Hometech HT-A11 Halogen Fryer Review! Halogen Infrared Tabletop Fryer

Originated from HOME-TECH of Germany, focusing on toaster because it had been established. Together with the exceptional quality and one of a kind design, slowly turn into a pioneer within the sphere of Motorized Cooker.

This highly effective and portable convection oven does the job of several appliances in one! A potent internal fan circulates hot air to cook meals. It also seals in natural juices to get full flavor and odor.

Healthy Outcomes: Small or no added fats or oils necessary to prepare foods into ideal taste & aroma. Simple to use: Simple command panel in dial arrangement makes temperature and time controller simple.

Hometech Fryer Review

Hometech HT-A11 12 Quart 1200W Halogen Infrared Tabletop Convection Countertop Cooking Toaster Oven


  • 12 Quart resistant glass cooking bowls with 5 quart extender ring provides ample space for many different foods.
  • The perfect thing for recreational vehicles, boats, dorm rooms, camping and a little kitchen.
  • The toaster spreads heat evenly without further use of oils or fats. The oven also keeps flavor and nutrients of cooks and food around three times faster than a traditional oven.
  • Include tongs, double rack, skillet, extender ring, lid holder and detachable power direct plug.


  • Easy usage
  • Easy cleaning
  • Halogen technology


  • Nothing to worry about

Reasons to Choose The Hometech HT-A11 Halogen Fryer

Hometech is notorious for supplying high quality, superior functionality kitchen gear that makes your cooking tasks simple and even enjoyable. Its abundant selection of merchandise is subjected to testing for quality and security .

It also provides 12 months guarantee on all its offerings. Brands that are showing this much confidence in the things, they are frequently the dependable ones. Additionally, it has excellent customer support and after-sale support.

Reasons to Choose The Hometech HT-A11 Halogen Fryer

You’ll have it all! Delicious, healthy foods cooked quickly in many different methods in the comfort of the kitchen. Together with the Hometech Magnetic Traditional Halogen Oven, you can do everything. It’s a well-balanced layout in the sense that it is compact enough to perch a counter easily.

Besides this oven has sufficient capacity to cook complete meals for a household. In the event the first 12-liter volume is not enough. This stove is bundled with an expansion ring which provides a whopping five liters more. At this time, you can add buddies to the household.

You can execute all kinds of cooking, all types of food items in this kitchen cooker. Together with the oven includes with a skillet, a steamer tray, two stands to earn some yummy grills, tongs to extract hot things, which suddenly makes your toaster larger. What more would you have to open ‘wowing’ family members and friends with good treats?

Hometech HT-A11

What does other say about the fryer

The stove itself appears like a strong well put together appliance, with the exclusion of the stand and tongs, they’re relatively cheap and flimsy feeling. I guess Amazon has something a bit more lasting I will replace them with.

The bowl is constructed from thick glass, rather heavy. The console feels sturdy once on the cover of the bowl.

So I don’t enjoy the floppiness you get when you lift it earlier in the middle of cooking. It comes  with a security lock to keep the handle straight up the place (Risk of burnt arm).

What does other say about the fryer

The rack is solid plastic and retains cooker in place well. You may have used a few noninvasive stoppers on the floor.

Which brings me to the little upcoming criticism? When you’ve cabinets complete you counter spaces such as me, you might have difficulty finding a location for installation.

I stored a little wood table back some time and put it on top of the cooker. Additionally, I also solved that issue and used the cooker at precisely the same moment.

Hometech Fryer FAQs

Why does the cooking component detach in the lid?

No except for keeping, you can set the lid upside down thus the component in resting in the base. I live in an RV and distance is vital. It stores away well and I adore mine.

My girlfriend broke the bowl. Is there a way to receive a replacement?

You can purchase one again. The manufacturer may provide you with a reduction.

Just how many watts and amps do that take? I want to use it at an RV

Based on Mfr tag 1200w. Consumptions, family use only.

Final Thoughts

The convection method this toaster utilizes is a healthful way to cook foods. Does it prepare your meals by circulating hot air around it? It drains out the fat from your meals.

It is possible to see your food cooking through the transparent glass jar without needing to bother turning. It about as this kettle will likewise cook anything you place inside.

The dial control panel is rather simple to use directly set the temperature and time as well as proceed with your own life. Your ‘mechanical aide’ will manage the rest. When you are finished with your cooking, add some hot water and soap to the bowl.

No, you are not cooking this. Place the dial to wash. After that sit down and begin picking your teeth as you become entertained with magical. That is just one less thing to wash up.


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