Best Turkey Fryer Replacement Parts! for Your Existing Fryer

Author: Chester P. Rector
April 19, 2020

A turkey fryer is an essential kitchen equipment that you can use to deep fry those turkeys of yours. Over time, a turkey fryer has become everyone's favorite equipment, since it saves time. Who doesn't like to save time for other activities anyways?

Turkey fryers, like every other kitchen equipment, are susceptible to damage. When it gets damaged, it would need a replacement. This what we are going to discuss in this turkey fryer replacement part review.

Finding the best turkey fryer replacement part can be complicated at times. Apart from the availability of the many ones out there, you can't tell if the one you are buying is substandard or not. This is a challenge most buyers face.


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1. Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

The Bayou Classic stainless steel turkey fryer is a powerful fryer with a fast-heating burner that can cook a 12lb turkey in an hour. Apart from frying turkeys, you can use it for steaming, boiling seafood, vegetables, poultry, etc.

This stainless steel fryer comes with some safety features that will make you want to buy it. However, it lacks the auto shut-off function, which is a vital safety feature. There are other safety features like a vented lid, hooks, and a poultry rack. So the Bayou classic isn’t bad after all.

Lifting hook and poultry rack help you to remove the turkey into the pot and after cooking. They work similarly to aa cooking basket.

Bayou classic comes with fast-heat technology. The burner has a 55,000 Btu capacity, which means that it can get your frying done very quickly. You don’t have to use so many liters of oil to do your cooking. It uses a maximum of 3 gallons, which is far less than an outdoor burner.

There is a 12-inches thermometer included in this turkey fryer for checking the temperature of the oil. Other than that, there is no other convenience feature in the package.


  • Large Capacity - The 32-quart stainless steel is large enough to cook a 12lb turkey. Say no to small capacity burners again with the purchase of this one.
  • Heats Quickly -  Do you ever imagine getting your cooking done in 30 minutes to one hour with a turkey fryer? Well, that is why the Bayou is a topnotch fryer. It heats instantly to save time.
  • Easy to Clean - The type of material used in making a fryer is essential. This determines how easy it would be to clean. Fortunately, the Bayou Classic is stainless, which makes it comfortable to clean.


  • There is no auto shut-off function - The lack of an auto shut-off function is a major let down in this turkey fryer. However, it comes with other safety features that can protect you from overheating.

2. Kuluner Cooking Thermometer

Thermometers are essential kitchen assets that could save you from a lot of things in the kitchen.

This thermometer from Kuluner is a powerful, yet affordable, and quality kitchen tool that will make cooking comfortable and fun. Relaxed and fun because you don't have to feel anything is out of the ordinary in the kitchen with this thermometer.

Kuluner thermometer has an instant-read and gives you the accurate temperature of anything you check promptly. Temperature ranges from -58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Interesting, isn't it?

One fascinating feature about this thermometer that sets it apart from the rest is that it comes in a splash-proof design. You can use it anywhere, and it will withstand water and other elements. The body is made from durable plastic that has anti-microbial properties. This means no bacteria or fungi will able to grow or contaminate the thermometer.

You can use the thermometer to check the temperature of your roasts, water, barbeque, etc.


  • Has auto shut-off function - To prolong the battery life, this thermometer uses an auto shut-off function for that. This is to ensure that you don't get inaccurate measurements due to failing power issues.
  • Easy to use - There is nothing complex about using this thermometer. It's a buy and use and nothing more.
  • Comes with storage bag - If you aren't using your thermometer, you can store it in the storage bag that it came with. This is to ensure that you use the thermometer long-term.


  • Temperature reading might be slow at times, especially if the battery is getting old.

3. King Kooker Low-Pressure Burner with Orifice

The King Kooker low-pressure burner is one simple burner that can at as a perfect replacement for your smoker.

This low-pressure burner might be small, but it gets the job done faster than even most cookers out there.

King Kooker burner is a 6-inch low-pressure burner, with an orifice block, and a threaded handle where you can hold the burner. There is also the air shutter and spring in this burner.

Another essential feature of this burner is the BTU. It reaches a BTU of 18,000 and can reach a temperature as high as 225 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it suitable for deep frying and cooking.


  • Budget burner – This burner can act as a suitable replacement for your old or damaged burner. It’s affordable and even beats the price of other burners.
  • Heats quickly – This pressure burner heats fast and can reach up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit in no time.
  • Easy to install – The installation is nothing to be afraid of. Just buy, fix, and use. The user manual is easy to read and will guide you on how to install it.


  • Temperature is not adjustable – The downside of this burner is that you can’t adjust the heat once it heats up.

4. Brass Control Valve / Knurled Needle Valve

Bayou Classic gives many kinds of propane burner parts for Bayou Classics for outdoor cooking. You can set regulator, hoses, valves or burners without replacing the entire cooker. Have you felt a problem at the time of replacing the parts? Our customer representatives are ready to help you.

5. Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Cooker Set

The Bay Classic 2212 Fish Cooker Set is a good one which controls flames and does the deed for the turkey fryers. It can start with low PSI. It emits the hottest flames with higher PSI. There is a propane fitting in the 0-10 PSI Turkey Fryer Regulator.

6. 0 – 40 PSI Adjustable Turkey Fryer Regulator

The 0 – 40 PSI Turkey Fryer Regulator can function with varieties of propane product from high-pressure burner to the low-pressure lamp. If you like to obtain more heat you can use the turkey fryer burner. Begin from the very low and gradually go to the high. You should not use much pressure to create more fire.

7. PSI Adjustable Turkey Fryer Regulator

The Bayou Classic PSI Adjustable Turkey Fryer Regulator contains a PSI from o to 30. You need to buy a turkey fryer regulator for your adjustable Turkey Fryer regulator if you have no idea how many PSIs can burn your Turkey Fryer.

You can use it to a low-pressure outdoor Turkey burner, a grill or a high-pressure Turkey Fryer burner. Adjust again and again until you get the crisp or nice flame. For your Turkey regulator kit, you can use a hoses or orifices Turkey fryer.

8. Natural Gas Turkey Fryer Burner

For a long time, customers are looking for natural gas turkey fryer burner or a Turkey fryer. We finally discovered it. The natural gas turkey fryer creates a lot of heats and fries a turkey very easily. Be careful the burner becomes very hot.

We found and bought them as many customers requested us to make it. These burners are taken from China. We do not have human resource enough to hook up and attempt before shipping. The outcome is the low price of the product. It started in 80/09/11, we do no receive issue credit or return these burners.

Each burner is wrapped well before shipping. So gather some knowledge before buying any burner. If you have the knowledge, you can get it for reasonable price. If you have no knowledge of outdoor burner, you can buy the propane cast iron burner. We offer thank for your understanding.

9. Turkey Fryer Hose Adaptor

You can use the turkey fryer hose adaptor for making longer of your turkey fryer. You can use this turkey fryer hose adaptor for the changing of the end.

10. 10 Foot Turkey Fryer Propane Hose

The 10 Foot Turkey Fryer Propane Hose has given UL listed. There are a ¼ inch and 3/8 inches’ female thread. The orifice (5235) will be adjusted with this hose for the outdoor burners. You will get 6-foot turkey fryer hose and 8-foot turkey fryer hose.

What Makes a Good Turkey Fryer?

Using a good turkey fryer will make your cooking incredible. It can prepare meals that would be hard to forget. So what makes a good turkey fryer then?

Ease of Use

A good turkey fryer will make cooking comfortable for you. It will come with useful features that will make cooking great like a timer, indicator lights, thermostat, etc. All of this helps to speed the cooking process.

Safety features

Cooking with a turkey can be dangerous because you are working with gas or electricity and lots of oil. However, a good turkey fryer will come equipped with safety features like auto shut-off, vented lid, a lifter, etc. The auto shut-off function is probably the best safety feature that you need because it keeps the fryer from overheating. Overheating could potentially cause a fire outbreak and injuries.

Frying Efficiency

Frying efficiency covers the capacity of the fryer, the amount of oil needed, and the heating ability. A good fryer should be able to cook anything fast while minimizing the use of oil. It's also important to note that the larger the fryer, the more time it consumes to cook. So unless you are planning for thanksgiving or a large dinner, don't use a large fryer.

Turkey Fryer Replacement Parts - How Do You Choose This?

When it comes to choosing turkey fryer replacement, there a few things you need to consider.


Pricing is one of those critical factors that comes to the mind of every buyer. However, when it comes to buying turkey fryer replacement parts, it's essential to know that replacement parts that for very low prices should be avoided. They might be substandard.


Most replacement parts may not be as good as the original counterparts, but they come with good warranties. Before you buy a turkey replacement part, do ensure you read everything that comes with such parts. Most times, the warranty affects durability.

How To Use and Calibrate Adjustable Propane Tank Regulators With Your Fire Pit - Video Tutorial

Best Turkey Fryer Replacement Parts (FAQs)

1. Are Electric Turkey Fryers Any Good?

Electric turkey fryers are the best to work with. They are easier to work with, and you won’t have to worry if there is any gas left in the tank or not. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the hose, which is a major source of worry.

2. What Can You Cook with a Turkey Fryer?

Apart from roasting chickens, you can cook pickles, okra, candy bars, cheese sticks, etc.

3. What is the biggest lbs turkey you can safely cook in a 32 feet burner like the Bayou Classic?

You can safely cook between 10 - 12 lb turkey in this turkey fryer.

4. Which is Better Between Aluminium and Steel Turkey Fryer?

Aluminum stockpot conducts heat better than stainless turkey fryers, which means that frying anything will be much quicker.

5. Are the number readings on the Kuluner thermometer big or small?

The kuluner has large, easy to read numbers.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best turkey fryer replacement part can take a toll on you. You will have to go through a lot of hurdles just to get the best fryer replacement part.

Thanks to this review, we have made it easier for you to select the best turkey replacement parts without falling a victim of substandard products.

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