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2 Very Essential Updated Bella Deep Fryer Review

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Bella is now very popular with the people of the great size and for the affordable price. You may cook quality fried chicken with the fryers.

You can also cook onions rings or donuts with the fryers. There are lots of features and verities of the Bella deep fryers.

The size and the capacity are very good. Besides the price of the fryer is very reasonable.

All the Bella deep fryer review will help you get the best Bella deep fryer. As a result, you will be capable of supplying your family a fresh and a tasty meal

Available Size of Bella deep fryer

The size of the Bella is excellent, and people use it for their need much. For a small number of individuals, the 0,9-liter deep fryer is the best option.

There is a middle size, and there is a very big size of Bella. The size of the medium and the big is 3.5 liter and 4.5 liters.

In the inner section, there is a big space for food in the Bella. It has a great power to hold a good amount of food inside the Bella deep fryer.

Key Features of Bella Deep Fryer

There are lots of features in Bella Deep fryers such as the safety, the usability, and the efficiency. The most common features are the indicator light.

It helps the user to know that the fryer is ready to use. The other good thing is the breakaway power cord for easy transport.

The next one is the cool touch handle to use it safely, save the hands from burning. There is an adjustable temperature setting which allows you to set temperature as you need.

There is dishwasher safe component in Bella. So one can easily clean the appliance. There is a nonstick basket in this fryer.

Some version which has clear window lids which help to see what is going on inside. It saves splatters or splashes at the time of cooking food.

There are some Bellas, which have odor control mechanism. It helps to limit the food odor inside your kitchen.

There are many other deep fryers in the market. But be sure this one has more features than the other fryers.

The Bella Deep Fryer is very simple and convenient to use. The safest option is superb. The users get comfort when they use the unit in the kitchen.

Benefits of Bella Deep Fryer

Bella deep fryer is great as the price of the appliance is very low compared to the other fryers. The stainless steel design is very easy to clean.

The components are dishwasher safe. There is an enamel coated oil tank in this fryer.

You can effortlessly remove it and clean it. It saves the time of the users. The users can keep the fryer to a small place after using it.

There are lots of space in the Bella deep fryer to keep food compared to the other fryers. Even the smaller one has a lot of space to keep food.

You can store it easily after finishing your cooking. When you finish cooking easily, you can keep it anywhere. The compact nature of the unit makes it great for the users.


Top 2 Best Bella Deep Fryer Review For You


BELLA 13401 3.5L Deep Fryer

BELLA 13401 3.5L Deep Fryer


You can enjoy a restaurant like the food at your home by using 3-1/2-liter bella deep fryer. There is an enamel oil tank with a stainless heating element.

The unit has a cool touch handle. You can easily raise and lower a batch of French Fries, doughnuts, battered onion rings, and some other in and out of hot cooking oil.

There is a viewing window made of stainless steel lid through which users can see the cooking process inside the fryers.

If your cooking is finished, you can remove basket from the oil to drain. Moreover, there is a rotary dial in the control panel.

It helps the device to turn on and to turn off. It also helps to allow set temperature up to 374-degree F. there is a green indicator light, a stay-cool lid, a stainless steel dust cover, a magnetic power cord, non-slip feet for stability.


  • Metal frying basket; Stainless-steel heating element; cool-touch handles
  • Transparent viewing window; Normal rotary dial to set temperature setting
  • Non-slip feet; Stainless-steel dust cover with filter; magnetic power cord
  • Size 10-5/8 by 16-1/7 by 9 inches; has two years’ short guarantee.


  • It does not appear with the recipes sometimes.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ayjt6joYMeY]

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BELLA 14406 Electric Deep Fryer, 4.5 L

BELLA 14406 Electric Deep Fryer, 4.5 L

BELLA 4.5L Family Size Deep Fryer is beside you to offer your favorite foods. You can cook ravioli, veggies, cookies and so on.

There is an 1800-watt heating element with the fryer. So you may get quick heat up system and recover the system.

It takes only 15 minutes to cook oil. You can make fresh French fries only spending 13 minutes with 375-degree F. within less than 5 minutes you can get crispy chicken wings with 350 F. there is a large frying basket in this fryer.

The capacity is 12 cup which can fry food for a large number of people. There is dual cooking capacity.

The deep fryer is easy and very fast to use. Within a minute you will get delicious accurate fried food.


