How To Use Pampered Chef Air Fryer

If eating a healthy flavorful meal is important to you, you should try a pampered chef air fryer. Pampered chef air fryer is one of the most versatile and productive kitchen appliances. The air fryer also dehydrates veggies, herbs, and fruits to give fresh flavors beyond season.

In this article, we will be sharing how to use a pampered chef air fryer to make all your favorite delights.

Cooking Frozen Foods in Pampered Chef Air Fryer

  1. If you’re cooking with two cooking trays, place the food in a single layer on each tray; one on the top rack and the other on the middle rack.
  2. If you are using one tray, place it on the middle rack. For baskets, do not fill it more than ⅔ full.
  3. Select the time and switch the tray halfway. Pick desired time, based on how cooked you want your meal. Use 3 to 5 minutes less than the package requires cooking in a conventional oven.
  4. Remove the food and enjoy.

Roasting Vegetables in Pampered Chef Air Fryer

  • Mix the vegetable with 1 teaspoon of oil and your desired seasoning.
  • Evenly split the vegetables on the tray, placing them in a single layer.
  • Select your roast setting and time. Then switch the tray halfway through cooking.

Cooking Chicken in Pampered Air Fryer

  1. Start by patting the chicken with a paper towel and applying a bit of oil using a brush. Add your desired seasoning and arrange it in a single layer on each tray.
  2. Turn the wheel to select your desired time and temperature, and press the wheel to start. Ensure to switch the tray halfway when cooking.
  3. Cook poultry at 165 in the thickest parts and seafood should get to an internal temperature of 140°F (60°C) for medium doneness.
  4. For even cooking, arrange pieces with the thickest part toward the outside edge of the trays.

How to Bake Fish & Seafood in an Air Fryer

  • First, pat the seafood dry using a paper towel and rub one teaspoon of oil on them. Apply your desired seasoning and divide the food on the cooking tray.
  • Arrange them on a single layer in each tray and select the desired time and temperature. Flip through when cooked half the time so the other side can cook.
  • The pampered air fryer will beep halfway through the set time, so there’s no guesswork. 
  • Always use oven mitts or grips when using the air fryer.

How to Make Toast in the Pampered Chef Air Fryer

  • Place the wire rack in the middle, place the breast on it and close the door.
  • Turn the dial until the air fryer light comes up. 
  • Push the dial in button and the timer will start blinking. Turn the dial counterclockwise until it gets to 4 minutes. Push the dial-in to start.

Wrap Up!

Pampered chef air fryer allows you to enjoy fried food at home without all the hassle that comes with deep frying.

Like a convection oven, its superheated air circulates to give you a crispy meal.

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