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Every fried food can be awesome darn delicious when cooked properly. But they often dripping with fatty oil, which is very bad for heath if consumed in excess.

We fryerly.com team are looking for guest author to contribute on site food and air fryer relates niche site. We always welcome new writer with quality content. Also, our team cannot assurance that we will publish anything you send us, so please use the contact from or “Email” below to send us some information about your niche, content and other information you like to share.

Why Should You Write for Us For Fryer?

Jane Doe

John Doe

We would love to here about you if you wish to contribute about:

  • 1
    Trendy write on new items and focusing on new features
  • 2
    How to cook different type of testy fried food
  • 3
    How do the new fryer work and what’s new technology add?
  • 4
    Safety features and health benefits
  • 5
    Cooking tips
  • 6
    Its will be awesome if you can give a recipe

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What we dislike At Fryer Site


  • Spun article and poor quality of content with grammatical error
  • Spelling mistake
  • Short article and below 1000 words. We appreciate more than 1000 words
  • Affiliate links within your article
  • Complex sentences
gowise air fryer review

How to Write For Us For Fryer Site

Please recheck your article with Copyscape and Grammarly before submission.

Follow the instruction to submit the mail at jimparsonsaps@gmail.com:

Subject: Guest Post for Fryer Site
You must give your website URL
Content: Send us the topic of your guest post or your available
article, anchor text, good image, videos and target page…
Excellent spelling, grammar, and attention to detail. Try to avoid complex sentences and passive sentences. We like easy to read level article for the audience
Suggested types of articles:
1. How to
2. Tips about X
3. List
4. Questions

You can submit your article at apsmen37@gmail.com. If we haven’t heard a response within 30 days, we have chosen not to publish your article at this time. There is no need to follow-up after your initial contact.