Simpletaste 1400w Electric Air Fryer Reviews in 2023

This is the top highlights review of the best air fryer. The fryer comes with timer modes and preset temperature setting. It means that you can simply keep the food inside the drawer, select the mode and hit starts.

You needn’t spend the time to see the cooking procedures. Moreover, you don’t look up times and cooking temperature.

The digital controlling system of the fryer is very simple and makes a clean finish. The knobs and dials of the air fryer invite dirt easily. It is very difficult to remove them. Cleaning this unit is a waft through. Normally wipe it down after every use and keep the food container in the dishwasher.

There are lots of small size fryers on the market. If you prepare food with it, you have to spend more time. Moreover, food may get cold. With this fryer, you can cook food for a family of 4 to 5 members. Cooking food in different batches is difficult to work.

Simpletaste Electric Air Fryer Reviews

SimpleTaste Multi-function Electric Air Fryer


  • Multi-functional: Comes with 8 preset smart programs. Therefore one can easily prepare chips, warm-up, steak, chicken, fish, cake, meat, and shrimp. In addition, you can cook food from crisp fries to juicy steak with little or no oil.
  • Save Time & Labor: Rapid air circulation system of the fryer makes the cooking system fast and easy. One can finish cooking within 30 minutes. It has manual, automatic temperature and timer settings that allow various ranges of ingredients.
  • Healthy & Environmental: Traditional air fryers create more smoke. But the great news is that this fryer emits no smoke. It is environment-friendly. There need little or no oils to prepare food with this fryer. You can prepare healthy foods without smoke and oils. Needless to say, this fryer is environment-friendly.
  • Easy Operation & Cleaning: One mustn’t be expert more to operate the appliance. You can prepare your desired food by pressing only one button. Moreover, you can clean the basket and shelf with the hot water or dish soap by using a non-abrasive sponge.
  • High Capacity: The fryer has high quality. Its capacity is 3.2 qt which allows food for a family of 4 members. Interior cooking basket and shell can keep lots of ingredients.


  • Prepare various food without many efforts
  • There is no report of overcooking smell
  • Calm
  • Wonderful smart cooking setting
  • More capacity is appealing to everybody


  • Heavy and large
  • Has some issues with delicate parts

3 QT capacity

The Simple Taste multi-function air fryer is designed with a frying basket. It overlies a cooking pot. The maximum capacity of the fryer is 3.2 qt. It allows one to cook food for two to four persons. Size differs from a family to other but a batch of twelve chicken wings may nestle in completely.

Easy operation and cleaning

You need not be a master to cook with the Simple Taste air fryer. One can easily cook tasty and healthy food. What you have to do is just to set the cooking option from 8 preset modes. You have sensitive controls of start, temperature, time, cooking programs, cancel.

When you finish your cooking, wash the basket and the cooking ledge with hot water. You could also wash it with dish soap and a nonabrasive sponge.

Timer of up to 30 minutes

The simple taste multi-function air fryer has rapid air circulation system. For this, one can cook food within 30 minutes.

Therefore the timer may be adjusted with this value. If one needs more than thirty minutes to cook food, she can set it according to her desire. Same as the timer, the temperature supports manual and automatic adjustments.

Temperature control 170 °F – 400 °F

It can heat up anything from 170 to 400 degree F. The fryer comes with 8 preset smart programs and own temperature values. You can also adjust the setting manually. One may easily modify the temperature of the fryer by the help of + and – icons. Finally, begin with the warm-up mode to preheat the fryer.

8 preset smart programs

The simple taste multi-function air fryer comes with activated buttons for 8 elegant programs. You can prepare Meat and steak, French Fries and Chicken, Cake and Warm-up and Shrimp and Fish by this fryer.

Choose one of them. The required temperature and time cooking value will put by default. Otherwise, you can physically adjust them according to your need.

