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Best Turkey Fryer Replacement Parts



turkey fryer is a kind of tool which is used to deep fry a turkey. The fried turkey is a favorite item to the people of Southern United State.

Now it has become popular with the people of other countries as it saves times.

It takes less time than the conventional oven or a rotisserie grill. Read the article on turkey fryer replacement parts to find the required parts for your turkey fryer.

Equipment of Turkey Fryer 

In a traditional turkey fryer, there is a burner, a basket, a poultry holder, a big stockpot with lid, a thermometer and a lifter. The burner contains a propane tank that you need to buy separately.

The standard of the current burners is low then the standard of the previous one. In lower cost unit has a steel burner and an aluminum stock. On the other hand, the higher burner has a burner and a stainless steel pot. Some units have integrated valve for draining the oil.

top turkey fryer replacements parts

The poultry holder has a stainless steel disk or an aluminum disk and a metal rod formed the loop with the end. The loop is holding on the cavity of the turkey, and a liter is used to remove or lower the turkey. If it has a basket. There is a bail to grab the lifter. There is a thermometer to see the temperature.

You can prepare other seafood and poultry with the fryer. The lid is used to cover the pot at the time of boiling other foods. You are requested to use the apron or heavy gloves for safety.

Some vendors now offer temperature control valve. The valve goes between a lead and a burner having a thermal sensor. The sensor is put into the oil to get the accurate temperature reading.

You can use Electric Turkey in your indoor need. It does not heat up quickly as like propane, there is a thermal safety turn off and a thermostat with it. You can prepare other food by boiling or frying with the Electric fryers.

Top 7 Best Turkey Fryer Replacement Parts 2018


Brass Control Valve / Knurled Needle Valve

Bayou Classic gives many kinds of propane burner parts for Bayou Classics for outdoor cooking. You can set regulator, hoses, valves or burners without replacing the entire cooker. Have you felt a problem at the time of replacing the parts? Our customer representatives are ready to help you.


0 - 10 PSI Turkey Fryer Regulator

The 0 – 10 Turkey Fryer Regulator is a good one which controls flames and does the deed for the turkey fryers. It can start with low PSI. It emits the hottest flames with higher PSI. There is a propane fitting in the 0-10 PSI Turkey Fryer Regulator.



0 - 40 PSI Adjustable Turkey Fryer Regulator

The 0 – 40 PSI Turkey Fryer Regulator can function with varieties of propane product from high-pressure burner to the low-pressure lamp. If you like to obtain more heat you can use the turkey fryer burner. Begin from the very low and gradually go to the high. You should not use much pressure to create more fire.



PSI Adjustable Turkey Fryer Regulator

The Bayou Classic PSI Adjustable Turkey Fryer Regulator contains a PSI from o to 30. You need to buy a turkey fryer regulator for your adjustable Turkey Fryer regulator if you have no idea how many PSIs can burn your Turkey Fryer.

You can use it to a low-pressure outdoor Turkey burner, a grill or a high-pressure Turkey Fryer burner. Adjust again and again until you get the crisp or nice flame. For your Turkey regulator kit, you can use a hoses or orifices Turkey fryer.



Natural Gas Turkey Fryer Burner

For a long time, customers are looking for natural gas turkey fryer burner or a Turkey fryer. We finally discovered it. The natural gas turkey fryer creates a lot of heats and fries a turkey very easily. Be careful the burner becomes very hot.

We found and bought them as many customers requested us to make it. These burners are taken from China. We do not have human resource enough to hook up and attempt before shipping. The outcome is the low price of the product. It started in 80/09/11, we do no receive issue credit or return these burners.

Each burner is wrapped well before shipping. So gather some knowledge before buying any burner. If you have the knowledge, you can get it for reasonable price. If you have no knowledge of outdoor burner, you can buy the propane cast iron burner. We offer thank for your understanding.



Turkey Fryer Hose Adaptor


You can use the turkey fryer hose adaptor for making longer of your turkey fryer. You can use this turkey fryer hose adaptor for the changing of the end.



10 Foot Turkey Fryer Propane Hose

The 10 Foot Turkey Fryer Propane Hose has given UL listed. There are a ¼ inch and 3/8 inches’ female thread. The orifice (5235) will be adjusted with this hose for the outdoor burners. You will get 6-foot turkey fryer hose and 8-foot turkey fryer hose.

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