Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas – Easy Tips

Author: Chester P. Rector
August 9, 2022

Tortillas have been one of the most favorite and popular snacks and main food items from the last few decades across the globe. The taste of warm and freshly made tortillas from scratch is just next to none. You can make them at home within a few minutes or bring them readymade from super shops.

Whatever might be the source, what do you do with the leftover tortillas? Hence people ask, "Can you freeze flour tortillas?"

Surprisingly yes, you can store the flour tortillas at ease. Today we will discuss the techniques to freeze different types of tortillas such as corn tortillas and flour tortillas, how to thaw them and reuse them from icy conditions. So, let's begin the journey.

When you bring a readymade tortillas pack from the store, you might not need all of them in one snack time. Also, when you make tortillas at home, you might want some extra more pieces to stock for future uses. It is crucial because making fresh tortilla every time might not be a good idea.

Hence, you might want to store the tortilla leftovers in the freeze. Moreover, the frozen tortillas will feel as delicious and tasty as the fresh ones if you can freeze tortillas right away. The good news is that frozen tortillas can hold their freshness and moisture for several months, which is a big bonus for you.

So, from the next time you have leftover or extra tortillas, always freeze them.

How Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas?

How Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas?
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Freezing flour tortillas is easy, and you won't have to be a master chef for it. In fact, wheat tortillas will freeze up incredibly well.  The process follows-

  • If your tortillas are warm, allow them to cool down properly. Don't hesitate to store them.
  • Store the cold tortillas in a separate container. You should use an airtight food container with an easy to open lid to store the stacks of tortillas. Also, you might use the special freezer bags with a zipper system for the purpose. Again, any other bag will do the job too.
  • Place the tortilla packed container or bag inside the freezer.
  • If possible, use parchment paper or other sorts of cover between each tortilla. It will make the defrosting easier.
  • That's it. The tortillas will still remain fresh when you eat them next time. So, don't' worry about the yumminess of the tortilla at all.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Tortillas?

The proper defrosting of the frozen tortillas is as essential as freezing them appropriately to keep the taste intact.  Luckily, the defrosting process for the food item is straightforward.

How Do You Defrost Frozen Tortillas?
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Just open the freezer and take away the tortilla containing the box from it. Place the container in a suitable location to allow the tortillas to thaw. The thawing process won't take more than one hour. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you shouldn't hurry as the item thaws.

If you have separated the tortillas using individual wrappers, the defrosting will be quicker. Also, you can microwave them for rapid thawing and defrosting. But it might make the item a bit soggy or mush together.

Flour Tortillas Recipe

Flour Tortillas Recipe
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Whether you love burritos, tacos, or enchiladas, all tastes extraordinary with the fresh tortillas. What's more, the homemade flour tortilla recipe is straightforward too.

Things you will need:

  • 4-5 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon of normal salt
  • 2 tablespoons of baking powder and lard each

In a mixing bowl, add flour, baking powder, and salt. Whisk the mixture, and then use your finger to add the lard slowly. It should look similar to cornmeal. Finally, add the water to make the dough. It should be sticky like elastic.

On a rolling pin, pour flour and roll the dough pieces into a thin tortilla. You can bake it on a preheated millet until it becomes bubbly and golden.

Separating Frozen Tortillas

When it comes to separating tortillas, it shouldn't give you a hard time. You might store the tortillas individually with foil paper in a large container. Also, store brought tortillas often are separable with your fingertip easily.

Separating Frozen Tortillas
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You should use the original packaging to store it. Also, you can separately store the stack of tortillas using the wax paper. It would help you separate them after thawing from the frozen condition easily and quickly.

Thawing Frozen Tortillas

As long as you have frozen the tortillas in the right way, thawing them is a walk in the park. The frozen tortillas will soften quickly under room temperature. You can leave the container for one hour to allow the tortillas to thaw on its own. As the tortillas are exceptionally thin, they don't take much time to thaw.

However, you can thaw the tortillas in a microwave oven if you are in a hurry. But it runs the risk of sogginess on the tortillas and so isn't highly recommended.

Store Tortillas by Freezing

Often time, the store brought tortillas will come in a pack of twelve or more items, not all of which you will consume in a go. Also, you might be interested in making several tortillas at a time to get rid of the pain to create the dough and then roll and bake them.

In either way, you can store the tortillas easily by freezing them. You can keep the frozen tortillas in a specially designed freezer bag for the best result. In the sub-zero temperature of the freezer, the tortillas will remain fresh for a longer time.

Storing Tortillas by Refrigerating

If you want the tortillas to thaw quicker, we recommend you to store them in a refrigerator instead of freezing them. A fridge will run at 3°C to 5°C, and so there will be no ice on the tortillas. It makes the thawing process quicker.

However, refrigerating the tortillas should only be done if you want to store them for a shorter period, such as one or two weeks. Otherwise, its freshness won't last long.

Storing in A Dry Environment

If you don't want to use the tortillas immediately, you might store them temporarily in a dry environment. Use an airtight container to hold the tortilla stack and keep it in a cool and dry place. Make sure there's no heat source near to it.

Store Tortillas by Freezing
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The process works best for the corn tortillas, though. Also, it runs the risk of tortillas becoming dry soon. If it happens, use a piece of a thin towel to wrap the food item. The towel should be slightly soggy, and it will transfer the moisture to the tortillas.

Tips for Making Tortillas from Scratch

If you want to make homemade tortillas from scratch, it should be easy. You will need regular salt, all-purpose flour, lard, water, and baking powder for it. The exact proportion of these items has been mentioned in our above section.

You need to mix the flour, salt, and baking powder for whisking. Then add lard and form a caramel-like structure of the flour. Finally, add the water slowly and move it to create the dough. Then you can roll the dough into smaller pieces with your desired shape.

The Smart Way to Store Frozen Tortillas

Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas (FAQs)

1. How to make homemade flour tortillas?

To make homemade flour tortillas, you will need all-purpose flour, lard, and baking powder in appropriate proportion. Also, you will need salt and clean water. In a mixing bowl, add the flour, salt, and baking powder. After whisking them add the lard, and finally, pour water to make the dough. That's it.

2. What do you need to make flour tortillas at home?

The basic ingredients to make flour tortillas at home are baking powder, all-purpose flour, and lard. Also, some people might use yogurt or other ingredients according to their taste.

3. Can corn and flour tortillas be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze and store both the corn and flour tortillas. The process of freezing them is similar. Also, you can keep both tortillas easily in the refrigerator too.

4. How long do tortillas last?

It depends on the storing condition. In an average refrigerator, tortillas won't last more than one or two weeks.  However, they remain fresh for several months if frozen and stored appropriately.  We recommend you use their original packaging or freezer bag to keep the tortillas stacks.

5. Can You Freeze Tortillas?

Yes, under sub-zero temperature, you can freeze tortillas. Also, it will help you store the tortillas for a more extended period.

6. Can you freeze corn tortillas?

Just like the regular flour tortillas, you can also easily freeze the corn tortillas. It is recommended that you use a freezer bag for the homemade tortillas. If you have store brought tortillas, use the original packaging until it is damaged or tears down into pieces.


You can eat a well-baked tortilla with almost anything from meats to veggies, even with coffee or tea. Also, it is the main ingredient for the southern border foods such as tacos, burritos, etc. When you know how to make homemade tortillas and store them properly in a freezer, you will love it.

So, we hope that this discussion on "Can you freeze flour tortillas" will benefit you in storing the food item without compromising its taste and yumminess.

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