big boss oil-less fryer reviews

Very Necessary Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Reviews

The Big Boss Oil-less Fryer offers you very delicious food by using a little oil. You can get french fries or chicken 3x time faster than the regular deep frying.

You do not need any extra calories. Read the article on Big Boss oil-less fryer reviews and know about the Big Boss oil-less fryer.

Big Boss air fryer is one of the trending fryers in the market now. User-friendly operation, easy to use and easy cleaning makes this fryer more attractive.

Table: Time and temperature settings for cooking different types of food

(from fresh)
(from frozen)
Stuffed FlounderLOW400°F15 min18 minMesh Basket; arrange in single layer
Tilapia Fish Filet 4 oz.HIGH400°F14 min16 minMesh Basket; arrange in single layer
Whole Snapper 1 lb.LOW400°F30 min35 minMesh Basket
Acorn SquashLOW400°F30 min12-15 minCut in half
Baked Potatoes 6 oz.LOW460°F45 minN/A
Corn on the Cob (4)LOW400°F8-10 minCook in 1 inch of water in bowl
POULTRY big-boss-oil-less-fryer-reviews-food-3
Boneless Chicken breast thickHIGH400°F13-15 min15-18 minMesh Basket; arrange in single layer
Turkey Breast 3 lb.LOW460°F1 hour2 hoursBreast side down, turn half way through
Whole Turkey 6 lb.LOW350°F1.5 hours (15 min/lb.)2 hours 20 minUse extender ring (23 min/lb. for frozen)
MEATS big-boss-oil-less-fryer-reviews-food-4
BaconLOW400°F10 min16 minMesh Basket; arrange in single layer;
turn after 5 min
Beef Roast 3 lb.LOW400°F45 min (Rare)
50 min (Medium)
60 min (Well)
80 min
(Med rare)
15-20 min per lb. Use Extender Ring
Turn every 15 min

What do you understand by oil less fryer?

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is a good way to cook different types of foods. The food becomes crispy outside, and the inside remains juicy and moist. The cooker combines convection, halogen heat and infrared technology, so you don’t need to huge oil.

The Pros of Big Boss Air Fryer

  • By using the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer, you will get healthier foods.
  • It could cook food faster than the traditional oven.
  • There are many ways of cooking like broiling, baking, “frying,” dehydrating
  • In one dish you can cook veggies or chicken.

The Cons of Big Boss Air Fryer

  • It needs a lot of places to keep the appliance.
  • It does not cook at the same time if you are frying dehydrating or baking

How Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Works

The Big Boss is a big 16-quart glass bowl oil-less fryer. This is the demand of the manufacturer that it has a convection, a halogen light and infrared heat technology to fry food.

The way of using the fryer is very simple. But before using it read the manual very carefully to know the instructions well.

How Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Works

If you like to fry chicken you need to take pieces and dip in the deer breeding, keep it on the given tray. Then set time and temperature that it requires.

The manufacturer claims that it can cook French fries only using 450-degree temperature within 15 minutes.

You will get food three times faster than the traditional oven. You can cook steak, fish sticks, popcorn shrimp, kabobs, hot wings, chicken strips, etc. by the Oil-less fryer.

The Oil-less fryer has great speed to cook foods. Besides, the manufacturers claim that the halogen light Less Fryer makes food crispy from the outside.

Then the convection element circulates hot air smoothly, and the infrared technology helps to cook from inside out.

So the food becomes tasty and delicious and moist. Moreover, it saves energy. It is also self-cleaning and offers no other information.

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is now at your side to offer you healthy foods which have less or no oil, grease or fat or calories.

One portion of French fries has 425 calories, and the Big Boss has only 130 calories. They also said that one portion of fried catfish contains 120 calories when deep fry has 260 calories.

Besides you can use Big Boss for air fry, broil, dehydrate, cook a meal or bake a big option. 

Why You Prefer Big Boss

This is the information of the company that The Big Boss oil-less fryer has the infrared technology, halogen, convection.

So it can cook food well with less amount of oil or without oil. The foods become tastier and delicious. Outside the food is very crispy, and the inside is very moist.

Why You Prefer Big Boss

Besides, frying you can broil, bake and dehydrate food with the help of the Big Boss. The bowls are 16 quarts so you can cook any amount of food. It has the power to cook a big amount of foods. Besides, you can cook two foods at the same time.

In the Big Boss, there is a lower and an upper rack. It has a wire basket in which you can keep a small amount of food. There is also an expansion ring, oil spritzer, and tongs.


