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The Best Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer Reviews

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The review will lead you to know the tower low-fat air fryer reviews of low fat and air fryers along with halogen ovens. We will reveal you the best way to choose the best fryer with the lowest price.

Healthy cooking does not mean to cut out your favorite fried food. Low-Fat Cooking applies minimal oil means the similar tasted but without having high levels of saturated fat.

We have visited the low-fat fryer market. We have chosen ten top products to present before you to show full review, having the good, not so good bit each one. You may save money as well as you will get the best appliance in your home to use.

People are now very much conscious about health. They do not like to consume more fat. So the low fat fryer has not got the top score for selling in the market in the year 2014.

This is good news that the manufacturer is now finding and researching the requirements of the consumers, so there are lots of choices for the consumers.

For this, we have started this sites to assist or guide you to take the right decision for buying a healthier fryer.

How did the Tower Low Fat Fryer Perform

tower low-fat air fryer reviews

We have tried some foods like fish, veg, and chicken, and we have got an adequate result. It is better as an oven than the fryer.

There is a rumor that the fryer is not fit for cooking chips. Sometimes it heard in the market that the cooking is uneven in the middle to the edge. Some people say that paddles mush up chips. But this is not true.

The reason is for filling the bowl over. You have to stop the cooking process in the middle through as well as move the chips around. This is somewhat fiddly. The lid is detachable and holds the heating elements.

The elements become hot much though the stand comes with fryer is very messy. The same unit having lids may cost more, but the result is very satisfactory.

Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer Reviews – Buyer’s Guide


Tower T14001 Halogen Healthy Oil Free Air Fryer, 17 L

Tower T14001 Halogen Healthy Oil Free Air Fryer, 17 L

The Halogen Low Fat Fryer is a good fryer to make the healthy and nutritious alternative to your fatty foods.

This fryer is very energy efficient. You can cook three times faster than the conventional fryer.

The main featured halogen heating element ensures that food is heated directly and evenly, all over the foods during cooking time. And with a cooking power of 1300 W.

The cooking capacity of the fryer is 17 liters. So you can cook foods for the large families or household guests. Rapid heat is distributing options circulate hot air around the food and ensure faster cooking with maximum using heat.

Features of Tower T14001 Halogen Healthy Oil Free Air Fryer


  • Simple to clean and better to put together
  • A hell is more versatile
  • Many less to move wrong. Many less flimsy


  • Has no paddle to alter the chips

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Tower T17005 Healthier Oil Free Rapid Air Fryer, 1350 W, 3.2 L – Black

Tower T17005 Healthier Oil Free Rapid Air Fryer, 1350 W, 3.2 L - Black

Enjoy healthily and favorite meals with the help of Air Fryer from Tower. The rapid air circulating cooking process will aid you to cook very rapidly without oil.

The heat distributes around the foods are even, and foods become tasty and healthy.

The fryer needs less oil so you can enjoy the crunchy fried taste, fat is 80% less than the conventional frying methods.

There is no possibility to lose taste. The capacity of the basket is 3.2 liters.

There is more space inside the fryer. For this, you can easily cook chips, onions rings, and fried chicken. The fryer has lots of space to cook food for the whole family. All the parts are dishwasher-safe, and you can clean them separately.

The fryer has a thirty-minute bell so you can do your other works at the time of cooking your foods.

The hot air circulation cooks your foods; the technology removes oil from the food and gives you healthy and tasty foods.

Features of Tower T17005 Healthier Oil Free Rapid Air Fryer

  • Cook tasty and healthier food without 80% less fat
  • All parts are dishwasher safe and simple to clean
  • Temperature controlling capacity 80- 200 degree C
  • Quick heat circulation system saves energy and cooks fast
  • Capacity is up to 5 serving and has three years guaranteed


  • Has adjustable temperature controlling system
  • The range is from 80-200 degrees, aid to cooking lots of ingredients to perfection
  • The innovative rapid air circulation adds a powerful 1350 W gives results for the next to no time


  • Have no disadvantages at all

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Tower T14004 Low Fat Rapid Air Fryer with Digital Timer

Tower T14004 Low Fat Rapid Air Fryer with Digital Timer

Tower T14004 is a wonderful appliance. This type of tools I have ever bought. The baked potatoes will give peace in your mind.

Onions and chips are delicious enough. Like the other traditional fryers, the fans of the fryer circulates air around the food directly.

Meaning that the oven chips finally get crispy. The tool is very simple to use. There are two controls one is temperature, and the other is time.

It has no stirring paddles with the units.

Every five minutes you can check your food and shake the basket. The advantages of the fryer are that you can mesh up food particularly chips.

Features of Tower T14004 Low Fat Rapid Air Fryer with Digital Timer

  • Controlling temperature is 80-200 degree C; you can cook food without or less oil
  • Filter to lessen smoke, digital timer up to thirty minutes
  • A rapid heat circulating system to cook food quickly and saves energy. The capacity of the fryer is 3.2 liters
  • All parts dishwasher safe and simple to clean
  • Cooking method- hotkeys for every kind of food.


  • Fantastic, amazing, brilliant products cook same as an oven but 1/3 the time-saving money as well as time purchase it may not make you disheartened


  • There are no color options

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Benefits of using Air Fryer

If you use the fryer to cook your food, you will be free from some of the health hazards. Consuming more calories will lead you to some serious diseases like cancer, obesity, and hypertension.

Tower T14004 uses very little oil, and there is few amounts of fat remain in your food. Using air fryer has lots of benefits than the conventional methods of cooking.

The system will help you to cook food rapidly so that you can save your time. The system is healthy and friendly for the environment and odor free. The benefits of using air fryers are as follows:

Health Benefits of Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer

  • Low-fat meals.
  • Food of the fryer is much healthier than the conventional cooking
  • There are no unhealthy additives in the foods
  • Reduces the amount of oil and calories so reduces weight.
  • Help to control your cholesterol consuming

Cooking Benefits of Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer

  • The time needs very little to cook foods
  • The foods are not dry on the inside
  • Can cook different foods and needs less oil
  • Uses air circulation so cooks from all sides
  • Have time set, so cooking is more convenient
  • Cooks very tasty foods

Other Benefits of Tower Low-Fat Air Fryer

  • Needs small space
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Simple to clean as well as maintain


What do the others say about tower low-fat air fryer reviews

tower low-fat air fryer reviews

Tower uses three cooking power in the different model of convection, infrared and halogen. This is not only a fryer but also a halogen oven to cook healthy foods.

The fryer has more capacity and has 1300 W. You have to use less energy than the conventional oven.

The fryer or cooker uses air circulation so you may cook food quickly and effortlessly without using less oil or no oil than the conventional oven. You may cook two levels at the same time.

The traditional oven will need more dishes to cook food; you can cut down washing time. The bowl of the fryer is self-cleaning.

The hot air circulates all round the foods, and the food becomes crispy from all the sides. The food like meat may seal very rapidly, and you will get a good result soon. You can cook food without fat.

Final Verdict

The safety handle of the fryer will stop the heater as well as turbofans. You just need to remove the lid; there is no danger. Place the safety handle down; the fryer will stop cooking if you like to stop cooking.

The light of the unit goes off and on at the outset. When it stops, the light goes off. But this is governed by the thermostat and if it goes off the temperature reaches the desired level. The fryer is user-friendly, and you can use it for your kitchen.


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