How Often Do Restaurants Change Oil?

Author: Jenny J Brown
December 31, 2022

Oil plays a crucial role in cooking. If the oil isn’t changed regularly, then the food cooked in it will become unhealthy. This means that the restaurant has to invest time and resources into changing the oil. Restaurants are known for their high-quality food but require regular maintenance. Oil changes are essential to ensure that the restaurant kitchen runs smoothly. So, changing the oil at restaurants is so important. Restaurants should change their oil every week to two. Read on to learn more about this matter.

How often do Restaurants Change the Oil?

An oil change might be necessary for a high-volume fast-food restaurant every week or two, depending on the size of the vats, the quality of the filters, and the frequency of the oil filter change. Still, it will vary depending on how frequently the oil is filtered. As a rule of thumb, the oil filter should be changed every day by those types of establishments that are constantly running fryers. However, if the oil is not filtered daily, then it can last up to seven days before needing an oil change.

How Long do Restaurants use the same Oil?

How often do Restaurants Change the Oil
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Some people go out every night, while others go out twice a week. Whenever a place goes over its maximum amount of time, you can immediately taste the overused oil on your tongue.

Why would Restaurants Change the Oil they use Periodically?

It is possible that the smoking point of oil will be lowered over time as a result of food particles, high temperatures, and repeated use, which eventually results in rancidity that gives your food an off-flavor as the oil is used. In order to serve healthy foods a restaurent change oil frequently. A good way to keep your oil fresh is to change it after every meal.

What does the Oil Look Like When it Needs to be Changed?

When the oil turns cloudy, it is time to change it. The oil should also smell bad. If the oil smells bad, there is something wrong with the oil. You need to get rid of all the old oil and replace it with new oil.


We have learned that restaurants change the oil every week. However, how many restaurants are doing this is the real question. Fortunately, governments are being serious about this issue and taking steps to ensure every restaurant is taking this matter seriously.

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