Top Best Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Reviews


Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven

Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven

Features of Big Boss Halogen Oven

  • Triple cooking capacity: convection, halogen, infrared heat dinner
  • Broils, Roasts, bakes, grills, air fries, boils and steams
  • Parts are also dishwasher safe
  • No oil is needed to cook or fries.
  • Have less fat in the food
  • Super for toasting and toast
  • You may use your cookware
  • It permits the fat to drip away from the food
  • Possible to steam vegetable
  • Has safety moods to stop cooking when you lift up the handle
  • There is a small recipe book with it
  • You may use the same temperature to cook food which you can do with a regular oven
  • This is cheap
  • The painted numbers begin to come off

The Big Boss Rapid Oven is an essential cooking system to roast, broil or bake foods.

It has three times faster capacity to cook food than the traditional oven.

However, this convection, halogen heat cooker, infrared technology cook’s properly.

The Rapid Wave has removable trays, cooking bowl, tightly sealing lid.

It locks moisture and heat.

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Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer

Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer

Features of Big Boss oil-less fryer

  • Triple cooking capacity: one is Halogen, the other is Convection, and the last one is Infrared Heat
  • Can cook multiple foods with two trays simultaneously.
  • Needs less energy: 3x time faster cooking
  • Quickly cooks from the frozen need no thawing time.
  • The lid’s tight seal helps to preserve hot air inside.
  • Prepare Bacon-wrapped avocado slices, and Bacon Wrapped jalapeno poppers
  • Cleaning system is very normal
  • For cooking frozen breaded chicken tender use it and tater tots. The chicken is juicier though we had baked it.

•    Nothing at all

The Big Boss 9063 1300-watt Oil-Less Fryer is considered as an ideal product for the food lover. American people like to eat food for same quality or same taste.

But they do not like to eat very oily food. You can cook your favorite food without oil.

Of course, you may gather 100% less oil cooking experience.

The food has low calories. So if you are continuing to eat air fryer prepared food, then your calories intake will drop down rapidly.

All of you will gather a very good experience by using an oil-less fryer.

You will get an amazing experience if you use the Big Boss 9063 1300-watt, Oil-Less Fryer.

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Cleaning and Care of Big Boss Oil-less Fryer

Turn off the electric connection. Unplug it before cleaning. Let it be cool completely. Clean the glass bowl, extender ring, plastic base, mesh basket, cooking racks, sprayer, and tongs. Let it dry completely. You can keep the cooking racks and glass bowl to the dishwasher.

If you wash the cooking the racks, do not soak in the water for a long time. If you wash, do not dry it. Make it dry with the paper towel or cloth. This will protect the surface and ensure the long life of the device.

CAUTIONING: You should not plunge the lid, knob, cord into water or other liquid. Never use the abrasive cleansers. Do not keep the lid in the dishwasher. Unplug the power outlet and then use a damp sponge or cloth to clean the device.

Dry all the parts of the unit before using. Be sure all the parts are dry enough. You should not keep the unit moisture.

Self-cleaning of glass bowl: Big Boss oil-less fryer reviews

Self-cleaning of glass bowl: Big Boss oil-less fryer

When you see, the particles are at the bottom or sides of the glass bowl; you may make it self-cleaning.

  1. Pour one to two inches water to the glass bowl then mix some amount of dishwasher liquid.
  2. Keep the lid then connect to an electric outlet.
  3. Adjust temperature control for washing setting,
  4. If the timer is off, open the lid with carefully. Then wait to make the bowl cool down. Then take out the liquid from the storage.
  5. If you like to remove soap residue clean the glass bowl with warm water.


The uniqueness of Big Boss oil-less fryer

The BIG BOSS is the most affordable oil-free fryer. We are trying best to show the buying guide. The stroller will save some dollars if your budget does not bite. The BIG BOSS is the best option for you. Now you are free from unhealthy foods.

If you cook with the Big Boss, you will get healthier foods than the other traditional oily fried food. The cooking capacity of the Big Boss is great than the other fryer on the market.

There is a big size basket with the fryer, and you can cook a turkey up to sixteen pounds. This is a great thing as you can cook two to three pounds with the Philips or T- Fal fryer.

As you like to cook for many people, there is no alternative to the Big Boss. It will help you a lot. So do not think about the other fryers.

Though Big Boss has a good glass design and permits you to see what is going on inside the fryer. There are some drawbacks to the lens body. There is the possibility of burning, but this is very simple to remain safe.

The glass becomes hot very quickly, and it has no protective handle with it. The fryer no guarantee that you can cook without burning.

You have to treat it with the other fryer. You will carefully remove from the oven and have protective gloves and be careful. It is a very big deal, and you are doing work with the bowl in the oven.

How does an oil-less fryer work?

The Big Boss is a great type of 16-quart glass bowl with a heating unit added to the top. In the fryer, you will get convection, halogen light and infrared heat to deep fry items. Besides it is very easy to use. Before using it, it is a suggestion for you to read the instruction very carefully or the guidelines book with it. Go through the Big Boss fryer reviews.