  • 4.5 L oil basket can hold 3.3lbs (12 cups), and two smaller size basket can hold 1.1 pounds for each cooking.
  • The ready indicator and the power on indicates that the oil is ready for cooking
  • Hold odors to the fixed odor filter traps.
  • It has an oil tank, frying baskets, and lid which are very easy to clean with dishwasher.


  • The size is bigger than you consider


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aYk3Ao7gpo]

>>Check Price of BELLA 14406 Electric Deep Fryer, 4.5 L<<


How to Take Care of Bella Deep Fryer

Be sure the Deep Fryer is unplugged from the electric outlet. And the tank is cool completely.

Then remove the lid. After that, take away the fry basket from the oil tank. Then Grasp controls panel assembly and simply pull up to take it away.

Be careful at the time of removing control panel or heater assembly because of splash out from the tank.

Wash the key panel with a damp cloth or make it dry totally. Carefully handle the assembly and heater coils. Cautions: please do not plunge the heater assembly or control panel in water.

It may permanently damage the deep fryer. Hold the rim tank and then carefully take it out of the deep fryer body. Carefully keep oil to a suitable container.

NOTE: It is best to work over a sink or garbage can in case of any spillage. Wash oil tank, fry basket, lid, deep fryer body in the soapy water.

Make all parts completely dry. Oil Tank Cleaning: Soak in soapy and hot water. You can use a nylon brush to remove the stubborn or burned residue. You may download the user manual from here.

Never use any harsh brush as it may cause damage to the surface of the tank.

Try to be sure that the oil tank and the lid are completely dry before again use. For the first time, use reassembles deep fryer as the indication before.

Bella deep fryer not working

It looks to me that it is one of the two things.

If the magnetic cord securely thingy comes lightly undone or you fail to turn the timer to all times on. The thermostat may not turn the heating element on you have to turn the time to preheat the oil while heated you can see the time you like to fry for.

Troubleshooting of Bella Deep Fryer

Troubleshooting of Bella Deep Fryer

If The Deep Fryer Does Not Function Properly

  • Be sure the detachable power cord is added correctly to the receptacle
  • Be sure the heater assembly and the control panel is accurately fitted. If you do not fill the assembly brackets, the deep fryer will not work. Then add it to the deep fryer body.
  • Oil temperature is very high
  • Less oil in the tank. At first, unplug the deep fryer and notice the oil level. Well level should be in MIN
  • Max completes lines and adds some oil as you think so.
  • Oil bubbles over
  • The amount of oil is too much. Do not fill over to the maximum level.
  • Has huge foods. Make fry smaller quantities at a time.
  • Food is very wet. Use pat dry before paper and keep it to the basket.
  • Food tastes oily or not crisp
  • Wrong types of oil are added. Keep high-quality oil to make vegetables, corn or canola.
  • Frying temperature is very low. Give the unit preheats and preheats to the desired temperature to use.
  • You may cook too many varieties at the same time. Cook food in batches. Use more frozen food for winter.
  • Food or Deep Fryer releases unfriendly odors
  • If you see oil is deteriorated, change oil if you think
  • You may use food to absorb odors. You should not keep the food inside oil that is used to fry fish

The other things that will attract you more are the top, the adjustable temperature and the large basket of the Hamilton Beach.

You can remove the basket from the fryer without using your hand near to the heating oil of the basket.

The top of the fryer will remain close, and you can see what is going on inside the fryer through the viewing windows.

It has a closing cooking top that will not permit the oil to split. This is the primary concern for many people who like to show interest in the Presto device.

The system is added here for the people who like to add oil or who would like to use more temperature to cook some particular types of foods.

There are four temperatures with the 35201 fryers like 265, 300, 350 and 375.

There is an indicator light that will show you the signal of being hot.

But the fryer has no digital temperature setting for looking at the exact temperature setting. The fryer has eight cup capacity, and it is very good for a large family.

What Does Media Say about Bella Deep Fryer

Bella Deep Fryers are designed very well and has great versatility. Some ovens can accommodate a total kitchen.

You can make delicious food like fry crispy or mouthwatering foods. Plunge the food into the oil reserves, and lift out if the top is closed for splatter-free frying.

The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers has adjustable heat and timer settings. The fryer is very simple to clean, and most of the models include dishwasher safe non-stick pan. The breakaway cord is very simple to keep inside the fryer.