Automatic switch-off

You can set the cooking time up to 30 minutes or less than that. When the time is over, the fryer will stop automatically. When something comes up, the cooking program stops prior the time is over. The fryer has a CANCEL button just near the START button. 1 tap may turn off the air fryer in twenty seconds.

Rapid air circulation

The cooking chamber of the air fryer is made of stainless steel. It becomes warm very quickly. Then the warm air circulates throughout the whole chamber very rapidly. The fryer can cook any ingredients within very short time.

The reason is that it has a precise circulation pattern and a combination of the best temperature of the hot air. Therefore the efficiency of the fryer lies in its individual working procedures.

Always-On LED Screen

The air fryer is designed with an LED display. If you turn on the fryer, the display will light up and show the reading. There is a special indicator for temperature and time. You can set the preset timer for your cooking program. The LED display will show you the present method is active and set. You can work with your desired settings.

How The Simpletaste 1400w Electric Air Fryer Works

When you closely look at this fryer you will get a sleek 12.6 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches oval case; a shiny LED display and an opaque lid. The pan and the basket of the fryer are Teflon coated. The outer part of it is made from plastic.

Moreover, it has a cool touch handle auctioned for push and pulls. The cooking shelf is set under the basket and the cooking pan. Its cooking shelf is made of stainless steel. The fryer gets extremely hot if the temperature rises to 200 degrees C.

It circulates hot air all through the chambers. Tenderness remains inside the food and the exterior of the food turns into a brown crust. Everyone is fighting to get a piece of it.

Safety Precautions of Simpletaste 1400w Electric Air Fryer

  1. It has lots of heating components and multi- electrical components. So don’t immerse it under water
  2. Using oil for the cooking shelf can be the cause of fire hazard
  3. At the time of working the appliance, it is wise not to cover the air inlet and air outlet
  4. Let not enter any liquid inside the fryer to resist short circuit and electric shock.
  5. Keep all the ingredients inside the basket. This saves to avoid contact with the heating elements.
  6. At the time of operating, it is better not to touch the inside of the appliance. It can become the cause of fire burnt.

How to use the SimpleTaste air fryer

The simple taste multi-functional air fryer is very straightforward and intuitive. The name is appropriate according to the design of the fryer. One needs to keep the air fryer on a flat surface. Be sure that the air outlet and inlet surfaces are completely free.

There is no cover over it. Start your cooking process by preheating the unit. Don’t overload the frying pan in the fryer. Keep more rooms between the parts of food so that air can cook the ingredients very evenly.

Put all the ingredients into the fryer and slide the basket before preheating the unit. Add a program to set a different time, programs and temperature values and cook it. At the time of operating the unit, don’t touch the inside of the Simple Taste Multi-function air fryer.

When you have completed the process, you should wash the detachable parts of the appliance. Be careful about the liquid.  You should not permit oil to enter inside the fryer. This can be the cause of electric shocks and short circuits. Lastly, keep it in a waterless place when all parts are clean and dry.

SimpleTaste 1400W Electric Air Fryer - Video

Final Thoughts

The simple taste Air Fryer 1400w is a very wonderful air fryer for having many pre-set options. What you need to do is just enter food inside the fryer and add little oil.

Then, press the button of the fryer. This is a very useful appliance for the busy families. The fryer has lots of function for to grill, warm plates and bake. What a nice fryer this is!

Customers don’t get many issues in this air fryer. You will be pleased to know that the appliance lasts for a longer time. If you have any complaint, the manufacturer is ready to respond anytime.

There are many reports that some manufacturers don’t like to replace the product. But Simple Taste offers replacement when customers are eligible for it. Everyone is happy with the offer.

Before you take the decision to buy this air fryer, you demand to clean off little counter space. The capacity of the fire is 3.2 quart that is enough for a family having 3 to 4 members.

The size is wonderful if you get a bunch of people to feed. People who have lost space in the smaller kitchen can use this fryer for their need.


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