GoWISE USA GW22622 Review! A Smart Choice

Author: Chester P. Rector
July 22, 2018

Air fryers are a recent creation with the goal of cooking food with the same golden-brown crunchiness as a greasy restaurant fry, without the grease. This is accomplished by tossing the food in a fat-like substance then blasting it with heated air. One of the most popular air fryer models, the GoWISE USA Digital Air Fryer, is designed to cook up to 2.3 pounds of food at once, though the basket can be removed for smaller batches. It's available in three colors: white, black, and red.

The GoWise USA GW22622 is an electrical air fryer that’s the second creation of the provider. The same as other firm’s air fryers, besides, it allows you to enjoy your yummy meals with almost no additional oil and calories.

It comes with a timer temperature controller and an enhanced layout and electricity accompany it. It is composed of a vast plastic body and a temperature adjustment knob which may go around 392oF.

GoWISE USA GW22622 Review

GoWise USA GW22622 version usually will come with a timer which may be set if you would like to get ideal results. The version additionally has indicator lights to ensure it is amazingly comfortable to determine when the desired temperature was attained.

GoWise USA GW22622 electrical air fryer communicates the consequences of deep fat fryers with no battle, and naturally, with as much as 80 percent less fat. Whatever you’re preparing onion rings, fricasseed vegetables, chicken wings, fire cheeses and a whole lot more, then anything could be cooked quickly with this particular air fryer model.


  • Latest 2nd-Generation New model of Electric Air Fryer permits you to cook your favorite snacks without adding any oil or without calories.
  • The adjustable temperature setting is from 175 to 392-degree permits you to make crispy fries from juicy wings without oil.
  • There is 30-minute automatic standby mood which will automatically turn off if cooking is finished. There is a ready light which indicates the fryer has appeared to the desired level.
  • Has got ETL Certified; It has two knobs to control temperature and time.
  • It has a removable basket which helps to easily transfer and helps to keep safe. The handle is very useful for transportation and storage.


  • Quickly cook foods
  • Preset modes
  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology


  • Other brands have no whistle or bells.
  • Taste of the food is fried not over fried.

Safety of GoWISE USA GW22622

There is 30-minute standby mood. The fryer will automatically turn off after finishing cooking. For this, the food will not burn or overcooked. The fryer will also help to prepare a salad with the air fryer for your kitchen. The nonstick basket will stand on the drawer very easily. It also has a button guard to prevent accidental drop off if you open the basket.

You can push the black switch on the handle to separate drip pan from the basket.

Keep in mind; the excess hot oil is reserved on the drawer container from meat that you are cooking. The GoWise is made as a safety measure and has the hot air frying technology.

The air fryer cooking mechanism

The GoWISE Airfryer is a good kind of air fryer circulates hot air around foods. The food becomes very tasty without any oil or a little oil. The hot air technology circulates hot air around the food, and the food becomes very crispy and tasty. The inside of the food is very juicy. The heat circulates all the parts of the food. So users can prepare food very easily.

Quart Dial Control Air Fryer
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How to Use GoWISE USA GW22622

Keep GoWISE USA GW22622 fryer in a flat position. Do not keep it on a heat resistant surface. Never use the pan with oil or some other liquid. Keep the ingredients in the basket and keep the basket in the right place of the appliance. The light will lit up.

Note: There is a button guard on the fryer that ensures safe detachment. Very carefully detach the basket from the pan.

Take out the pan from the fryer and keep it on a pot holder. Note: oil will be stored in the pan, at the time of sliding the pan be careful. To take out ingredients, slide button guard ahead and press frying basket release button of the handle to take out the basket from the pan. Pour ingredients into the pot with caution. If you like to use tongs, use nonmetal tongs to escape scratching on the basket.

Take out the pan from the fryer and keep it on the pot holder.

Note: The excess oil will store in the pan. Be careful at the time of solid pan out of the fryer.