What Do People Think About Bella Deep Fryer?

This is a superb fryer

I was astonished to see the negative reviews of the product here. I had done a workout when the product came to my hand. This was the replacement of the Presto Cool Daddy fryer. This is more robust.

The controlling system temperature is a new addition. The fryer takes only ten minutes to reach the temperature up to 375 degrees. You can quickly put your hand on the button as it is not very hot. There is nothing to worry about it.

If you put the oil into the two third of the basket, it will fill the max line. I am sure it works in its way. The oil will move all the way to the top, and it may boil the dropping basket with frozen food.

You would face a bad fire hazard. The oil will take enough fires for two to three serving if you fill the maximum filling line. I have nothing to say about the lid, as I observed some people had some other reviews. You have to push down the particular spot to close it.

The spot is the market on the lid. The flat surface sits on any counter. The model is very simple to clean. The basket and the main reservoir go exactly in the dishwasher. I can wash the heating element with the hand as the heating element comes out.

Within five minutes, the French fries will be crispy on the outer side and fluffy inside. I suggest the frozen food cooking food to be kept thawing. I have a fryer before. It does not hot very quickly. I love the fryer very much.

This is best for one or two people. The additional things that you need to operate the fryer are cheesecloth and a funnel.

Bella Deep Fryer Recipes 

Bella Deep Fryer Recipes 

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is very popular food among the most of the people of America. We coated it with the seasoned flour mixture and doubled it to make the fluffy fried skin or a crunchy.

Moreover, the chicken you will get will be juicier, with a delicious decadent coating.

Fried chicken is one of the best popular dishes. We make the coat with the seasoned flour mixture and double dipped it makes crunchy with double dipped to prepare fluffy, a crunchy and skin.

The chicken you get is very tasty and succulent and juicy.


  • one (3 to 3 1/2 pound) total chicken, cut into eight pieces
  • one sprig fresh thyme
  • four cups all-purpose flour
  • two cups buttermilk
  • two teaspoons ground marjoram
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • two teaspoons garlic powder
  • one teaspoon black pepper
  • one teaspoon dried sage
  • two teaspoons thyme leaves
  • one teaspoon paprika
  • Vegetable oil for frying


Keep the chicken and thyme in a glass baking dish in 13 to 9 inches. Then pour buttermilk on the chicken and stir it till it is coated.

Refrigerate and cover the whole night. Use heat for oil up to 350-degree F. Make a rack on a cookie sheet lined to the drained chicken with paper towel. Set aside.

In a big releasable, combine flour, salt, garlic powder, pepper, thyme, marjoram, plastic bag, sage, and paprika.

Take out the chicken from the buttermilk, let the excess buttermilk to the baking dish. Enter some pieces of chicken into the bag of seasoned flour. Stir slowly to coat.

Take out the coated chicken and dip again with the reserved buttermilk. Shake the mixture up to the thick coating. Keep the chicken pieces into a single layer within the deep fryer basket and cautiously low the basket and then preheat oil.

Fry it up to the thermometer reaches to 165-degree F and coat it with the golden brown for fifteen minutes. Remove chicken to drain on the rack. You may do the same thing with the chicken pieces.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Bella Deep Fryer Review

Question: Is the fryer is very big and what is the way to support?

Answer: The fryer is a great thing for the kitchen. It becomes heat quickly, simple to clean and keep the temperature in a good position. I am not afraid of using the thermometer. You can easily fit the lid with the basket before keeping food in it. There will be no splatter from the oil.

Question: What’s the way to clean it?

Answer:  There is a manual in which there are some short directions to use the unit.

>>Check More FAQs of BELLA 13401 3.5L Deep Fryer<<


Final Verdict

Bella is a right kind of fryer product for the small family. The way of using and cleaning is very simple.

This is the best solution to cooking in your kitchen. There are various features in the Bella fryers.

You can very easily transport Bella from one place to another. Indeed Bella is a good product in the present time for the kitchen.

The price of the product is very low. This can offer excellent cooking. The quality of the product is very standard.

The low price fryer can help you to provide extremely even cooking. Though some expensive fryers have not such kind of cooking quality.

To get the very consistent result you can use the Bella deep fryer. You can use a small size Bella deep fryer for your personal use.

If you like to cook for more people or a large family, you can use 3.5 to 4.5 liter Bella for you.

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