The Big Boss cooks food very rapidly. This is the statement of the company that the Oil-Less Air Fryer’s halogen light can make food crispy on the outside as well as juicy inside. The convection constituent of the fryer distributes heat evenly, and the infrared technology cooks foods from inside out for which food becomes delicious and moist. Lastly, it is true that the Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer saves a big amount of force and self-cleaning itself.

Big boss oil fewer fryer recipes- AIR FRIED BUFFALO BITES

Attempt this meatless, light and healthy twist on a dear American classic by the hair fryer.


  • One big head of cauliflower
  • Two teaspoons of garlic powder
  • Olive Oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon of pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil or melted butter
  • Your favorite buffalo wing sauce( as much you like- your taste)Direction

If you like to make this clean and tasty treat, cut it into big pieces. Put them in a plastic bag and drizzle with olive oil. Then add pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Shut off the bag and then fling the ingredients so that all are coated with ingredients. Put the cauliflower on cooking pan or an ungreased cookie sheet and keep them in the air fryer.

In this way keep for 15 minutes. Turn once at the time of cooking. If it cooks well, remove it from the hair fryer. Melt butter and keep it in a bowl. Add the hot sauce and chuck the cauliflower in the bowl, covering as long as it coated completely. Keep the coated florets in the fryer and still cook for more 5 minutes. Finally, serve it with blue cheese or ranch dressing then enjoy.

What the people think about Big Boss oil-less fryer

I have heard a lot of things. There are many Big Boss in the market. My elder system bought The Big Boss for me, and the fryer cooks well. With the fryer, we are making tater tots, fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, etc. with the fryer.

You can also make French fryer with the fryer. There will be no grease in the food as the other fryers. The foods are excellent. The food is tastier. The fryer has good temperature and time setting. So you can save your time and money by buying it.

The price of the fryer is excellent. This is better than the other products in the market. The fryer is designed with safety phrase. The handle of the fire has safety feature opportunities.

The security features of the fryer are very secure, and for this, I like it most. If someone like to buy the product, I suggest them to purchase the fryer. The product is a great thing for the home appliance.

What Can Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Cook

To cook the chicken is not a new idea. Now I have a good kitchen appliance which may save time for you. This is a big boss fryer, and it is called a fryer, you have the good luck to make it a roaster. The chicken is very tender and moist and has a good crispy coating on the skin. To cook the big boss will take only an hour.

What Can Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Cook

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is excellent air fryer which combines halogen heat, infrared and convection technology. Halogen circulates hot air for roasting, browning, and flavor. Convection circulates air for all the parts of the food for easy cooking and faster distributing.

The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer may cook nuggets, french fries, and other frozen foods. We find the fryer is perfect for our family. The capacity is small so need batches to cook, for this, the time server is impossible. For a small family, the fryer is great no doubt.

Whole Chicken Cooking Tips for the Big Boss

  • Use one tablespoon of oil on every side of the chicken, splash with the seasoning salt, pepper, and salt.
  • Begin the cooking breast side down then tossing to the halfway
  • By applying temperature up to 460 degrees, cook for about 20 t0 25 minutes, after that flipping, lower the temperature to 300 degrees.
  • Chicken is possible to do within 158 to 160-degrees F.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer

Question: What things are used to make the rack and the basket?

Answer: The racks and basket are made of chromed steel.

Question: What is the way to clean the appliance? Is it safe to use a dishwasher?

Answer: The rack will be clean if you wash them by hand as it has big glass bowl… I wash it with my hand.

Question: How many bills do you have to pay?

Answer: I used the fryer for a week. I have not got the power bill is more. It seems that it uses the same amount of electricity.

Question: Has anyone attempt jumbo shrimp?

Answer: Yes, I have made jumbo shrimp and tiger, Cajun style. It cooks very well. It appears juicy, plump and tender.

Question: Where can I get the big boss fryer manual?

Answer: You may download the big boss fryer manual from here.

Question: oil-less fryer how does it work

Answer: See the videos, and you will get your answer.

Question: is a deep fryer healthy?

Answer: Yes, the fryer is healthy.

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Final Words

Most people like most the Big Boss Fryer especially people who like to control diet. Some complained that the size is very big, and one cannot store the fryer-friendly. It emits a hot of heats and takes more time than they advertise. It cooks some foods unevenly.

However, those issue is not a big deal among its features and benefits. The manufacturer congratulates the return policy and the free shipping options.

So the Big Boss fryer is a good thing for cooking. You have not worried much to use the fryer.

The mentioned points in big boss oil-less fryer reviews are crucial as well as should be awarded in memory whenever you are going to purchase big boss oil-less fryer.

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