How to Make Panko Chicken Thighs: Know the Methods

Suppose you have chickens at home for your upcoming meal; you can gather some necessary spices & raw materials around you for cooking. However, panko chicken thighs is one of the prominent Asian style cuisine you can have; that’s what the article is about.

I tried many dishes at home, but never cooked the dish; that’s why I watched some YouTube tutorials to make crispy fried Panko chickens. My Italian neighbour actually tasted the dish at the nearby restaurant & suggested me to learn the methods; isn’t that amazing?

Anyway, you can read the article to find more about the significant dish; you won’t have any confusion about the dish further.

What Things Do You Need & How to Cook Panko Chicken Thighs?

First of all, you need to collect the necessary items to cook the desired dishes; you have to gather mayonnaise, butter, paprika, spices, ginger, garlic, etc. to prepare the dish besides the best chicken thighs ( because the high quality products ensure the good taste & texture.Let’s see the steps of preparing the amazing chicken dish; it won’t take too much time & labor:

  • Next, you must preheat the oven for some minutes & the temperature range must be within 375°F-425°F; preheating makes the oven prepared & baking the chicken thighs easier.
  • Now, you must take some skinless boneless chicken thighs in ovenbut you have to put the mayo mixture on the pieces well; moreover, you should coat the pieces with the items you have put in another bowl.
  • Anyway, you have to put the marinated & coated chicken pieces on a tray, but please make sure you have brushed some oil on the tray & set the temperature at 165°F. 
  • Lastly, you have to bake & cook until it’s properly cooked inside & crispy outside; you can touch the chickens to check the texture & hardness. The total time of cooking may not exceed 1 hour & 20 minutes; it’s usually done before that.

These are the simple steps to make panko patterned chicken thighs; if you’re a beginner in cooking, you won’t face any difficulty to cook the dishes.

What Is the Nutritive Value of the Panko Chicken?

It’s a quite nutrient-dense dish among the most spicy chicken dishes; let’s find out what amount of nutrition you can get from the dish:

  • You can have up to 630 Kcal energy from a serving of breaded chicken thighs due to the high calorie ingredients used to prepare the cuisine.
  • The protein content is around 21g, carbohydrate nearly 16g, & fat 56g; please don’t worry because the dish barely contains any cholesterol or other harmful fats.
  • You will have many micronutrients in the dish in plenty of amount; anyway, if you want to have a delicious & energy-rich food in your meal, you can keep the dish in your count.

You may not have much difficulties while cooking the chicken dish because the processing method is not clumsy, but you may face challenges while coating the chicken thighs; so, be careful while doing that.

You may have the Panko dish ready for 3-4 persons if you follow the standard recipe or pick medium-size chickens; on the other hand, you have to make changes in the proportion if you want to add or deduct persons or quantity from the recipe.

Panko Chicken - Video


Making Panko chicken thighs is not a difficult one; moreover, you will know the queries if you read it full & properly. However, you should definitely try this dish to cook if you’re a hobbyist or want to be a professional because it’s been a quite famous cuisine.

Please explore more & more dishes keeping the Panko as the basic one; you have no idea how much options you have in front of you.


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