Zeny Air Fryer Recipes

Is air frying healthier than normal frying? Can I fry an egg there? Confusions like these can be removed by Zeny Air Fryer Recipes! 

Before we move on to the actual recipes, we need to know what an air fryer is. Simply put, it is a small kitchen appliance that cooks food on the inside and creates a crunchy fried exterior by circulating hot air. It can only fry food. 

Last year, after getting tired of deep frying food in a pan, I went to the kitchen utensils store to look for a deep fryer. But, instead of that, I returned with a perfect air fryer. It has been my favorite equipment for the past year and I can’t imagine parting with it.

Zeny Air Fryer Recipes

Zeny Air Fryer Recipes


Air fryer recipes are only applicable to certain types of food. Like, bacon, chicken, potato, eggs, pork, cookie dough, etc. Wet batter or such won’t cook properly in an air fryer.

They come supplemented with a detachable basket. We should make sure that all the ingredients fit the basket. An overcrowded basket will result in burnt, undercooked, or overcooked food.

Preheat is essential before use. Without preheat, it will not cook all the way through or cook evenly.
Air Fryer Recipes.

Zeny air fryer recipes minimize the time we usually need to cook our meals. Heating ingredients are also possible. If we set the fryer at 302 F for 8 to 10 minutes, it will heat the ingredients.

Zeny recipes have step-to-step instructions on how to prepare different dishes. It contains details about how to prep things (the time and temperature it needs to cook). This recipe book includes meals like:
  • Homemade French fries
  • Mozzarella Basil Bruschetta
  • Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Lemon Garlic Herb Crusted Salmon
  • Apple Crisp
  • Lechera Cheesecake
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Fried Chicken 
You can also prepare Fried bacon and Fried Vegetables after you get used to an air fryer. They are simple side dishes. 

Zeny (Electric) Air Fryer and Healthier Food Preparation

Zeny (Electric) Air Fryer And Healthier Food Preparation

Traditional deep-fried foods don’t have a lot of nutrients and too many calories. They are also fatty substances since they cook food by replacing their water content with oil. Breaded food also soaks in heaps of oil and can increase the calorie content by more than 100 % compared to normal fried food. 

Fried food can be the primary cause of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. It clogs the arteries with fat. What’s more is that it poses a risk for several types of cancer.

On the other hand, air fried food only uses a teaspoon of oil or less, reducing the calorie and fat. It is a must for people who are looking for a healthier way to enjoy good food. 

Zeny Air Fryer Is Effortless to Use

‘Air Fryer’ sounds like a complicated machine to use. However, it is straightforward and user-friendly. It is also sleek, high-functioning, and up-to-date. 

Zeny Air Fryer Is Effortless To Use

It has a visual resembling a coffeemaker. The display is digitalized. Under which is a keyboard to input commands.

It can display both the time and temperature. The timer can go up to 30 minutes with an automatic shut down. The temperature range is from 176°F - 392°F and it is adjustable. 

There are short-cut functions for crisps, cake, chicken, steak, meat, fish, and shrimp which decrease prep time. We will press the function key according to what we are cooking. If we want to, we can change our function key with the press of a button.

The basket given with the fryer is easy to remove, adjustable, cleanable, and has a handle. Under the basket is a pan that collects the oil. 

Zeny Air Fryer French Fries

Zeny Air Fryer French Fries

Air frying fries are different from deep-frying French fries. The cooking method is unusual for air fryer French fries. But, it is simple in execution.

The first step is choosing the potatoes and French fry cutter. Fries made from Russet potatoes have the classic French fries taste. Wash the potatoes well in a sink.

Secondly, cut the potatoes in the same shape. If not able to do so, the same width will be sufficient. We can leave the skin on or peel it according to our preferences. 

Next, toss the uncooked potatoes in a bowl with salt, pepper, and oil. We can add oregano or mixed herbs if we want to. For a whole basket of fries, one teaspoon of oil is enough. 

Lastly, we will put the fries in the basket and set the temperature for 400 F. It needs to cook for 20 minutes. We can cook it longer if we prefer a crispier texture.

Once, during the cooking time, we should take the basket out and shake it. It will help the fries to cook evenly. Besides, we need to taste check it from the middle to see if it is cooked or not.

Air Fried Food:  Taste and Texture

Air Fried Food:  Taste And Texture

Air fryers can be used to cook an easy ready-to-eat meal that is tasty and filling. Besides, the health benefits make it preferable to traditional frying. Despite the texture similarity to usual fried things, it is not the same.  

For example, air fryer fried chicken tastes best when it is prepared from frozen chicken. Normal chicken when air-fried has an oven-baked crispy taste. The texture isn’t that crunchy when compared to the deep-fried one.

The reason is that air fry ingredients can only use a dry rub, not a wet batter.

Zeny Air Fryer...Cooking Hash browns

Zeny Air Fryer Recipes FAQs

Do I need to preheat? 

Ans: Pre-heating an air fryer is a necessity. 400 F for 10 min will suffice to warm it.

Is air supposed to leak from the back? 

Ans: Yes. The fryer will discharge warm air as exhaust from the back.

How many pieces of chicken can I cook at the same time?

Ans: It depends on the size of the pieces. Four medium-sized pieces (4 ounces) of chicken breast or drumstick can almost certainly fit in the basket without the basket overflowing.

Can I check on my food while it is being cooked? 

Ans: Absolutely. The timer automatically stops when you pull out the basket. You can resume cooking at your leisure.

Does it need no oil?

Ans: The actual cooking is done by air. But if you use no oil during preparation, the meal may be dry. Please use the amount of oil specified in the recipe.


Zeny Air Fryer comes equipped with its recipes. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with a few snazzy recipes on your own! Using Zeny Air Fryer Recipes as a baseline can help you adjust the cooking time according to your meal.

The meals have a crispy fried exterior. It allows us to enjoy eating deep-fried food. The harmful side-effects of deep-fried food are also absent in air fried food,

Plus, the preparation of exquisite and lavish dishes is not possible due to our hectic modern life. Recipes that can reduce our workload while preparing fulfilling meals are a godsend. It helps us with time management and leading a healthy life.


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