How To Remove Basket From Air Fryer

The air fryer comes with a detachable basket, and removing the basket can be quite tricky. However, ways to remove the basket differ from the model. But in general, the most common pattern comes with a lid that accesses the release button.

Slide the transparent lid to access the release button then press the release button to simultaneously detach the basket.

How to Clean Air Fryer Basket

For effective and long-lasting usage, you must wash your air fryer basket and pan after us. Here is how to do so.

Unplug the air fryer after use and allow it to cool for 30 minutes. Take out the pan and basket and place them on the counter to cool off. 

Place the basket in a dishwasher, if they are dishwasher safe. You check the owner’s manual to know if your basket is dishwasher safe. If they are not dishwasher safe, hand wash them with hot, soapy water.

After washing, rinse out the soap thoroughly. Do not use abrasive material for cleaning the basket as it can easily damage the non-stick coating.

Dry the basket completely and place it back into the fryer. Wipe down the basket and pan, inside and out, with a dry cotton cloth or towel if you want to dry them more quickly.

The parts won’t dry properly if you put them back in the air fryer unit while they’re still wet.

To remove odor and residue from the basket, soak the basket and pan in soapy water for about 10 minutes. Ensure the water covers the entire basket. Rinse the basket out and thoroughly scrub any remaining residue out. Scrub with a soft bristle brush to remove residue.

If there is any residue left, use a skewer or toothpick to poke the hard-to-reach food particles out.

Rubbing lemon on the air fryer basket and pan also helps to remove odor. Rub the lemon in the inside of the basket and pan, and allow it to sit for half an hour or more. The citric acid in lemons kills odor-causing bacteria, which is why it works as a natural deodorizer.

Wrap Up!

Removing the basket from your air fryer is easy. Also don’t forget to wash after use and place it back in the unit. Refer back to this article on ways you can maintain your air fryer basket.


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