A Detailed Discussion and Experiment Share on What Happens If You Put Ice in A Deep Fryer

Have you ever put ice in the deep fryer? There's every chance you haven't. But how about experimenting with such a wild idea?  This can be a part of your kids' science project or simply to satisfy your cooking curiosity.

The fact is mane people reach us to know what happens if you put ice in a deep fryer. To be frank, ice and oil of deep fryer are just two opposite things. Hence, putting ice in the deep fryer isn't recommended at all.

But if you indeed want to become a cooking scientist, here's is a summary of what might happen when an ice cube is put in the deep fryer. Since the materials have massive temperature differences, the ice will first transform into the liquid state and finally convert into gas.

Since these transformations happen quickly and the molecules are formed differently, you should expect a volatile reaction in the deep fryer, at worst, a fire.

Now let's see how such extreme reactions come into being when we mix excess ice in hot oil in the deep fryer.

What Happens If You Put Ice in A Deep Fryer

What Happens If You Put Ice In A Deep Fryer

You have to understand the science behind molecules' transformation in three different states to honestly know what happens when you try to deep fry ice cubes or ice cream. In lower temperatures, molecules have less vibration, and in higher temperatures, they have a higher vibration.

When ice is in its normal state, they have a close bonding and thus forms the ice cubes due to fewer molecules' vibration. When you introduce excess heat to the cubes, the molecules start vibrating more and more.

They then reach the liquid state and finally, with higher temperature, start boiling. At this point, their molecular formation starts breaking down, and they become gas through evaporation.

So, when you keep the ices in a deep fat fryer's hot oil, you have been aware of two things.

  • Ice molecules have less vibration, and so, these are in a docile condition
  • Oil molecules due to high heat are in volatile condition

So, the aggressiveness of oil will take over the ice molecules. And it will start transforming the ice into liquid and then to gas if possible. In nature, these transitions between the three states of ice happen slowly and gradually.

But in a deep fryer, it happens almost instantly. Thus, you will see an extremely volatile reaction when you put ice in the high temperature of deep fryer oil. It occurs as the low-vibrating ice molecules rapidly start vibrating in high velocity due to a sudden rise in the temperature.

When you put one or two small ice cubes in the deep fryer, the reaction will be subtle. So, you won't see more than a typical boiling response. But what if you put whole ice cream or frozen food directly on the heated oil inside the fryer?

Boom! Fire!

Yes, adding too much ice with the heated oil starts an uncontrollable chain reaction, and it often ends in an unexpected burst of FLAME.

The flame might often result in a risky fire broke out in the kitchen. So, you should be at a safe distance if you dare this wild experiment.

A Real-Life Experience

It was the winter of 2020, during the pandemic situation. I was at home and could hardly find anything to pass my time (my store was shut down due to lockdown).

So, I thought about experimenting with the ice and deep fryer. I love such wild things from my childhood as I set fire on the paint to see what happens. Ah, I don't want to remember the scene.

Now, let's get back to my new experiment. I had been using the deep fryer for cooking my frozen food after thawing them. This time, I thought about cooking fried ice cream (Gosh! How wild it was!).

So, I preheated the deep fryer at 350°F with oil literally boiling in it. Then, I put a few pieces of ice cubes in it. My Toto (the cat pet) was sitting next to me close to the fryer.

And then it happened-

Boom! Flame!

I heard a MEOW sound and rushed to Toto. I found her beautiful mustache burnt slightly. Ah, I cried and weep with her.

So, here's a piece of suggestion for the wild experiment lovers-

Don't practice putting excess ice in hot oil- NEVER!

What Does Dry Ice in a Deep Fryer Do?

What Does Dry Ice In A Deep Fryer Do?

Scientists have conducted several kinds of research to see what regular ice and dry ice do in the deep fryer. The reaction between deep fryer oil and dry ice was hugely different compared to the traditional ice.

Dry ice nothing except stable carbon dioxide, and so, it has a different reaction chain with everything. Thus, it was found that the dry ice reaction was slower and peaceful compared to the regular ice. In fact, it was so subtle that one could hardly notice it without proper observation. Some chefs commented that the reaction between dry ice and deep fryer oil is not more volatile than that of marinated chicken and deep fryer.

So, you won't experience any burst of flame with the dry ice inside the deep fryer.

This being said, you should also never experiment with putting too much dry ice inside the boiling oil of the deep fryer. These sorts of experiments must always be avoided.

Ice in Deep Fryer Meme

Ice In Deep Fryer Meme

Thanks to the almost opposite ice and deep fryer character, fun lovers have created tons of memes with these two things. You will surely appreciate the creativity if you are a meme lover. One such meme in Google mentions a girl and asks her about a dine with deep-fried ice. Gosh, it was hilarious.

Another meme mentioned that it would be great if someone can manage to deep fry cake-flavored ice cream. Awesome!

So, if you feel bored at home or office, you can scroll Google to find these laughable and funny memes on ice in the deep fryer. I bet you ought to love. Do you dare to take up the challenge?

How to Deep Fry Hot Dogs FAQs

Why Oil and Ice do not mix in a Deep Fryer?

Oil and ice have entirely different molecular structures. Also, there's a considerable temperature gap between the oil in the deep fryer and ice. Ice melts at 32°F, and oil in a deep fryer usually is over 300°F. Thus, these two factors prevent oil from getting mixed with the oil in the deep fryer.

What to do if you accidentally put ice into a deep fryer?

Although you must not practice such crazy ideas, you must maintain a safe distance if you accidentally put the ice into a deep fryer. If fire catches up, you must smother it. Also, you should always use a lid for the deep fryer if it has one.


So, now you should clearly know what happens if you put ice in a deep fryer. Since it runs the risk of bursting into flame, I would never suggest such crazy experiments. When you plan to cook frozen food in the deep fryer, it is recommended that you thaw them accurately.

Also, some deep fryer comes with a lid. You should put the cover over the fryer pan whenever you deep fry anything, including ice cream or chicken.


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