What Deep Fryer Is The Best

What makes a good deep fryer? Is it important to get a large capacity model or should you opt for a smaller one? What features should I look out for?

Deep frying has become very common these days. In fact, some restaurants even offer their customers the option of ordering food cooked in oil rather than using butter or other cooking methods. If you want to enjoy delicious fried foods at home, then you’ll definitely need a quality deep fryer.

There are several types of deep fryers available in the market today. Each type comes with its unique benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, before buying a deep fryer, you should consider your specific requirements and choose the right model accordingly.

Best Overall: Breville Smart Fryer

The Breville Smart Oven is our best overall pick because it offers outstanding performance across the board. It makes quick work of cooking up delicious meals while saving energy over traditional ovens.

Its intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to easily monitor and adjust cooking times and temperatures. And thanks to its large capacity, you won’t have to worry about running out of space in your kitchen.

Best Large Capacity: Cuisinart Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer

Cuisinart’s large-capacity deep fryers are perfect for cooking up big batches of fried foods like chicken wings, french fries, onion rings, and even fish sticks. This model features a stainless steel exterior and includes a rotisserie basket for easy rotation.

The extra-large capacity makes it possible to cook enough food for a crowd without having to make multiple trips to the kitchen. And since there’s no oil splatter, cleanup is a breeze.

Best Value: Hamilton Beach Professional-Style Deep Fryer

The Hamilton Beach Professional-Style deep fryer offers easy-to-use features and great performance. This model includes a removable basket and a self-cleaning feature. It also includes a temperature control dial and a timer. The Hamilton Beach Professional-Style Model #HBDF1005W is perfect for home cooking and entertaining.

Best for Cleanup: De’Longhi Livenza Deep Fryer

De’Longhi offers a wide range of products designed to make cooking easier. One such product is the Livenza Deep Fryers. These are high-quality deep fryers that come with many features including a removable basket, adjustable thermostat, and a large capacity. They’re also very affordable.

The Livenza Deep Frye is one of the best deep fryers you can buy because it does what it says it does well. It heats up fast and maintains a steady temperature throughout the entire process. You won’t have to worry about overcooking food like you do with some other models.

This model also includes a removable basket that makes cleanup much easier. When you take out the basket, there’s no mess left behind. There’s even a lid included that keeps grease inside when the basket isn’t in use.

Best for Cooking: KitchenAid 5.6-Quart Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

KitchenAid has been making appliances for more than 100 years. Their line of deep fryers is no exception. This model comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel construction and an automatic shutoff system.

It also includes a removable basket so you can remove the food easily after it’s cooked. Plus, the KitchenAid deep fryer is dishwasher safe. So if you want to save time and effort, this is the way to go.

Best for Home Use: Presto 6-Quart Pro Series Deep Fryer

Presto! makes some of the most popular deep fryers available today. Their Pro series deep fryers offer lots of features at a reasonable price point.

One of their best deep fryers is the 6-quart Pro Series model. This model includes a built-in thermometer and a removable basket. It also has a safety lock so you can keep your kids away from hot oil.

There’s also a convenient handle that allows you to move the pot around easily.

Best for Value: Zojirushi 7.5-Quart Non-Stick Electric Deep Fryer

Zojirushi is another name you’ll recognize. They make some of the highest quality kitchenware on the market. Their 7.5-quart nonstick electric deep fryer is just one example.

This deep fryer includes a removable basket, an easy-clean design, and a temperature gauge. There’s also a locking mechanism that prevents children from accessing the oil.


When it comes to choosing the best deep fryer, there are many factors to consider. Some people prefer using a stove top while others choose to use an electric or gas model.

But whichever type you decide to use, you should be able to find a deep fryer that meets all of your needs. If you’re looking for something simple, then you may want to check out our list of the best immersion blenders.


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