How To Make Breadcrumbs Stick Without Egg

Whenever you are frying meat or chicken recipes, you often require breadcrumbs to give it the crunchy feel, but to get the breadcrumb stick, you need eggs.

You may need to know how to bread chicken without eggs because of an allergy, or because you ran out. It is possible to still get your Panko or Italian breadcrumbs to stick to the outer texture.

Raw beaten eggs usually help to make the bread stick, but that is not the only option. For people who are allergic to eggs or just don’t like the feel on their hands, there are other ways to make your breadcrumb stick. Here are some options.

Acceptable Egg Substitutes

Aside from eggs, milk and yogurts can make your bread stick.  All you have to do is add a sufficient amount of milk or yogurt into a bowl and submerge the item into it before rolling it on the bread.

You can thin out thick yogurt by adding a splash of milk to it. Another alternative to eggs aside from milk and yogurt is olive oil or melted butter. Olive oil will not just make your breadstick, it will also add flavor to your food. 

For a higher coating stick, dip the food into the floor before dipping the food into the egg substitute. Milk and yogurt can be used to help bread stick to the food items you are trying to coat.

Using Butter as a Substitute for Eggs

Butter is the easiest substitute you can use for the egg when breading chicken. Since butter is not healthy usually, you can go for low-fat butter.

To use the butter, after preparing your chicken, make your batter then rub the melted butter over the meat. Ensure to coat the entire piece of food. We don’t want so much butter, just ensure the butter is well smeared on it completely. That’s because any part that is not rubbed with butter may lose the batter when rubbed before you start cooking.

Cook meat normally. This method is good but only if you want a light coating. That’s because it cannot hold so much batter if you want a heavy coating. To get a heavy coat with butter, first, cover the meat in melted butter and coat it with a thin layer of flour.

Ensure to remove excess flour, and add your batter coating. The flour will help the batter to stay and you can get a large breading.

Using Heavy Cream as a Substitute for Eggs

Another great substitute for eggs in breading is heavy cream. Although it is a bit fattening,  it is a great option for people who are allergic to eggs.

The normal way is to deep fry the meat into flour, then egg before covering it in batter or breadcrumb. Heavy cream is used in the same way, insert your meat into flour, then rub on heavy cream, and then your bread crumbs.

Using heavy cream is better as it keeps the bread crumbs on the meat or fish, even when you are deep frying.

Gelatin as an Egg Substitute

Gelatin is a great substitute for eggs if you are going for a dairy-free meal.  Gelatin is not as sticky as egg or heavy cream so it won’t give you the same effect, but it is a great substitute.

To use gelatin, first, you have to bloom it. To bloom it, you have to drop it in water and let it settle for 5 minutes, then hit it up. When it starts getting heated up, mix the gelatin in water till it dissolves, then allow it to cool before use.

The amazing part of using gelatin is that it doesn’t change the flavor of your meal and bread crumbs. Your meat will maintain the same taste. However, gelatin can be difficult to work with. That’s because it requires a lot of time.

Does Egg Replacer Work as an Egg Substitute for Breading Chicken?

An egg replacer is a fake egg made from various materials like cellulose gum, potato, tapioca, and leavening. It also somehow tastes like a real egg, and often works as a binder. But we wouldn’t recommend them.

Wrap Up!

Do you need a substitute fast? We have personally experimented with the following egg substitute for frying fish, chicken, vegetables, etc. Try them out and tell them your favorite.


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