How to Deep Fry A Whole Chicken At Home- Juicy and Delicious

Author: Chester P. Rector
April 22, 2020

Deep frying your own food at home seems like an impossible dream, but it’s actually a pretty simple process. All you need is a bit of oil and a pot big enough to hold your food. It may seem like a lot of oil, but remember: it will cook only one thing for one meal, so you won’t have to worry about having enough for all your other meals. Also consider that the oil you use to deep fry your food can also be reused, but, of course, you’ll want to clean it and dry it afterward.

Deep frying a whole chicken inside and out is a surefire way to bring your family to the dinner table. It’s a meal that is both easy to make and impressive to serve, from a festive feast to a family gathering. Deep-frying a whole chicken is a great way to cook chicken breasts, but cooking a whole chicken is more economical. Plus, the taste is incomparable.

Deep fat frying is a process of cooking foods like fried chicken, potato chips, and French fries. The process includes keeping the whole food into the oil as long as the temperature reaches to the utmost level.

If the food is fried well, it will be crispy outside and hot as well as cooked center well. Deep frying destroys bacteria and a very speedy process.

Preparation before the Execution

Buy chicken from the local shop. The chicken you choose will be attractive to look at. In your refrigerator, totally thaw the chicken.

Inside the cavity, you will see excellent crystals for reacting water violently for hot oil causing splattering. This will make the chicken half cooked inside.

Preparation before the Execution
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Then you have to measure how much oil you will use in your turkey fryer. The amount of measuring oil will rely on the size of the chicken. You should not use oil close to the lid as this will lower the chicken, the liquid might overflow and may cause fire accidents.

If the amount of oil is less, the chicken will not cook properly. The solution is to keep the chicken inside the turkey.

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When the chicken is fully seated inside, then use water to submerge the chicken about two or two and a half inch above the chicken body. Mark where the water line is then used peanut oil over the line, you selected.

After finishing submerge the chicken with water, dry at first. To speed up the system, you may use the paper towels. Remind pat inside there is cavity dry. Now you will get your desired chicken.

Preparation to fryer whole chicken
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Keep the legs closed and tied them. Then remove giblets and neck. Eliminate the unwanted fat that you do not like. Rinse the cavity.

This is a suggestion for you to cut the skin open from where the thigh meets with the breast. This process helps to remove additional moisture at the time of cooking.

The following steps are seasoning and flavorings

When the chicken is dry, season it with spices and herbs which you like such as pepper, salt, paprika, and so on. Rub outside and inside of the seasoning.

You may do it for many times to create the chicken absorb both the outer layer and the flavorings deeper. As you like to inject flavors, puncture gaps are spreading the total chicken. This means that the flavors are not stocked up in one place.

The steps to make that perfect, deep-fried, whole chicken

Simply keep the chicken in the basket of the fryer and lower the chicken into the pot. Pour much water to keep the entire chicken into the pot to cover it. Use tape to indicate the points- the line is fill line to fill the oil. Remove the chicken with caution.

The steps to make that perfect, deep-fried, whole chicken
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  • Remove excess water. Be sure there is no water in the pot to avoid more splattering for the time of using oil. Keep the burner on the earth, be sure the ground is firm and level.
  • Do not keep the burner near the tree, curtain or anything that may cause the fire.
  • Add oil until it reaches the marking line and maintains the fryer stand in the center of the burner.
  • Keep the pot on the stand and be sure the pot and the stand are stable.
  • Then lit the burner and adjust the flame to the maximum level. Use the thermometer inside the pot.
  • Be sure, the tip of the thermometer in the middle of the oil. Do not touch the nadir of the pot. Use heat up to 375 degrees F.
  • Wipe the chicken dry and out and inside. Use the chicken position on the rack and in the baking pan. Prior keeping inside fryer, refrigerate your chicken without using a cover over it. You can do it while the oil is hot.
  • Put the basket in the oil slowly. Do the job gently to escape oil splatters. Now you will get the chicken inside the basket and turn on the burner.
  • Deep the fry inside the burner for three to four minutes each round or adjust burner if you like. Use temperature from 350 to 370 degree F.
Fried whole chicken
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  • When cooking is finished shut off the burner and lift the lid of the basket slowly from the deep fryer. Place it in the fryer and let the oil drip off. After that keep the basket in the smooth place.
  • When the oil stopped dripping, you may use the thermometer to the thickest parts of the breast and thigh area. Do not touch the bone. This is the best system to know whether the meat is cooked well or not.
  • The meat would be registered at 180 degrees F or 165 degrees F for the thigh and the breast accordingly. If you get the chicken undercooked, do not panic.
  • The thing you need is to return the chicken again to the deep fryer and switch on the burner.
  • Do the step nine again and when you see the chicken is cooked well, keep it for taking rest from ten to twenty minutes before like to eat with your family and friends.

After Deep Frying

When you finished all of your cooking, switch off the fryer and unplug it to make the oil cool. If you like to clean the fryer, be sure the fryer is entirely cooled.

After Deep Frying
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If you like to reuse the oil, then strain it with the help of sieve or cheesecloth. Stored the oil in a light-proof container or sealed for up to three months. To ensure the best quality, refrigerate the used frying oil that you like to reuse.

When you see the colored color or has a foul odor, smell or taste discard it. To confirm safety dispose of oil in a sealable metal container such as gallon milk jug, a coffee can and finally throw the oil filled can in the trash. People of some areas used the cooking oil.

Do not use oil down to the sink. Inside the drain, oil will be cool with water and causing backups in the sink, or public sewer system, septic method.

Nutrition Facts

Generic – Deep Fried Whole Chicken Wings (Large) W/Skin, No Coating

184 mg
Total Fat
10 g
0 mg
0 g
Total Carbs
0 g
3 g
Dietary Fiber
0 g
2 g
0 g
4 g
12 g
47 mg
Vitamin A


Vitamin C

Deep Fried Whole Chicken Recipe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long to deep fry whole chicken?

A whole fryer chicken will take about 30 minutes to an hour to cook at 360 to 375 F in oil.

In order to deep fry, you need to preheat the oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the chicken in the oil, turning every 5 minutes, until it is golden brown.

2. What temperature to deep fry chicken?

To deep fry chicken, the temperature you should use is 350 to 360  degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Can you deep fry raw chicken?

You can deep fry a raw chicken, but it takes some knowledge and preparation. Chicken that is cooked in deep fat needs to be cooked slowly, to prevent the outside of the meat from drying out.

4. How many minutes per pound to deep fry a whole chicken?

Deep frying a chicken takes approximately 7 to 9 minutes per pound. The cooking time varies depending on the size of the chicken and the oil's temperature.

A 3 lb whole chicken will take about 25 minutes, while a 4 lb whole chicken will take about 35 minutes.

5. How long does it take to deep fry a 10 pound turkey?

It takes about an hour to deep fry a 10 pound turkey. The oil should be heated to 350 degrees and the turkey should be completely submerged in the oil.

6. What is the normal temperature range for deep frying?

The temperature range for deep frying a whole chicken is 350°F to 375°F.


Deep frying a whole chicken at home may seem like a daunting task, but with these steps, you’ll have a delicious, crispy bird on your dinner table in no time. To ensure even cooking, it’s important to use a deep fryer with an adjustable thermostat and a basket with a lid.

You’ll also need a wire rack to place inside the fryer to keep the chicken from resting in the oil. Lastly, be sure to use a thermometer when frying to prevent the oil from getting too hot; the ideal temperature is between 350-375 degrees F.

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