryer is made of different components. It is very simple to clean all the parts.


  • Nothing worries about

4. DeLonghi D24527DZ Dual Zone 3-Pound-Capacity Deep Fryer

The De’Longhi 3.0 lb Deep Fryer is a good option for cooking tastier and crispier food for the people.

You may escape lingering odors for having unique dual zone technology.

It gives a cool zone of oil to hold fallen pieces and saves from burning.

The patented easy clean will help with messy oil cleanup. Pull out the hose and drain the oil from the fryer.

The permanent stainless steel filter, the removable heating element, the dishwasher safe parts aid to easy cleanup and odor protection.

The fryer has a magnetic cord detached from the fryer. It has no risk of an accident. For more safety, the patented condensation will save oil from dripping into the connection of cord.

The other features are outer cool touch handle and windowed lid. The fryer has a large basket to cook for the whole family. It has a digital timer and adjustable thermostat to cook for all the times.


  • The total capacity of the fryer is up to three pound
  • Patented easy oil cleaning system – Pull out the hose and drain the oil. This is very simple for the users.
  • The adjustable temperature is from 300 to 370 degree.
  • It has digital timer and alarming system to alert you to check the foods
  • Cool zone is located under the heating element saves the fallen food from burning. For this, there is no odor of foods and  it keeps the oil clean.


  • Simple to use and has good capacity size
  • Looks nice, drains much oil and cooks greater than the other fryers


  • Drain clogs up very easily. It takes more time to heat up.

Correct Frying

The recommended temperature will be perfect for all types of recipes. If the temperature is low, oil may be absorbed. If the temperature is high, a crust will be formed, and the inside of food will not be cooked.

Food will be cooked well if the green light comes by adding the accurate temperature. Do not overfill the basket with much oil. As it may cause oil drop for using temperature.

Thus less uniform or greasier frying. Be sure the food is cut into thin pieces. If food is very thick, this may not well cooked inside instead of appearance. Even cut food will be cooked well inside at the same time.

Oil food would be less crisp though cooking well. Food has more water need to be breaded prior to frying. Be sure, the excess flour or breadcrumbs are removed before keeping the food inside oil.

Frying Frozen Food

Frying Frozen Food
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Frozen foods may be very cold. Use lower temperature for cooking. To get the best result, do not use maximum quantity of food at the time of frying. The frozen foods may be covered with the layer of ice.

You need to remove it before cooking. Lower the basket very carefully to save oil from boiling over. The cooking time must be adjusted according to the type of foods that are being fried. The adjusted temperature is shown on the package of the foods.

How do you clean a DeLonghi deep fryer?

To clean the appliance, be sure the appliance is cut off from the outlet. Do no keep deep dryer in water or under the running water of the tap. If there are leaks, it may cause electric shock. Make the oil cool and then remove the unit, and then drain the oil from it.

Use absorbent paper or sponge to remove the deposits from the fryer. Do not use water on the power cord or control unit. Except that, you can clean all the other parts with mild detergent or hot water.

To extend the life of the filter, wash it thoroughly. Saving from damage, do not use abrasive sponges. Dry all the parts of the fryer to save from splashes of warm water at the time of using the appliance.

Delonghi deep fryer problems and Solutions

An electric deep fryer is a very useful thing in the kitchen for the busy women. It aids you to prepare fry food easily and simply in a unit which is self-contained. You should not think more about burning oil spattering all on the stove.

They are very wonderful, but you have to face some problems with it. There are many pieces of evidence that you are trying to troubleshoot these problems or you like to save money applying an electrician to repair it. Besides, you have an electric deep fryer that is working very much rapidly.

Accessing the Thermostat

Arrange few stages of newspaper upon the opposed and remain the electric profound fryer upside down on the top of these. It resists oil residue entering to the countertop. You notice that there is a rubber foot beneath the base, attach in the place with a screw. Remove the screws with the feet you can take off the base of the electric deep fryer to expose electrical function inside.

Removing the Thermostat

Enter the thermostat. Add it to the nut and have two wires combined with it. Begin by unscrewing the wires and drag them far from the thermostat. Then apply adjustable wrench with the nut holding thermostat in place to alter it. Adjust the new thermostat and tighten the nut for holding tightly. Keep the wires in place and reassemble the fryer and alter the oil.

Draining the Oil

You need to train oil first before you desire to work with an electric cavernous fryer. Wait till the oil becomes cool down. Disconnect it from the electrical outlet. Pour oil into a container and keep aside. Then keep the electric deep fryer by its sides by the open top over the sink along with a bowl in the sink under it. Keep it for sometimes to drain the rest of the oil. Rinse the inside of the deep fryer with paper towels. You should not remove all the oil, but you can get most of it.

DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer drainining oil easy clean up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the wattage of this delonghi deep fryer?

The watts of an electric fryer are the measure of the electrical energy the appliance uses. A higher wattage means that the appliance uses more energy and produces more heat. You should use a fryer that produces heat that is safe for the foods you are cooking, but more important, one that is safe for you and the environment.

As with most cooking appliances, the power capacity for small kitchen appliances often goes unmentioned on the product packaging or in the manual. However, it's a fairly easy unit to calculate if you know the appliance's capacity and the wattage per liter is an important number to look for when purchasing a fryer.

A quick search online finds the Delonghi Deep Fryer D28123 has a 2.2-liter capacity and a 1,500-watt power capacity. Using this information, we can calculate the wattage per liter by dividing the wattage by the capacity, which equals about 9 watts per liter.

2. Does delonghi cool touch deep fryer 2.2 oil drain come in a smaller size?

Yes. This digital fryer uses an innovative design to cool the exterior, keeping it safe to touch and eliminating the need for a protective cage.  The Cool Touch Deep Fryer has a 2.2-liter oil capacity, ideal for frying chicken, fish, fries, onion rings, and more...

Final Thoughts

In the end, we managed to find 4 deep fryers that are worth your money and time. Of course, it also depends on your requirements and budget. These models cater to various needs when it comes to different types of foods. For example, if you want faster preparation times or cannot neglect the quality of the food they make, then make sure you pick one of these top-notch machines.

The products we have reviewed in this article outperformed their competitors by a long shot! You can be certain that you’re making a great decision by getting one from here today.

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