Why Do You Like GoWISE USA GW22622

The GoWISE GW22622 fryer will help you to enjoy your desired foods. Within 30 minutes, you will get your desired food without oil or less oil. It has heating coil on the above, and its fan circulates hot air around the foods. It only takes 3 minutes to reach temperature of 392 degrees.

The capacity for cooking is 3.2 quarts. It will help you to feed four to six members. There are seven built programs in it to cook meat, chips, steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, manual program. With a tablespoon of oil, you will be able to cook fry, grill, bake or roast.

What Can GoWise Cook?

GoWISE USA‘s is a fourth generation air fryer to cook food. The fryer has a detachable basket along with the eject button guard to save from accidental detachment. The basket is very simple to detach from the fryer to your plate.

On the touchscreen, there are seven built-smart programs with timer and temperature. The fryer will automatically turn off when the basket is taken out, or the time comes to an end.

User Review On GoWise GW22622

User Review On GoWise GW22622
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I like it. It is very fast, can cook in a small or confined space. Simple to clean and complete built.

I have got everything for the price I have spent on it. A lot of bad foods eat, and they are dreadful no doubt. I am a retired person and would like to prepare food for stuff like TV dinners, breaded fish sticks, breaded shrimp, French fries, and bread fish.

I would like to say that they are better and quicker and without a mess. The fryer is very simple to operate as well as to clean.

I am thinking to try some other fryers that people have offered me to use in the Air fry recipe websites which have popped up.

A happy owner

I was happy with the Philip Air Fryer. As an owner, I have no objection. The GoWise makes less noise than the Philip and very simple to clean the fryer. The cost of the fryer is one-third of the price. Now the question of how long will it stay? It knows only God. I do not know. I am happy with buying this fryer.

Recipes- Bread Rolls with Potato Stuffing using GoWise GW 22622

Recipes- Bread Rolls with Potato Stuffing using GoWise GW 22622
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  • Potatoes five large
  • Turmeric half Tsp
  • Mustard seeds half Tsp
  • Bread eight slice [cut the brown sides and use the white part only]
  • Green chilies two seeded, superbly chopped
  • Onions two trivial finely chopped
  • Coriander one small gathering finely chopped
  • Oil for frying the potatoes and brushing on Tikkis (two Tbsp)
  • Curry leaf -two sprigs
  • Salt as per palate


Boil potatoes with the help of a full salt or peel and mash them. Heat a Tsp of oil and then add mustard seeds. When the seeds sputter and add onions and fry them until they are translucent and give turmeric and leaves of curry.

Fry for sometimes and use some mashed potatoes and salt then mix well. After that cool the mixture.

Prepare eight same portions of the mixture, keep on your palm in an oval shape. Then keep aside. Slim the bread from the sides and moist it totally with water, use pressure on the food over your palm and extract the additional water.

Keep wet bread in the palm of your hand, then place the oval-shaped potato. After that, roll the bread into a spindle shape, and the seal the edges like the potato filling is finished within the bread.

Make rolls add oil to brush it. Use preheat for the fryer for eight minutes at 200-degree C and use oil to brush the basket prior to placing the prepared rolls. Make it runs for twelve to thirteen minutes to have the crisp golden potato-filled bread rolls.

GoWise AirWise Fryer GW22622 Video


Does the fryer require oil?

Not much for the machine. I suggest you toss food with the oil at first, then put in the fryer.

Can I put a small baking dish in the basket?

Yes. I would like to use the tin foil pie pans. They are fit to the inside of the basket. So you may use it for chicken or meats with sauce to avoid the mess.

Final Thoughts

Eating healthy food is the top most priority of each household. Oily foods have been impacting the lives of these folks from very a long time. It is time we cut off the greasy goods out of our food ingestion and begin carrying the meals with more health advantages. The initial step in doing this is to get this machine in the kitchen.

It’s far better than the traditional oven with a necessity of less storage area and supply of more edges.

Have a healthful lifestyle by preparing your meals from this gadget. You will surely love the outcome which you would get from that gadget. It’s relatively popular among its customers, and you ought to give it a try too.

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